Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 199

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 199 Fire Is Scared

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Just like that, two years had passed.

After starting Shen Xiu's sparring sessions with her monthly sparring partners, she started to grow slowly, but with a very stable foundation. Now she can deal with those stronger than her without much problem.

Sora watched as Shen Xiu can deal with 10 1-Star Black-Gold ranks in just a minute.

When they couldn't beat her anymore, they stopped coming around.

Sora then realized that he couldn't train Shen Xiu as efficiently as before. So he had to resort to making training dummies again. Although they are not as effective as actual people, Sora could still help Shen Xiu train better.

With all his knowledge at his disposal, he made a perfect training dummy for Shen Xiu that will respond to her will to fight.

Over the two years, Sora and Shen Xiu had traveled over almost the whole world, besides the immediate area around Glory City and a couple of other areas he wished to save for later travels.

He had decided to leave that alone so that he can explore it while Shen Xiu teaches one year about history and cultivation to her students.

In the two years, nothing besides the feeling of a connection between the two energies he felt when his Heavenly World was growing stronger.

He felt like he already had control of the said energy, but it was also incorporeal, so he wasn't sure as to what exactly it was. He put off into the back of his head and instead tried to find answers through reading any books he can get his hands on.

Increasing his knowledge over many plethora of things was better than sitting around and waiting for something to happen.

Sora gained more knowledge as he traveled around with Shen Xiu.

Over the many ruins and dungeons they had both run into, Sora had yet to run into anything valuable to discover. He found no bountiful knowledge, no techniques, no books, no artifacts, nothing of interest in all over the many dungeons and ruins.

He didn't give up hope however, he still had Glory City and the area surrounding it to explore.

He arrived with Shen Xiu and dropped her off at Glory City while he left by himself to travel around the surrounding area.

'Something good should come up right?' thought Sora as he headed off into the East.

He walked into a wide forest with a multitude of monsters in it.

'It's very dark here,' thought Sora.

Looking around with interest, Sora ignored the beasts around him. Whenever one would try to attack him, his fur would shine in the direction of the attacker and burn them alive.

Many beasts just slowly walked around him as they watched him with curious eyes.

'Nothing strange about this forest,' Sora looked around and at all the beasts with curious eyes.

After exiting the huge forest, Sora turned to look back at all the beasts staring right back at him. He turned away and just kept walking forward, ignoring the looks of all the beasts that wished for him to stay and rule them.

He took almost two months traveling in the forest after leaving Shen Xiu at Glory City to teach. He took it nice and slow since he needed to inspect everything carefully and make sure he doesn't miss anything of value.

Going on a little trip was also correct as Sora took his time looking at the scenery of the dark forest he was in.

So when Sora exited, he was glad to see the bright sun in the sky.

He continued on his path to walking straight East, while looking at the scenery and properly investigating the surroundings for anything valuable and suspicious.

'Hmm?' hummed Sora as he looked forward and felt a lot of life forces up ahead.

'More humans? It's weird how I hadn't been able to find any with Shen Xiu the whole time and now I find these I wonder if they have the knowledge and everything that is interesting,' smirked Sora as he quickly made his way up the mountain with a flat top.

"Get your delicious porridge!" yelled a female voice with happiness in it.

"I'll take one 'delicious' porridge," yelled another voice rather tired.

"Coming right up!" yelled the woman again before leaving.

Sora looked at all this from the edge of the mountain.

He slowly climbed up, hiding his appearance and presence from the people. Deciding to look for the ruins, dungeons, and the interesting stuff before interacting with the people at the mountain.

He looked around but found no book nor any artifacts of use. He had to look for the strongest person, and one who seems to have a high position within the little place of theirs.

After a couple of minutes, Sora grabbed all the knowledge he could before sighing in defeat.

Besides knowing their names and the very weak and terrible techniques, Sora found the name of the place to be Heavenly Fate Plateau. He didn't see much reason to be in the place anymore, that was, until he felt a mysterious place underneath.

He couldn't check it anymore since it seemed to be covered in inscription patterns and runes. Though they weren't really all that much of good inscription patterns and runes.

Sora smiled happily as he thought of the possibility of treasures laying in that mysterious space.

