Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 201

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 201 Lawless :o

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The Myriad Intent Art can be done armed and unarmed.

Sora's purpose behind this Martial Art was to help increase his three intents; Body Intent, Blade Intent, and Blunt Intent.

Not only that, many other intents that exist in the world of cultivation; killing intent, murderous intent, kind intent, gracious intent, etc.

Sora's purpose was to gain insight into every single intent and eventually make it just become 'Myriad Intent'.

Although he has a feeling that should it happen, his Myriad Intent will take on two forms while getting rid of every other intent of his. Making him choose only two types of intents to become a Myriad ??? Intent.

In fact, Sora was lucky enough to even be able to get a chance of being able to understand the Myriad Intent since it is too much for even Heaven Defying genius'. Even one with affinity to it will only get to master 10,000 intents, but all on a very weak scale where they can only be shown through actions like swinging a sword.

They wouldn't get the chance to grow into a domain and any of the further stages.

What Sora is more happy about the Myriad Intent Art, is the fact that anything he does, like actions, skills, magic, and movements, can not be mimicked nor learnt.

Since his every action will contain many intents, scrambling the minds of any powerful person, cultivator, and especially normal people. Whenever they try to remember Sora's actions, they will remember him doing something completely different every single time.

It's what Sora likes the most of this, especially when he has so many techniques that can possibly wreck havoc. Even more when he gets the Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques from the upcoming quest of getting rid of the Sage Emperor.

Yu Yan stood up as she finally recovered from whatever had happened to Sora.

'Ughh my Fire Law was being sucked towards something. Did he no it can't be...' thought Yu Yan as she sent Sora a cautious look.

Yu Yan sat down and tried to recover as she kept an eye on Sora. However, not too far at looking at him try and comprehend a law, she saw him grasp a law and completely master it!

Especially since it was the Primal Chaos Law which is the hardest to comprehend.

With wide eyes, she looked on with horror as he grasped another law and noticed that it was the Void Law, one on equal grounds with the Primal Chaos Law. Many have tried to grasp the Void Law before, only to end up failing in understanding it and only disappearing.

Yu Yan was about to congratulate him in understanding two laws until she saw a golden red-ish aura don upon him. A feeling of warmth, life, and tranquility flooded the room.

'Impossible! Almost none can comprehend the Yang Law! Especially when it is tied to the Life Law, Fire Law, Light Law, and many other laws!' Yu Yan thought with wide eyes.

Many had tried before to understand the Yang Law, only to either end up being turned into a man or being completely turned to ash. It was completely out of the world to ever see someone comprehend such law.

Yu Yan was about to lose it when she saw the black aura surround Sora and a feeling of death, cold, and terror fill the room.

'The Yin Law???!!! He already has three of the most powerful laws at his disposal, now he has the Yin Law! Now he has control over death, darkness, ice, cold, water, and many other stuff!!' Yu Yan looked on with terror as she regretted telling Sora about how to sense laws.

Too bad for her, even if she didn't tell Sora, he would've still known since he had gone through her knowledge.

Yu Yan looked at Sora, not knowing what to think as a black aura with miniature stars in them appeared around him, followed by a blue aura outlined in white.

'Even the Laws of Space and Time has fallen under his control at least that helps prove that the Spiritual God of Space and Time passed away while setting this world on a favorable path...' thought Yu Yan as she looked at Sora inexplicably until a white aura violently shaking appeared around him followed by a black and blue aura surrounded him, curving the space in his surroundings.

'WHY!!! Even the Law of Vibration and the Law of Gravity have fallen! How long will this go on!!'

Sora snickered as he thought about getting rid of that man as he decided to cultivate the two final laws, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Gravity.

(A/N: The way I will be using the law of vibrations will be as well vibrations and as well as sound. Since sound is just the outcome of vibration. Sound is created from the vibration of three things; the object, the surrounding molecules around the object, and the eardrums. So the Law of Vibration will also technically be the Law of Sound.

I read up on Gravity, and it's the curvature of space and time, not an actual part of space and time, but an influencer. Like how a huge mass' bends fabric of space and time. So I can safely add the Law of Gravity without having to worry much about Space and Time Laws.

I even have a little theory on those who hold the speed force in the DC universe. Since Einstein's theory of time, if someone moves at a very fast speed, time would flow slower for them. If that's the case, then does that mean that the speed force users would age at VERY, but VERY, slow pace? Just a theory, correct me or add your own opinions.)

