Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 200

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 200 The Laws

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said Sora as he ate some Gold-Scaled Fish that he pulled out of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

"..." Yu Yan looked at Sora with a red face as she thought of asking him for some food.

She didn't have to eat or anything due to her cultivation. She even thought that she wouldn't even find food a tantalizing thought after not having eaten a single bite in centuries.

However reality was cruel as she was met by the very delicious aroma that arose from the food Sora had made. With his master cooking skills, top grade ingredients, and Culinary Qi, Sora is able to make the most delicious meal easily.

Some of them even help replenish energy, help gain enlightenment, and even provide the chance of a breakthrough.

A truly powerful dish will always be served under Sora's guidance.

said Sora with a smirk.

None of the books ever mentioned how a law can be cultivated in the Draconic Ruins Realm. The most they ever said was how to merge the law to one's cultivation and even how to make use of it with Heavenly Energy.

Sora was very interested in the concept of cultivating a law, but will never be merging the law to his cultivation, since he knows that it will only make him weaker in the long run.

"Mmm..." groaned Yu Yan as she bit her lips. Her eyes greedily eyeing the fish in Sora's hands.

said Sora with a smile.

Yu Yan stopped looking at the fish and looked at Sora rather seriously. "What problem?"

said Sora seriously as he looked at Yu Yan.

",,, How do I fix it?" asked Yu Yan with a serious look.

said Sora.

He already extracted the knowledge about it just a couple of seconds ago with his energy, but he wanted to determine the type of person he is dealing with. He already has an inkling of what type of person she may be, but he wants to see results.

Yu Yan looked at Sora with a reproachful look before sighing and just looking at him with a calm and forgiving look.

"I will tell you how to cultivate a law, but you have to promise to help me," said Yu Yan with a begging look.

Sora smiled and sat down before passing over a cooked fish to her, trying to get her to soften up even more.


Sora listened closely to Yu Yan, making sure the information she was giving him isn't too far off from the knowledge she has.

There is a set number of laws and only one person can become the spiritual god of a law at a time. Because their life is tied to the law, they are nearly invincible. Even if their physical body is destroyed, and their Divine Spark scattered they still can reform themselves if given enough time. However, if someone else seizes control over their law they can still die.

The main world can have 36 spiritual gods and each of the 72 Subsidiary Realms can have one. Of the total 108 spiritual gods, 25% are from the human tribe, 50% are from the demon beast tribe, and the remaining 25% are others. Tens of thousands of years ago the Demon Beast Spiritual Gods attacked the Human Tribe Spiritual Gods. During the battle six of the 27 human tribe spiritual gods were destroyed while the rest were scattered.

She explained the history of Spiritual Gods first in the Tiny World and even showed that she was the Spiritual God of Fire, which Sora already knew.

"Cultivating a law begins with sensing one first," explained Yu Yan as she looked at Sora.

said Sora with a thinking look on his face.

"If you want to cultivate a law, I can help you make that easier," said Yu Yan with a rather passive look.

asked Sora.

"Yes, but this way may end up harming your body, perhaps even bursting it from inside out," said Yu Yan with a reluctant look.

mentioned Sora.

"I see. Well this Black Spring here will help you in realizing that goal," motioned Yu Yan. "This Black Spring is infused with a part of my Divine Spark, so it will be filled with pure Law Energy."

Sora nodded before turning to look at the murky black pond next to her. He unleashed his aura and let it sink into the pond before finding a small version of Yu Yan down there. He looked at her small body with interest.

'So this is how a Divine Spark looks like? Or is it her body that's being recreated?'

"Remember to cultivate a law that naturally comes to you or one that you have an affinity to. You can only cultivate one and make sure to take it slow," she said as she opened the barrier that prevents people from getting close to the Black Spring.

said Sora before slowly stepping over to the lake and sliding into it.

Sora felt amazing after he entered the Black Springs as he let his body soak in the pure law energy. His sensing for law energy even increased thanks to experiencing it first hand.

As Sora sat within the pond, he got to thinking about the Law Energy, Soul Force, and Heavenly Energy.

With Soul Force and Law Energy being very similar, besides one being very more pure and stronger than the other one. Law Energy even having the elemental ability which Soul Force didn't have.

'Will I grow stronger if I increase my cultivation with Law Energy instead of Soul Force?? Later on in the future after I breakthrough Legend Rank, I will have to cultivate Heavenly Energy. Which is a type of energy very similar to Law Energy,' thought Sora as he felt the energy surround him.

Sora smiled before stepping out of the Black Spring and looking at Yu Yan with a curious look,

"Yes," smiled Yu Yan seeing that Sora was okay.

Nodding, Sora sat down and calmed down his mind before trying to sense something with the Law Energy around him.

It wasn't long before he felt everything become attracted to him that he had to stop trying to sense a law.

