Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 206

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 206 The Rules

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"..." Nie Li remained quiet after hearing Shen Xiu talk about him in a bad light.

He couldn't say anything, however. What she said was true and he couldn't refute anything she said, so he kept his head down while listening to Shen Xiu speak.

In his past life, before Glory City was broken through, the Sacred Family was the first to flee. Therefore, Nie Li does not have any pleasant impressions for them. Whether it's Shen Yue or Shen Xiu, there weren't any redeeming qualities. In his past life Shen Xiu was very harsh, which led to Nie Li disliking her.

Up to the point where he left the school and gave up cultivating for a couple of years.

However, in this life, she seems to be more cool headed. Although he still can't fully trust her or her abilities.

'Was I sent to a different past?' Nie Li asked himself rather worriedly as he turned to look at Ye Ziyun with worry.

"Student Nie Li, I need you to pay attention to class or you will have to be moved to another class," mentioned Shen Xiu as she looked at Nie Li with disdain.

If he wasn't willing to pay attention in class, how could he possibly be allowed to receive her respect as a teacher.

Nie Li's eyebrow twitched as he listened to Shen Xiu speak and he couldn't help but stand up and ask, "Teacher Shen Xiu, I have a question."

"I see that you have finally come to learn in school," said Shen Xiu as she looked at Nie Li with a tilt of her head. "What is your question, student Nie Li?"

"Teacher Shen Xiu says that Glory City is the only one that survived the Age of Darkness, that we are the only surviving humans. What proof do you have on this statement? May I ask if the teacher ever went out of the St. Ancestral Mountains and visited the Endless Desert, the Toxic Forest, the Blood Moon Marsh, the Spirit Gulf, the Heavenly L.u.s.ter Mountains, and the Northern Snow before?" Nie Li asked with a condescending look.

All the students looked on with great interest at Nie Li as he started speaking all high and mighty. Even his two friends Du Ze and Lu Piao looked at Nie Li funnily and with slight worry.

Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue looked at Nie Li with faces filled with pity, besides Shen Yue who had his pity mixed with disdain. After all, they both know that Shen Xiu had disappeared from Glory City for two years before finally appearing just to teach.

No one knew where she had disappeared to and why. Her family wouldn't give any explanation as to why she had just up and disappeared one day.

It was even more shocking to find out that Shen Xiu had come back many times stronger, with her rank bordering Black-Gold. Even more so when her skills have become too strong for any ordinary Black-Gold to contend with. Most believe that now, only a Legend Rank expert can stop her should she wish to go on a rampage.

"Yes! I have been to all those places!" answered Shen Xiu enthusiastically as she remembered her days traveling around with Sora. The only place I hadn't traveled to is the Toxic Forest."

"Eh?" Nie Li froze before looking at Shen Xiu with a weird look before laughing it off. He scratched the back of his head and bowed slightly in a manner of apology, "Ehehe I see. Thank you for clearing this thought of mine teacher..."

Shen Xiu giggled a bit as she remembered the fun times she had with Sora in the Northern Snow before turning serious and looking at Nie Li with a dark look. Slowly unleashing her heavy Fire Fox Fairy aura, Shen Xiu looked at Nie Li with a stern look, "Student Nie Li, I would like to know how YOU know about those places that have yet to be made public. Should you not come out and tell the truth, you, and possibly your whole family, will be exiled from Glory City."

'Damn how was I supposed to know that she knew of the places and that they are currently a secret from the world!' thought Nie Li with a pained face as his body bent under the pressure.

He looked at everyone in the room who looked at him weird, and when he noticed Ye Ziyun's look of pity, he felt like crying inside.

"I My family had records in their library which had been passed down from generation to generation," muttered Nie Li as he tried looking at Shen Xiu in the eyes.

The pressure disappeared from the room as Shen Xiu returned to the front of the room before looking at Nie Li with a serious look, "Since you have confessed that your family held on to information such as this for many years and kept it hidden from all of Glory City. Your whole family will be put under review before being given two choices.

To be stripped of their social status or being thrown out of Glory City."

"What?!" Nie Li yelled in shock as he slammed his hands on the table.

"I'm sorry Student Nie Li, but these are the rules. If we were having a talk one on one, I would have been able to keep quiet on this, but you have confessed in front of everyone," said Shen Xiu with a sincere tone.

'No this can't be happening..' thought Nie Li as he collapsed on his chair.

"It will be alright Nie Li. I'm sure the City Lord will just strip your family of your status and leave your family alone," said Du Ze with optimism.

Nie Li remained quiet as he stared at the ceiling blankly.

His thoughts roamed around as he thought of any possible method that can possibly help him save his family from being stripped of their status and/or being exiled.

'My knowledge on the location of artifacts! Maybe that can help my family should we be stripped of our position or from being exiled.' Nie Li thought with great happiness as he looked into his mind to look for all the knowledge on the artifacts.


