Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 193

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 193 The Weird Quest

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Sora stood in front of Valerie and waited for her to start her magic.

There was only a 10 percent chance of this Sephiroth Grail to work on him. Sora was sure that the Sephiroth Grail won't work on him, but he was willing to at least try to regain his human form.

Sora watched as Valerie placed her hand on him and the other holding the grail. Soon a yellow light was coming off of Sora, but he felt no change at all.

Even after waiting for a couple of minutes, nothing was changing at all.

Sora stood up and watched as Valerie fell over from using her Sacred Gear.

He caught her easily and healed her a bit with his Healing Qi before placing his hands on all three Sephiroth Grails. He refined the connection between Valerie and the grails.

Even after completely refining the connection between them, Sora continued refining until it eventually began to thin out the connection.

After a minute, the connection between the grails and Valerie was non-existent.

Sora covered Valerie in his Healing Qi and turned his attention to the three grails.

'They were originally supposed to be one that's one of its flaws and part of its defect,' thought Sora as he carried the three grails.

He began to melt all three grails while covering them and manipulating them with his Metal Qi. He refined the three grails together.

The metal perfectly blended together and merged to form one grail before the grail was completely fixed and its defects were completely removed. For the finishing touches, and to remove some flaws, Sora began to carve onto the grail. He placed a couple of inscriptions on the grail before being blinded by a white light that came from the grail.

said Sora.

He smiled as he looked at the Sephiroth Grail that has turned into an Artifact and is no longer a Sacred Gear (weak).

'Too bad that even with it becoming an artifact, it still won't fix me up at all,' sighed Sora as he reached out to the grail before pulling his hand back in surprise.

He looked on with surprise as branches wrapped around the Sephiroth Grail.

Sora watched in awe as the World Tree took the Sephiroth Grail. He didn't try to take it back since he knew that there's a chance that the World Tree will grow stronger and grow more.

He knew it would take a while, that or it needs the leveling of the entire Heavenly World to get it to happen.

With that out of the way, Sora focused back on the small woman, Valerie.

'I should take her with me,' he thought.

He needed to nourish her soul and fix it for her. If she continued like this, her body's life span won't matter because she would enter into a coma that she won't be able to wake up from until her body dies.

Sora picked her up and put her on top of his head.

Even if his fur looked to be made of fire, it was still very soft and even emitted a bit of heat that comforted Valerie. Sora released his Healing Qi and his Soul Force through his fur to nourish and heal Valerie.

'Time to get out of here...' said Sora before exiting his Heavenly World and appearing in Tales of Demons and Gods.

As soon as he stepped foot on Draconic Ruins Realm, Sora saw a blue screen appear right in front of him.

[Quest: 100 Years

Quest Description: An evil figure is working hard to refine many Greater Realms for his use in becoming stronger. Twisting time and space to his own will to remain alive, to grow stronger, and to kill those weaker than him.

Objective: The system feels an itch when Space and Time is used for purposes like this, take down the perpetrator known as Sage Emperor.

Time Limit: 100 Years

Reward: Martial Arts Scripture

Extra Rewards: Martial Techniques Scripture, Immortal Arts Scripture

Penalty: System gives host an itch that can never be removed.]

Sora looked at the blue screen with a weird face. He was rather worried about the penalty should he not be able to get rid of the Sage Emperor in 100 years, although it's very likely that he will die.

If he got an itch that he can never remove, it would forever torment him all his life. Even when he's near death.

Sora shook his head and began moving all over the Draconic Ruins Realm and has yet to find any clues regarding the place he heard about that contains powerful Artifacts and strong cultivation techniques.

Instead of finding anything like that, he found a very 'good' sect in Sora's opinion. They held a lot of duo cultivation techniques which Sora was rather hoping to find so that he can use it with his wives. Sora thanked the sect many times before leaving happily and hoping to find many more like it.

"Mmh.." groaned Valerie before raising her head.

said Sora as he rested right beside a huge lake.

"Where are we?" Valerie asked as she rubbed her eyes and looked around.

said Sora as he laid down and tried getting some shut eye.


Sora opened his eyes and looked over at Valerie who had her head turned away in embarrassment. He smiled a bit before standing up and walking into the water.

chuckled Sora before diving into the water.

Minutes passed and Valerie is starting to get worried about Sora who had jumped into the water earlier. She was about to jump into the water herself until she heard splashing and a huge snake-like fish make its way out of the lake.

"AH!" yelled Valerie as she looked at the fish head her way before seeing it being lifted by something. "Sora?"

She looked right at Sora who was carrying the huge fish, it was as long and big as a train with 6 freight cars.

"Wow," Valerie looked at the fish with amazement as Sora used his energy to let it hang in the air.

said Sora before glancing back at Valerie who was standing right behind him.

"Okay," she said as she walked 5 meteres away.

'Time to put you to use pal,' said Sora as he brought out his long forgotten Bankai.

With its golden blade and it's crystal blue hilt, Sora looked at it with a smile before turning it into a cleaver.

'Heh..' smiled Sora as he raised the cleaver in the air before bringing it down in a flash on the fish.


