Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 196

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 196 Departure

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"I will be leaving for two years," coldly spoke Shen Xiu as she looked at her brother.

Shen Hong squinted his eyes as he looked right back at his own sister. He stood up and slowly walked over to her, "Hmm sure. Go on that little leave of yours. Though I must inquire where you will be off to..."

"You don't need to know," snickered Shen Xiu.

"Oh no, I don't need to know. My adorable, little son, Shen Yue does," muttered Shen Hong with a wide and dark smile.

"I'll tell him myself of my leave," said Shen Xiu.

"I wouldn't want to bother you with that, now would I?" Shen Hong smiled before heading over to the end of the room where a chair sat. He curled his lips before sending a provocative glance at Shen Xiu, "My nephew will be HERE, waiting for you..."

Shen Xiu's soul force exploded out before stomping over to Shen Hong with anger, "Don't you dare touch him! Don't make his mind filthy with all those idiotic stuff of yours!"

Shen Hong's smile froze.

He slowly moved away from his chair and unleashed his soul force like Shen Xiu did, but with a greater force.

His force destroyed the ground beneath him and sent Shen Xiu flying back.

"Blergh!" Shen Xiu coughed up blood as she hit the wall and fell on all fours on the floor.

"You should leave for that trip of yours, I wouldn't want my son to see you in this sorry state," coldly spoke Shen Hong as he looked at Shen Xiu standing up with a tremble.

"You..." spoke Shen Xiu through gritted teeth before walking out of the room without glancing back at him.

said Sora snarkily as he grabbed Shen Xiu and put her on top of his head, slowly healing her in the process.

"Don't say anything, let me rest for a while..." Shen Xiu laid on top of Sora's head calmly and closed her eyes with a sad expression.

'Family drama the worst,' thought Sora as he walked out of Glory City with no problem.

Sora frowned as he thought of his father from his past life.

He had many regrets that he wishes he could go back and fix. Even if he can, there would be no way that he would forget regrets just by fixing them easily. Sure, he would feel some sense of satisfaction, but that feeling of regret will remain there.

Sora shook his head as he tried to rid himself of such thoughts.

He tries to live with no such regrets. It may be one of the reasons he goes around getting more wives and proclaiming to become a god of l.u.s.t. One of his many ambitions he's taking quite seriously.

"Why are we stopping?" asked Shen Xiu as she felt Sora slowly come to halt.

mentioned Sora before sitting down and resting his huge body on a tree.

"And?" asked Shen Xiu rather dismissively.

said Sora with a light thought.

"How do you know?" asked Shen Xiu with a rather hushed voice. She got closer to Sora and slowly got ready to transform into her demon beast.

said Sora while leaning against the tree in a relaxing pose.

"This isn't time for relaxing! Can you beat them?" Shen Xiu yelled in a hushed manner as she thought of the people possibly surrounding them.

commented Sora.

"What do you mean depends!" yelled Shen Xiu worriedly.

said Sora with a light chuckle.

"In a fight?!?" she asked nervously.

simply answered Sora.

"Good, that's all I needed to hear," sighed Shen Xiu.

suggested Sora.


Shen Xiu stepped away from Sora and transformed, she summoned her fire and shot it all around herself. Her fire touched every single tree and bush, igniting them and forcing whoever was hiding behind them out.

'30 people That's quite a large amount of people here,' thought Sora as he looked at everyone that came out. They aren't any more people since Sora can easily notice a presence.

'This is too many people for me to take on' Shen Xiu grit her teeth and turned back to look at Sora.

Sora saw Shen Xiu's look and got up.

spoke Sora as he quickly dashed and 15 headless bodies fell to the ground.


"Amazing..." muttered Shen Xiu as she watched with amazement at how fast Sora took down fifteen Gold rank elites.

They were more than enough to destroy major parts of Glory City. They were a terrifying force, yet Sora dished them out in under a second.

said Sora as he noticed the other 15 ready to run away in fear.

He quickly moved and dispatched them even faster than the first 15 he did earlier. He let one go on purpose as he watched him run and trip in fear.

And thanks to Sora's powerful senses, he was able to notice that the man had pissed his pants.

Sora sat back down by the tree and thought about the cultivation in Tales of Demons and Gods.

There are three types of cultivators, Fighters, Demon Spiritualists, and those who go through both paths. If Sora took into account those who cultivate laws, it would be four types.

Fighters cultivate their bodies, the opposite of Demon Spiritualists who cultivate their soul.

Fighters however, don't have any advantage over Demon Spiritualists other than their high strength. Which is easily beaten by Demon Spiritualists who transform.

Demon Spiritualists have the ability to integrate with Demon Spirits, the souls of the demon beasts with cultivation.

