Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 195

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 195 Glory City

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'Getting closer to getting a perfect cultivation technique,' Sora thought.

Sora appeared at a dessert.

He looked left and right, but he could not catch a glimpse of life anywhere. It was just sand and more sand as far as he could see.

Sora released his aura in hopes of finding something, but it was met with nothing.

With no other choice left but to go in one direction, Sora summoned his wings and began flying.

After traveling for more than 2 hours, Sora saw some green far in the distance. He smiled and picked up his pace to go over to that location.

'No sign of humans only beasts...' thought Sora as he flew over trees.

He looked forward and saw mountains. With the thought of being able to see even farther, Sora flew over to them and landed on the peak.

'Humans wouldn't have died here, right?' wryly thought Sora as he looked over all the terrain and saw no buildings.

Just as he was about to stop looking, he saw a group of people far away. They were armed and were in high alert as if they were looking around for a creature.

Sora quickly appeared near them, but he hid his presence as he looked at them from afar.

Five people were walking around in a group. One of them walked arrogantly with her chest puffed up and her cold eyes scanning the place. The other four looked rather nervous as they kept their guard up and paid close attention to their surroundings.

"Quick, we have to find a Fox Bear for my nephew!" yelled a woman with red long hair. She had a beautiful face that was tarnished by her seriousness and cold attitude.

"Yes ma'am!" yelled the four men.

The woman was out on a capturing trip.

She would usually just send her servants, but this time her nephew requested something personally. So she tagged along to make sure the beast was captured for her nephew to enjoy himself.

Shen Xiu had studied a lot about the Fox Bear, so she knew that it would appear in this specific area of the trail.

'I can't let my nephew be sad in that terrible family of mine,' growled Shen Xiu as she looked into a certain direction.

"North East!" she yelled before her whole body was completely transformed.

She grew two scarlet fox ears and as well as a huge scarlet fox tail. Her teeth became sharper and her nails became longer and more durable. She grew whiskers and got into her stance.




A huge Fox Bear jumped out of the bushes with red eyes. It's claws were sharp and could easily slice through a tree trunk.

"Spread out!" yelled Shen Xiu as she maintained her position and faced the Fox Bear.


The Fox Bear roared once more and began stepping close to Shen Xiu with a berserk-like nature.

Shen Xiu sliced at the air and arcs of fire were launched at the huge beast.

Upon hitting the fur of the Fox Bear, it immediately lit up and the Fox Bear began roaring in pain.

Sora sighed at seeing the scene and stepped forward. He unveiled his presence and made use of Heaven's Void before eating the fire and gaining energy which he can use for cultivation.

Without letting any of the five humans see what he was about to do, Sora quickly removed a piece of wood stuck on the toe of the Fox Bear before shooing it away.

Shen Xiu looked on with shock as she looked at a strange Fiery Dragon Monkey eat her fire and even save the Fox Bear.

"You can't let the Fox Bear go," she yelled as she was about to send her servants after the Fox Bear.

Before she could however, Sora turned to glare at them, freezing them in place.

The Fox Bear left but not before giving Sora a note of thanks.

Sora asked Shen Xiu.

He directed his thoughts only at her, so the other four men didn't know what was happening as Sora stared at Shen Xiu seriously. They kept a tight hold over their weapons as they waited for Shen Xiu's orders.

"YOU! You. you can speak!" Shen Xiu took a step back as she looked at Sora with fear.

She had heard in the past that only very powerful monsters could talk. Seeing one in front of her talk was really shocking to her, but fear aroused instead as she thought of possibly being killed now.

Sora asked once more, seeing that Shen Xiu ignored him.

"Y-yes, I am human!!" said Shen Xiu as she dispelled her transformed state.

She clenched her hands as she maintained her eyes trained on him.

Sora said seriously.

He was separating her from the rest seeing as how his interest meter is going off at the sight of Shen Xiu. Although he can't really touch her in his true form, he can slowly make it so that she can at least see him in a favorable light until he turns back into a human.

"O-okay," muttered Shen Xiu. She turned around and ordered her men to go back to Glory City, their home. "You four, return home."

"Lady Shen, we can't leave you here alone!" said one man.

Another man stepped forward and said, "We can attack this beast together, you don't have to give your life like this!"

Shen Xiu furrowed her eyebrows at the words of her servants, she shook her head and said, "Hurry and get out of here. I'm not in danger! Just go back home, I will be fine."

After a couple of minutes of talking back and forth, the servants finally decided to go back, especially since Sora hadn't attacked them once while they were talking.

teased Sora as he saw Shen Xiu return.

