Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 202

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 202 Taking Over The Heavenly Fate Plateau

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explained Sora as a mass of black energy swirled on his right hand before it disappeared.

"That's no problem for me," said Yu Yan before shrinking down to the size of an average barbie doll. (A/N: Yes, I did just use that as an example.)

Sora nodded as he looked at her smaller size and surrounded her body with Yin energy. The black aura wasn't visible on her and it faded, but the effects of Sora's Yin energy remained as he grabbed her from the air and teleported back into the little human settlement where he was just at.

Looking around as Sora hid his and Yu Yan's presence, Sora headed to the entrance of the place the people called Heavenly Fate Plateau.

"What will you be doing?" asked Yu Yan as she looked at Sora.

Sora looked at every person entering and exiting the mountain as they headed off to gather food for the place.

explained Sora as he made sure to memorize the faces of the hunters of Heavenly Fate Plateau.

"Are you going to give them food and water?" Yu Yan asked curiously.

said Sora as he shook his head at Yu Yan's words.

"Then what will you do to earn their trust?" she asked once more.

Sora sat by the entrance as he thought of what animals he can possibly bring over to the Heavenly Fate Plateau to attack the humans there.

Yu Yan sat on top of Sora's head graciously whilst looking at everyone, talking and having fun with each other. She smiled lightly before turning her head.

"This era is more peaceful than it was in the past," she said out loud as she petted Sora's head.

said Sora knowingly.

"It is to be expected," she said rather sadly.

Sora said before strolling over to the forest that took him 2 months to travel through.

When he got in front of the forest, Sora quickly pulled out a fish from his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and cooked it up quickly before letting the aroma fill the air.

The heavy, rich, and delicious aroma of a cooked fish done right. The heavy smell permeated through the air as it was inhaled by every demon beast in the vicinity.

Sora purposely covered his nose and Yu Yan's with his energy so that they don't get hungry and want to eat/

Literally not a single second after Sora let the fish let out it's tantalizing smell, hundreds of demon beasts were running to the fish in Sora's hand.

Sora looked at the demon beast horde and nodded whilst slowly heading over to the Heavenly Fate Plateau.

Every single hunter was already at Heavenly Fate Plateau, so Sora can with more certainty gain their trust.

After leading the beasts over to Heavenly Fate Plateau, Sora watched from up over the place as he watched the demon beasts attack anything in their way. They didn't care whether it was other demon beasts or humans, what they wanted was the food that smelled so delicious.

"Is your food really that great?" said Yu Yan as she tried to inch closer to the fish in Sora's hand.

chuckled Sora as he witnessed the weak demon beasts get killed quickly.

Sora kept watching as the humans and the demon beasts kept fighting together whilst the normal people quickly tried to run and take anything they could with them.

Some human hunters got hurt, but they were quickly sent to the back to heal.

However that hardly mattered as they started to get overrun by demon beasts who were in a crazed state for a cooked fish.

"Can you cook anything else besides a fish?" asked Yu Yan as she munched away at the fish in her hands.

said Sora as he got ready to join in on the fight and help the humans.

Just as a man was about to get his life taken away by a demon beast, Sora appeared between the man and the demon beast in an instant. The demon beasts claws hit Sora's fur and they instantly broke off, causing the demon beast to screech in pain at it's class breaking in a very aggressive manner.

As soon as Sora appeared between the man and the demon beast, Sora sent his thoughts to the man who stayed there looking at Sora stupidly.

Sora quickly chomped off the head of the beast as he used the Heaven's Void Technique with the Void Law.

A purple and black aura surrounded Sora as he executed his Heaven's Void Technique, making the demon beast instantly disappear and instead turn into Sora's energy.

Sora quickly moved on to helping the human hunters that were close to dying and quickly got their trust as they left to help the other human hunters.

After Yu Yan had eaten the heavenly fish, the amazing aroma in the air disappeared, making most demon beasts leave disappointedly. Those that stayed either turned into Sora's energy or were defeated at the hands of the human hunters.


A dusty cloud arose as the final demon beast met its demise under the hands of a female hunter.

When the demon beast fell, the human hunters looked at Sora suspiciously before a beautiful blond teenager burst through a door of a nearby store and hugged Sora unexpectedly.

