Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 181

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 181 10 Years

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10 years have passed since Sora had anything relevant to do. Ichijo and Koji had both passed the test he had given them, now they can go to schools on Earth.

Kunou, Yana, and Kano, were all allowed to enter highschool this year. Since they all looked like teenagers, Sora allowed them to experience highschool life. He wouldn't mind them living a little away from him.

Sora was able to get closer to the three wonderful devil mothers, Misla, Raven, and even Venelana. The other devil woman joined him rather quickly since they were single and their fantasies revolved around Sora. They didn't mind if Sora had more wives or not, in fact, Katarea even offered to be his concubine.

Misla had been getting rather ill this year, which came rather unexpected to everyone, even Sora. After a bit of probing, Sora found that she was not resting for some time, making her body deteriorate from uncareness.

Now all he can do is make medicine and wait for her recovery.

That's when Sora realized that he can create the vegetation needed for his medicine and other stuff in the future. With that in mind, Sora looked through all the different type of vegetation within his mind and chose 100 herbs and plants to cultivate inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Since the space is limited, that was the most Sora could do. There were some rather common plants in there as well, but their effects and different amounts of uses were needed. Even if they were common like; Spirit Grass, Spirit Core Grass, or even Purple Haze Grass.

With his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, every single vegetation becomes hundreds of times more valuable. Especially when they grow with the highest quality.

There aren't many herbs he can pull out, since he has limited space and he's not sure if his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal will hand over some herbs as well. He left a wide area alone in case he needs it to place something there in the future.

Sora's Blade Intent had reached the domain stage, allowing him to control anything within 10 feet. He even managed to create his Blunt Intent and Body Intent.

Blunt Intent can already be seen how it was made.

Body Intent on the other hand was made through gaining an understanding of Finger, Fist, Palm, Elbow, Legs, and mind. When all these intents managed to come together, they fused into Body Intent. There was not much difference between this intent and the other intents.

Sora's will on the other hand, changed according to his two new intents. It kept it very sharp and pointy, it only merged with the Blunt and Body Intents. Now he can choose how to use his will, either as a fist, palm, or just a hand, or a blade or blunt object.

The whole chaos and panic on earth had gone on for 2 months before it eventually died out. Many mythological beings came out and established contact with humans. The mythological beings and humans had begun to co-exist together rather peacefully.

It was very rigid and difficult in the following weeks, but after a couple of months they had gotten used to it.

The humans had a harder time than Sora expected, they were rather stubborn in their ideals. It took months for them to join hands with other countries and finally become unified. Though there still is conflict every now and then, they don't fight with troops anymore, rather they use the inventions of the mythological beings to test who is correct and who isn't.

Many religions had also pulled off their weight from politics after witnessing their gods and seeing their opinions. Though most were disappointed since they envisioned their gods to look certain ways.

Civilization became vibrant under the influence of mythological beings being integrated. The military began to grow rather useless after world peace was ensured, but a rumor spread that something will happen in the future which will need every human and being to pull their weight, so they kept a structured, well-kept, trained, and experienced military.

No one knew who spread this rumor, but it helped keep the world even closer and helped them unify even more.

Police were better than before, detectives were better, doctors were better, all thanks to the help and knowledge of mythological beings.

Corruption in the government was lower and lower thanks to the help of some extraordinary mythological beings.

During all this time, Sora was indulging himself in carnal pleasures with all the Nekomata and his wives. Whenever a Nekomata came of age, he would be there ready make them into women.

His Dongxuan Sutra had finally become a Gold Geno Core. Making his Bulwark Umbrella even stronger and making its defense abilities even stronger than before. Although with his strength, he could easily break the umbrella with ease.

He was surprised that it only developed a crack after receiving a punch from Serafall. Especially since under Sora's guidance, Serafall, Grayfia, and the other devil wives of his, all grew stronger.

If he manages to bring it to the next Geno Core level, perhaps it can even fully block a hit from Ophis.

Sora even managed to complete 90% of the Yang Dongxuan Sutra, it just needs a couple more tweaks before it can finally be put inside the Dongxuan Sutra.

The Yang Dongxuan Sutra is even on the same level as the Minute Subtlety he's trying to restructure. Just some more minor improvements before he can finally change it to something completely different and more powerful.

Sora's level of Faceless Sky Devil is still too low to fully manifest and make it into a physical thing. The most he can probably do is manifest half the body of the Faceless Sky Devil and make it physical for almost an hour.

It will still take a couple more months before he can fully master the technique.

Buddha's True Eyes isn't faring off any good either.

It has been ten years, yet Sora was barely able to enter it's introductory stage a couple of months ago. When he achieved the introductory stage, Sora was able to see the world differently.

Like if he could see every spirit and emotion within a person.

It even allowed him to see through illusions, should he ever be trapped under one. Even if his Emperor Eyes already have that immunity.

The last thing Sora had managed to bring up in level was his Human Bloodline, now standing at Neo-Human level.

His genetic limiters were further unlocked, leaving only 50% of them open while the rest are closed, which probably means there is one more level before they are all opened.

