Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 204

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 204 Mysteries Of Life And Death

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After letting out his pent up s.e.x.u.a.l urges on his newly acquired wife and his voluptuous cat women, Sora returned to Tales of Demons and Gods all refreshed.

Appearing at the house that they had made for him, Sora stood atop of the house and looked at everyone from the roof.

He looked at everyone working hard to accomplish their tasks and quests. All the children had gone to their classes to be taught by the mannequins Sora had constructed for training. All he did was change up their settings and had them ready for teaching young minds.

The a.d.u.l.ts cultivated, others farm, while the majority went on missions and completed quests.

In the two months, Sora did nothing major besides scouting the surroundings of the Heavenly Fate Plateau to search for any other stuff besides just Yu Yan and her recovery bath.

Sadly, with no luck in finding anything of value, Sora had to settle down and wait for Shen Xiu to finish teaching her nephew's class.

"Everything seems to be going well," commented Yu Yan as she perched herself on top of one of Sora's jaw horns.

Seeing her miniature seductive body rest upon his horn made Sora recall what the naughty cat women did with it. Luckily he washed his whole body, and the women, after their steamy session.

It didn't even phase him when he noticed how stretchy the snathes of the cat woman were. After all, the Nekomata have a long and extensive history. Who's to say that their ancestors never banged with no giants or big monsters.

Especially when the Nekomata turn very horny in their mating season, wanting to bang either the closest male or the one with the best relationship.

Sora even worries for his future nekomata daughters.

nodded Sora after hearing Yu Yan's comment.

"Was there something you wished to accomplish with pushing the humans to become stronger?" asked Yu Yan with a curious look as she focused on Yun Ling, who was cultivating in the courtyard.

said Sora.

"No goal?" said Yu Yan as she looked at Sora for a few seconds and facing the settlement once again.

Sora paid attention to everything in the settlement, the houses, streets, shops, entertainment, and even the items they used.

Shaking his head, he knew that they would need to advance much of everything. Since he had already been to Glory City, he already realized that compared to them, Heavenly Fate Plateau has nothing besides being more safe from demon beasts.

he said with a light smile.

"Better?" Yu Yan asked.

Sora chuckled and looked at Yu Yan.

"Sounds amazing, in what era, or domain, was that in?" she asked after hearing Sora speak.

Sora said lightly smiling.

"A world so far away...?" asked Yu Yan.

said Sora.

He looked at all the buildings and frowned.

'Compared to the Draconic Ruins Realm, this Tiny World is very underdeveloped,' thought Sora as he remembered seeing all the ruins, Glory City, and Heavenly Fate Plateau.

Draconic Ruins Realm had buildings that helped demon spiritualists and fighters to breakthrough a rank and helped them cultivate. Through pressure, some can even temper their cultivation base and be slightly stronger than others.

Glory City and Heavenly Fate Plateau did not have that. They don't even have any buildings that have hundreds of cultivation techniques. Not even secret techniques.

However, Sora noticed that both worlds didn't have a single martial art. There were only some martial arts with the fighters that are passed down through personal disciples and their children.

Sora took a look at their martial arts and didn't really find any of them to be of a good grade. Since he was a Martial Art encyclopedia, he knew of their martial art and how good, bad, they were.

Even their flaws.

He noticed that on a scale of 0 - 10, the average was a 2.

Even the martial arts on Earth was an average 6 - 7.

There were only around 6-7 martial arts that reached the 8 in Draconic Ruins Realm.

Sora shook his head as he thought about this. He can't even imagine as to how the humans have survived so long with just cultivation and secret techniques.

'I should fix all this,' thought Sora as he looked at some children train with the training dummies.

'I should make some of these buildings that will work for these humans. It should work if I make it an artifact and put stuff like runes, and some inscription patterns,' he thought.

Sora got up and jumped down from the roof before moving over to an unused area.

He leveled the area before taking out the bricks of gold essence and making grey bricks. With the grey bricks, Sora went ahead and laid out the foundation of the cultivation tower.

After setting the foundation of the tower with the bricks, Sora made five floors. One for each cultivation rank. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black-Gold, and Legend/Earthen Fate.

Out of the thousands of years in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora had acc.u.mulated over 47 bricks of Gold Essence. He put away two Gold Essence bricks and used the 45 that were out.

Putting eight bricks in each corner of the tower and on each floor, Sora was left with five on hand. Using those five, Sora affixed them to the middle of each floor.

Once he was done setting in the last one, Sora began placing 'Pressure' inscription patterns on the floors. Each 'Pressure' inscription pattern grows stronger with each floor.

After placing all five inscription patterns, he went ahead and placed some runes on the walls to make it impossible to be destroyed. He even went as far as to place a rune that lowers the strength of the cultivators inside the tower.

Sora went and placed a single high-level defense rune on each wall, floor, roof, and corner.

Before leaving the tower, Sora placed an array that gathers a portion of soul force, law energy, and heavenly energy of whoever enters to fuel the growth of the tower. Making it grow more and more endlessly, growing a new floor to allow stronger and other types of cultivators to grow.

The array even takes in every type of Qi, Spiritual Energy, Spirit Energy, Profound Energy, Mana, and any other type of energy that may exist. All for the purpose of growing and putting pressure on whoever enters to allow them to grow stronger.