Even Yu Yan felt that as she fell from her floating position and fell on the floor weakly. Feeling her Law of Fire wanting to leave her almost instantly really hurt her a lot since she couldn't stop it from happening since she had no body.

Sora heaved a sigh as he kept his eyes open as he remembered about having his affinity to everything maxed out.

'I should probably try to focus on one thing,' thought Sora as he looked at Yu Yan with a pitiful look.

He shook his head and thought about the Primal Chaos Qi before entering the law sensing state once more.

This time, he didn't feel every single law wanted to jump at him as he filtered out what he wanted. The Primal Chaos.

Soon, he saw a ball of energy that is mixed with many elemental energies, including the big seven; Fire, Wind, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water (yes it includes Ice), and Lightning.

As soon as he saw the Primal Chaos Law, Sora smiled and outstretched his hand, bidding the law to come over to himself. He watched as the Primal Chaos Law floated over to him as he thought about how the law is so similar to complex runes, mostly Inscription Patterns.

He ignored that thought and put it slightly in the back of his head to get back to it later.

Sora watched with happiness as the law came closer and made contact with his skin. Instead of feeling something like he had expected, Sora instead felt numerous of his Qi go haywire until they calmed down right away.

'Weird,' thought Sora as he felt the Primal Chaos law within himself now. Able to freely make use of it.

The law manifested all around his body as a multicolored glow, mostly filled with dark colors.

Feeling like he can go even further, Sora decided to try a couple of powerful laws.

The only law he could think of that was either more powerful or as strong as the Primal Chaos Law is the Void/Nothingness Law.

Instantly, Sora was imagining himself in a large expanse of darkness. A darkness where nothing could exist. A darkness where you don't know if the space is actually black or white. (A/N: How do you sinners think the void looks like?)

A space where nothing existed, to the point where you question its existence and one's own.

When Sora began forming a bond with this law, he felt two different types of Qi shake in a violent manner in response to Sora comprehending and sensing the Void/Nothingness Law.

It was just like when he sensed and comprehended the Primal Chaos Law, but on a smaller scale. He felt the purple-black energy from the law surround his body and strengthen him slightly.

Sora ignored the two Qi as he realized what was happening and quickly went on to trying out four more laws.

Smiling, Sora moved on to the next law, Time.

Sora imagined anything and everything. The course of changing time and the process of aging and the planet growing older. The more he thought about time, the more he felt the Time Law run into his open arms.

Even though he got the Time Law, Sora felt like he was lacking in something right away after obtaining that Law. He thought about it for a while before remembering that what he was missing was it's complimentary law, Space.

Sora smiled as he quickly imagined anything about space and the way he perceives it. With his monstrous understanding, talent, and even affinity, Sora doesn't really need to imagine anything. He only needed to think about it for a short moment before the law appeared right before him.

And just like how it happened with his Primal Chaos Law and his Void/Nothingness Law, Sora was surrounded in energy related to the law.

Trying the Yang(Life/Light/Heat/Fire) Law next, Sora felt the Yang oriented Qi shake in response to the manifestation and comprehension of the law.

The same happened with the Yin(Death/Darkness/Cold/Ice) Law as it only made the Yin-type Qi shake violently.

Sora smiled happily as he realized what was happening as all the many different types of Qi began shaking.

But what shocked Sora the most was his body staying rooted on the floor in his lotus position. Slowly, his body murmured the chant from the Sacred Scripture.

Instead of the energy that he usually produces to head over to the Heavenly World, it head into his Yin and Yang laws, strengthening them.

Sira looked on with shock as he remembered what the Sacred Scripture is based around.

Death and Life.

So it was only natural that it strengthened his Yin and Yang Laws and it's Death and Life feel to them.

Sora felt the energy slowly start to bubble within himself as he felt every single Qi in his body get absorbed into the Primal Chaos Qi. Bringing up it's understanding at a rapid pace up to 100%.

The other Qi types no longer existed besides Primal Chaos Qi. It took on the effects and feeling of every single Qi he ever had, or will have (not including Blunt and Blade Qi and the Body Qi from the Wills and Intents (THOSE ARE DIFFERENT)).

If he wanted to cook and wanted to make use of the now gone Culinary Qi, Sora can now make use of the Primal Chaos Qi instead. Making it look like he is using a legendary. mutated and powerful form of the Culinary Qi.

The same can be said about anything like Blacksmithing Qi, Painting Qi, Alchemy QI, Calligraphy Qi etc. The only difference being is that they are now more powerful than their original counterparts.

This even made Sora remember a set of Martial Arts that he is very interested in making. Now with the studying of the Primal Chaos Qi with it at 100% comprehended, he can make the Martial Art easily. He had once run across one similar called Myriad Sword Art, but what he had in mind was even more powerful.

The Myriad Intent Art, a very powerful martial art that can be done armed and unarmed. The most powerful and most difficult martial art that will have ever existed. One that Sora had just created thanks to the Primal Chaos Qi he had just studied.

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