Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 183

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 183 The Freak

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"Yeah, be careful," whispered Akeno with a sultry voice.

"OH.. uhm.. Okay..." Asia looked at Sora with some more before looking away with more blush on her face. 'I won't be able to be careful around him!'


"Well it was nice meeting you girls, but I have to go. I have something important to do," Sora smiled and was about to head out until Rias stopped him.

"What is it Rias?" asked Sora.

"I heard you're really good good with medicine," started off Rias.

"What about it?" Sora c.o.c.ked his head to the side and looked at Rias with a confused look.

"I was wondering if you can possibly help a friend of mine. One of the beasts she has tamed had gotten sick and she can't seem to get it better," Rias twiddled with her fingers as she explained to Sora.

Unlike her usual self that is confident and compassionate, she is always like a little girl standing in front of Sora. She wants Sora to look at how she is as a confident woman, but it is always blown away under his presence. She's like a true lovestruck middle schooler who can't confess to their crush during lunch/recess.

The same was with Akeno, although she still kept that sadistic look in her eyes.

Sora though for a moment before nodding. He didn't see a problem with something like that. It wouldn't hurt to just take a look at a wounded beast that has been tamed by one of Rias' friends.

"I can take a look."

'A beast tamer, huh?'

Sora had never seen a beast tamer before. He thought it would be a great time to either steal, or copy, the knowledge of said person to understand beast taming. If he can get something like that, maybe in some future when he is actually in a world filled with strong beasts and beings, he might be able to tame a powerhouse beast.

He himself might be considered a beast tamer if he took into account; Sparky, Fenris (who turned into a babe), Ying (who was gifted to Emily), and even Frisk (who gained intelligence).

"Thanks!" Rias smiled happily and hugged Sora before leading the way for him.

"Everyone else can stay here. I will be gone for a while with Rias," Sora waved goodbye before leaving with Rias. Akeno followed closely behind, leaving everyone else just watching them leave.

'Didn't you have something important to do!'

After Sora left the room, the girls all turned to look at each other before they turned to look at Sora's three daughters. Their eyes were intense as if they were staring holes into their heads.

"Your dad's so hot! He's so nice too!"

"Why's he so big?! You think I can get him to let me personally see it?"

"He's like an idol! No! Even better than an idol!"

"You wouldn't mind if I make him my boyfriend right?"

"You're going to have to call me mother from now on, because I will be making him mine!"

"You sure he's your father? He's just so..."

"You think he'll pray to God with me!! AH!"

The other girls turned to look at each other and giggled at seeing the reactions of the human girls and the new fallen angel girls. Especially Kuroka, who had seen Sora in bed already.

She licked her lips and said, "You know he's even more amazing in-- HMM!"

"My my Seems like my sister has a loose tongue," spoke up Shirone as she covered Kuroka's mouth with her little hands.

"Good one Koneko!" Ravel sent her a thumbs up to Shirone.

"Don't use my nickname out of 'home' Ravel! You you you chicken!" Shirone yelled at Ravel with a bright red face.

"What was she going to say!!" Aika had an inkling of what Kuroka was about to say, but she wanted to personally hear the details straight from out of her mouth.

After all, hearing it is better than just knowing about it. Unless it's school knowledge related. Although personally experiencing what Kuroka was about to say is what really grinded Aika's gears.

"Tell me all the details!" Aika urged as she looked at Kuroka.

"Enough Aika, knowing my father, it won't be long before you fall neatly onto his bed," sighed Yana. The cute purple headed girl had a blush on her face thinking about how her father will be groping her b.r.e.a.s.ts and playing with her body on bed once she gets the confidence.

"Really?" Aika blushed even more hearing what Yana had to say and it escalated so much that blood shot out of her nose, knocking her out.

"Still, too think your dad is such a hunk," whispered Raynare as she looked to where Sora had left.

"And he packs quite a package according to Aika," muttered Kalawarner with a smile.

"She might just be playing around," apathetically spoke Mittelt. Though her eyes were filled with a lightshow as she stared at Sora earlier.

"Enough girls, I thought we came to my house to discuss how to humiliate the perverted trio," Kano looked at the girls seriously.

"Yeah! We have to do something about them. We can't use the strength of other beings because that's against the world peace code," sighed Murayama.

"We have to deal with them on the level of mentally scarring them. That way they won't try to peak at us when we are changing or in compromising situations," mumbled Katase with a dark face.

"I hate how I can't do anything against the brown haired boob freak since I'm a fallen angel. He takes advantage of that peace code and confidently stares at my body," Raynare shook with fury and embarrassment as she thought back to all the times she was caught changing by the boob freak.

Asia looked conflicted.

She didn't know what side to choose. Since she personally got to know the boob freak, Issei, she saw him in a favorable light. Hearing all these stories about him made her see him in a new light.

