Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 191

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 191 The Power Of Knowledge No More Flaws

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A/N: Haha, for those who don't know what happened in yesterday's chapter, it's the ending chapter I do for every ending arc. Not centered around Sora, nor will it be about him later on.

First off, Shin Che is a delusional man who believes the world revolves around him. He believes the whole world turned against him and that his "poor" sister was a victim.

He rallied many other delusional people, and those who are normal and had the same objective, to go against the primordials.

Jack, Smith's dad, was just distraught and hurt at the fact that his son was hurt by a man like Shin Che. Following the next couple years, he grew angry with people like Shin Che who became delusional within their own power. Especially when they began killing those of his own race.

Joseph was another victim in this. He always followed around his older brother Jack. He knows Jack is a good man, so he follows his brother silently.

Shin Li, Shin Che's sister, is a victim like Joseph. She is NOT a s.l.u.t. She worked at a brothel due to certain circ.u.mstances. Her brother being one of those.

Smith was the main victim to all of this. He was damaged beyond recomposition. Having to wait 5,000 years just to return to normal health.

Smith and Shin Li were in a pure love relationship. Smith cared not for Shin Li's past, status, or cultivation level.

Anyways that was a short summary lol. None of it has to do with the Fanfic itself. It's just a little thing to have while I think of new ideas. Helps me relax a little too.


Sora was used to traveling through the different worlds before, but this time, he was being forced into his True Form for the sake of laws in the next world.

By the time he finished transforming, he still hadn't arrived to the next world. He took the chance to fix up his form.

Since he has three True Forms, the Phoenix, Emperor, and Dragon, he mixed them all together before finally getting the form he had in the past. Where he maintained the look of a primate, but his white fur was made out of fire. His eyes were completely white, giving him the look of being completely blind.

Sora's teeth, skin, and horns were as sharp as ever thanks to his Dragon form.

He even had wings that went with his form, but they were completely retractable, meaning that they could completely disappear since they are made from the fire that is Sora's fur. Instead of having the look of Phoenix wings, they were rather dragon-like instead.

Sora maintained his size to roughly as big as an elephant since he doesn't want to attract attention while in his True Form. Having many people chase you, even when being really strong, is rather annoying.

By the time he realized it, he was out in an open field. No trees to be seen as far as he could look, and no human in sight. The only thing that greeted his eyes besides the green open field, is some weird shaped beasts.

He felt like he was rather suppressed in this new world he came to. His senses, aura, and intent was rather suppressed, but his strength was enough to get rid of the suppression. His cultivation, on the other hand, felt free and liberated.

Each animal in this new world looked like the normal animals that he used to know, but they all had different skin, color, features, eyes... etc.

Sora knew a bit about each animal since he has his Master Tamer knowledge, but nothing absolute since each animal is pretty different.

He knew he was stronger than the beasts in front of him, but his soul felt a suppression he hasn't felt in 2,000 years. The last time he felt something like this was when he met Yamamoto who let out all his soul energy on Sora when they first met.

'I guess this cultivation matters more than it looks like. Seems like I will be able to grow stronger in this world,' Sora thought as he looked at a flaming bull approaching him. 'Before going back to the Heavenly World, I should explore a bit of this world first...'

Sora stood up and walked over to the bull with a bit of caution since he doesn't know if the beast will attack his soul directly.

"Moooo! Moo! Submit to me you weak Dragon Monkey!" mooed the Bull as it stomped close to Sora.

"Roar! (Shut up!)" roared Sora.

'Did I just roar?' thought Sora as he stared blankly at the bull. 'Did I also just understand what this bull said?'

"Moo! Submit!" roared the flaming bull before ramming its horns right at Sora's beastly body.

However, instead of hearing painful howls from the beast he rammed into, the flaming bull was shocked at the fact that it's horns can't even penetrate the beasts flaming fur.

"Moo? What?" The flaming bull stepped back unconsciously as he realized his inability to harm Sora. "Mooo! Matters not!"

Sora was still thinking before putting his hand on his throat and used his physician knowledge. He felt around for a bit before realizing that he can't speak any words at all besides being able to do some animal noises. Even with his complex mind and his vast intelligence and knowledge, Sora couldn't think of a way to speak.

He decided to just get rid of the thought. After all, he can always use his telepathy to talk with another human, he didn't really need to speak.

'Hmm?' By the time Sora stopped thinking, the flaming bull in front was on the ground laying down in submission with its flames having turned to a mellow color and had weak strength.

Sora had been passively fighting against the bull while inspecting his vocals. The bull made use of powerful energy that Sora found to be very similar to Soul Energy, What intrigued him the most was the skills that the bull was able to create with that energy of his.

He was a bit disappointed at the fact that it doesn't harm the soul, though also relieved. The flaming bull's attack did more damage to physical things rather than to the soul. After Sora found that he was immune to the fire, he just stood in the line of fire and waited for the bull to tire itself out.

"Roar.. (Stand up..)" grunted Sora as he stepped out of the burnt field that the flaming bull caused.

