Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 187

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 187 Hero Faction

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"Sora, have you met everyone already?" asked Azazel with a smirk.

Sora searched around before answering Azazel, "No, I haven't seen the Hero Faction yet."

Sora had spent the last couple of minutes speaking with everyone after sending Shuri and Serafall back to their table. He had long foreseen the meeting between Shuri and Baraqiel. So he stayed somewhere near where he can see them both and keep an eye on them.

He trusts Shuri to not do anything to betray his trust and love for her, but he was worried about the scene Baraqiel might cause. Luckily, he didn't have to interfere since Serafall was near and she could help Shuri out.

After taking them back, Sora was approached by many people. Many were just paying respects, like the treatment that some higher status people receive.

Right now, Azazel was the one talking to him.

"Of course you haven't. They left a minute right after you arrived, they had to deal with something. Though they will be back in a couple of minutes since almost two hours have passed since they left," mentioned Azazel.

"I heard that they have two cute girls in their Faction," Sora said with a sagely chin rub.

"I'd prefer myself a woman who worsh.i.p.s the ground I walk on," Azazel smiled contentedly as he thought of a woman like that.

Sora chuckled and drank a couple of booze that Azael brought on over.

While taking a few swigs, Sora remembered about the last time he drank with someone happily. 'I should be able to bring out Yamamoto soon. Maybe I can convince him to get a wife or something.'

"Well, that's the last bit of booze I had left. I will take my leave for now since I have to get some food," said Azazel.

"Well then, don't keep the food waiting," chuckled Sora.

Looking around, Sora wanted to see if any of the Hero faction members had arrived yet out of pure curiosity.

"So Rossweisse, how long have you been Odin's servant girl?" asked Sora with a smirk.

"What! I wasn't a servant girl, I was a bodyguard," proclaimed Rossweisse with a blush.

"No, I'm pretty sure you're a servant girl," chuckled Sora as he playfully looked at Rossweisse. "Especially since things like bodyguards don't apply to someone as strong as Odin. There would be no way he would need help from someone like you, right?"

"Guh..." Rossweisse groaned as if she received an arrow to the knee.

"Don't tease her too much honey," nudged Grayfia as she patted Rossweisse.

"You can't risk having her run away," Misla whispered into Sora's ears.

After having spent ten years in Sora's Heavenly World and getting to know him, she is able to notice when someone catches his eye.

"No, but I also can't risk you running away," smirked Sora before putting an arm around Misla's waist.

"S-stop it..." whispered Misla with a blushing face as she felt Sora's hand grip her waist.

"You can be all mine should you wish to be," smiled Sora before kissing Misla's forehead softly.

"Wow, so this is Ancient. He's so handsome, I always thought it was going to be an old man," sighed a cute voice next to Sora's table.

"I also thought it was going to be an old man," joined in a beautiful soothing voice.

"I thought you too would be quieter than I thought?"

"Who!" Both voices turned to look at who said that and were surprised at who they saw. "What, but we were just..."

"Nice to meet you two, I am Sora, also known as Ancient," Sora introduced himself to the two women standing before him.

One of them is a cute, foreign girl with a slim body, shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her attire consists of a huge blue hat with a black bow and yellow stars and matching cape with pink flowers and a white interior. She has a Japanese school girl uniform consisting of a grey blazer with blue plaid accents over a white dress shirt with a black tie, a black skirt, and black shoes while having her hat and cape over them.

The other girl is a beautiful young foreign woman with blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a girl gakuran, with armor worn on top of it.

They were Le Fay Pendragon and Jeanne, respectively in that order.

"How'd you know we were here?" asked Jeanne rather defensively.

"I have a very good sense of hearing," Sora said while pointing at his ears.

"He..he. So.. you know what we said?" asked Le Fay with a blush as she looked up at Sora.

"Yeah, I can even hear someone whispering from a mile away. It's a very annoying sense since I have to recalibrate it every now and then," smiled Sora. 'I make myself sound like a damn computer..'

"W..well nice to meet you! I-I'm Le Fay!" stuttered Le Fay as she looked up at Sora with her blue eyes.

"Nice to meet you too Le Fay," chuckled Sora before grabbing her dainty little hand and kissing the back of it.

Sora stared into Le Fay's eyes for a bit before hearing a cough and turning to the source.

"*Cough* H-Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Jeanne!" Jeanne said while nervously stretching out her hand and turning away with a blush.

She turned to look back at Sora who was looking at her with an unimpressed expression before feeling all embarrassed before Sora took her hand with a smile. However, instead of kissing the back of her hand, he pulled her in close and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear.

"Next time don't wear your armor," whispered Sora after kissing Jeanne on the cheek. Leaving her stunned and blushing hard.

She remained rooted to her spot and Le Fay had to shake her out of it and help her, even if she felt a little jealous.

"Haha, she'll be alright in a couple of seconds," chuckled Sora.

