Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 186

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 186 A Big..

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A/N: Since the ending for the arc is coming up, chapters will be coming out slowly since I have to flesh out the last couple of chapters before moving on to the next arc. There's at most only 5-8 more chapters to this arc left.

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A couple days have passed since Sora had helped Murayama and Katase out by erasing the memory of people seeing them n.a.k.e.d. He even deleted the posts and pictures online. Leaving a little something behind in case someone has it saved on a hard drive or something of the sort.

He couldn't let the poor little girls deal with something like this all alone.

Sora only has a single day left before Trihexa escapes from his seal and wrecks havoc on the planet. Today, the 3 factions; Fallen Angels, Angels, and Devils, have finally completed their tasks needed for signing the peace treaty along with many factions and religions.

The humans have also signed the peace treaty a couple while back along with the magicians and Hero Faction.

The 3 factions had planned on making a party for their successful peace treaty with every other mythology and religion. They invited the recently joined magicians, humans, and Hero Faction to the party along with the Asgard group.

Sora's group was also invited.

Sora was going to take everyone with him until they all shot him down. Only Shuri, Misla, and Mirai wished to go with him.

Misla no longer considered herself as part of the House of Bael after she found out that her husband no longer cared for her. She no longer wanted to be part of them, so she was now an independent woman.

She started hanging around Sora more often when she was cured of her Eternal Sleeping disease.

Sora, Shuri, and Misla were all there at the party already. Everyone else had arrived before Sora's little group did.

Looking at all the familiar faces, Sora was disappointed to know that he won't be able to increase the number of wives.


Hearing his name being called, Sora turned around and found Sirzechs, Serafall, and Grayfia walking towards him. SInce Grayfia and Serafall were still the leaders of the Devil Faction, they had to be at the party for formalities.

Sora kissed his wives before turning to Sirzechs, "What? I won't give you a kiss."

"Eh uh. No. I was just going to ask if you can take care of my mother," asked Sirzechs.

Hearing Sirzechs asking that, Sora turned to look at him and sighed before nodding.

When he looked into Sirzechs' eyes, all he saw was sadness and worry. If he deduced correctly from the question, there's a possibility that Venelana might be having a tough time with her husband. Which he should have seen coming since they have been separated for a really long time ever since she moved to his Heavenly World.

Sora basically stole her from House of Gremory's head.

"No worries. I'll make sure she's fine," said Sora.

"Thank you!" Sirzechs bowed and left. 'Why am I more worried now than before?'

"Dad, I will head over there and get some food for us," Mirai said. She walked over to the food area, leaving Sora alone with his three wives and Misla.

"Let's head on over to a table."

Sora took the women to a big table to fit his wives, Misla, and Mirai.

Just as Sora was about to sit down, he was stopped by an old man wearing a monocle on his left eyes. He put his hand on Sora's shoulder and smiled, "What a nice group you have here."

"Of course, they're all my wives," smirked Sora, slightly implying something as he glared at Odin.

"*cough* That's to be expected," nervously smiled Odin.

"Haha, what brings you here to meet me Odin?" chuckled Sora.

"I want you to help me out," sighed Odin. He looked to his left and proceeded to say, "I also brought to you a good servant for you, Rossweisse"

"Hi. I'm Rossweisse," said the beautiful young woman with long, straight silver hair and aqua-colored eyes who appears to be in her late teens.

"Nice to meet you," smiled Sora before shaking the silver haired beauty's hand. His interest in her began ringing, so he knew she is another one of the women he must make his.

Odin saw that they were hitting it off and said, "She is also known as the Valkyrie who never had a boyfriend."

"Don't say that!" Rossweisse began to blush and turned away from everyone.

"Haha," Sora chuckled and looked at Odin.

Noticing Sora's look, Odin's smile was off his face and he put on a rather sad one, "I need you to give me advice..."

"What's wrong big guy?" Sora looked at Odin with a weird look before grabbing a drink that Mirai brought back.

"I can't satisfy my wife anymore..." whispered Odin before glancing at Sora's wives.

Odin knew it was a correct thing to ask Sora for help, or else how is he able to keep so many wives by his side and being able to keep them happy.

'There's no way he is keeping them all happy with no s.e.x! He must know something that I don't!'

Sora looked at Odin with a strange look before sighing. He looked around to make sure it was clear and whispered something in his ears.

When Odin heard what Sora had to say, Odin looked back at him with a pale face before running away and yelling, "You can keep Rossweisse!"

"Uwuu..." softly cried Rossweisse after hearing Odin's scream.

"Don't cry kid, sit down with them. I will come back later," said Sora before patting Rossweisse's head and letting her sit down.

Sora walked away to talk to a couple of more people.

"So you're pregnant, *sniff*," Rossweisse asked Shuri.

Shuri smiled and nodded. She rubbed her belly for a bit before looking up to Rossweisse, "I'm so happy to have a baby coming."

"So you're going to be a mother? Congratulations!" happily said Rossweisse.

"I'm already a mother," giggled Shuri. She looked at her stomach lovingly before saying, "I have a nineteen year old daughter waiting for me at home."

"What, really? You look so young though!" Rossweisse looked at Shuri with a shocked and amazed look.

"You would be the same if you're in a relationship with my husband," meaningly smiled Shuri. She turned to look at Serafall and Grayfia with a knowing look.