"Mooo! Yes boss." said the cow before standing up and following Sora.

"Roaar? (Where are we?)" asked Sora as he walked forwards.

"Mouu! What do you mean boss? We are in the Beast Plain," said the flaming bull as he looked up at Sora.

"Roar.. (Is there a human settlement nearby?)" asked Sora as he continued walking forward.

"Moo! Yes, but it is filled with millions of 'ants' there," huffed the bull.

Sora didn't say anything and continued walking straight. He was thinking on what to prioritize while traveling to the human settlement. He can't let anyone see him, so he will have to make use of his skill to travel through shadows. As well as his presence erasing from his Dongxuan Sutra to dodge the senses of those with high cultivation.

"Moo! Are you going to go to the human settlement boss?" asked the bull with a rather nervous voice.

"Roar. (Yes, it is necessary for me. You won't be following me there since you are too weak.)" Sora continued walking forward while waiting for the bull's directions.

The flaming bull was rather happy at the fact that it won't have to go with Sora to a dangerous zone filled with humans.

"Moooo! Go that way and you will eventually run into huge buildings where those humans live," mooed the bull. With it's horns, it pointed to the Southwest before running away from Sora.

Not minding the bull's actions, Sora went Southwest like the bull mentioned. Sora wasn't in much hurry to get there, but he decided to fly there since it would be quicker than just walking.

It wasn't long before he came up before a couple of buildings in the distance. Sora quickly covered himself with his Dongxuan aura and masked his presence before jumping into the nearest shadow.

Quickly, and soundlessly, Sora made his way through many shadows before arriving to a place that looked like a library. Without wasting a single second more, Sora used his aura to read every book in the building before exiting.

With the knowledge inside every single book, Sora understood every single language in each book perfectly. Although the same can't be said about speaking it since he had never heard anyone speak the language.

After understanding every language, Sora got to reading every single book at light speed inside his mind.

In just a minute, Sora managed to finish reading thousands of books.

'There are a ton of cultivation techniques for the soul and the body I don't need the body cultivation techniques, but they are very useful to compile new techniques for my family. The only bad thing about all these cultivation techniques, it's that they are rather not of a high quality...'

Sora read through every cultivation technique, special techniques, inscription patterns, arrays, and patterns. He was able to find the flaw out of everything he read thanks to his knowledge.

His physician knowledge, acupuncture knowledge, cultivation knowledge, array/rune/glyphs/etc. knowledge, Sora was able to single out every flaw and fix it. Yet even when he fixed every flaw in everything he got, the cultivation techniques and patterns seemed to still lack something.

He needed higher graded cultivation techniques and more complex patterns. Even just having more cultivation techniques and patterns is good as well since he can cross reference many materials.

'Soon, I will be able to create better cultivation techniques for my family,' thought Sora.

He already started his body's cultivation, so he can't get the best of the best, but he can easily do that for his family. He can still give his soul a stronger cultivation technique, so he won't have to worry much about his strength falling behind against anyone.

He won't have to worry about his Qi cultivation either, nor his Spirit and mind. He just hopes he can find a way to fix his body sometime in the future. If not, his weak body will probably end up being the death of his.

Sora looked around for a bit, he scanned the entire human settlement with his aura. He looked for the top 10 people with the strongest aura, and for hidden spaces with books, artifacts, hidden libraries, and blacksmithies.

Smiling happily, Sora marked the many people and places he found when he scanned. He jumped back into the shadows to visit each location.

By the time he was outside of the human settlement, Sora was filled with much newfound knowledge.

He visited the top ten strongest people since usually they hold strong and of high quality cultivation techniques, as well as a couple of powerful secret techniques. They would even end up holding knowledge over inscription patterns, and patterns. Maybe he will find strong artifacts.

Sora was correct in this thought.

The top three strongest even held more than 3 high quality cultivation techniques. There weren't many secret techniques, so Sora knew that secret techniques were either rare, or they are rather useless.

He got more patterns that were strong and they had a lot of the lower qualities too. Sora had other stuff like arrays/runes/glyphs/etc., but holding onto more knowledge will be the only way he can grow stronger.

He got even more cultivation techniques, secret techniques, and patterns from many libraries he found and hidden spaces.

Sora's goal for traveling to every blacksmith place was to gather materials. Since he can create artifacts now, he needed a lot of material. He wasn't going to use his Mythril yet since it is a very powerful material and rare material.

Although he can easily recreate it with his Dream Energy, Sora was rather not willing to rely upon such a powerful energy that can make his imagination become reality. An ability his Emperor Eyes have as well, which comes from his sharingan.

The Izanami and Izanagi abilities.

Both which don't come with side effects since his eyes are stronger and so is he.

Since Sora is now able to create artifacts, he will use this time to gather materials, knowledge, and become more powerful before leaving this world.

Sora didn't find any artifact worth his while this time around, but he did find in many books about the name of this place and many others. He even found in code that many very superior grade techniques and artifacts reside at another place.

He learnt many new stuff that were presented within each book in the libraries, each giving detailed explanations.

First off, the world he is in is called...