Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 203

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 203 Venelanas Beastly Urges

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Two months had passed since Sora made himself head of the Heavenly Fate Plateau.

In the settlement, there were 1,069 people there.

Out of those 1,420, there were already 69 Black-Gold ranks. The rest being Gold rank and below.

The people of the Heavenly Fate Plateau had adapted pretty well to the new system Sora had put in; quests.

The majority of the people did contribution quests, raking in points and other stuff they could possibly get; elixirs, pills, items and weapons.

The rest either went to the school Sora had set up, or focused on cultivation.

Yun Ling, the teenager with blonde hair and blue eyes, had offered herself up to be Sora's assisstant with anything relating to the settlement. She had run many errands before for her dad, Old Man Yun, that she was well versed with the entire settlement.

She was a peculiar girl, but she was a very cheerful and energetic girl. She's smart, cheerful, and even kind to the point where Sora worries for her future. Because of this, Sora took interest in her and decided to help her out with that problem of being kind.

He didn't bother to ask about her age, knowing full well how old she is, so he focused on other matters instead.

Sora had gotten Yu Yan her an improved and flawless cultivation technique from her old one the day after he gave everyone in the settlement their new cultivation techniques.

Her cultivation technique, since she doesn't use any demon beast, was centered around cultivating her own demon beast soul, soul, and body. Although the main focus was her Law of Fire, which is more of an inscription pattern.

However, with his refining knowledge, Sora was able to put it in with her cultivation technique flawlessly. With a refining technique placed in there, Sora was able to feel her connection to the fire inscription growing stronger and stronger.

It won't be long until they truly do become one.

Since he knew that others can still take away ones Law when seriously weakened, he knew that their was a flaw in either their understanding, or the way they cultivated it. So he used a refining technique inside a cultivation technique, allowing a law to not only grow stronger with the cultivator's strength, but also create a stronger bond with them, allowing them to never lose the law.

Unless they meet Sora, however.

The demon beast which will be created through her cultivation of the cultivation technique Sora handed over to her. The demon beast will grow alongside her and will also be of a high grade, depending on how well she cares for the demon beast soul.

Her soul and body will be cultivated in a way that lets the Law of Fire become one with each and every one of her cells.

Yu Yan's new cultivation technique is called, "Phoenix's Flower".

Sora even used his Phoenix true form as the base of the technique, which he is quite proud of. He's not even sure if he will end up using his Emperor true form or his Dragon true form as a base for a cultivation technique in the future.

If Yu Yan cultivates Phoenix's Flower, she will basically become immortal even if she were to leave Tales of Demons and Gods. If she were to die out of the world Tales of Demons and Gods, she would only appear back in Tales of Demons and Gods with her cultivation back at Legend rank.

"Mother, you have a guest!" yelled a redhead beauty with big b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Do you know who it is Rias?" asked Venelana with a sweet smile as she looked at her blushing daughter dubiously.

"I-it's Sora mom..." said Rias.

Rias blushed because she knew why Sora was here at her mom's house. Since she had already lost her v.i.r.g.i.nity to Sora a few days before he was turned into a beast, she was feeling left out already as she realized that he came to her mom for what she had said all those years back. To which she didn't understand then until Sora appeared in his beast form today.

"Ara ara~ Seems like Mrs. Gremory will be having a wonderful time today, seductively said Akeno as she stood next to Rias. She had an arm under her b.r.e.a.s.ts with another hand over her mouth.

"My~, you girls are acting really suspicious," whispered Venelana with a dark look.

"Aha.. ha If you'll excuse us mother, Akeno and I have some unifinished business with our sisters (Sora's wives)," quickly said Rias as she made her way out with Akeno right behind her giggling.

"I wonder what they were talking about," sighed Venelana as she turned back to reading the book in her hand.

said a voice in her head, which sounded awfully familiar.

"Who- *sniff*" Venelana was about to yell out who was there after hearing the voice in her head. She was just about to put up her guard until she smelled something in the air that drew in all her attention and dropping her guard.


Inhaling the smell for a second time, Venelana felt her body heat up and her snatch grow wet oddly enough. She shut her legs tight together and rubbed them against each other as she looked around with a vigilant look and blushing face.

She looked to the right and noticed nothing before turning to the left and going wide eyed. With her eyes almost as big as saucers and her heart thumping madly, Venelana looked at the huge fat c.o.c.k bulging right in her face.

It was red and it had visible veins on them. It was dripping a slimy liquid, making Venelana gulp loudly as she looked at the huge c.o.c.k right in front of her face.


"Who?-" she asked before looking to who the c.o.c.k belonged to.

Her eyes trailed the bulging rod before seeing a lot of hair. She looked up even further and noticed that the hair continued until she eventually realized that it was fur, making body heat up even more.

With her mouth shut tight and her lips pressed against each other tightly, Venelana looked at the beast's face.

With big white eyes, beautiful flaming fur, two pairs of horns, one pair on top and the other protruding from the sides of his jaws. The face of the beast was oddly beautiful as she felt lost in it's stare

smiled the beast as he strides right on over to the front of her with his c.o.c.k still pointing right at her.

Hearing the voice a second time, Venelana felt her insides tighten as she looked at the beast's face with a shocked look, "Sora?"

said Sora as his d.i.c.k moved up and down as if saluting.

"Oh my demon..." she said as she looked at the beast c.o.c.k with a blush.

With the blush still on her face, Venelana reached out and touched the bulging rod right before her face.

"It's so big..." she said as she leaned forward and smelled it one more time.


