Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 192

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 192 Sephiroth Grail

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A/N: Honestly don't even know if the Sephiroth Grail is supposed to be Graal or Grail, so I made it be Grail.


First off, the world he is in is called

Draconic Ruins Realm.

In this Tales of Demons and Gods world however, these worlds are typically called Domains instead.

There are two types of domains, those that are smaller and rather average, and those that are larger and are stronger.

The weaker domains are referred to as Subsidiary Domains. It's even unknown to every single person about the number of Subsidiary Domains in existence.

The stronger domains are called Greater Realms, all numbering to 3,000 Greater Realms.

Draconic Ruins Realm is one of those Greater Realms that has 3,000 Subsidiary Domains.

Rather than the place he was in, Sora was more interested in the energy that he will be using to grow stronger in this world.

When he checked through many cultivation techniques and other books talking about cultivation, Sora found that there will be two types of energies and one unorthodox one.

The first one is an energy every single person can use or already have in them. This energy is called Soul Force. The Soul Energy that Sora had always been using was in fact called Soul Force this entire time. Soul force was necessary to make the soul stronger and more powerful.

The second and unorthodox energy is called Law Energy, also called Power of Law. Law Energy is associated with many laws that exist throughout the entire universe. Such as the Law of Fire or the Law of Water.

There are two forms of making use of this Law Energy. One is through cultivating the law and the other is through comprehension and understanding.

Cultivating the Law Energy will result in having the Law fuse with the person's being. Once the Law is fused into the being, no other law can be learnt or else it would count as forfeiting one's own life.

Before the Law fuses with the body, one must have a minimum of understanding of the Law. This will allow one to be able to take the Power of Law from another during this period.

The second form is comprehending the Law. Instead of cultivating the Law and becoming one with it, comprehending the Law will allow one to make full use of the Law without becoming one with it.

The third energys is a type of energy similar to Soul Force and Law Energy. Just as with Law Energy, it is separated into elemental types, however it is more powerful than law energy and is considered the most fundamental of all energy. It can only be cultivated by someone who has broken into legend rank. Only those who have comprehended Heavenly Energy can break through Legend rank and step into the Heavenly Fate Realm. (A/N: Ranks will be discussed in a later chapter.)

A person's Spiritual Root determines their talent in cultivating Heavenly energy. Something which Sora can't see well until he gets to Legend Rank.

Sora continued going through all the information he got from his raid and found that there was something about a Soul Realm, the dantian of the soul. He can check the attribute, form, and type.

Finding out the attribute of a Soul Realm is needed to find a good Cultivation Technique. Knowing the form is rather needed as well since it can also influence the rate of his cultivation speed, and how strong he may be.

Knowing the type deals a lot with how fast and how great of an aptitude one might have for cultivation.

Sora didn't really care what form he had, since he connected all his bloodlines to his soul. Meaning that every single bloodline is his form.

Although he is pretty curious about the type of Soul Realm he has and its attributes.

Sora gathered info on everything related to nearby human settlements and sects. If he can find the location of the hidden place, he might be able to make his new and powerful cultivation technique. One that completely matches his attributes and his forms.

He might even be able to find good artifacts that can greatly empower him or make his life easier..

As soon as Sora finished compiling a list of sects and settlements to raid, Sora went into his Heavenly World. Sora appeared within his Wooden Palace and found most of his wives and children waiting for him.

"Dad, why are you in that form?" asked Mirai as she looked up at Sora's towering figure.

said Sora as he transmitted this thought to those in the Wooden Palace.

"What? Why!" yelled Fujimai as she looked at Sora with a pale face.

yelled Sora to try to get her attention as soon as he saw her hyperventilate and grow panicked.

yelled Sora to his wife.

"Huh? How?" asked Fujimai worriedly. She ran her hand across her own to tail to calm herself down.

said Sora.

"Two options??" asked Fujimai.

explained Sora.

'Especially if my Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal works on my form too,' he thought.

"W-what is the other form," asked Kuroka with a light blush.

Sora's white flaming fur turned slightly red before saying,

Sora was nervous while speaking out his thoughts about doing his wives in his True Form, or at least in one of them, since it is something new to him. Life doesn't train you for when you turn into a beast and gives you the choice to have s.e.x with a beautiful woman, especially when it's as many as Sora has as wives.