Once he was done with that, he stepped outside the cultivation tower and looked at it.

'It's still not an artifact, considering I haven't even added the name of the tower,' chuckled Sora as he brought out a huge wooden board and wrote, "Universal Tower".

After finishing with that, Sora took a step back and watched as an invisible energy wrapped around the Universal Tower and bathed it in a soft glow before dissipating.

With a look of curiosity, Sora activated his Heavenly Vision Technique and looked at the information of the tower.

[Universal Tower (Portable)]

[Artifact- Growth-type.

Description: A tower that can grow through acc.u.mulated energy. Serves cultivators to help temper the cultivation bases of anyone who enters the tower by putting pressure on their cultivation base

Makes other artifacts invalid inside the tower and makes the strength of whoever enters to the grade of a mortal. Keep in mind that the defense and toughness of a body remains and only the strength is sapped away.

Made by a Heavenly Crafter, Heavenly Enchanter, Heavenly Array Crafter, Inscription Pattern GrandMaster, and Heavenly Artifact Creator-- Sora.]

(Heavenly ??? is the highest to ever ever exist. Grandmaster is what anyone can hardly ever accomplish. Master is what most genius' can ever stop at. The rest is irrelevant. All of Sora's knowledge is Heavenly rank, the only GrandMaster being Cultivation knowledge and Inscription Patterns.)


Whistling at the absurdity of the thing he has created, Sora was glad that it was a portable artifact. Especially since he wants to place it inside his Heavenly World before he leaves Tales of Demons and Gods.

'I should make another artifact like this one, but on a better level. More powerful too with more features,' thought Sora as he looked happily at the Universal Tower.

"Amazing," said Yu Yan as she looked at it from on top of Sora's head.

said Sora as he looked at the tower.

"I saw how you built it all, but to see it like this now it's honestly amazing," she commented with a face full of awe.

Sora and Yu Yan talked for a whole more before he went ahead to put in the quest board about the Universal Tower he created to help them out with their cultivation.

Many people already saw the notice and decided to head on over and try it.

Sora on the other hand went to his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to study the feeling his Sacred Scripture had given him when the Heavenly World rose in level.

He sat down and began chanting the chant that was in the book before feeling the two odd yet familiar energies wrap around his body. The more he studied the two energies, the more the two energies were becoming more familiar.

Finally after an hour, Sora opened his eyes wide as he finally grasped the energies.

'Life and Death!' thought Sora as he remembered that the Sacred Scriptures revolved around the Life and Death Laws.

Sora smiled widely knowing full well that he already mastered both of the laws in their stronger form, Yin (Death) and Yang (Life).

He used the energy and made it revolve around himself as he played around with the Yin and Yang Laws. He used them in all manners until he stumbled across something that had absolutely shocked him to his core.

He just couldn't believe that such a thing can actually exist. With such a thing by his side, he is sure to cause chaos within every world with no effort at all.

Nothing could stop him in his tracks as he speedrolls to the top with the new ability he had gained. Secrets Life (Yang) and Death (Yin) hold will no longer be secrets in his new ability that he had gained.

With such terrifying abilities, Sora was even slightly scared of himself.

He was just casually passing his Yin and Yang Laws throughout his whole body as a way to get used to using such energy. Which he has already done with the Primal Chaos and Void/Nothingness Laws, only needing to do Time and Space, and Sound and Gravity Laws.

He passed his Life (Yang) and Death (Yin) Laws through his whole body and then passed them over his eyes when he noticed another world.

A world filled with black cracks, points, and lines.

When Sora found this new side to the world, he somehow knew the name of this ability.

'Mystic Eyes of Death Perception,' thought Sora as he looked at the black points, lines, and cracks.

When his Life (Yang) Law went into his eyes, the same thing had occurred, except every line, point, and crack was in a golden color. There were even golden cloud cl.u.s.ters every now and then.

Something which Sora had thought of calling Life Clouds, which through using his Heavenly Vision Technique, he found that it can bolster a beings' life force and even cure them.

This pair of eyes, using the Life (Yang) Law, is called the 'Mystic Eyes of Life Perception'.

He even noticed the name of the ability change as he used both laws at the same time and two new features appear, there even seemed to be more hidden but up to Sora to find.

When using both laws at the same time, the name changes to 'Taichi Emperor's Mystic Eyes.'

With this new pair of Mystic Taichi Eyes, Sora can change someone's gender and bring someone back from non-existence. Which he currently had no idea how it works.

If someone doesn't exist anymore, bringing them back from non-existence is like creating life. But instead of creating a new one, an old one is being created from nothing.

However, after a moment of study, Sora noticed a list appear in his mind, which continues expanding. Atop of the list lay in bold letters, "List of Non-existence."

Sora noticed that when a said person is erased from existence, the Life (Yang) and Death (Yin) Laws download all of their existence onto a flash drive before pulling them out from the main system and deleting them from the main system.

The flash drive is then kept hidden from the entire universe and kept away from all prying eyes.

Sora's eyes twinkled as he realized the great power hidden behind the eyes as he stepped onto unknown territory.