Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 205

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 205 Space Time Disturbance

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Sora exited his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as he revelled in his newfound ability.

He finds it hard to believe that somewhere in the entire universe, another world, another dimension people are using this strong and broken ability.

'How could I have not found this any sooner?' Sora asked himself as he shook his head.

'Maa it's not like I have the Life (Yang) and Death (Yin) Laws back then...' thought Sora with a shrug.

Sora walked around Heavenly Fate Plateau, making sure everything is okay and there aren't any problems.

He didn't walk around with Yu Yan as he usually does. For some reason, he feels like something very interesting will be happening soon.

Something which will bring him a vast amount of fortunes.

It's almost like his life is connected to fate and it occasionally points him in the correct way. With even more luck coming from his nights with his beautiful wife Tyche, the Goddess of Luck.

'Does my luck truly go up with having hot sessions with her?' Sora thought jokingly as he imagined the n.a.k.e.d body of his beautiful Goddess of Luck wife.

Sora shook his head.

He strolled for a longer while before freezing in his spot and turning to where Glory City is with wide eyes.


In an instant, Sora disappeared from where he was and appeared over Glory City.

With his Dongxuan Aura covering him and masking his presence, Sora looked around the sky with wide eyes and his spiritual sensing to the max.

His face was on alert as he quickly infused some of his Time and Space Law energy into his eyes and spiritual senses.

As soon as they were in his eyes and senses, Sora felt more ripples in the fabric of Space and Time. He looked on with amazement as the soul of a man with orange hair was pushed into the world.

Sora didn't stay standing still as he watched the unconscious man get ejected from the future. With his Time law energy in his eyes and senses, he can easily feel from when the man had come from, and with his Space law energy, he knew where his body was headed.

But before he can do anything longer to the body, he felt the man's body get tugged on by something. Sora made use of his pure Soul Force and tried to keep the man's body with him for a while longer.

Quickly, he made use of all his sensing abilities, especially his soul sense since the body he is holding on to is just a soul.

In just five seconds, Sora found an interesting seed in the man's soul. His eyes glimmered and he quickly made use of his limited Primal Chaos Qi and extracted it from the man's body.

Again the man's body was tugged on once more and Sora quickly accessed his memories. In the man's head, Sora quickly found the knowledge section, which consisted of millions of books and scrolls.

Sora quickly took everything in there and looked around the man's memories and found nothing of interest. With nothing else to take or do, Sora took one last glance at the memory section and disappeared from the man's Sea of Consciousness.

After exiting the man's consciousness, Sora looked at the soul that fell down to the school Shen Xiu teaches at, Holy Orchid Institute, with interest.

He checked the knowledge that he took from the man and found that the soul he had just stolen knowledge from had everything he was searching for.

From cultivation techniques to powerful inscription patterns and from knowledge on powerful foes to knowledge on powerful artifacts, Sora was psyched for everything he will be searching for. Either with Yu Yan, Yun Ling, and Shen Xiu or no one, as long as he gets the artifacts.

With the knowledge he now holds, Sora can now cultivate his soul and his Myriad Intents! It even brought up his Inscription Pattern knowledge from Grandmaster all the way to Heavenly Pattern Inscriptionist.

Sitting cross legged in the air, Sora entered his Sea of Consciousness to organize every knowledge he just took from the man.

He had his thoughts in the background make many new powerful and flawless techniques, martial arts, arrays, formations, inscriptions, inscription patterns, Soul Cultivation Techniques, Dual/Duo cultivation techniques, and some mind cultivation techniques.

Slowly, Sora was starting to become even more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. With his thoughts and his thinking speed increased by almost 1,000+%, he can easily make many new techniques, arrays, formations, etc., in just seconds. He even worked faster than a computer would with all the amount of knowledge and information he had to deal with.

Particularly since he makes everything with no flaws at all. Making them all perfect to cultivate, yet each all have different attributes, purposes, and even strength levels.

Even with the flaws, Sora was attracted to three cultivation techniques, from hundreds of thousands, that he took from the orange haired man.

Heavenly God Technique

War God Technique

Void God Technique

Each seemed tantalizing to Sora, but he shook his head and quickly began removing their flaws before making them better and mixing them with seven other refined cultivation techniques. To make the cultivation techniques even more powerful, Sora went ahead and removed the body cultivation part and focused it on the soul.

Even if his body is weak against those in the same realm as him, he can fix it another way in the future with other techniques that are more beneficial than the ones in Tales of Demons and Gods. He even has his bloodlines to make up for the weakness of his Body's cultivation.

Sora quickly fixed up the most powerful soul cultivation technique and began refining it even further.

After a few seconds, Sora finally saw the perfect technique.

[Myriad God Emperor Technique]

[A soul cultivation technique made to it's utmost beauty, perfection, strength, and versatility, where it can be appropriately called a Heavenly Path.

Conceal one's cultivation base.

Cultivate more than one demon spirit with different attributes.

Take full advantage of pills, elixirs, potions, etc. and have the effects be 100% every single time.

Immunity to poisons.