"Aha...haha...ha..." nervously chuckled Shirone, Kuroka, and Fujimai.

Sora chuckled a bit knowing what they will be choosing. He covered Kuroka and Shirone in his energy before sending them to his House skill. He looked at Fujimai and said,

"Okay, I'll see you later Tiger," said Fujimai before kissing Sora's nose.

said Sora as he waved to Fujimai.

After Fujimai left the wooden palace, Sora looked around and found Yasaka, "Oh naughty fox, I need you to send a message to everyone in DxD. Tell them that I need someone that can possibly return me the ability to become a human."

"That should be easy," smiled Yasaka before disappearing.

said Sora with a grin.

After returning to the Draconic Ruins Realm, Sora went on to raid 24 more sects and 192 human settlements. With all these travels, Sora began to find some cultivation techniques to be rather repetitive. So far, he has acc.u.mulated to around 9,000+ cultivation techniques.

Almost one fifth of those 9,000+ cultivation techniques were high grade, but Sora felt like there were still even stronger ones out there.

Sora wasn't bothering in gathering patterns anymore since they all got very repetitive, hardly any new ones. Gathering patterns will only happen when he checks the minds of the Sect elders, patriarchs, and ancestors.

Sora had completely stopped gathering Secret Techniques since after 150+, they all got repetitive.

Sora continued to gather high-grade material and he was almost to the point where he can make two powerful items for each of his wives. Enough material to increase his familiarity with blacksmithing and make use of the techniques from the blacksmithing knowledge.

He held the skills for blacksmithing already, but he only made use of such skills only 2 times. Many other times were through the help of his Dream Energy.

Maybe he can even start practicing his alchemy techniques after he starts his Soul's cultivation.

Finally, after finishing up as most raids as he could in just a week, Sora returned to his Heavenly World. He found all of the Nekomata in the hall of the Wooden Palace.

After looking at them for a second, Sora asked,

Only 16 Nekomata raised their hand before the rest were taken into his House. Sora gave a farewell to each of the nekomata before turning to the 16.

said Sora before waving his tail at them.


Hearing his name being called out, Sora turned to the direction the voice came from and saw Yasaka smiling up at him, "I've found someone that can possibly help you with your problem. Her name is Valerie Tepes. She is the holder of Sephiroth Grail. It's natural ability to connect to the principle of life is something that can possibly help you. If it doesn't work, I am afraid we will only have to wait 100 years."

'Possibly less,' thought Sora.

said Sora rather happily.

"Valerie, dear! You can come over here, he won't bite you!... yet!" yelled Yasaka rather teasingly.

Sora looked over to the entrance to the hall, his eyes fell on a young woman with short blonde hair and red eyes.

Sniffing the air a bit, Sora was able to tell that the girl at the entrance was scared and that she is a Dhampir, a mix between a vampire and Human.

'It explains her beauty,' thought Sora.

"H-hi!" Valerie looked up at Sora rather nervously. Despite being a twenty year old, Valerie acted like a child being scolded by her parents.

said Sora as he laid down on the floor comfortably to look at Valerie face to face.

"I'll try, but I might get hurt from using this power..." spoke Valerie as she brought out her Sephiroth Grail.

Sora saw something peculiar while looking at the Sephiroth Grail.

"What is it?" asked Valerie after seeing Sora's look.

said Sora while looking at the Sephiroth Grail. He turned to look at Valerie with a rather serious face and waited for her to put in the other two grails.

calmly said Sora as he waited for Valerie.

"Un," she nodded.

Valerie summoned the other two Sephiroth Grails and placed them next to the first one.

Sora looked at the 3 Sephiroth Grails with a frowning face. He gave Valerie a glance before shaking his head.

asked Sora.

"Yes how'd you know?" Valerie said.

Sora didn't answer but he sighed and placed his hand over the three Sephiroth Grails.

said Sora.

continued Sora.

Valerie placed her hand over her chest before looking up into Sora's eyes with a serious light in her eyes.

"Okay, I can do it one more time," nodded Valerie.

said Sora trying to incite a bit of hope inside Valerie.

He knows that Valerie's soul is damaged thanks to his power as Soul King. Her soul was most likely damaged by the imperfect Sacred Gear that she had been using.

With the power of his Soul Force, Sora can use it on Valerie to nourish her soul and stimulate it to heal itself. It would heal even faster if he used his Healing Qi.

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