"Just a couple days ago, me and Katase were victims to one of his skills!" Murayama grit her teeth and clenched her hand as she thought back to a couple of days ago when she and Katase were stripped n.a.k.e.d from some weird power coming from the boob freak.

She and Katase suffered humiliation at the hands of everyone at school. They were suspended from school for 'indecent exposure' and they were made fun of by many students when they returned to school. Many students still had pictures of when they were stripped n.a.k.e.d by Issei.

Eventually, Katase was forced into depression as many men tried to booty call her due to finding pictures of her n.a.k.e.d online. She had to switch phone numbers and only talked with Murayama and Aika, until they met Yana, Kano, and Kunou.

Couple days later, they met the three fallen angel women too.

Katase was pulled out of depression and she lived a better life now, but Katase and Murayama still held onto that grief and turned it into anger for the boob freak.

Asia gasped as she listened to Katase and Murayama's story. She stepped back and walked out of the room with a sad and teary face as she listened to what Issei caused.

A couple days ago, the day she was turned into a devil, she was helped by Issei and he guided her to her destination. She was happy and glad someone like him had come to help her out in her time of need. She prayed for his well being for that day before waving goodbye to him.

Later on, she was saved once more by him when he and his group found out that a group of church members wanted to take her Twilight Healing Sacred Gear for themselves. They even threatened her by saying that she will be r.a.p.ed by them should she not give up.

She was happy and relieved when Issei and his group came to help her. Sadly, she died from the roof of the church collapsing. Killing her in the process.

She was saved by Rias and she was able to remain happy, too bad she can't worship her favorite god anymore.

She always saw Issei in a favourable light. The knight in shining armor who saves the damsel in distress. The man who helps a poor young woman find her way once more.

Asia thought that she would be able to give her body to Issei. She even got jealous when he would lay eyes on Akeno and Rias. Jealous at how he doesn't look at her the same way.

Now that she knows that he is a despicable and perverted man, she can't help but feel sad. The man who she thought to be so dashing and brave was actually a despicable and terrible low-life.

"Are you okay Asia?" Kunou saw Asia leave earlier with a sad face and she wanted to know if she was okay. "Is it this boob freak who made you sad? I will deal with him, don't worry at all!"

"NO! He Issei didn't do anything to me at all," Asia sniffled and wiped the tears away before turning to Kunou and smiling.

Kunou looked at Asia with a small smile before hugging her tightly. She rubbed Asia's back and said, "Don't worry Asia. The other girls and I are here for you. Should you need us, we are there to help you."

"Thank you!" Asia sniffled once more before hugging Kunou tighter.

"Yeah Asia, count on me and my sister," Shirone said with high spirits while pointing at Kuroka. "We'll teach a lesson to that Issei!"

Shirone, like Asia and the boob freak, were in the same group under Rias. Although she didn't end up dying like Asia, Issei, and one of the other members, she got turned into a half-devil.

The past of when she was about to be r.a.p.ed and seeing her family being beat by a powerful person still haunts her to this day. She wished to grow stronger like her sister Kuroka, so she joined Rias so that they could help each other get stronger.

However, she would have never expected Rias to bring back a pervert like Issei back. Though everyone in the group ignored his tendencies and illusions since he has a pretty useful Sacred Gear, Flame Shake.

Its power was unrivaled amongst other Sacred Gears as a pyrokinesis gear. It granted the wear perfect control over fires and some fire resistance to a certain extent.

Like Sora's Yang Flames, Issei is able to conjure up white flames that burn hotter than normal flames. Though they aren't on the same level as Sora's Yang Flames, they are still a force to reckon amongst those who don't have fire resistance, meaning mostly everyone.

Rias thought he would be useful in helping her break off her engagement with some chicken man, Ravel's older brother. Due to this engagement, the relationship between her father and her was wider than ever. Her mom was surprisingly taking her side as well, making an even wider gap between themselves.

"Thank you too, Koneko," Asia muttered as she smiled at Shirone with a smile.

"Damn! You see what you do Ravel! You fiery pigeon!" Shirone turned to yell at Ravel with a blush after hearing Asia thank her with her nickname.

"Stop it! I'm sorry Koneko! Gah! I mean Shirone!" Ravel giggled as she ran away while teasing Shirone.

"You will be fine sweety, just let Kunou's father 'heal' you up. He knows exactly what to do in these situations." Kuroka walked over to Asia and patted her head with a consoling look.

"Hmm. That man is always filled with 'good' needs for every beautiful woman he sees," snarkily commented Seekvaira with a blush.

"As long as he can satisfy and give me love, I'll gladly become his. Our love will keep us united forever. Such things like relationsh.i.p.s won't stop me at all," chuckled Latia with a bit of arrogance laced within her words.