Immune to soul attacks as long as the cultivation base is stronger.

Make use of any other secret technique regardless of attribute.

Use the abilities of any other soul cultivation technique with 150% it's power.

Five times stronger than those on the same cultivation base.

Foundation is 1,000 times stronger than any other foundation.

Tempers and refines the body to be able to hold on to Primal Chaos Qi, even if they hold no meridians and/or dantian. Increasing the amount one can hold to a very high level.

Forms Heavenly graded meridians in the body that can hold and circulate Primal Chaos Qi.

Hides the practitioner from Heaven, Heaven's Will, Divination, Fate, Karma, and Destiny.

Pulls Fate, Karma, and Destiny at one's favor. (Increases Luck.)

When killing other cultivators, their soul cultivation base is turned into pure Soul Force/Law Energy/Heavenly Energy for the cultivation base of the practitioner. (Experience points to level up.)]

Sora looked at the Cultivation Technique with a wide and happy smile. With this, he has solved his problem with almost everything.

It came with a surprise that the cultivation technique allows his body to acc.u.mulate Primal Chaos Qi. Especially more so when it gave him the meridians for it. All he needed now was a Dantian that will allow him to cultivate his essence/Qi and become a truly powerful powerhouse.

What he was happier about in the Myriad God Emperor Technique was the fact that it increased his luck and hid him from everything, besides the n.a.k.e.d eyes and when he's in someones' aura and/or sensing area.

Now if the system left him, he wouldn't be worried as much since he can now perfectly hide from the Heavens and any other powerful existence.

Sora looked around and found a suitable spot to begin training. He landed on the ground and smiled at all the horned sheep in the area.

'I will cultivate law energy since it is the purest form of Soul Force and is more compatible with Heavenly Energy,' thought Sora as he got in a lotus position.

With a smile, Sora got to practicing the technique as he smiled enthusiastically.

As Shen Xiu continued lecturing on the stage, Nie Li was sitting in the back row. His mind was in a trance as his soul floated around.

After a while, Nie Li slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't help being confused by the scene in front of him.

"Where am I?" Nie Li quietly asked himself.

He was utterly shocked as he realised that his hands became smaller and his skin became a lot more tender.

He looked around the room in slight shock as he came to a realization.

'I was reborn!'

He turned to the side and looked at two familiar faces he would have never thought to have seen ever again; Lu Piao and Du Ze.

He looked to the left and his eyes shone with uncontrollable l.u.s.t and love as his eyes fell on the purple haired 13 year old girl.

'She's not dead!' Nie Lie thought as he remembered the blissful night they had together before she died the next day at the hands of a demon beast.

He looked at her for a hot minute with a hot sigh before thinking to himself, 'It must have been the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that brought me back!'

Nie Li calmed down and checked in his soul and found nothing. It was a mysterious book that had many capabilities, which he can't remember.

Nie Li rubbed his head for a bit before moving the thought to the side and revelling in the moment. He had just come back from the future! He can change so many things before they happen and help everyone with what will come to happen.

He turned to look at the purple haired girl again and thought, 'I will protect you no matter what Ye Ziyun! I will make sure of it.'

".. and that's what a Gold Demon Spiritualist can do if he is pushed to the limits." said Shen Xiu as she finished demonstrating a survival tip for the students.

With a frown on his face, Nie Li turned to look at Shen Xiu before tuning her out. He thought back to what had happened in his past life and thought about it all carefully.

'Something's different...' he thought with a frown as he looked at Shen Xiu.

"After you have all grown up and left this school, you will agree with my words. Equality is merely a lie that a.d.u.l.ts fill you with. You can't be living in a fairy tale forever," Shen Xiu said, lowering her head to look at the students. "Glory City is the only city that has been preserved throughout the Age of Darkness. We are the only surviving humans. Within Glory City there are two kinds of powerful existences.The Fighters and the Demon Spiritualists. A Demon Spiritualist's existence is noble. Only one Fighter within thousands or tens of thousands could have a chance of being born a powerful Demon Spiritualist. Until now, in all of Glory City, only a few thousand Demon Spiritualists exist. We are the guardians of Glory City!"

Shen Xiu took a look around the room once more before proceeding to say, "Which social status you have doesn't matter. If your dedication and your soul realm is not up to par, you will never get anywhere without the use of outside forces such as elixirs."

Everyone in the class slightly raised their heads in appreciation to what she had said. If the Shen Xiu from a couple years ago was up speaking, she would have mentioned social status as a factor of being a successful cultivator. After all, her brother Shen Hong had her on a leash before and she had to be his talking puppet.

He wants as few people as possible running against him when he is finally close to becoming the City Lord.

Shen Xiu smiled after she said that but frowned when her eyes landed on Nie Lie. She felt irked and said, "Take Nie Li for example. He has a red soul realm, which is not a problem. It will only take more effort to get to a level where others reach faster. However, if you're like Nie Li and not paying attention, you will never get to a high rank, much less Legendary, if you're as lazy as Nie Li.

So remember to work hard and strive to get to the top."