Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 179

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 179 S.e.x Or Death

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"Teacher! Teacher!"

"What is it, student Baek?" A middle aged woman asked with a kind and gentle smile.

The middle aged woman is a preschool teacher. One of the best teachers in the entire precinct.

She loves to teach, especially to little children. She treated every single little child like if they were her own children.

Fifteen years ago, she married a very hardworking man. He worked in a construction site as a builder, he helped set up many stores and new houses.

Being married to a hardworking man, they both wished to have children after five years into their beautiful relationship. Yet life took that happiness from her when she was told by her doctor that she is infertile.

Five years went by again and her relationship with her husband was deteriorating due to her behaviour after finding that she was infertile. Until one day, her husband surprised her with an adopted child of 5 years of age.

When she set her eyes on the child, her tears streamed down her face and she cried on her husband's shoulders.

After that day, she became a happier person and with the final five years out of the way. She found herself working as a teacher very happily.

Today, like every other day, she got the students to do their work and happily guided them.

"Can I draw a horsey today?" Baek asked whilst carrying a crayon and a piece of paper of his hand.

The teacher smiled, and just as she was about to answer, a loud and cruel, yet gentle, voice drifted into their ears.

"Listen up you puny insects!"

"Huh?!" The middle aged woman looked around with shock. She heard a voice, but she didn't know where it was coming from. It couldn't have come from the classes speakers since she knew those were broken for a couple of months now.

"WoW! Amazing!"

"What is that?!"

"Cool! A dragon!"

Hearing the students yell excitedly near the windows, the woman turned to them and walked up to the window to draw them back into their sears. When she got near them however, she was shocked by what she saw high up in the air.

It was a huge dragon, looking at its eyes, she felt that she was going to get her soul sucked into it. She was afraid, yet awed by the dragon's might and powerful figure.

She heard what it was saying and she was shocked by the words that were coming out of his words. The more she heard, the more she was shocked at the fact that there are more species out in the world and universe.

She kept on listening to the dragon and she was petrified when she heard that their race might be erased from existence should he have to explain once more that they shouldn't kill needlessly and on a grand scale.



Every single child in the room yelled in fear after hearing a loud bang. Some covered their ears while others ducked their heads under the table.

"Teacher..." Baek softly cried as she held onto the woman's dress with his tiny chubby hands.

"It's going to be alright Baek," consoled the woman.

She gathered all the children and put them in a corner as she looked at the door in the far-end.

If she is correct, what she heard earlier was the sound of a door being forcefully opened. She had heard this sound five times throughout her time as a teacher at the preschool she's at. With that in mind, she knew that the sound of the door being forcefully opened this time was done aggressively.

Meaning only one thing

A person with malicious intent has walked into the building.

"Stay behind teacher everyone..." whispered the woman.

If she's right, then her class will be the first one to be attacked, since her classroom is closer to the entrance of the building. She can't even put a lock on the door since it doesn't work at all.

She stared at the door with fright and impatience. Her heart beated with such strength that she feared that she might fall unconscious.

She just couldn't leave the children to fend for themselves, however. She tried to forcefully calm herself and felt it slightly make an effect, but in the next moment, the door was kicked open.

With the children yelling in fright, and the door being forced open all of a sudden, the woman felt her heart beat like crazy.

"HA.. ha!" A young man, around 20 years of age, burst through the door with a kitchen knife in his hands.

He had a crazy look in his eyes. His body was shaking and sweat coated his whole body. It was like he had run a marathon before running some more over to the preschool. He was black running shorts and a white t-shirt.

"I finally made it ha to the preschool haha"

The young man heaved as he stared down at every single student in the room with a malignant look in his eyes. His eyes swept over the middle aged woman with delight.

"Great! I won't have to struggle much to deal with the children! HAHA!" laughed the young man. He looked at the woman and pointed his foot long kitchen knife right at her. "You will have to die under my knife first! Congratulations on being picked! Even if I left you alone and dealt with the kids first, you will die to a heart attack at this rate. HAHAHA!"

The young man laughed crazily and the students began crying as they held onto each other, yelling for their parents.







The woman tried calming her heart with a pained face as she tried hugging as many children as she could.

"It's going to be alright, I will stop him.." she muttered to the children.

She stood up and looked at the young man with a fearful, but determined expression on her face.

"Leave the children alone!" The woman yelled at the young man.


The young man didn't respond, he only laughed as he looked at the woman with crazed eyes. He lifted the knife in his hands and held it with his two hands tightly before rushing to the woman with the objective of thrusting the knife into the woman's body.

The woman froze as she looked at the approaching sharp knife. She wished to move, but remembered the children behind her. She grit her teeth and stood in front of all the children, hoping to take the knife for them all and stop the young man in the process.

The knife approached with more speed to her chest and just as it was about to make impact, a soothing voice entered her mind. The voice seemed to go right over her head as she looked at the knife getting close and ripping through the air.


