Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 189

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 189 To The Next World

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"It's finally time to leave this place!" said Sora with a smile.

Sora grabbed Trihexa and took her into his Heavenly World before leaving her inside his Wooden Palace with his wives. Leaving her to be cared for by his attendants.

He Instant Transmission'd back to the End of the World and looked around the place before appearing back at the party.

After the party ended, Sora left with his group back to Mt. Calamity. Surprisingly, to everyone besides Sora, the four heroes that went to the party followed Sora back to Mt. Calamity.

When they were confronted about this by the other women, they said that they are curious as to how Sora stopped the disaster. Jeanne and Le Fay on the other hand kept their heads down and were blushing the entire time.

Sora!" yelled out Katarea as soon as she laid eyes on Sora.

Her body was shaking and her eyes were filled with worry as she ran up to Sora. The previous coldhearted and arrogant person that they used to know was no more as she mellowed out over the 10 years.

Seeing Katarea's actions, Sora turned more serious as he looked at her, "What's wrong?"

"I just found out that my little niece Ingvild relapsed back into the sleeping illness," said Katerea as she held Sora close with tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

Sora hugged and calmed down Katerea.

He knew that Ingvild would eventually fall back into her Eternal Sleeping Illness since her Longinus wouldn't be strong enough to completely remove it. Though he didn't expect her to relapse so quickly. It should have at least taken a hundred years for her illness to develop once more.

Though it doesn't really matter now since he can just cure her out of it now.

"Take me to Ingvild," said Sora before leaving behind his group and disappearing along with Katerea.

Sora had only met Ingvild twice in his life, the first time was when she had woken up from her Eternal Sleep and the second time was when they found out that she can control dragons. Sora only felt the need to mate with her however when that dragon control was put over him, rather surprising him.

After traveling to Katerea's room, Sora found Ingvild laying on the bed soundly asleep. Unlike Katerea and the rest of her family, Ingvild is a beautiful foreigner girl who appears to be in her late teens with a whimsical aura. She has long purple hair and has orange eyes.

Her dad is of the Leviathan bloodline, but her mother was a woman from a distant land. So Ingvild had the looks of her mother. White skin, purple hair, and orange eyes from her mother.

Though her features are from the Leviathan family, so there's no denying that she isn't from the Leviathan bloodline.

Looking at Ingvild lying on the bed, Sora turned to Katerea and said, "I need you to exit for a moment so that I can cure her."

"Okay. Please, save her," said Katerea. She kissed Sora before giving Ingvild one last look and exited the room.

After having Katerea leave the room, Sora turned to Ingvild and said, "You don't need to pretend anymore. I know you're not really sleeping at all."

"How'd you know," said Ingvild as she sits up and looks at Sora with an embarrassed look.

Sora chuckled at Ingvild's words, "How wouldn't I know, I'm the best physician and doctor. If I can't even tell whether someones asleep or not, then I am doing a not so good job."

'Especially since I have really good eyes...' thought Sora.

Sora took a look at Ingvild and asked, "So, why'd you fake your Eternal Sleep?"

"Because..." Ingvild rubbed her own shoulder before looking up at Sora, "I got a lot of responsibilities to take care of now. After only being awake for a whole year, the family already wants to give me responsibilities only an a.d.u.l.t would take."

"I understand, but you can't be scaring everyone like that. Everyone was worried about you, even your parents," said Sora rather calmly. "But I will help you just this once. I will tell them that you can't do anything stressful at all and need to be in a calm and fun environment for the meantime. So you can stay here for a couple of weeks before being sent back."

"Thank you!!" Ingvild jumped out of the bed and ran to Sora. She hugged him tight and smiled gleefully.

After explaining to Katerea that Ingvild is now safe, but that she needs to rest for a couple of weeks, Sora left and went to meet the devil women he won't see for a while to spend some time with them.

After spending some time with the devil women for a couple of days, he went to visit his family before revealing to everyone that he will be going to the next world in a couple of minutes.