'After all! Our husband's c.u.m makes us younger!'

"Why would that be?' blushed Rossweisse.

Having never been in a relationship before, Rossweisse blushed because she was imagining herself with Sora. She wondered if she would also look young, but how young?



Or just a couple years off?

Either way, the idea of having to look younger really appeals to her and her future self.

"A secret!" winked Serafall, Grayfia, and Shuri with a finger over their lips as they did a shush look.

After talking for a while longer and teasing Rossweisse, Mirai, and Misla, Shuri excused herself from the table before walking over to the ladies room.

Walking out, Shuri was grabbed by the arm and was pulled back, stopping her from going back to her table.

"Shuri is that you!" asked a raspy and old voice.

Shuri's eyes widened at the call of her name coming from the voice she had thought to have forgotten. With wet eyes, Shuri turned to look at Baraqiel with happiness, "Baraqiel, is that you?"

"Shuri! I've missed you so much!" Baraqiel said with tears forming at the corner of his eyes. "You have no idea how much I've missed you. I search everywhere for any sign and clue about you and our daughter!"

"I've missed you too..." Shuri said and fell into Baraqiel's arms.

"I'm so glad I finally found you," Baraqiel said before putting his hand on Shuri's cheek and going in for a kiss.

"I've missed you..." said once more Shuri with closed eyes. "... but only before meeting the love of my life!"

Shuri slapped Baraqiel on the face and pushed him away from herself.

She had been angry with Baraqiel for many years. Since the day she had given her body to Sora, Shuri had already decided to never put Baraqiel in her eyes any more. The day she gave herself to Sora, Baraqiel was already dead to her.

The only reason her eyes got wet was because of the happiness of seeing Baraqiel and knowing that she might be able to slap him before telling him that she's now happy with her new life. With him no longer being part of it, Shuri felt a sense of comfort.

She doesn't regret anything of her past, and she knew that Baraqiel didn't arrive to save them for a reason. Yet the fact that he never did anything afterwards, or at least tried to go save them really hurt her heart. Which was quickly healed under Sora's care and love which she wholeheartedly took.

"Shuri why?" Baraqiel asked after regaining his bearings. He felt a sting on his cheek and looked at Shuri with shock.

Shuri is stronger than her past self ever since she gained the Immortal Bloodline. Her body has received an increase in strength, allowing her body to contend to the strength of an average High Class devil.

"Because I no longer love you. I am in love with another man and I'm married to him," said Shuri before patting her clothes lightly.

"Why?" asked Baraqiel with confused eyes.

"Because I love him and not you," bluntly spoke Shuri.

"Who is he?!" asked Baraqiel with red eyes.

"He's not someone you should know, Baraqiel. Please, leave now." Shuri looked at Baraqiel with sad eyes. Seeing his pitiful figure and overflowing sadness, Shuri was starting to feel pity for him.

"What does he have that I don't have?! Money? Fame? Status? Strength?" asked nervously Baraqiel.

"He..." Shuri blushed and looked away from Baraqiel. She looked around and fanned her face with her own hand before continuing, "He has a big a big a big..-"

"He has a big d.i.c.k," loudly spoke Serafall. "Right Shuri?!"

Shuri turned to look at Serafall with a shocked look before quickly saying, "Y-yes that's right! It's because of that!"

Shuri was about to cover her red face but was by Serafall by the hand and was dragged away from Baraqiel.

"He he has he has a big d.i.c.k?" Baraqiel's tears rolled down his face before his entire body fell on the floor. Falling unconscious from the shock of Serafall's words.

After leaving Baraqiel, Shuri and Serafall made their way back to their table.

"I saw you were having trouble shaking him off Shuri-chan, so I decided to help you," smiled Serafall.

"Thank you. If it wasn't for you, I would have still been over there," thanked Shuri. She was about to bow to Serafall but was stopped before she could.

"Don't do that, we're fellow warriors, it's what we're supposed to do. Although I am a magical warrior," giggled Serafall before doing a quick twirl with a wand that appeared out of nowhere.

"Ufufu, alright then. I won't bow," giggled Shuri before continuing to walk alongside Serafall.

"By the way, were you really going to say that our hubby has a big d.i.c.k?" Serafall blushed having to say one more time.

Before, she only said it in the spur of the moment, but now she was having some difficulty having to say it normally.

Shuri heard Serafall's words and instead of doing her normal s.e.xy look suggestive smile, she instead blushed and covered her face with her hands before nodding slowly.


Crashing into something because she wasn't looking anywhere, Shuri was about to fall to the ground before being stopped with two strong and amazing arms.

"Are you okay?" spoke the voice that she oh-so loves.

"Yes..." meekly said Shuri as she looked into the man's eyes.

"Glad to hear that, you gentle beauty," chuckled Sora before giving Shuri a kiss and plopping her back onto her feet. "How about my Magical Girl, are you having a good time?"

"Of course! Since my Magical Boy is here with me!"

Shuri looked at Sora with a big smile and with her hands on her chest, over her heart. She looked at Sora, laughing and smiling with true feelings before turning to look at her.

"Let's go back to our table," smiled Sora before extending out his arms for his woman to take.

"Yes!" happily said both Shuri and Serafall.

'How can I correct Serafall and Baraqiel that I fell in love with Sora's big HEART! He's just so adorable and loveable sometimes!!'