The woman closed her eyes waiting for the impact of the knife to feel, but nothing had yet to happen. Instead, the awed voices of children reached her ears.

'What's going on?' she questioned.

Opening her eyes slowly, the woman looked in front of herself and noticed nothing. She looked around looking for the children to confirm their safety. After confirming that, she checked her chest and found no wound.

She heaved a sigh of relief and thought back to the words that had entered her mind earlier when trying to protect the children.


Hearing that horrendous scream enter her ears, the teacher stood up in a flash and looked out the window. Her eyes fell on the huge dragon up in the air, but her eyes didn't stop there, they went down and her eyes rested on the dragon's hand.

"Oh my..." gasped the woman as she looked at a familiar figure burning upon the dragon's hand.


Looking at the crazy young man that tried to stab her a couple seconds ago up in the dragon's hand burning, she was shocked. She looked up at the dragon with shock and awe.

Soon, that shock was turned into idolization as she looked at the dragon with stars in her eyes.

'Thank you for saving the children and me, and for giving me the ability to have a baby,' the woman silently cried a couple of tears as she looked at the huge dragon in the sky.

After practicing both the Buddha's True Eyes and Faceless Sky Devil, Sora decided to stay at his place for a moment and think a couple of things through.

'I hope my threat of annihilating their entire race makes them change to "better" beings. If I actually destroy them, I will only be walking down the steps of dictatorship and tyranny' Sora sighed.

Even if he doesn't care much about the mortals anymore, he wouldn't go so far as too mindlessly getting rid of an entire race just because of a small minority group.

Him threatening an entire race to their extinction was only something he thought of on the spur of the moment. It will be a good idea to keep the beings calm and stop them from letting their people from killing those of other races.

Let the threat and fear settle in.

The world will enter a state of panic for a week or so before they gradually begin to calm down. Those who knew Sora, or Ancestor for that matter, knew to maintain calm and that he won't do something that drastic.

He left the area as soon as he got a modic.u.m of practice in Buddha's True Eyes and Faceless Sky Devil. He wished to continue, but after his display, he wanted to relax.


A couple of months have passed since the incident concerning the Nekomata. He was thanked by every single Nekomata that made it out of the incident, Sora even went ahead to revive the ones that had unfortunately died, he went as far as to remove the bad memories too. Freeing them from future pain.

Sora was thanked by every Nekomata, old and young, with a kiss on the cheek.

During the transaction, he noticed Fujimai blushing and acting very nervous when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Many Nekomatas had the same look however, he thought it might have been a normal thing for them. Even Shirone and Kuroka were there, both giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He didn't think too much about it since he had his mind preoccupied with Buddha's True Eyes and the possibility of powerful manuals and techniques.

When everything was over, Sora waved goodbye to them after letting them set a village in his Heavenly World, where they would be safe from danger.

After having that over with, he returned to his Wooden Palace where he met up with Athena and Kuna, who were both chatting outside of the Wooden Palace.

"Hey ladies, are you talking about anything interesting?" Sora smiled as he went up to them.

Both ladies turned to look at Sora.

"Hey, it's been a while since I've had you by my side," cooed Athena as she stood up and wrapped her arms around Sora's arm.

Kuna was about to make a teasing comment, but just as she was about to, she noticed a strange smell from Sora. She kept quiet and looked at Sora's with a strange look.

"It's impossible to have it being a while, I was just with you 4 days ago," chuckled Sora.

Athena was wearing a different garment than what she used to wear in the past. Though she kept the sword strapped to her waist for any unknown event.

Now, she was wearing a red skirt that reached halfway down her thighs. Underneath her skirt is fishnet leggings, something which Sora thinks looks very seductive on her. WIth her athletic body and long legs, Sora felt that having her wear fishnet leggings was really beating up his heart.

It looked even better because she doesn't wear any footwear. She was influenced by Nyx, who hasn't liked wearing shoes or sandals since forever.

With a handful of thigh in his hands, Sora carried a bashful Athena over to sit near Kuna.

That's when Sora noticed Kuna's weird look that was directed towards him.

With a look of confus.e.m.e.nt, Sora decided to ask her, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"What did you do today?" Kuna didn't answer, but her look turned serious as she asked Sora about what he has done all day.

Sora saw her serious look and explained to her everything that had happened in the day in detail. He didn't know why she was being serious, but he wanted to know why.

Hearing what Sora had to say, Kuna smiled and laughed at what he said. She stood up and made her way inside the Wooden Palace. Before leaving however, she turned to Sora and said, "Each and every single Nekomata that has kissed you has branded you as their husband.

If you don't 'feed' them like you do in the US, then they will die in a week. You don't have to worry about the children and babies however, once they read the age of maturity, 18, they will receive the same symptoms as the older ones."

Kuna left and closed the door, leaving Sora and Athena stunned in their places.

"Damn, now I have to 'feed' over a thousand Nekomata or they will die?" Sora gave a wry smile as he hugged Athena.