Nie Li looked into his mind with great worry.

He couldn't find knowledge on a single item in his memories or whatsoever. He won't be able to help them out much if that is so!

Nie Li was biting his fingers in nervousness as he thought of something, 'If-if I can't help my family with artifacts, maybe with some cultivation techniques!'

Searching once more in his mind, Nie Li was at a loss as his eyes became dead. Realizing that he had lost everything; cultivation techniques, artifacts, Inscription patterns, knowledge, alchemy, and even what had helped him grow stronger, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Just as he started thinking about it, Nie Li shook in realization as he thought to himself with a wide smile, 'I'll just look for them once again!'

Turning to Du Ze and Lu Piao, Nie Li smiled and said, "How would you two like to grow stronger?"

Standing outside of Holy Orchid Institute, were three friends.

"So let's get this straight you want 'US' to accompany you to a land where we can easily die and help you obtain a couple of old books and possibly an artifact?" asked Lu Piao dubiously.

"Yes. Help me do this and I can assure you that we will become powerful and bring honor to our families!" said Nie Li with a frank smile

Du Ze looked at Nie Li for a second before turning to look at Lu Piao who looked interested. He shook his head and said, "I can't go. I have to take care of my siblings and mother while my father helps hunt food with the other hunters".

"I understand Du Ze," nodded Nie Li as he knew where his heart was placed. He turned to look at Lu Piao who seemed to still be thinking about it as Du Ze made his way back home.

"When do we leave?" asked Lu Piao as he looked at Nie Li with an interested look.

"In fifteen days," said Nie Li with an assured nod.

Lu Piao nodded and asked, "Will we be going alone?"

"No, for this, we will be joining an expedition. As long as you stick with me, we will find the treasure before anyone else does," said Nie Li with a proud look.

Nodding, Lu Piao said, "Okay, I'm in."

Nie Li smiled happily as they both shook hands and nodded at the same time.


At this time, Sora was having a shocking moment as he checked his soul with a soul crystal.

In the crystal in his hands, Sora was able to see his Soul Form, Soul Realm, and Soul Attribute.

His Soul Form was that of an Ancient Chinese Emperor Crown with Chinese Characters that read 'Heavenly God' on it.

Sora's Soul Realm was like space. All pitch black besides the many multiple white dots.

Sora had no idea if he even had a Soul Attribute as the soul crystal always broke when it got to that part. No matter how big and strong the crystal is, it always broke when it got time to see his Soul attributes.

Since his affinity, talent and potential is something no living and dead person can ever rival, Sora's attributes may as well be all of them.

He shook his head and focused his thoughts on his Soul Force.

'So all the power I acc.u.mulated in Bleach was compressed and changed to become my soul's dantian? I have a black soul realm this only indicates that I have a soul realm of the Heavenly rank and that it is from my Soul King power,' Sora thought before focusing on his cultivation that went at an agonizingly slow pace.

Even with his Heavenly ranked soul realm, Sora believes that he won't make it to Legendary in 500 years. Luckily he has his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to help with this endeavour of his.

Other than that, he already saw powerful effects from cultivating his powerful technique.

His body already felt like it was changing as all his cells slowly changed to house his Primal Chaos Qi and how his body slowly produced powerful meridians.

With his heart beating rapidly and with a happy beat, Sora even felt his bloodlines changing under his Myriad God Emperor Technique.

It was a weird thing to experience since it felt like he became even closer with his bloodlines, which shouldn't be possible since his refining was done exceptionally well.

Sora looked on with amazement as his bloodlines took on their forms and became his Demon Spirits that are connected to his very existence. He was shocked at this change of events as he realized that his soul is now human again.

Which means that if he turns back into a human in body, he will become a human forever yet also be a beast at the same time. It's like every one of his bloodlines has become him and he has become them,

Although his body will primarily be a human since he has always been a human.

THAT and it's his preferred form to have fun lemon scenes with his wives.

Sora looked at his soul with amazement as he noticed the eight bloodlines residing in his soul, ready for him to use them to transform. Although it would look somewhat weird for a big ape to change into other beasts or gain some of their features.

Now Sora can really say that he is human to every single person without having to lie. If he were to enter another cultivation world, he won't have to go through something like this again.

However it was too late in this world since he can't change back until the 100 years are up. Right now he only has 4 actual years remaining before he becomes human again, that's not including his time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

'I should collect some stuff while I am here. Especially some Demon Spirits for the people back at the Heavenly Fate Plateau. I will probably have to talk with Shen Xiu about this,' thought Sora.

Since he had a lot of time in his hands, he had decided on helping out the humans of Tales of Demons and Gods and helping them grow stronger. He's even looking for a correct time to connect his Heavenly World to every single domain, realm, and world out there.