She m.o.a.ned as she smelled such a beastly scent that really made her gears turn and grind against each other. Biting her lips seductively, Venelana licked the tip of the huge rod and looked up at Sora with happy eyes.

said Sora as he looked right at her.

"Uhumm..." she nodded as her tongue licked around the big bulging head.

With her hands that were small in comparison to the size of Sora's dong, Venelana put her two small hands on either side of his veiny c.o.c.k as she tried masturbating him.

Her eyes remained fixed on the beast's face as her long and wonderful tongue licked all of Sora's c.o.c.k.

Just as Sora thought things couldn't get any better, Venelana tried to suck on the tip. It was such a small area she tried to suck on, but it was a very nice feeling nonetheless.


"Ahh~~ So tasty.." exhaled hotly Venelana after sucking on the c.o.c.k and making a popping sound.

It's like the feeling of receiving a hickey, although painful to some, to others it's a very hot and pleasurable feeling.

With wide eyes, Sora grabbed Venelana with one hand and picked her up with her head down and her legs up,

Sora smiled as he looked at Venelana's beautiful and defenseless body. He used his dragon tongue and removed all of Venelana's cltohes easily before wrapping his tongue all over her slim body and beautiful b.r.e.a.s.ts.

He used his tongue's length to cup her b.r.e.a.s.ts and get a feel for her ass before sliding his tongue over to her wet field.

Venelana licked and sucled on Sora's c.o.c.k with vigor as she tried getting the tasty pre-c.u.m out of him. Venelana felt Sora's tongue lick her body before feeling something in between her legs.

"Ahh! Yes, lick me you beast!" she m.o.a.ned loudly as she felt Sora's tongue slowly slide inti her wet cave.

Sora's tongue slowly slid in further into her wet p.u.s.s.y before slowly pushing his tongue in and out of her.

"OOH! YESS!!" yelled out Venelana in pleasure as she hugged Sora's c.o.c.k in pleasure. She had completely dropped her lady look as she had fallen under Sora's deadliest weapon, pleasure.

As Sora licked her and f.u.c.k.i.e.d her with his tongue, Venelana tried to keep on kissing, licking, and sucking on Sora's c.o.c.k. Only to fail over and over as she came from Sora's tongue every time.


Sora felt Venelana hug his d.i.c.k tightly before licking it and sucking on it harder. She moved quicker and quicker and Sora finally couldn't hold it anymore as he came loads in Venelana's mouth.

His c.u.m flooded the inside of her mouth and slowly dripped out of her nose as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Sora sat on the ground as he let go of Venelana and allowed her to fall and remain perched in his rock hard d.i.c.k. Venelana swallowed everything Sora had come as she said, "Tasty~ I need more..."

She maintained her hug over Sora's c.o.c.k before slowly moving up and down with her whole body. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts rubbed against Sora's huge c.o.c.k and her wet snatch coated his d.i.c.k in even more juice.

said Sora as he lifted Venelana by the arms and had her hanging in front of himself.

"What are you going to do?" she asked rather nervously.

smirked Sora before letting his tongue slide out his mouth and right into hers.

She caught her breath as she felt Sora's fat and long tongue slide into her mouth. It slowly licked and played with her tongue before it slowly slid down her through and brought it out as she started to gag.

He did it a couple of times more before noticing Venelana's pleading look of pleasure.

m.o.a.ned Sora with a smile as he pushed Venelana away from himself.

He used Big Tiny Wishes before going into an appropriate size that will allow his c.o.c.k to fit in Venelana without breaking her.

With his hands holding onto both of her thighs, Sora placed Venelana right over his bulging c.o.c.k. With his tip pointing right at her wet cave, Sora slowly brought them together.

"It won't fit!" yelled Venelana as she looked at Sora's c.o.c.k with an anticipating look. Her toes were clenched and her hands were on her b.r.e.a.s.ts, slowly moving them and pinching her

roared Sora as he thrusted his h.i.p.s forwards and pushed his c.o.c.k as deep as he could inside Venelana.

"GAH!" gasped Venelana as she felt Sora impale her with his c.o.c.k and spread her wide open. She orgasmed as she felt the immense pleasure from such a thrust and the faint pain of being spread open a lot.

asked Sora as he looked at Venelana's ahegao face.

"A am. Amazwwinng!" m.o.a.ned Venelana between her teeth and a wide smile and slightly rolled back eyes. Her hands were resting over the bulge Sora's c.o.c.k is making whilst it is thrust deep within her.

said Sora with a smirk.

Venelana felt Sora pull out all of a sudden and she felt all her juices run outside of her body, dripping them on the floor being being plugged up once again.

She felt Sora go in and out of her consecutively as her arms pressed her b.r.e.a.s.ts together and her feet dangled as Sora had a hold over her legs.

"AHHH!!~~~ YES! You're so goood!!" yelled Venelana as she felt Sora's huge c.o.c.k go in and out of her.

He moved her up and down like a portable onahole as he looked at her with a smile. He increased his movement speed before buckling his h.i.p.s and pulling her body close to himself before c.u.m.m.i.n.g.

He came in her, making her stomach bulge and make her juices leak even more as she overflowed with Sora's c.u.m.

"Ahh this is so good We we need to do this more often!" gasped Venelana as her body fell limp with Sora's still in her.

Sora sat on the ground and laid down, leaving Venelana on his d.i.c.k, with it deep within her and it bulging out.

After a while, Sora pulled Venelana off and set her off to the side before yelling,

And with that call, many cat women entered the room and swarmed Sora before many launched themselves at his d.i.c.k and his face and horns.