After Sora was done with understanding and grasping the Laws of Vibration and Gravity, he stood up and looked at Yu Yan with a smug look.

"How can you grasp so many laws?! Especially the powerful ones!!" yelled Yu Yan with a shocked look.

Sora only smiled and continued looking at her whilst thinking, 'How can I possibly tell her that I have a max affinity to everything, as well as the talent and potential for anything.'

Yu Yan looked at Sora with a reproachful look until she eventually gave up and just sighed. She got back to floating in the air and hovered above the Black Spring before turning to look at Sora.

"Can you help me with my problem now?" asked Yu Yan as she glanced at Sora who was practicing his Myriad Intent Art.

said Sora as he looked up at Yu Yan who was floating high in the air.

"As long as I can recover at a faster pace, I don't mind waiting three months. After all, three months is already a very short time compared to the hundreds of centuries I spent here waiting for someone to enter this cave," sighed Yu Yan.

mentioned Sora as he approached the Black Spring.

"I spent all of my time asleep and recovering here, I only left a part of myself to sense any soul force. So besides knowing how much time has passed, I would wake up whenever I sense any unknown soul force. Like you did," said Yu Yan.

said Sora.

"No, at first I spent a century awake so that I could accompany the people who sealed themselves in here with me. Another century to wait for a person, in case someone entered. I eventually gave up on waiting after the 3rd century," she said.

said Sora as he looked at the Black Spring and jumped in.

"Wait!" yelled Yu Yan, but it was too late as she saw Sora out of sight already. Blushing as she looked to where Sora left, she thought to herself, 'He better not have any ideas about my body...'

Sora continued to swim deeper into the Black Spring, and the more deeper he went, the denser the Law Energy got.

After a while, he finally saw something in the distance.

Looking at the miniature version of Yu Yan n.a.k.e.d and in the fetal position, Sora looked at it with wonder. He already felt it from outside, but looking at it in person was a completely different experience.

Sora touched the little body and slowly made use of his physician knowledge to know the status of the body.

After a couple of minutes, Sora knew that there was nothing wrong with her body, so he got to setting up rune and inscription patterns around Yu Yan's body.

Sora added many runes that can help with speeding up the recovery process of her body and many inscription patterns to help her regain her energy and strength.

Sora was glad stuff like Arrays, Runes, Glyphs, Inscriptions, Inscription Patterns, Talismans, and other related stuff existed since it helped him do many stuff he usually wouldn't be able to accomplish.

Finally getting down to fixing her body, Sora reformed the inscription pattern within her body. Instead of just fixing up the Fire Inscription Pattern of her body, Sora even strengthened it so that she can be stronger than before.

After finishing all that, Sora could see Yu Yan's body already growing at a visible rate. He quickly swam out of the Black Spring and found Yu Yan looking back at him with a blushing face as she covered her body with her hands.

Sora looked at her for a while before smirking as he remembered what he did earlier. He got out of the Black Spring and teased Yu Yan,

"Stop..!" blushed Yu Yan as she looked away shyly.

Sora chuckled a bit and said,

"What?" Yu Yan said shocked. She looked at Sora with alarm and hesitation, clearly wishing for him to stay and keep her company until her body finishes forming.

Sora took a seat and looked at Yu Yan who heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that Sora will be keeping her company the next few months.

"Are you going to do something on the outside?" she asked curiously.

Sora said as he shook his head disappointedly.

"Black-Gold rank have humans really fallen so low already?" thought out loud Yu Yan.

said Sora as he recalled what Shen Xiu had told him about the history of the humans in the Tiny World.

"..." Yu Yan frowned as she heard Sora explain what had brought the humans down and made them weaker.

said Sora as he thought about the history of mankind throughout any world.

"I hope so..." said Yu Yan quietly.

Sora nodded and looked at Yu Yan.

He looked at her silently for a bit before voicing out what he was thinking,

Looking at Sora silently, Yu Yan nodded, "You're right. I am here not only to recover, but to stay hidden away from the demon beast tribe that is hunting me."

nodded Sora.

"So I can't leave until I completely recover. Unless I want the demon beast tribe to come and kill me," joked Yu Yan.

Sora said with a smile.

"Really?? What is it?!" asked Yu Yan eagerly.

said Sora.

"That would work perfectly!" said Yu Yan as she smiled and floated down to look at Sora in the eyes.

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