Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 185

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 185 Issei's Demise

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As he looked over the knowledge of Beast Taming, Sora found that it is eerily similar to some stuff inside Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Some medicine and refining was mixed in there, but not as much as the Big Three. The Beast Taming knowledge also granted information about different types of beasts, how to identify them, what abilities they may possess, and how to find and track them.

Overall, Sora got a good haul this time around.

He waved goodbye to Kiyome and left with Rias and Akeno.

'Will I get to see him soon?' Kiyome Abe looked at Sora's departing back with a light smile and the yeti in her arms.

Three days passed and the girls had their plan all ready by now.

With Kuroka standing before a beautiful woman with big b.r.e.a.s.ts and a devilish look, she smiled and nodded in appreciation of her work.

Yesterday, Kuroka got confirmation that Mil-tan will be joining them in conquering Issei. When Mil-tan heard their plan, he smiled brightly and said, "I will happily take Issei from you. When I heard of what happened to the two poor girls, I knew I had to help. Especially when the target is a cute young boy.

I will take him from your hands and make him mine."

The girls were elated to hear Mil-tan say this. Now they had part of their plan complete, all that they had left was getting Issei's preferences.

Which came in almost right after Mil-tan joined them in their assassinaiton cough Humiliation Plan. If everything goes well, maybe even the perverted Trio join in the next day.

The s.e.xy and buxom lady standing before Kuroka, was in fact Mil-tan under Kuroka's illusion. Kuroka even enhanced Mil-tan's strength so that he can hold onto Issei forcefully should something go wrong.

Kuroka smiled and turned to look at Murayama and Katase both smiling in amazement of her work.

"Is this good enough?" smiled Kuroka.

"This is better than good enough!" Katase said with a happy expression.

"After today, we will finally get back at our aggressor." proudly announced Murayama to her friends.

"Good, now everyone get into positions! Latia, do your thing," Kuroka ordered after seeing Issei in the distance walking towards them.

Every girl ran off to their locations to spy from afar. Latia ran up to Kuroka, Murayama, Katase, and Seekvaira before casting her space magic to keep them hidden from the outside world.

Issei walked closer and closer until he bumped into something huge and hard.

"OUCH! Watch where you're-!" Issei was about to say something thinking that he crashed into a man until he lifted his head and looked at the beauty (Mil-tan) and stopped.

His eyes stayed from and with blood dripping down his nose from feeling excited. Issei's eyes looked at the woman's beautiful face before they drooped down to her huge b.r.e.a.s.ts, making his eyes 'pop' out of his head.

"Excuse me, are you alright?" asked Mil-tan with a kind and seductive female voice.

"Huh? Oh, ummm. Yes uh huh? I'm okay!" Issei stood up straight as he stared at the woman hard. He looked away with a bright red flush.

"I'm so sorry," Mil-tan bowed and apologized for bumping into Issei.

"I-it's okay! I'm alright! Really," Issei looked at the woman with flared nostrils, trying to get her to not bow to him.

"Oh no! I think I must've hit you hard! Are you sure you're okay?!" Mil-tan looked at Issei's bright red face when he got up and put on a shocked and sorry face. He put his hand on Issei's head and since Mil-tan was naturally taller than Issei, when he bent down to touch Issei's forehead, his fake b.r.e.a.s.ts were dangling in front of Issei's face suggestively.

"I swear! I'm alright!" Issei stepped backwards bashfully and tried to deny being hurt.

"I'll fix you up! Come over to my place, I don't bite at all," winked Mil-tan.

Still holding Issei's wrist, Mil-tan dragged Issei, who gave up, to his house.

Kuroka and the rest followed Issei and Mil-tan from behind with dark smiles. They couldn't wait to see the boob freak get a taste of his own medicine soon.

"Miss, what's your name?" asked Issei with a big blush.

"I'm Militan and who may you be?" giggled Mil-tan.

Issei looked at Mil-tan with a strange smile before saying, "I'm Issei."

Issei and Mil-tan were sitting on Mil-tan's bed. Mil-tan had a first-aid kit in hand and looked at Issei with a smile.

"That's such a cute nickname, it perfectly fits your appearance," whispered Mil-tan. His slender and fake illusion hands were on Issei's chest before they lowered themselves down to his pants.

Issei only laughed as he looked at Mil-tan's body with l.u.s.t. His laugh was crazed and filled with disgusting pervert energy as he laid his eyes on Mil-tan's b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"I need you to strip to check for any bruises," seductively spoke Mil-tan.

"Ye-yes!" Issei stood up in a flash and removed all his clothes in an instant, leaving only his underwear behind.

"Okay, good." Mil-tan smiled and nodded before placing down the first-aid kit and turning to Issei with a smile. "Turn around please, and lay on the bed."

"Okay," smiled Issei. He happily turned around and laid on the bed with his belly down.

He thought about all the perverted stuff he could possibly do with Mil-tan's body, especially her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Too busy fantasizing about Mil-tan's n.a.k.e.d body and b.r.e.a.s.ts, Issei failed to notice that his arms and legs were tied to each pole of the bed and that his underwear was removed until it was too late.

"Huh! What's going on?" Issei yelled in surprise as he looked at his tied up arms and legs.

"We're going to do something fun," whispered Mil-tan in Issei's ear.

"Fun? What kind of fun?" nervously asked Issei as he looked into Mil-tan's dark eyes.

