Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 184

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 184 Magical Warrior

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"Issei will regret the day he was born!" darkly chuckled Katase and Murayama together.

"Why?" asked Ravel.

"Because we have a secret weapon!" Murayama grinned and showed Ravel her phone's screen.

Looking at the screen, Ravel's eyes widened and said, "Me?!"

"Huh? Oh, it's on low brightness."

The girls looked on in horror as they saw a terrifying name on her contact list.

It's been said that many people have fallen to this magical girl's mighty wand. Poor men and little boys were forced to tears under the spells of the magical girl.

Many minds are broken and hardly any can be saved.

The great magical girl's name Mil-tan.

"You can't be serious! This is madness!"

"After what Issei did to Murayama and I, this can't be serious," Katase lowered her head as her whole body shuddered in anger and sorrow.

"The school should have done something about this! We can't take these chances," contemplated Kunou.

"I say we do it!" Yana stood up with a firm gaze and made her stance clear. "My mother always said to do whatever I want. Today, I will do exactly that and help my friends out!"

"Thank you Yana!" Both Murayama and Katase thanked Yana from the bottom of their hearts.

"How did Issei get away with something like using his superpowers/magic on you two? I smell something fishy going on about this," mused Raynare.

"Katase and I both don't know what went wrong. We clearly had the upper hand in court, but then..." Murayama sat down and covered her face with her hand.

Katase saw that Murayama couldn't continue anymore, so she sat next to her with her hand on her, consoling her. Continuing for her, Katase looked at everyone, "But then one of Issei's friends from the perverted trie came in with a phone. We both didn't know what it was, until the video started playing and we heard what transpired that day..."

The video played, showing Murayama and Katase trying to hit Issei. Everyone in court looked at the screen on display for everyone to see.

Both Murayama and Katase went pale as they looked up at the screen. Tears formed at the edges of their eyes as they turned away. They knew that just those few beginning seconds will make them lose the case.

The video played on and everyone got to see how Issei used his superpower/magic as 'defense' against his 'attackers' Murayama and Katase.

Their n.a.k.e.d bodies were once again put on display in front of everyone as their clothes were burnt instantly by a white flame. Their body was bare of any clothes and everyone in court looked at the screen before turning their faces to the two poor innocent girls' body.

Needless to say, Katase and Murayama lost the case and they couldn't get Issei to suffer any consequences. Besides being targeted at school for bullying and having failed to get any revenge, Katase and Murayama's anger for Issei only grew by the day.

Their kendo training was more fierce and they kept training even harder. They knew they couldn't use their kendo to harm Issei, but it was all they could do to vent their anger while they plotted something in the back.

"We have to do something to those perverted Trio!" Kalawarner grit her teeth and had a furious look on her face after hearing their story.

"Good thing we have the magical girl Mil-tan's number," apathetically spoke Mittelt. "Though you won't be able to lure in Issei with him. It'd be difficult to do anything."

Kuroka looked at everyone with a look of interest, "I can help."

All the girls turned to look at the corner where only Kuroka, Latia, and Seekvaira are.

"How?" weakly called out Murayama with tears at the corner of her eyes.

"Easy, no matter how advanced the system for finding criminals and stuff like that. They still can't go up against strong people like us. I'm very good at illusions, I can make Mil-tan pass off as a beautiful young woman, but I will need to know this boob freak's fetishes," seriously spoke Kuroka.

"I'm good at using time magic, so I can adjust the time to whatever we wish. In case something goes awry," smiled Seekvaira.

"I'm good at space magic, so I can keep us isolated from the real world. Allowing us to follow them and make sure the plan goes through," smiled Latia.

"We have a good team for this, now all we need is the cooperation of everyone else here. We need to make sure everything goes off without a hitch," smiled Kuroka.

"Let us hope Mil-tan agrees to join us. Maybe we can get him to invite 'some' of his friends," darkly smiled Kano.

This day marked the beginning of Issei's great humiliation and 'new way of life'.

"Who's this friend of yours, Rias?" asked Sora as he followed behind Rias.

"Kiyome Abe," answered Rias with a smile.

"She's a very nice human friend that I made. Although sometimes she is very arrogant, she's also a kind woman. She comes from a long line of Beast Tamers,so she should know a lot of ins and outs in being a beast tamer."

Rias explained who Kiyome is to Sora. Kiyome went to school right at the same time Rias and Akeno joined. They got to know each other and became friends. Although Kiyome has been known to be scared of the underworld, Sora didn't have to worry about any of that.

"Ufufu Maybe you can even tame her, " Akeno said with a light smile.

"It wouldn't be too bad," chuckled Sora as he glanced back at the smiling Akeno. "Ready to be a big sister?"

"Ready to make me a mother?" Akeno shot back with a smile.

"How about we wait until your mother gives birth," smirked Sora.

"How about you do me?" joined in Rias with a smile and her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing up against Sora's body.