"They were fools. How could they think that I would give my life for theirs?" she asked rhetorically. She frowned in displeasure as she looked to where the men had left to.

said Sora as he looked into Shen Xiu's eyes with Buddha's True Eyes.

"There's no possible way I can care for those four idiots," said Shen Xiu.

seriously said Sora as he licked his lips.

"Go ahead," said Shen Xiu uncaringly.

chuckled Sora as he stopped pretending to be hungry.

He looked to where the men left before turning to Shen Xiu.

Sora asked as he rested in front of her.

Shen Xiu looked rather nervous in front of Sora, but she managed to 'hide' it with her cold and uncaring look. She turned to look at him and nodded before recounting the history of the humans.

Most of the past of the humans didn't matter to Sora, but he listened in case he found anything related to powerful items, techniques, and even people.

After hearing the history of the humans in this world, Sora was rather surprised to hear that they fell to demon beasts. They only managed to survive after a handful of humans finally got strong, yet they ended up dying anyway.

Sora did hear about a mention of a powerful sword wielded by one of the heroes and he was willing to bet that it must be one of those artifacts that he needs to gather.

What surprised him the most was how their empires rose quickly and were destroyed quickly, leaving many ruins of their empires scattered about. Although before he had the idea of going to visit them, Shen Xiu mentioned that they cleaned out the places.

Which didn't matter much to him since he went to check each one either way. As well as head off to where Shen Xiu and her servants came from.

The place to which is dubbed the last human settlement, Glory City.

He probably won't find any powerful or amazing stuff there, but he will check just in case.

said Sora.

"Yes??" asked Shen Xiu nervously.

spoke Sora as he looked at Shen Xiu.

Shen Xiu froze at Sora's words.

She's rather interested in what Sora had to say, but she had many things she had to 'attend' back at her home. She couldn't leave and explore like she wanted when she was young, "I can't!"

Sora looked at Shen Xiu with no expression and said,

"..." Shen Xiu bit her lips and looked at Sora rather excited and sad at the same time. "How long will the trip last?"

"It should last around 6 years at the most," said Sora rather calmly.

Shen Xiu said rather quickly as she thought of her nephew that she has to personally teach.

said Sora before picking up Shen Xiu and putting her on top of his head.

Sora flew quickly and appeared right outside the gates of Glory City in just a minute.

"Wow!" said Shen Xiu with her hair disheveled.

She had never gone so fast before, it was a new experience and she thinks that she fell in love with the ride. She petted Sora's head a bit before jumping off his head and going to the entrance while the guard looked at Sora rather shakenly.

"Calm down, he's tamed and he's with me," said Shen Xiu to the guard in a boorish way.

There were many times people had brought animals in from the wild that had been tamed. Usually they were small or rather weak beasts that would be brought over. That's why, when the man saw Sora approach, he was shocked at seeing a new demon beast.

He couldn't gauge how strong he was, so upon hearing that it was tamed by Shen Xiu, the guard had to let it go. He gave one last glance at Sora before allowing both to enter.

She turned around to Sora and tilted her head in a way that asked him to follow her.

Sora rolled his eyes.

He followed closely behind her while he spreaded out his aura to scan the entire city up and down. In just seconds, Sora found an area that he deemed very interesting.

It was covered in inscription patterns and they worked as a seal to keep something there.

Sora looked in the little space and saw the ghost of an old man flying around aimlessly. He ignored that soul and looked further into the space before laying his eyes upon a sword that is stabbed into the ground there.

When he got closer, he noticed that it was covered in even more inscription patterns. In fact, he even took notice of the killing intent that surrounded the sword.

It was so much that it baffled Sora, he wondered how many people and beasts have fallen at the hands of the blade for it's killing intent to reach such magnitude.

Though he wasn't willing to take it now, he could easily take it in the future.

Leaving it where it is at, Sora just focused on following Shen Xiu while he sent part of his energy to go and raid more knowledge and materials.

"We're here at my home," said Shen Xiu before gesturing at the large building behind her.

said Sora unimpressed.

"Hmph come inside," said Shen Xiu, rather gloomy hearing Sora's unimpressed voice.

said Sora before making himself rather comfortable on a plot of grass and sleep/meditating.

He managed to make this a while back, being able to meditate while sleeping.

'I will be right back then. It shouldn't take long to declare my leave for two years right?' thought Shen Xiu as she looked at Sora and then to the building behind her.

She debated on whether going or not into the building as she remembered her brother's attitude problems many times. Prone to be angry most of the time and quickly getting mad at the smallest details.

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