"Some thrilling fun that will make you remain on a wheelchair for the rest of your life," darkly smiles Mil-tan as Kuroka's Illusion wears off, revealing a tall and n.a.k.e.d buff man.

'AHHHHH!HH!H!H!!!!' Issei tried screaming at the top of his lungs, hoping to get the help of someone only to realize that he can no longer speak.

Fear settled into his entire being as he looked at Mil-tan approach him with his member swinging between his legs.

'Please stay away from me!' Tears rolled down Issei's eyes as he looked at Mil-tan with pleading and horrified eyes. His face was contorted into fear, horror, panic, and dread as he felt Mil-tan's huge and manly hand caress his ass.


Kuroka smiled darkly as she looked at Issei trying to scream. She put a spell on Issei which will not let him speak for two days, making him quiet the entire time.

"It's over.... It's finally over"

Murayama and Katase both ended crying as they held each other.

The pain and sorrow that they have acc.u.mulated and gone through in just a couple of months is finally being washed away. Katase and Murayam are both very lucky to have great and thoughtful friends like Kano and the rest.

Without Kuroka's help or the others, they would have never been able to pull off something like this. Even worse, without the consoling from their friends, they are afraid that they might have committed s**cide by now.

"Yes, you two no longer have to worry about such a despicable man ever again," muttered Seekvaira as she hugged both Murayama and Katase.

"You two will no longer be alone. Me and the rest will always be here for you both," sweetly smiled Kuroka before patting their heads.

Kuroka looked at Mil-tan ravaging Issei before putting on a blank face before turning to Seekvaira. "Can you speed them up so we can have this over with?"

"That's easy." Seekvaira smiled and lifted her hand up in the air before casting a spell in the room, making time pass by for Issei and Mil-tan.

After a couple minutes, Issei was laying on the bed with nothing holding him down. He laid on the bed with a lost and broken look as tears kept rolling down his face. Mil-tan was sitting on the edge of the bed with his magical girl robe on to hide his body.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Kuroka asked Mil-tan with a smile.

"Yes, though it would be better if I could use magic on him," smiled Mil-tan before throwing a thumbs up at Kuroka.

"Keep him with you for a month, I will come by every two days to place the silent spell on him. Here, with this, you can place Issei under your command," smirked Kuroka as he handed over a piece of paper with a magic circle drawn on it.

"Wow! Amazing," complemented Mil-tan.

Kuroka taught Mil-tan how to use the paper before seeing Mil-tan instantly use it on Issei.


Issei writhed in pain as the seal of the magic circle was branded on the back of his neck. With the pain being inflicted upon him, he regained a bit of consciousness. He lifted his head and looked at Kuroka, until he froze and passed out again from fear and trauma when he saw Mil-tan standing next to Kuroka.

"Oh my, such bad manners to just go back to sleep," giggled Kuroka as she glared at the n.a.k.e.d Issei with anger in her eyes. Katase and Murayama's pain and sorrow hasn't left her heart yet. Since she had experience regarding stuff like being n.a.k.e.d, being treated badly, and being too weak to be able to do anything in respect, Kuroka was rather angry at what Issei had done.

"Haha, leave him to me. I will train him just right, so he won't escape my grasp so easily," said Mil-tan. He licked his lips as he looked at Issei with a happy and satisfied look.

Issei's body instantly began to shake in fear and dread as it felt Mil-tan's intentions towards it.

"I hope he turns into a fine plaything of your Mil-tan."

"Soon, he will no longer be laying his eyes on the body of a woman no more."

Katase and Murayama both happily smiled as they looked at Issei's bruised, limp, juice covered, and fear ridened Issei. This day is possibly one of the happiest occasions to both of them.

The girls all left, leaving Issei behind.

'Please someone anyone please save me'




'Please.... me'

Resting within Sora's house, Murayama and Katase were resting with Sora's three daughters and Kuroka.

The rest of the women had all gone off to their homes to rest and fall asleep. They wished to remove the scene of Mil-tan moving with Issei on the bed.

Katase and Murayama were so glad that they had gotten rid of Issei, that they were still crying regarding that. It's such a joyous and wonderful occasion that it all feels surreal to them. They no longer have to deal with Issei's actions.

They were free.


Both Murayama and Katase poured their hearts out and cried out.

Arriving at home, Sora arrived with his arms wrapped around Rias and Akeno. He let Akeno and Rias leave and go to their rooms before focusing on that noise and going towards it.

He found his daughters and Kuroka comforting both Katase and Murayama who were both crying. He looked at them with a calm face before going to Kuroka and asking her about what happened.

After hearing out the story about Murayama and Katase going through all that and Issei being punished by them. He gave them a thumbs up before asking, "Anyone have a computer?"

"*sniff* me," said Katase as she pulled out her laptop from her backpack.

"Great," smiled Sora.

He got on the computer and got working at a very fast pace. His hands danced along the keyboard and his magical energy was pushed into the laptop. The girls looked at Sora's skills with interest, and slowly, their expressions turned into shock and awe.

After a couple of minutes, he finally stopped and turned to look at both Murayama and Katase with a wide smile.

"What did you just do?" asked Kuroka with a smile.

"Using my magic and technology knowledge, I was able to make it so that any who has ever laid eyes on the n.a.k.e.d bodies of these two girls will forget everything. I also erased their revealing photos that were spread online."

The girls all looked at Sora with shock before they all started to giggle and laugh before hugging him in gratitude. Murayama and Katase both kissed Sora on the cheeks with high spirits.