The meat was neatly diced and separated from the bones, the scales, organs, and any other thing.

Sora quickly made some food and used the ingredients he had in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

"Ahh." sighed contentedly Valerie as she finished eating the food she was offered by Sora. "That was sooo good."

"Glad to hear that," smiled Sora as he ate every bone and scale he removed.

He had already changed up the Elephant Swallowing Technique, now he can eat without ever getting full and be able to eat anything and turn it to energy. Now it wasn't suitable to call it Elephant Swallowing Technique, it was more of a Devour Technique.

Sora thought of the stuff he gained as he let Valerie rest.

The movement scripture and the assassination scripture were both very interesting techniques.

He learnt a lot about assassination from the Assassination Scripture he didn't know about before.

The movement scripture taught him even more, however.

With the movement scripture, he was taught that using footworks that focused on the steps taken was a garbage and terrible movement technique. Only a movement technique that did not focus on the steps taken but instead on the way one took them,

It was the concept behind the steps that mattered to the movement Scripture.

Sora felt like he understood that idea behind the words of that movement scripture. So he looked through the existing top graded techniques inside the movement scripture. It was only that he couldn't find one that he was hoping for.

So he grabbed all of the movement techniques before slowly molding them together. He purposefully grabbed all the Dragon movement techniques and the Phoenix ones.

After bringing them together and fixing the flaws, Sora began to fix it up even more. He managed to complete a fully working and functional technique in just a couple of seconds. One to his preferences as well and one that brings out the potential of movement.

He used the Dragon movements for Might and the Phoenix movements for their Grace in every move. If he were to use this technique, not only will there be silhouettes of a Dragon and a Phoenix behind him, but he will look mighty and graceful whilst moving about. He would move with strength and poise.

He couldn't practice it much in his current condition, so he got onto fixing what he wanted to complete for many years already.

The Minute Subtlety Technique.

With his cultivation knowledge and movement knowledge, Sora finally knew what he was missing in his technique. It was potential and momentum.

Now that he knows the problem in his new technique, Sora was able to fix it up and get rid of the flaws present in the technique.

By the time he was done, Sora realized that he had created a strong and powerful technique. One which will now be called Micro Momentum.

After fixing that, he was now able to focus on the last piece that he couldn't finish, the Yang Dongxuan Sutra.

With his cultivation techniques and cultivation knowledge, Sora is confident to say that he cannot only fix and finish the Yang Dongxuan Sutra, but merge it with the original.

Sora quickly got to fixing it.

After a couple of minutes, Sora's face was filled with happiness.

Although he won't be able to influence the current part of the Dongxuan Sutra, he will be able to influence the next part very minimally.

The new merged and more powerful technique is now called Taichi Sutra. Since it deals with the Yin-Yang and with all his insight on the Yin and Yang. Especially due to how similar the Dongxuan Sutra was to the idea of Taichi.

Sora felt content, he finally finished with the stuff that had been pending for over 1,000 years. Now he can completely relax.

His happiness was immeasurable.

Days passed as Sora spent his time raiding more sects and cities, gaining more cultivation techniques, patterns, and material.

He kept Valerie company and offered her delicious food, all whilst nourishing and healing her soul.

He already visited all the nekomata, and lets just say that they all now have some holes a bit bigger than before. (A/N: I'll make an NSFW scene later with Venelana, Rias' mother.)

It was a very wild and new experience for Sora.

For the most part, he felt very enthralled by the idea of doing the deed with the nekomata in his True Form. It would have been even better if his wives were interested but none were, except for Fenris who used to be an animal herself.

During the last couple of days, Sora had begun to find some information about the place where all the better cultivation techniques, knowledge, and artifacts are placed. All that he was able to find out was that they were placed in a small world that was under the rule of the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Valerie had also gotten very better during the past few days. Her soul was completely healed and it is even stronger than the average being.

Sora sent Valerie to rest inside his Wooden Palace whilst he continued his travel around the Draconic Ruins Realm.

"Will I still get to eat your delicious food??" asked Valerie as she looked up to Sora with a sad look.

She had completely fallen in love with Sora's food. She couldn't stop thinking about everytime she sank her teeth into all the food that he had made for her during the past few days.

chuckled Sora as he rubbed her head with his finger.

"Mouu, don't do that. My hair will get all messed up," sighed Valerie as she tried to push away Sora's finger from her hair.

chuckled Sora before removing his finger from Valerie's head.

"I'll see you in a couple days then, I will be waiting for my food till then," sniffled Valerie. She looked reluctant to part with Sora as she rubbed her nose a bit and a couple of tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

smiled Sora before sending off Valerie to the Heavenly World. 'Why did we say goodbye like it was our last time seeing each other??'

Sora shook his head at the nonsensical idea before focusing on other things.

'I will be stuck in this form for six years...' he thought.

Since the first day he got to Tales of Demons and Gods, Sora was researching whether he was either actually passing time in his True Form or not in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The answer to that question was yes.

So after a bit of calculation, he realized that he will be in his True Form for six years before being able to return to his human form.