Quickly shifting into that space, Sora looked around and only saw skeletons decked out in armors and jewelry inside a cave. The cave had no entrance, so Sora believed that the runes and inscription patterns were set up to keep the cave hidden and disconnected from the real world.

Turning his attention to the stuff the skeletons are wearing, Sora noticed that almost all of them were artifacts, so he took them all for artifact making for his wives. He even saw a couple of storage rings he can give to his wives, after he cleaned them out of course.

After taking anything valuable from the skeletons, Sora scanned the little space a bit more before continuing further down the cave.

Just as he was about to take a step further, Sora noticed a barrier right in front of his. He scratched his cheek before removing a rune at the corner of the barrier, destroying the barrier instantly with no backlash.

Sora continued walking forward and came across the pond with a great depth.

He was about to step closer until he noticed fire converging to one point above the pond that was filled with murky dark water.

His eyes opened wide as he realized that the person before him cultivated the Law of Fire.

The fire continued gathering, revealing a beautiful slender woman with white hair. She had her eyelids covered with orange eye shadow, most likely from cultivating the law of fire and merging with it. Red luscious lips that were present over her creamy white skin and a red rune mark on her forehead that said "Fire".

Her slim waist only sought out to bring the attention over to her big b.r.e.a.s.ts and her round butt. A red dress hugged her body, outlined with a strip of orange. She even had a red hagoromo (floating strip of cloth that goes from underneath one arm to behind the neck to under the other arm).

Her eyes slowly opened, revealing two sunset-like glowing eyes. When she fully opened her eyes, she looked at Sora with fear and shock.

"How'd you get in here?!" she asked anxiously as she stared at Sora.

said Sora directly in her mind, causing her to only grow more afraid of the near future.

"How'd a demon beast get in here!" Yu Yan looked really fl.u.s.tered as she flew around.

Sora said rather confused as he looked at the woman flying around.

Yu Yan slowed down and eventually came to a complete stop before looking at Sora with an anxious and rather depressed look. "I guess it's my time to die..."

Looking at her rather dumbfoundedly, Sora shook his head and explained,

Yu Yan didn't say anything back and only looked at him warily.

tiredly asked Sora as he laid right beside the murky pond. His eyes rested on the woman's face as he waited for her to answer.

"You should already know about the fight between the humans and the beast tribe right?" asked Yu Yan rather nervously.

Sora confirmed in a dismissive way.

"I killed many of the Demon beasts and any of the demon beast tribes that joined in," mentioned Yu Yan, ready to run at a moment's notice.

said Sora.


Sora laughed as he looked at the woman's blushing face.

chuckled Sora.

"Then why are you here," asked Yu Yan.

said Sora.

"..." Yu Yan looked at Sora silently with a nervous look. She didn't know whether to trust Sora or not since he does look like a demon beast, while on the other hand he speaks like a human.

asked Sora as he looked around the room.

He found it believable that she probably got caught during the human versus demon beast war. Holding her captive for many years to keep her from rejoining with the humans and helping them grow stronger.

The only reason they hadn't killed her would probably be to keep it from another unknown spiritual god of fire to appear to replace the woman.

The escaping and hiding also made sense due to the inscription patterns and the runes covering the cave. As well as the woman's actions that made him suspicious when she thought that he had somehow invaded her safehouse and even thought that he was going to kill her.

Sora looked at Yu Yan and waited for her to answer.

"I was placed in here to hide and fix my divine spark," Yu Yan said.

asked Sora in a dumn manner.

"Yes, the spiritual god of fire," said Yu Yan as she stared at Sora.

asked Sora as he slowly sent a strand of his energy to her head to copy her knowledge on cultivating and understanding laws.

The books in the Draconic Ruins Realm had no information such as that, So maybe trying to get some of that knowledge from an actual Spiritual God will help him.

"I..." said Yu Yan with a pause before looking up straight at Sora.

said Sora to Yu Yan.

"I thank you," Yu Yan thanked Sora.

Yu Yan sighed in relief after she was told that she didn't have to say anymore. She still felt nervous around Sora, even after he told her that he was actually a human.

She had been in the little space isolated from any contact and interaction with other human beings. So she wished for someone to talk to, leaving Sora to be a very good choice, and the only choice that can possibly talk to her.

She didn't know whether she should be happy or said about having to talk with Sora, who looked like a demon beast at the moment.

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