"What, really!?" asked Xi Wangmu.

"Woww!!" jumped Yu Wenling in anticipation.

"What will the next world be like!!" asked Chang'e.

"Will it be a magical girl world!!" asked Serafall with lights in her eyes.

Sora laughed as he listened to all the things his wives are saying. He shook his head with a smile and exited his Heavenly World before standing at the End of the World once more.

With his signature void style, Sora broke the vacuum of space and was introduced into a new world. Instead of being thrown into the place where he would choose from many beads of varying sizes to go to his new world, Sora was in another world already.

Or more like he was sent into a universe neighbouring DxD.

One thing he knew for sure about this world however, was that everything in it was stronger and filled with evil compared to DxD.

Sora didn't think any further before raising his hand and summoned a ball of super pact Origin Ki in his hand before sending it to the middle of the universe.

Quickly expanding his aura all over the universe, Sora grabbed all the life forms with goodwill and threw them inside his Heavenly World.

Without wasting another second, Sora exited the new universe he entered and went back to DxD before witnessing the collapse of an entire universe.

[ExE has been completely eliminated.]

[Your actions have saved the world of DxD from its future losses and hardsh.i.p.s.]

'So these two universes were originally supposed to mingle together??' thought as he looked at the blue screen in front of himself.

'I guess I saved this world from future troubles...'

After Sora dealt with everything, he went back to the edge of the world. This time, instead of using his Void Art, he used his magic senses to teleport out of the DxD World. Shortly thereafter, Sora was able to establish a connection to outer space and got out of DxD.











[Due to coming out on top of the DxD universe in terms of fame, strength, and magic, you will be allowed to choose your next world. Due to eliminating an evil universe and saving all the good willed beings, the rewards will be three times as much than before!]


[Movement Scripture x1

Assassination Scripture x1

Alchemy Overhaul Scripture x1

Poison Master Knowledge x1

Culinary Master Knowledge x1

Runic Master Knowledge x1

Glyph Master Knowledge x1

Talisman Master Knowledge x1

Inscription Master Knowledge x1

Array Master Knowledge x1

Formation Master Knowledge x1

Master Tamer Knowledge x1

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced: Cultivation Knowledge x1

Wave Essence Technique x1

Elephant Swallowing Technique x1]

Sora was shocked at the large amount of stuff he got as a reward. Almost as much as if he were to go through three more worlds.

The movement scripture was pretty self-explanatory, so he didn't focus much on it. He took in the knowledge that the Movement Scripture offered and moved to the next item.

The assassination scripture was about being quiet, hiding you intent, presence, thinking, emotions, and how to make better use of hidden weapons. It's a great technique that compliments how he is and his hidden weapon technique knowledge.

He quickly took in that knowledge before moving onto the Alchemy Overhaul Scripture. The Alchemy Overhaul Scripture had knowledge on Western and Eastern Alchemy. It gave him all the knowledge on valuable agriculture, all pill, elixir, and potion recipes, and many alchemy techniques.

The Eastern alchemy mostly coming from Taoist teachings. The eastern alchemy was making pills that can be saved for later and be given to others. These pills have magical effects that can even bring back someone from the dead or even give immortality to someone.

Western alchemy was centered around potions and elixirs, like the Eastern alchemy, western alchemy's potions and elixirs have very magical effects.

Combining the two types of practices will actually produce even stronger magical effects.

After taking in this Alchemy Overhaul Scripture, Sora looked at the Poison Master Knowledge. Like what it was, it had a wide variety of poisons, all that have existed throughout time and space.

It even showed how to be immune to any poison.

Sora used the poison scripture and didn't bother looking at the explanation of the Culinary, Rune, Glyph, Formation, Array, Inscription, Talisman, and Master Tamer Knowledge since they were all pretty well known to him.

Rune, Glyph, Formation, Array, Inscription, and the Talisman Scripture were all the same fundamentally. He gladly took in the knowledge that was within the scriptures without a second thought.