"Yeah, me too!" Akeno joined with her sisterly smile before placing her b.r.e.a.s.ts on Sora's arms.

'The life of a l.u.s.tful god,' wryly smiled Sora as he hugged both women and kept walking towards their destination.


Hearing her name being called, Rias looked up and found Kiyome not too far away from them.

"Kiyome! Over here," called out Rias.

"Glad to see you here Rias. Is he the one you said that will help?" Kiyome turned to look at Sora with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes, I can guarantee that he's the best I know," affirmed Rias. 'I'm pretty sure he's the only one I know.'

"Great!" Kiyome smiled and asked, "Can you help check on my little beast??"

"I need to see the beast first," nodded Sora.

Sora was led by Kiyome to inside her house and led down the corridor until they entered a big room with 6 tennis courts in there.

Looking around in amus.e.m.e.nt, Sora looked at many beasts playing tennis. 'She won't have to worry about intruders in her house at least with all these beasts.'

"Check on this little guy here," Kiyome knelt down and picked up a Yeti about 4 feet tall.

"Wow, haven't seen one like him in a while," whispered Sora as he remembered back to the creatures from bleach when he went to the Northern Branch.

"You've met his kind before?" asked Kiyome with surprise. She knows that the Yetis are a very secretive beast pack. They keep to themselves and hardly communicate with those on the outside. The fact that Sora had managed to meet one had surprised her.

Since the only way she got the baby Yeti to follow her was because her family knows the Yeti pack very well and they are occasionally allowed to bring a Yeti with themselves.

"Something like that," said Sora.

He got closer to the Yeti and noticed black spots in its eyes and green patches on it's skin and fur. When Sora saw the black spots in its eyes, he didn't think much of it's illness until he saw the green patches.

"Move to the side," ordered Sora as he got close to the Yeti and approached it. 'His illness is not contagious at all, but it can lead to death if not treated.'

Kiyome placed down the Yeti slowly and backed off as Sora got closer to the Yeti. She looked off from the sidelines with Rias and Akeno, watching intently the state of the Yeti with worry.

"Do you have- agh, why am I even asking," Sora shook his head and brought out some of the needles he made from Golden Essence Extract. They were the best the universe can possibly offer, according to his metal and acupuncture knowledge.

"What are you going to do?" Rias looked over Sora's shoulder curiously. She knew Sora had some knowledge in medicine and is a bit of a physician himself, but she had never heard of him having any knowledge regarding chinese medicine and acupuncture.

"This illness on the Yeti isn't as simple as just taking medicine. I need to get rid of the illness this way, it's the safest method for it's young age," mentioned Sora as he inserted a needle in the forehead of the Yeti to make it remain still.

After placing that needle, Sora went and activated Saintly hands and his Healing Qi.

Couple of minutes later, the Yeti was all cured and the girls behind him looked at him with surprise and awe. They have never seen a being heal someone through the use of acupuncture, it was almost such a bizarre thing.

"Where'd you learn that!" Rias and Kiyome asked at the same time. Kiyome hugged the baby yeti in her arms as she looked up at Sora with gratitude in her eyes.

"I can't tell you that easily," smirked Sora. What is he going to tell them?

Oh, it just randomly appeared in my head after I pressed on some button that said YES.

"Will you use this on me," seductively asked Akeno as she hugged Sora's arm. Her were hard and poking at his arm as she looked at him with a blush.

"No, I have something better for you," Sora smirked. He put the Golden Needles inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before pressing on one of Akeno's pressure points.

"Mmh~" m.o.a.ned quietly Akeno.

With a hand over her mouth, Akeno looked at Sora with a 'glare', but when she tried to move an electric shock ran through her body causing her to give out another small m.o.a.n.

What Sora did was press on one of her pressure points to cause her to get pleasure from the vibrations going on within her body, excluding the heart. Whenever she takes a step, her b.r.e.a.s.ts would always slightly jiggle, sending vibrations within her body and giving her pleasure.

"Why," asked Akeno as she looked at Sora with a smile and a blush.

"Because you're seductive. I have to give you a punishment for looking too good," widely smiled Sora.

"Sora?" asked Kiyome.

Turning to look at the cute girl with brown hair with drill heads, Sora internally nodded as he looked at her figure. "What is it Kiyome?"

"I just wanted to thank you for saving my beast," bowed Kiyome. "Whatever you need, I'll grant it!"

"Okay, all you have to do is stand in that exact spot for ten seconds," said Sora as he pointed to a place right in front of himself.

"That's easy..."

Kiyome stood in the spot Sora told her and she felt a hand on her head. Before she could say anything about the hand, Sora already removed it and smiled at her, "Thanks for standing there."

'Was he patting my head?' Kiyome looked at Sora's back as he left with a blush on her face. She remembered the sensation of Sora's hand on her head and she couldn't help but blush even more at the mere thought of it.

Sora walked away with a smile as he now had knowledge over some Beast Taming techniques. Knowing that his actions have indirectly caused another woman to fall for him.