Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 188

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 188 Trihexa: The Beauty And The Beast

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"There's no need to worry about anything like that," chuckled Sora before patting the heads of both Jeanne and Le Fay.


Jeanne and Le Fay looked up at Sora with confused looks on their faces.

"What do you mean?" asked Le Fay as she looked up into Sora's eyes.

"I'm saying that I know about the upcoming danger. I will deal with the problem," muttered Sora while serving himself some food.

"Can you?" asked Jeanne.

Their heroic spirits feel the terrible danger that will be coming onto them in the future, it's hard to put aside the feelings of a heroic spirit and trust something else.

Their heroic spirits are very stubborn and wouldn't pay attention to anything else other than their own feelings. So getting the heroic spirits of Jeanne and Le Fay to calm down is not an easy task easily solved by just believing that Sora can defeat the upcoming danger.

"Yeah, just rest here with the rest and don't cause a commotion," chuckled Sora.


Jeanne and Le Fay both nodded and stood by Sora instead of leaving together.

Shaking his head, Sora didn't do anything and just let them stick with him. Just as he was about to continue to do what he was doing earlier, he heard some panicking sounds from nearby beings.

"Oh no!" cried out Le Fay ini worry.

"What is it?" asked Sora. He had a feeling that it had to do with the two girls telling him about the danger from earlier.

Le Fay looked at the people that seemed panicked before turning to look at Sora with worry in her eyes, "It might have been Cao Cao and Georg who have told the other people about what we've just told you."

"This makes things rather annoying," sighed Sora.

Rubbing the back of his head rather tiredly, Sora has Jeanne and Le Fay go to stop Cao Cao and Georg from spreading more of the impending danger.

He alone would go up into the air to gain the attention of the people to get them to calm down. He brought a select few of his family to the party and he wasn't going to sit by as they have their relaxing time and eating disturbed by the crazed people.

After sending off Jeanne and Le Fay, Sora stepped into the air before clapping once. The clap was so loud that everyone stopped what they were doing, even Cao Cao and Georg. Le Fay and Jeanne on the other hand were unaffected thanks to Sora covering them in his energy, like his family. Preventing them from hearing his clap.

"As some of you have heard, the world will be ushering into a pandemonium in a couple of hours. I assure you all that it's all a lie," said Sora.

Sora looked at how some people had confused looks while others looked like they couldn't believe him at all.

"The threat will be dealt with by me personally, so the world won't be ushering into chaos or coming close to destruction. I can assure you all that you, your families, and your factions will all be alright," uttered Sora with a calm and collected voice.

"This thing that's coming up is no danger at all."

Sora went on to calming down the crowd successfully before finally coming down from the air and having a talk with Jeanne and Le Fay.

They had successfully stopped Cao Cao and Georg from continuing to spread the rumor that the world would be doomed in an hour.

"You girls did great," muttered Sora before patting their shoulders. "Now I have to go and meet this enemy of mine."

"Will you be alright?" asked Le Fay. She held on to the hem of Sora's shirt and kept her head down low, not daring to look into Sora's eyes.

"Yeah, so don't worry about me," said Sora as he waved goodbye to the two girls.

After saying goodbye to the two girls, Sora went to find the people he brought with himself to tell them about where he was going off to.

All they said was okay, and it kind of irked him at how nonchalant they were being. He shook his head and gave each a kiss, including Misla and Mirai, before disappearing.

Standing near the end of the world was Sora. He looked at the end of the world with an intrigued look.

"So this universe has an end huh..." Sora looked at the many cracks in the space in front of him with great interest.

It was hard to explain how the end of the world looked like. Whether it just looked empty, like a mirror, or cracks along space.

Standing near the end of the world, Sora was trying to sense Trihexa. He knows that Trihexa is sealed right in front of him thanks to the system, but he couldn't see anything at all. When he tried sensing Trihexa with his energy, it began to go crazy and chaotic.

When he looked further into it, he realized that the energy at the end of the world is in a state of collapse and chaos. The energy isn't normal like all the energies Sora had imitated and completely made his. This energy was like magic, angelic, and demonic energy, yet it all was different from its original counterparts. It was in a state of chaos, where it seemed to attack indiscriminately.

The more he thought about this, the more his mind seemed a bit clearer about a couple of things.


"Oh? Has it been an hour already?" Sora said with a smile as he looked at the hugged crack that was right in front of himself. He looked at the huge eyes that stared straight back at him.

"Hurry and come out!" grinned Sora.


The crack began to expand and a beastly howl from the inside of the crack came out of it. Sora's smile was still on his face as he just flicked his hand and made a barrier appear around him and the expanding crack.

After the crack was over a thousand meters, Trihexa finally made its appearance through the crack.

Stepping out through the crack was a huge chimera-like creature.