"OKay..." said Le Fay before glancing back at the still stunned Jeanne.

"Say, why did you girls come looking for me?" asked Sora with a smile.

"We we wanted to know if you would let us to enter your Heavenly World," said Le Fay with a nervous tone.

Sora looked at Le Fay and then at the stunned Jeanne with a smile before chuckling, "You know that I made the Heavenly World a public knowledge and also made a public teleportation for all to use. Right?"

"No..." shrinked Le Fay.

"Haha, well don't worry about it. It happens to everyone, so you can rest easy and not let the embarrassment get you," smiled Sora as he sent a thumbs up to Le Fay.

"I see..." shyly smiled Le Fay.

"I have to go back now. Jeanne should be waking up in a couple of seconds, so tell her it was a pleasure meeting her." Sora turned and left.

"Will I get to see you again!" asked Le Fay seeing Sora's back appear farther.

"Only if YOU girls want to see me again," charmingly smiled Sora at Le Far and Jeanne.

'I hope I do get to see him again,' sighed Le Fay as she looked at Sora's charming figure disappear in the crowd of people.

"Is he gone?!" asked Jeanne with a shocked face as she looked around.

"Yes," sighed once more Le Fay.

"He's so dreamy. It's hard to believe that he is the being that stopped the Great War, the devil's Civil War, and made the entire world enter into a new era..." mentioned with awe Jeanne.

Le Fay looked at Jeanne with a soft smile before nodding along, "Yes. I thought so too. Especially how he doesn't feel dangerous and instead feels very approachable and even smells very good."

"Yeah, I smelled that too when he kissed me earlier..." paused Jeanne before cupping the cheek in which Sora had kissed her.

"Hum Hum..." giggled Le Fay as she looked at Jeanne's expression. Le Fay looked at her one hand and held it close to her chest in a loving fashion.

"Say, aren't you girls too enamoured with Ancient," asked Georg with a weird face as he looked at Jeanne's and Le Fay's actions.

"No, it's like meeting an Idol.." denied Jeanne as she turned away from everyone to try and maintain her serious look in front of them.

"Ye-yes an idol.." blushed Le Fay as she hid her hands behind her back.

"You two..." wryly smiled Georg.

"Knock it off you three, we need to be serious for now," spoke a voice.

"Cao Cao, you're finally here," said Georg with a smile.

"Of course," nodded Cao Cao. "We failed to stop Rizevim from doing whatever atrocious thing he is planning to do. It won't be long before we hear about something bad occurring in the world."


Georg, Le Fay, and Jeanne all stayed quiet as they listened to Cao Cao's words. They had been following Rizevim's figure for many years, trying to stop him from doing something. They didn't know what exactly it is that they are trying to stop, but their Heroic Spirits urged them on to try and stop Rizevim.

All they know is that in just a couple of hours, something bad will appear that will threaten the existence of Earth, Heaven, the Underworld, and every other mythology and religion space.

"Now, our job is to make sure to protect every person. We will tell every single person here of what is about to happen. Eat what you can and rest to regain your energy before head out again," said Cao Cao seriously.

"Is it that easy to ensure safety to everyone?" worriedly asked Le Fay.

"No, but we need to do all that we can," responded Cao Cao.

"It's the last hope we have left," muttered Georg as he looked at Jeanne and Le Fay.

"No it can't be the last hope we have left. There has to be one more!" Le Fay refused to believe that all that was left was to wait for an impending doom and save all that one can save.

"No, there is one person who might save everyone" Jeanne said with a rather hopeful face as she held onto Le Fay's hand.

Jeanne's and Le Fay's eyes locked on to each other. Jeanne gave a reassuring smile to Le Fay and eventually, Le Fay knew who she was talking about.

With a smile on both their faces, they turned and ran away from the group, leaving Cao Cao and Georg stunned.

"Where are they going?" Cao Cao asked with a frown.

"They are probably going to look for Ancient," said Georg. He looked rather hopeful too as he looked to where the two girls ran off to.

Cao Cao turned to look at where the girls left and his frown only deepened, "Such hopes will only make it more difficult to stay sane in the face of danger.

Bringing danger to everyone in the group will only end up bad too. Ignore them, they will come to their senses soon."

Georg looked at Cao Cao before turning back, 'Such hopes is what drives people forward and I hope that he can do something about this problem too.'

Sora was grabbing some liquor from the buffet table before being called from behind.



"Hm?" Sora turned around and looked at the two girls he just met a couple minutes ago.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"We huff. we need. Huff we need your help huff.." panted Jeanne.

"What can I help you two with?" Sora smiled.

"Danger huff there's going to be danger coming in a couple of hours!" said Le Fay.

Both Le Fay and Jeanne ran around the party looking for Sora the whole time. When they finally found him, they had already ran out of breath.

"Danger in a couple of hours?" Sora maintained his smiled while thinking. 'Seems like the spirits of the heroes can sense Trihexa breaking out of his seal.'