Demon Spiritualists grow through cultivation and their Demon Spirits grow through feeding them their Soul Force.

Those who cultivate both ways only have a stronger body than most.

The cultivation ranks for the small world goes from Bronze all the way to Legend. Each rank in the small world is separated by 5 stars.

Bronze 1-5 stars

Silver 1-5 stars

Gold 1-5 stars

Black Gold 1-5 stars

Legend 1-5 stars

If Sora uses his knowledge from the Draconic Ruins, the cultivation rank continues the same;

Legend/ Earthen Fate 1-5 stars

Heavenly Fate 1-9 Fate Souls

Heavenly Star 1-9 Stars

Heavenly Axis 1-9 stage

Dao of the Dragon 1-9 stage

Martial Ancestor 1-9 stage

Deity/ Heavenly Dao ???

Emperor ???

From Bronze to Legend, nothing happens to the soul besides it growing stronger through each cultivation breakthrough. The difference begins when one reaches the Legend/Earthen Fate rank.

At that rank, one can't go on any further until they sense Heavenly Energy. Only once they get to comprehend that Heavenly Energy will they be able to breakthrough to the next rank.

Even then, Sora has to do one other step before completely stepping into the Heavenly Fate rank. It is to create a spiritual flame that is very strong in order to make an even stronger cultivation base when he goes to the Heavenly Fate rank.

A spiritual flame is the intent of the soul gathered in one place, a result from the mind being in a calm and tranquil state, free from any outside forces.

Sora can already achieve this state, it even helped speed up his Buddha's True Eyes cultivation.

Already being able to create a Spiritual Flame the size of a baseball was rather exciting for Sora.

Knowing that his spiritual flame is that big, he won't have to worry about much of his future strength.

When Sora arrived in Tales of Demons and Gods, he felt a change in his soul, it wasn't a big change, but he can definitely feel that it will affect his strength. In a good way.

"Why did you decide on letting him leave?" asked Shen Xiu as she sat next to Sora and curled up to his smooth and soft fur.

said Sora.

"What?!" yelled Shen Xiu shocked.

said Sora.

"I okay..." muttered Shen Xiu as she kept her head down and thought about the people that she will come to be fighting in the future.

seriously spoke Sora.

Shen Xiu looked at Sora with a weird look before slowly speaking out, "I don't think you know much about humans you didn't even know if I was a human earlier."

said Sora with a roll of his eyes. He needed to make sure she was human, especially when she had the ability to transform.

Sora already had information about stuff like that, but you never know when a beast poses as a human *cough* Sora *cough*.

"I didn't bring the cultivation scroll with me," said Shen Xiu as she scratched her cheek.

Sora said with a light smile.

Shen Xiu groaned for a bit before reciting her technique to Sora. She didn't have any hope for Sora to be able to make her cultivation technique any better or even more powerful.

Sora listened to Shen Xiu's technique and was rather shocked to hear that it has many flaws, slowing down her cultivation speed while also making her more prone to anger.

He shook his head as he remembered what he first thought unconsciously when he laid eyes on her, 'A smile would look better on that face.'

Sora got to fixing up her technique, and in just a couple of minutes, he fixed it all up.

said Sora as he summoned a paper and imprinted the cultivation technique he touched up.


Shen Xiu looked at the Cultivation technique with shock before turning to look up at Sora. Now she's even more certain that Sora doesn't know much about the human body since it didn't look like he spent much time on the technique.

She took the technique from Sora's hands and looked at it suspiciously before going wide eyed at the first few words.

When she took notice of the words, Shen Xiu read them rather dismissively, but after citing those few words, she felt her body lighten and breakthrough.

She had been stuck at the 3 Star Silver rank for years, she hasn't been able to make a breakthrough ever since she was 17.

Now, after just reading a bit, she managed to make a breakthrough.

She quickly sat down in a lotus position and memories everything in the cultivation scroll before getting to cultivating.

Sora looked at her cultivation going up like crazy. He smiled in defeat as he knew that his cultivation technique will be so strong that it will require him to cultivate for a really long time. Which is why he is finding a way to incorporate the Heaven's Void Technique into cultivation techniques.

Maybe after he finds the knowledge that was told to be on the Tiny World, he will be able to make it possible.

He already has a few ideas on what to do, but he can't go on to making it happen without a bit more knowledge.

Sora sat down next to Shen Xiu and made sure that no person should bother her for the next couple of days until the next batch of people arrives. He won't even have time to teach her some martial arts or techniques to help her far better.

Since she's not much of a weapons, fists, palms, legs, or fingers person, he can't teach her any good martial arts.

The only ones he can possibly teach her are those that relate to the claw hand, which is similar to her attacks in her transformed state.

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