Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 198

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 198 Status Update

Name: Sora

Race: Empyrean Emperor


Primeval Emperor

Immemorial Dragon

Immemorial Phoenix

None -> Ancient Human -> None

Ancient Vampire

Ancient Titan

Ancient Demon God

Ancient Holy God


Primal Chaos Qi

World Energy

Destruction Qi

Creation Qi

Demonic Qi

Angelic Qi

Nature Qi

Elemental Qi

Soul Energy -> Soul Force

Dream Energy

Magic Energy

Fire Qi

Metal Qi

Death Qi

Lightning Qi

Wind Qi

Water Qi

Earth Qi

Healing Qi

New Ones:

Buddha Qi

Emperor Qi

Light Qi

Dark Qi

Wood Qi

Life Qi

Golden Qi

Yin Qi

Yang Qi

Diamond QI

Blood Qi

Moon Qi

Sun Qi

Culinary Qi

Paint Qi

Sound Qi

Star Qi

Jade Qi

Spiritual Qi

Immortal Qi

Heaven and Earth Qi

Power Level


Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 1.2 Trillion

Ki Type: Primal God Ki


Cultivation Manual: None

Cultivation Level: None

Heavenly World (Inner World)

Inner World Technique: Sacred Scripture

Heavenly World Level: Seventh Ancient Sun -> Eighth Ancient Sun


True Dragon Ape God Bone Art (Mastered/Completed)

Bone Cultivation Level: Great Perfection

Bone Strength/Defense: +200% Strength


Might of the Battle God Physique (Bottleneck)

Body Cultivation Level: Profound Ascension Realm (Peak Grade)


Cultivation Technique: None

Cultivation Rank: None

Type: ???

Attribute: ???

Form: ???

Soul Weapon: Zanpakuto- Existence Executioner

Shikai: Alter the Heavens!

Bankai: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!


Emperor Eyes

Left Eye: Medusa's Curse

Petrifies target for 2 minutes. Heavy damage will make the petrification permanent, leaving the affected live through his petrified state forever. His consciousness is always awake, never to sleep in peace ever again.

Right Eye: Tsukuyomi

Ability: Six Paths | Outer Path

Amaterasu create and control a powerful black flame that can't be put out for 7 days and 7 nights. Can be removed by other means such as absorbing the flames, pushing away the flames, or sealing the flames.

Kamui Move in and out of another dimension and put items, or beings, inside it.

Kotoamatsukami a powerful mind-controlling ability that is very subtle.

Limbo send out shadows of one's self into an invisible world which coexists with the physical world. The shadows have every single ability and skill of the original and are impossible to detect or perceive.

Amenotejikara swap places with anything in the line of sight, and can also be used on others so that they are switched with something, or someone, else.

Temporal Rewind warp into the past by a few seconds, minutes if the user gets stronger.

Takami Musubino Kami absorb attacks and release them even stronger than before.

Edible Creation turn anyone, or any form of energy (Qi, Ki, Life Energy, Power of Destruction etc.), into a fruit, or pill, that grants benefits. When a fruit made from a being is eaten, they gain the powers and abilities of the consumed being and turn into a demonic-like being. When a pill is consumed, created from energy, their powers are enhanced and they gain powerful regenerative abilities, lasting a while unless more pills are consumed.

Origami Replacement Technique disappear into another dimension for a couple of seconds, allowing one to escape or deal attacks to the target. Ten red origami cranes made from energy are left in the place where the technique is casted.

Dimension Shift an ability that allows one to freely travel from one place to another, including dimensions, universes, or even worlds.



[Perfect Energy Control (Passive)]

[Perfect Body Control (Passive)]

[Big Tiny Wishes]

[Thought Partition (Skill) - Currently: 1 thought + 82 Thoughts]

[Thought Acceleration (Skill) (Passive) - Currently: 647% increase]

[House (Active)]

[(All Universe 7 Skills & Techniques)]

[Memory Palace]

[Memory Withdrawing]

[Magic Materialization]

[Instant Transmission]


[Bullet Step]

[All Jutsu]




Artificer Knowledge

Refining Knowledge

Metal Knowledge

Fire Knowledge

Technology Knowledge

Vegetation Knowledge

Healing Knowledge

Spear Knowledge

Archery Knowledge

Medicine Knowledge

Music and Arts Knowledge

Metalworking Knowledge

War Knowledge

Weapon Blueprint Knowledge

Weapon Martial Arts Knowledge

Thief Knowledge

Forge-Making Knowledge

Sculpting Knowledge

Technology Knowledge

Smithing Knowledge

Artisan Knowledge

Craftsmen Knowledge

Dual/Duo Cultivation Knowledge

Cultivation Knowledge

Movement Scripture

Assassination Scripture

Alchemy Overhaul Scripture

Poison Master Knowledge

Culinary Master Knowledge

Runic Master Knowledge

Glyph Master Knowledge

Talisman Master Knowledge

Inscription Master Knowledge

Array Master Knowledge

Formation Master Knowledge

Master Tamer Knowledge

Inscription Pattern/ Pattern Knowledge (Near completion...)


Cultivation Techniques

[Dongxuan Sutra] -> [Taichi Sutra] : Ninth Gene Lock -> Gemstone Geno Core

[Dream Master] : Illusionary Divine Stage 7th tier -> Prominent Divine Realm

[True Dragon Ape God Bone Art] : Small Success -> Great Perfection


Immortal Arts/Martial Techniques

Introductory Stage (Beginner)

Small Success Stage (Intermediate)

Large Success Stage (Expert)

Great Perfection (Mastered)

Heavenly Vision Technique (Great Perfection/ Mastered)

Heaven's Blood Refiner

Minute Subtlety -> Micro Momentum (Introductory)

Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique (Great Perfection/ Mastered)

Primal Yin-Yang Flame (Small Success)

Magic of Yin and Yang (Large Success)

Faceless Sky Devil (Large Success)

Buddha's True Eyes (Introductory)

Wave Essence

Elephant Swallowing Technique -> Heaven's Void Technique


Martial Arts

Hidden Weapon Techniques

All Weapon Techniques

All Body Techniques (Fist, palm, legs, finger, movement techniques.)

All Martial Arts (Armed and Unarmed.)