The Culinary Scripture only introduced many recipes and many different cooking techniques to him, exactly like the Alchemist Overhaul Scripture. As well as how to identify the quality of materials for cooking and how to collect them.

Master Tamer was only knowledge on identifying beasts and other beings, and how to perfectly tame them to gain their trust and loyalty. Although this knowledge isn't as useful as the one of many pills in the Alchemy knowledge he has.

Such as the Divine Marionette Pellet which can establish a connection with whoever eats the pellet to the feeder. Allowing 10% of the eaters strength, defense, and abilities become the feeders strength, defense and abilities. It even made the eater follow the feeders instructions absolutely.

With all that taken in, Sora looked at the last three things, the Cultivation Knowledge, Wave Essence Technique, and the Elephant Swallowing Technique.

The Cultivation Knowledge was just knowledge on cultivation. It is related to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

It didn't give techniques or anything like that, what it did explain, was how cultivation worked and why it works. It explains the dantian, meridians, soul, spirit, Qi, Heaven and Earth, Alchemy, Body, refining, mind, s.e.x.u.a.l practices, martial techniques, Immortal Techniques, and many more things related to cultivation, Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Sora didn't waste a second. He quickly took in the knowledge and was able to quickly fix up many techniques and make them better. As well as verifying a lot of knowledge that the Jade Emperor had.

Sora was even able to quickly compose the best Duo/Dual cultivation technique to further his progress with refining his Yang and his many other energies and Qi. As well as helping his wives grow stronger with each time they do the deed.

The Wave Essence Technique was a very ingenious and powerful technique. If he were to practice this technique, he would be able to greatly augment the amount of strength in his attacks by many times, even if he were to be losing energy.

Like the name suggested, it had to do with waves.

One can increase ten percent of his strength after perfecting the First Wave, while the Second adds on an additional wave of power that builds on the foundation set by the First, becoming stronger. The Second Wave does not, however, increase one's attacking power, it discharges another wave of power. The Second Wave is discharged almost simultaneously with the First Wave, just following only a split second later.

This is the idea behind the Wave Essence. It can be used with any form of attack, allowing attacks to be very devastating.

The last one, Elephant Swallowing Technique, is a technique that only fortifies the stomach and allows for consumption of anything. It also greatly increases the amount that can be eaten.

If Sora were to practice this technique, his already great appetite will only grow even more. Except this time he can eat anything.

Sora even found it possible to tweak it a bit to have it so that he can convert anything that he eats into pure energy/Qi so that he can advance his cultivation even quicker.

As soon as Sora took in everything, all the blue screens disappeared and he was in front of a bunch of spheres from varying sizes, shapes, qualities, and colors.

He stood before many worlds like before and just as he was about to move forward to choose a world, a red screen appeared before him.

[Choose your next world!]

[Search Bar: .]

"I recall that Emily wanted me to go into a cultivation world next maybe I can advance my own cultivation faster if I am with other cultivators," said Sora as he looked at the red screen.

He couldn't really trust the 'cultivators' of DxD since most of their information is wrong about cultivation. After he got the Cultivation Knowledge, he became very knowledgeable about the topic.

Many things he thought impossible to do were now possible to him thanks to the help of the Cultivation Knowledge he has.



[Found 957,281,182,482,123 results in 0.42 seconds.]


[A Will Eternal]

[Reverend Insanity]



[Desolate Era]

[Tales of Demons and Gods]



[Battle Through The Heavens]

[Soul Land]

[Against The Gods]

[Ancient Strengthening Technique]

"That's a lot of cultivation worlds..." sighed Sora as he looked at the results.

He quickly scrolled through many worlds before closing his eyes and randomly choosing one from the 957,281,182,482,123 cultivation worlds out there.

[ has been chosen!]

[Body will now go into True Form for 100 years to follow the rules and laws of the higher planes of existence.]

"What! But the Nekomata!! I can't f.u.c.k them in my Dragon, Phoenix, or Emperor forms!"


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