His open genetic limiters only further enhanced everything he had gained so far. A better mind, terrifying potential, talent, adaptability, aptitude, and affinity. He can now easily relearn every single martial art in just a year and a half with no teachers at all, beating the previous level.

Thanks to this, he was able to speed up the cultivation of his other abilities and skills. It was what helped in leveling up Buddha's True Eyes to the Introductory Stage.

With this, he can expect to accomplish everything else in a matter of no time. Everything will just speed up with time too. Since he already connected his human bloodline to his soul, the changes are easily visible.

Standing before the ill Misla, Sora held a bowl of medicine soup up to her lips. He sweetly smiled at the devil that neatly laid down on her bed.

"You don't have to do this," softly spoke Misla. She looked up at Sora with tired and sad eyes as she drank the medicine soup offered by Sora.

"But I want to do this," smiled Sora.

The medicine soup he was giving to Misla was personally made by himself. Although he had no knowledge over mixing, or creating medicine, elixirs, potions, etc., the medicine soup is enough to heal Misla in a couple of days.

The medicine soup was made from herbs located anywhere. He grabbed them, and with the help of his medicine knowledge, he was able to quickly make the medicine soup, even guaranteeing it's taste.

"You're so kind," muttered Misla as she placed a single hand on his cheek.

Sora smiled right at her and shook his head, "Nonsense, you've only been mistreated. So you think I'm kind, but I'm not."

"I know your kind, however," smiled Misla.

A small smile crept up on her face and she closed her eyes to sip in the last bit of medicine.

Sora waited for Misla to finish the medicine soup before withdrawing the bowl and placing it to the side. He turned to look at Misla and said, "I'm not kind Misla."

"You are-" Misla insisted on Sora being kind.

"No, I'm not," said Sora.

He stopped for a second and placed his lips on Misla's, surprising her a lot. Their lips rubbed against each other before her mouth began to open ever so slightly and Sora's tongue slid in easily.

"MH!" Misla cried out in shock as she felt Sora's tongue within her mouth. 'What is this!'


Both their lips separated and Sora looked at Misla with serious eyes, "If I were kind, I wouldn't have kissed you Misla. If I were kind, I wouldn't be thinking of taking you away from your husband. If I were kind Misla, I wouldn't be thinking of keeping you to myself."

Sora's hands ran up her thighs before he gave her a kiss on the forehead goodbye. He stood up and left before she could say anything.

Her eyes looked at the door Sora left through with complicated emotions. Though one thing remained true within her eyes, longing.

'Can I be happy with him?'

"Misla's a strong woman, don't you think Ophis?" smiled Sora as he looked at the figure perched up on his shoulders.

"She is. It surprises me how she got ill." Ophis had gotten really good at speaking thanks to the help of his other wives and even great socializing skills.

Now it is very easy for Ophis to talk.

"She overworked herself, I personally checked," muttered Sora.

He looked back at Misla's house and continued walking away.

Sora knew that in Misla's family, everything was rather difficult. Her husband no longer cared for her nor even gave a rat's ass about her, which made Sora dislike her husband. Misla is a very kind-hearted person, she cares for everything, and is a very beautiful woman.

The fact that her husband left her because she couldn't produce an heir quite irritated him. Sure Sora sought out pleasure from women, but he would always treat them with respect. Now that Lord Bael literally saw Misla, the kind woman, as a broken machine that can only produce faulty products.

"Okay." Ophis knew of Sora's abilities and she trusted him a whole lot, to the point where she believed that Sora's words were 'laws' themselves. If he said that fishes can rain from the sky, she would believe. If Sora said that pigs can fly, then pigs will fly because he said so.

"Feel like eating anything Ophis?" Sora asked.

"Chocolate cake!"


"Darling, you're back!" Kuroka yelled out as she looked at Sora approach.

Being one of the nekomata that decided to devote their lives and being to Sora, Kuroka had always been in love with Sora since she was saved by him. Her v.i.r.g.i.nity was taken away by Sora a year ago.

Ten years ago when he helped celebrate Kuroka's birthday, she was actually turning nine that year. Now that ten years have passed, she has finally turned nineteen a couple weeks ago.

Since every Nekomata was his wife now, he had them all move into his Wooden Palace, luckily the Wooden Palace grows alongside the World Tree.

Speaking of the World Tree, it has grown more beasts, each containing more energies and qi that Sora doesn't have. The new Qi that he obtained from the tree were; Light, Dark, Wood, Life, Yin, Yang, Golden, Diamond, Blood, Paint, Culinary, Moon, Sun, Sound, and Star.

Each was powerful, some more versatile than others.

The one he liked the most out of the new Qi he got, was the Paint Qi, which can temporarily bring to life his paintings. If he can get to creating a very heavenly like painting while painting it with Paint Qi, it might gain it's own consciousness. Allowing him to bring to life the paintings he does.

He even found out through the blacksmithing knowledge, that if he uses different types of Qi, it might lead to a more powerful item aligned with the Qi used.