Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 190

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 190 Shin Che Strikes

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Random Ending Chapter before continuing on to the next world!!


"Elder brother!" yelled out Joseph with a rather happy face.

"What?" coldly answered Jack as he looked at the man sprawled on the ground that had dead eyes.

"That nice old man is going to his fourth world!" happily said Joseph.

"Joseph did I not ask you to not refer to him as nice. Do you see what this fool before me and his friends have caused to our race? Our primordial race was preyed upon and humiliated by fools like the ones you granted a wish to," lashed out Jack with red eyes.

"Brother..." called out Joseph with a sad look.

"It's because of bastards like them that my son can't do anything besides breathe and stare at the ceiling with sadness," cried out Joseph.



4,000 years ago, days after Sora had traveled to Bleach, Joseph's son was having fun at a brothel.

"Ahhh! F.u.c.k!!" ejaculated a young man.

"Mmhh yess!" m.o.a.ned a young lady as she wrapped her arms and legs around the man.

"Shin Li, you can't leg lock me like this!" cried out the young man.

"Why not young master Smith! You know I love you! Plus, you should know by now that this brothel gives pills to prevent impregnating," softly spoke the young woman as she let her legs fall.

"It doesn't matter," sighed Smith as he blasted his load on the beautiful woman's body.

"Will you do me once more young master?" asked Shin Li with a seductive voice and shake of her ass.

"Not today Li, I have to deal with some stuff back home. The Raging Sect won't let my dad off the hook for dressing up nicely for a party they hosted," sighed Smith.

Shin Li giggled hearing Smith's words. She couldn't believe that a whole sect is going after a single man for dressing up nicely at a party.

"They sure do live up to their name," giggled Shin Li.

"So because of that I won't be able to come over for a couple of days," said Smith. He put on his clothes before caressing Shin Li's round face.

Shin Li put on her robe and followed Smith out.

"It's such a shame that I won't be able to spend the nights with you," pouted Shin Li as she held onto Smith's arm lovingly.

"You know, for someone who works at a brothel, it is amazing that you cling to me this much," chuckled Smith as he patted Shin Li's little hand.

"It's because I love you Smith! That, and you are the only customer I accepted since I started working here. I didn't like the way the other customers looked at me," said Shin Li with a shake of her head.

"I love you too Shin Li, but right now my family's situation isn't stable. I swear that when everything is settled, I will get you out of here," confidently spoke Smith with a big smile.

"I'll hold you up to it," sweetly smiled Shin Li before tugging on Smith's hand.

Smith was pulled forward due to Shin Li's tugg and both their lips connected.

Her soft and delicate brown skin that many women would envy. Her green eyes that seemed like they could forever give you thrills in your heart. White hair as soft as silk and long enough that reaches right above her delicate curves that mark her butt.



Both Smith and Li stopped kissing and turned to the man that shouted loudly. Smith didn't have any chance to say anything more before being punched away by a skinny and tall man.

Shin Li looked on in horror as Smith was punched away. She ran next to Smith real quick and held him up, when she noticed that he was unconscious, she turned to the man and yelled, "Brother! How could you!?"

"That man was assaulting you!" yelled Shin Che.

"You can't hurt him! I love him!" cried out Shin Li.

"You're under his control! Don't worry, I'll pull you out of his grasp." angrily spoke Shin Che.

"No!" yelled out in denial Shin Li.

Shin Che stomped over to Smith and snarled as he watched his sister stop him from getting closer, "Move out of the way sister..."

"No, I love this man. I won't let you get closer to him. Please, you're just delusional like always. Ever since we were allowed to reincarnate into this cultivation world, you changed. It's like the whole world is your enemy and you need to grow strong to defeat them all!" Shin Li cried as she remembered how her once happy brother turned cold to everyone around him.

He used his "friends" to gain items, manuals, herbs, and even strength. She watched as her own brother turned into a heartless man. She, her brother's only hope of returning to normal, was saddened by his changes.

"Lies! Now get out of the way, or I will sever my ties with you!" threatened Shin Che with a cold look.

"Brother..." sniffled Shin Li as she watched her own brother come closer to her with a menacing pose. She watched in horror as her brother's aura expanded and it began to pressure her.

"Don't call me brother... muttered Shin Che as he passed by his sister. "We are no longer related. I am severing my ties with you."

"Wahh, don't hurt him! Please!" cried out Shin Li as she tried to turn and stop her brother.

Shin Che ignored his sister's pleas as he looked at the man lying on the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

"Because of you, my sister works at a brothel," angrily spouted Shin Che before stomping on Smith's arm and breaking it.

"ARRGHHH!!!" cried out Smith in pain unconsciously.

"You took my little sister's v.i.r.g.i.nity!" Shin Che broke Smith's other arm with anger.

Shin Che yelled out many complaints before breaking every single limb on Smith's body.