With the main body of a primate, the rest of it was composed of many different parts of beasts; bears, lions, dragons, bats

It only had one head which resembled a lot of a snake, with some features of a dragon.

After seeing Trihexa standing right before him, Sora looked at it with a smile before snickering.

"So I was right this huge beast is just a confused kid..." said Sora as he looked at Trihexa.

Earlier when he inspected the chaotic energy at the end of the world, he found out that it was all being pulled towards one spot, Trihexa's seal spot.

Over the 2,000 years, and possibly more, Trihexa had been absorbing the chaotic energy at the end of the world. This ended up making Trihexa stronger than any other being in the universe, besides Ophis and possibly Great Red.

However, that amount of power from the chaotic energy came with a price. With the chaotic energy being absorbed into Trihexa's body, it made it change and the host went into a berserk state.

When Sora laid eyes on Trihexa, he was able to see Trihexa's real figure.

A beautiful woman with round and naive eyes accompanied by a matured, dignified face. She had a curvaceous figure and bosoms which invited l.u.s.t. Her skin was fair and delicate. She had a slender waist and a well-rounded butt that perked in a perfect arc.

Although she gave off different beastly aura's within herself, her Dragon Aura was the strongest.

Sora looked at the huge beast standing before him and smirked a bit.

He couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman turned into such a huge and rather grotesque beast.

Waving his hand, Sora made a shackle made out of magic appear around her legs.

With the appearance of the shackles, Trihexa went crazy and tried to break out of its locks. After trying a couple of times to get out of the shackles, Trihexa realized that it couldn't move a single inch.

Smiling, Sora saw that his magic worked. With another wave of his hand, a huge magic circle appeared above Trihexa's forehead.

The magic circle slowly spun around at Sora's finger twirls, and after a few seconds of the magic circle spiraling crazily, black smoke came out of Trihexa's body.

That black smoke was the chaotic magical energy in the surrounding that Trihexa had absorbed.

With more and more chaotic energy being sucked out of Trihexa, slowly, she started to gain back her human form. It was a slow process, but sure enough, Trihexa was slimming down and her beastly body was losing all of it's animal looks.

Slowly, she changed into the figure that Sora saw when he first laid eyes on Trihexa.

Her pearly white skin and her two puffy and erect in plain sight. Her round buttox that had a beautiful mole right above her right butt cheek.

She slowly turned back to human as she remained in a fetal position.

After a full 5 minutes, Trihexa was back to being a human (Dragon).

The chaotic energy was completely removed from her body, allowing her body to return to a healthy state.

All the chaotic energy that was taken from Trihexa was turned into a crystal as big as the average human. With all the chaotic energy turned into a crystal, Sora waved his hand and pulled the crystal into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He will be keeping the crystal safe until Trihexa wakes up. Once she wakes up, he will have to rehabilitate her back into society before teaching her some stuff. Especially a refining technique so she can absorb back the chaotic crystal, but in a clean and correct way.

Sora looked at the floating Trihexa with a smile before removing the shackles and materializing some clothes on her.

He brought her close and hugged her before seeing a blue screen pop up in front of him.

[Quest: The Best Magician (Complete!)

Description: Magicians are strong, but not strong enough. When a threat such as 666 exists, none of the magicians are strong enough to deal with the threat.

Objective: Master magic and use only magic to defeat 666.

Rewards: Mythril, Spirit Pool]

As soon as Sora saw the blue screen, he felt some movement inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

When he took a look inside, he saw a creamy white jade pond almost as big as his pond. Just seeing the Spirit Pool inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal made Sora feel enriched. With his agriculture knowledge, he knows that this Spirit Pool will help with bringing many agricultures to their highest grades and help some low-level agriculture evolve.

Besides that, he also knows that it can help remove the impurities out of the body of someone.

It can also serve as a good ingredient for some wine and a condiment for food.

Looking over to next to the stone monument, Sora saw a huge bluish-purple crystal.


With resistance to magic and high durability, Mythril is a highly sought item from many places in the world.

Even with his 2,000 years in DxD, Sora had only seen Mythril 9 times. Each time he saw a piece of mythril the size of a fist or even smaller.

With Mythril, Sora could make many powerful items and even reinforce weapons with it. Weapons made from mythril are also insanely powerful compared to many other items. This makes Mythril a very high-class and powerful material for blacksmiths.

Forging tools from mythril is also worthwhile since they would last forever. As long as he is able to set the mythril tools as their original appearance, if he actually ever ends up breaking it, he would be able to fix the tool/weapon/armor by just infusing his energy into it and it will slowly fix itself.

Of course, Sora doesn't need this since he has his regeneration runes that can fix any item easily and passively.

Coating something with mythril will also make that weapon/tool/object/armor very powerful. Also giving it a beautiful and blue coating to it, and when energy is put into it, the sword glows and becomes slightly more stronger.