Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 197

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 197 Terrible Prowess

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Sora was at a loss.

Never had he expected for such a woman with exceptional talent for cultivating and having a bountiful beauty, to be so BAD at learning martial arts.

She easily made it to Gold rank first star in just two days. He made her stop her cultivation there and forced her to stabilize her foundations before teaching her the martial arts he had in mind.

He looked on with great pain as he witnessed Shen Xiu butcher every single move that he taught her.

A single claw strike was all of a sudden an AP test.

He just couldn't fathom as to why Shen Xiu couldn't learn it.

He couldn't even spar with her to help her along with it, so he looked on with agony as Shen Xiu continued executing a terrible move. No matter how he corrected her, she would end up doing even worse than the last strike.

With that in mind, he can only use his Genjutsu to put Shen Xiu in an illusion to have her fight against another opponent and have her refine her clawing skills there.

called out Sora as he lowered himself to a level where she could look straight at him.

"Y-yes?" answered Shen Xiu as she turned to look at Sora with a nervous look.

Sora looked at Shen Xiu as she approached him. He slowly started activating his Emperor Eyes and watched as she stood in front of him.

"What is it?" Shen Xiu asked.

Sora said as he put her under an illusion.

"What! Wait-!" Shen Xiu couldn't finish what she was about to say before falling into an illusion. Her body remained standing on the spot where she was before Sora made her lay down on the ground.

'This should allow her to train with better efficiency,' thought Sora slyly as he thought of the lies he told Shen Xiu.

He only tried putting Shen Xiu in a point where she will think of the consequences that will result from her not giving it her all. He has enough confidence that she will be able to master the martial arts he gave her and be able to use it exceptionally well. Since she practices a cultivation technique related to foxes and her Demon Spirit is a fox, her compatibility to the martial arts is sitting at 105%.

Sora sat back down with his back against the tree and began cultivating himself.

He focused on his Dongxuan Sutra, it had been a while since he had last cultivated the Sutra. Although it is now called Taichi Sutra.

He completed a few major circles before feeling his Bulwark Umbrella ready to make a breakthrough already.

His Bulwark Umbrella instantly appeared right in front of him. He saw it slowly crack before it completely rebuilt itself quickly.

It repeated the process many times until the last few major cycles passed and the Bulwark Umbrella reached the Gemstone Geno Core level.

All that was left was one level, although he felt like there is one more now due to his Sutra being improved.

After he got his Bulwark Umbrella to Gemstone, Sora focused on his Heavenly World.

He had already set up many defensive and protective spells around the cities that had been created in order to keep them safe during the time of the world's breakthrough.

Sora even felt different this time around and he recited the Sacred Scripture. He wasn't too sure if it was because he was in a cultivation world now, but he felt two new energies revolve around him.

He focused on making his Heavenly World go through a breakthrough.

The ominous clouds appeared once more like every other time ever since he got the Lightning Qi.

Lightning filled with volatile energy struck many places. All producing many different effects.

Most good and little bad.

However, Sora didn't pay attention to those as he had his attention focused on the World Tree. Ever since it had taken the Sephiroth Grail, Sora had been waiting for his world to grow in strength.

He looked on with amazement as the World Tree was struck with the numerous different colored lightnings.

The World Tree instantly began expanding at quick rates and he saw as more cocoons appeared on the branches, housing millions of different beasts and beings with different energies.

He even saw some silver and golden cocoons.

When he went to check, Sora saw that the silver cocoons were just beasts that contained powerful energies. When he looked in the Golden cocoons, he was surprised to see that they were all beautiful female elves.

They were all of different types too, Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Fire Elves, Nature Elves, Wind Elves there were many different types. Some most people would never have expected.

Sora quickly made a trip around and collected many new energies from the silver and golden cocoons.

All the new energies were called; Emperor Qi... Light Qi... Dark Qi... Wood Qi... Life Qi... Golden Qi... Yin Qi... Yang Qi... Diamond Qi... Blood Qi... Moon Qi... Sun Qi... Culinary Qi... Paint Qi... Sound Qi... Star Qi... Jade Qi... Spiritual Qi... Immortal Qi Heaven and Earth Qi.

He has an inkling that he will only be growing even stronger in the future thanks to this bountiful reward.

Sora moved back and continued watching with amazement as the World Tree stopped growing and it grew even stronger and more durable.

He looked on with shock as all the cocoons, including the new ones, such as the silver and golden cocoons, broke and out came the beasts and beings before they ran off on their. The only ones that stayed were the beautiful and n.a.k.e.d elves as they grouped up.

Sora wished to witness their bodies for a bit longer before he snapped his fingers and clothes appeared on them.

After that was over, Sora sent a mental message to all the new beasts to not harm other beings.