"You took her first kiss!"


"She didn't want to work at a brothel, yet you forced her to!"


"You make her cry every night!"


"She loathes you with all her heart!"


"You r.a.p.ed my sister!!"








By the time Shin Che was done, Smith's body was completely destroyed. Besides his organs and head being all fine, every single bone and muscle in Smith's body was completely broken.

Shin Li was crying over Smith's body with tears streaming down her face.

After that day, no one ever heard of Shin Che ever again.

Smith was saved after Shin Li found an emergency talisman safely tucked in his shirt. She stuck around after ripping the talisman to make sure that he got saved by his family.

She was taken by Smith's family at Smith's request.

She explained everything about what happened back outside of the brothel to Jack and Joseph before being allowed to remain next to Smith. She took care of him every single day and took care of his every need.

Even his s.e.x.u.a.l needs.

However, after 500 years, Shin Che resurfaced with a group of people that were reincarnated, sabotaged, betrayed, and were just in any way possible cultivation novel MC's.

He took charge in killing many people, especially those under the rule of Joseph's family. Many primordials died at the hands of the newly formed group.

Shin Li trained in the 500 years ever since Smith had beaten her brother. She didn't want the same thing to happen ever again. So when she told Joseph of her problem, she was given a cultivation technique that can only work with a partner.

Joseph had told her that she should use the technique with Smith, so that he can gain strength and become better quicker.

He said that it would at most take 5,000 years for Smith to become all better.

If it wasn't for their family's curse of a strong physique, they wouldn't have to wait 5,000 years for Smith to be all ready. Pills, Pellets, Beast Cores, Elixirs, and Potions don't work on Joseph's family due to their Pure Physique.

The Pure Physique has many varieties, the Joseph family was stuck with a good one, yet also terrible.

The Joseph family Pure Physique made the family immune to poisons, so the family will never have to deal with stuff like that. It's a shame that their Pure Physique was purer than they thought.

No amount of Pills or Elixirs will work on them. Their Pure Physique is as it is called, Pure.

"To not be tarnished by anything."

It's a very controversial physique for the family, but in return, they had immunity to poison and had very high talent for cultivation.

So they never had to worry much about anything.

Primordials are only beings that have a higher graded body, have a physique, even have control over a single random law after they reach 20 years of age, and born with a high cultivation level.

Usually they are weak laws.


The entire building where Joseph, Jack, and the body sprawled on the floor were in began shaking crazily.

"What's going on!" asked Jack with a frown as he turned to look at Joseph.

"I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they came for this guy here on the ground," said Joseph as he looked up at the building warily.

"Bing Lu did mention his 'friend' coming for him before. 2,000 years have passed since he was captured," chuckled Jack.

"Elder brother, what should we do?" asked Joseph with a nervous look.

"Don't worry about anything you dog, just make sure to send some people to collect the remains in the old man's most recent world," muttered nonchalantly Jack.

"Y-yes brother," bowed Joseph. "But brother, what will you use the remains for?"

Jack turned to look at Joseph with a glare before chuckling, "You'll see one day you will see what I will do with the remains..."

"Now hurry up and go get those remains for me," muttered Jack before shooing off Joseph.

Joseph left in a hurry and disappeared after being shooed away by his own brother.

Jack looked to where Joseph left before looking up at the ceiling.


The ceiling crumbled before revealing a dark skinned man jumping down the big whole in the ceiling.

"Shin Che, I believe," said Jack as he looked at the man before him.

Shin Che didn't say anything, all he did was look at Bing Lu who was sprawled on the floor with lifeless eyes. He smirked and turned to look at Jack, "I see you did a number on my pawn."

"..." Jack didn't say anything and only looked at Shin Che with a smile.

Frowning, Shin Che looked at Jack with anger in his eyes, his previous passive look completely disappearing.

"Where's my sister!" yelled angrily Shin Che.

"Why," said Jack with a calm smile as he looked at the man standing before him.

"I know you kidnapped my sister! I know your whole family had been raping her every single day!" Shin Che cried in anger.

'I guess it is true Shin Che is crazy and is rampaging but that doesn't change the fact that these people have murdered many primordials!'

Jack's chair crumbled to dust as he stood up and looked at Shin Che with murderous intent.

"I will have you return to me my siste-"

Before Shin Che could continue speaking, Jack appeared right before him and slapped the living hell out of his face.


Shin Che crashed into a wall and remained embedded there with unfocused eyes and blood dripping down one of his ears.

"You should stay away from your sister. Although she is the same race as you all, she is an innocent person and I would like to keep her out of this," muttered Jack as he approached Shin Che.

"Haha, I will take my sister back with me no matter what!" cackled Shin Che as he jumped out of the wall and appeared behind Jack.

""Die!!"" they both yelled out at the same time before launching their attacks at each other at full force.