"Ling'er!!" shouted an old man as he chased after the girl slowly.

Not expecting a little girl to hug him all of a sudden Sora and Yu Yan exchanged glances before looking at the teenage girl still hugging Sora's leg.

Every hunter in the surrounding looked at Sora with vigilance a Yun Ling hugged his leg affectionately.

asked Sora rather curiously.

Usually he would get a feel or already know why someone would do something, but there are always those weird ones that you could never understand what they may do next. The girl hugging Sora's leg is one of those weird ones at the moment.

"Huh? You can speak?" said Yun Ling as she looked at Sora with shock.

said Sora as he looked at Yun Ling with a soft gaze.

"I'm hugging you because you saved our village and you protected everyone here," she said out loud.

Not knowing whether it was on purpose or not, Sora smiled and rubbed the girl's head with a finger.

'I like this girl already,' he thought. He smiled gently at the young and innocent Yun Ling and received a smile back.

Every person at the Heavenly Fate Plateau sighed in relief, especially Yun Ling's father, Old Man Yun. The hunters withdrew their weapons, but they kept a close hand on them to make sure they were ready for anything.

Sora inwardly nodded at their actions and said,

He grabbed Yun Ling and put her on top of his head as he remained in front of everyone.

Sora said as he sat down and looked at every single person there.

"But we don't have the resources!"

"We have no food!"

Sora nodded as he listened to every complaint from the hunters and the normal people.

"How do we know that you aren't lying?!" asked a woman.

Sora said, pulling out the 'I used to be human' card.


Everyone remained quiet as they looked at Sora skeptically. Yun Ling on the other hand, kicked her feet up in the air and said happily, "I don't care whether you're a human or not! What I do care about is the fact that you saved this settlement!"

'Nicely put kid,' thought Sora as he sent Yun Ling an imaginary thumbs up.

"How will you help us then?!"

"Yeah! Will you provide us food?"

"Will you help keep Heavenly Fate Plateau safe for everyone?!"

"Do you have ulterior motives?!"

Sora let everyone voice out there opinions and listened to each one. He maintained a stoic face as he stood their in front of all the people. With a teenage girl, sweet and innocent, and a pixie Fire Goddess, beautiful and s.e.xy figure, next to him, Sora would have drawn such a beautiful scene if it weren't for all the people before him.

After a while of letting everyone voice out their opinions, they all finally quieted down as they realized that Sora was waiting for them to shut up.

said Sora.

Second, every single child will have to go to school. There, they will learn the basics of cultivation, fighting, hunting, and survival skills. Additional classes for scholarly objectives will be given for those who wish to participate in them.

And lastly, you will all be given missions, or quests, to complete. Once completed, you will all be given a reward depending on the difficulty of the quest. With each quest down, you will earn Contribution points, amount varying for difficult of such quests. Penalties will also depend on the quest, the highest possible penalty being, is being exhiled from Heavenly Fate Plateau.>

Sora looked around at all the surprised and flabergasted faces before letting out a huff and saying,

Resources and food can all be gathered by all of you and will be posted as a quest with handsome rewards.

Besides education and providing you all rewards for quests and keeping Heavenly Fate Plateau save from all demon beasts, I will not be providing any other surface unless you suggest something and I accept that suggestion.>

"What about those that already have a cultivation base? Will we stay the way we are?" yelled a man with a bald head.

said Sora as he looked at the bald man.

"Psst.." called Yu Yan as she tried to get Sora's attention.

asked Sora.

"Can you make me a cultivation technique too?" asked Yu Yan with a tilt of her head.

he said with a smile.

"That's great," whispered Yu Yan before smiling cheekily.

'This Fire Goddess can almost be regarded as childish,' smirked Sora.

He looked at Yu Yan from the corner of his eyes before focusing on the people in front of him that lined up before smiling darkly.

'This way they will all be under my control. I can't let them rise to the top so easily, now can I? The cultivation techniques they have will bring them to the peak of Black-Gold rank before they reach a "bottleneck".

This is one of the ways I can make them rely on me, but not too much. Doing the contribution quests will give them the chance of breaking through to Legend/ Earthen Fate rank. Even then, they will still be under my control.'

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