He exited his Heavenly World as soon as the whole breakthrough ended and began refining his Human Bloodline.

The Human Bloodline only had one more level before finally maxing it out. If he could max it out now, he will be able to cultivate much faster than before.

Sora quickly began refining his Human Bloodline that was at the Neo - Human stage. The further he refined, the more limiters he felt were being removed.

After five hours of refining his Human Bloodline, Sora finally unlocked his final limiter and felt his whole undergo a transformation. With his bloodline's new name becoming Ancient Human, Sora checked the other changes.

His cells changed to the point where he can no longer recognize them.

He inspected his body and the new benefits.

His affinity to everything grew to the point of being maxed out.

His potential was around being unlimited as it reached terribly high heights. He had the potential to do anything and reach great heights in that anything.

His talent was also maxed.

What did 'scare' Sora about his new body, was it's terrifying ability to adapt to the environment.

If he was underwater and tried breathing in water, his body would change enough to allow Sora to survive breathing water and be able to live there.

Just as Sora was about to stand up and watch over Shen Xiu, he felt his consciousness be pulled into his mind. There, he saw his Primeval Emperor True Form standing tall and proud as he looked down on the small human being in front of it, Sora's Ancient Human Bloodline.

Sora watched for a while and saw as his Primeval Emperor grabbed the Ancient Human and ate him while slowly chewing on him.

He was shocked as he looked at this.

Sora would have never thought that his strongest bloodline would just consume one of his other bloodlines.

He looked on with fear as he realized that his body would return to it's previous state before cultivating the Human bloodline. Yet he didn't feel anything different at all. Instead, he felt a bit stronger already.

Turning to look at the Primeval Emperor with shock, Sora realized that his Primeval Emperor form had eaten the Human Bloodline and absorbed its benefits, making it it's own.

Happy with the turn of events, Sora realized something as he remembered what the Primeval Emperor had done.

'That's what I was missing...' thought Sora after remembering what his Primeval Emperor bloodline did.

He didn't begin doing what he wished to do yet, instead, he stood up and walked over to Shen Xiu. He stood over her body, making sure that she remains safe and doesn't receive any backlash from dying multiple times in the illusion.

'It shouldn't be long before your sparring partners come over here,' thought Sora as he looked at Shen Xiu still under the illusion.

She did a great job lasting 14 hours against many other Gold Ranks who had a higher cultivation, four stars.

They even had their own sets of martial arts, all who were the masters of the basics of their martial arts. This way she can have a feel for counteracting all the different types of martial artists and fighters.

He did make it impossible for her to learn the other martial arts since it would just drag behind the mastery of the claw martial art he taught her. Shen Xiu had a terrible martial talent and prowess, which is why Sora made it impossible for her to learn the other martial arts.

The goal for the illusion was to end when she mastered the basic claw techniques, yet she had most likely already gone against 70-80 Gold Ranks yet not be able to master it yet.

Her tenacity was amazing and her talent in martial arts on the other hand, is terrible.

Still, her experience in fighting had risen at a very fast and strong point where she can fight against those stronger than her.

Sora sighed as he knew that illusions won't work on him due to his eyes, the best he could do is just meditate and have a copy of himself spar with himself.

Only that way would he stimulate any growth in experience he hasn't had in thousands of years.

He will just have to find a way to use very powerful runes, inscription patterns, glyphs, inscriptions, etc. to find a way to make the illusion training work for him. He might even have to find a way to makes them work together to the best of their abilities.

Sora smiled as he thought of that until he heard a deep inhale from Shen Xiu.


Shen Xiu quickly stood up and looked around with happiness before turning to look at Sora with a scowl.

"You bastard, you should have told me it would take me three months of constant fighting to master the martial arts!" yelled Shen Xiu before lightly punching Sora chest with a tad of sadness.

chuckled Sora as he looked at Shen Xiu's surprised face.

Sora looked at Shen Xiu and found that her cultivation had increased from 1-Star Gold rank all the way to 5-Star Gold rank.

Usually that wouldn't happen, unless her potential was being held back by her level of fighting experience.

However, Sora was happy nonetheless that Shen Xiu managed to master the basic claw techniques. It only needed three months of actual fighting experience against fighters stronger than her.

Sora chuckled a bit as he noticed Shen Xiu's annoyed look.

said Sora with a smirk.

Future training lessons will gradually be held like this, except that he won't teach her through illusions. Especially since it took her three months to master the basics against stronger and experienced opponents.

The intermediate techniques are even stronger and more 'complex', so he had to teach her one move at a time.

"There's people here?" Shen Xiu muttered rather happily.

She had been annoyed at the fact that Sora had kept her under an illusion that lasted for three months for her. Now she has a way to vent that stress and anger that she had acc.u.mulated.