Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 207

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 207 Cultivating

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Sora shakes his head and decides to leave that up for the next time.

'Oh yeah, there's that one item I hadn't checked from the man,' thought Sora before taking out the weird strange seed he had taken from the soul of the man. 'I'm probably supposed to refine this and have it embed itself into my soul.'

He sighed and placed the seed in between his hands before slowly raising it as he moved his Soul Force in the way his Myriad God Emperor Technique required. His soul force leaked out of him and surrounded the little seed and slowly made the seed disappear into his soul.

Minutes passed and the soul force that had leaked out of his body returned and he found a seed in his soul.

'How does it grow?' Sora asked himself as he looked at the seed.

However, not long after leaving the seed in his soul realm, he already felt the seed crack and a small leaf leave.

He looked at it with an intriguing look while thinking, 'It looks like it gets nourished by my soul force that is in my soul realm. I should increase my rank and see what types of abilities this thing has.'

Now that Sora thinks about it, he can very easily fix the problem of not being able to reach Legend rank in 500 years.

He can make a quick artifact that can easily increase his cultivation speed, letting him reach Legend in just 50 years. And with an array, he can condense the soul force of the surrounding area to make it easier for him to absorb and increase his speed once more by almost 5-fold.

It wouldn't be too hard for him to reach Legend in just a year.

Though it did make sense as to why the amount of time to reach Legend rank was so much.

Unlike the normal cultivation techniques, Myriad God Emperor is so strong that it vastly increases his lifespan when reaching a new rank. Although Sora doesn't really need this since the Titan, Dragon, Phoenix, Vampire, Emperor, Demon and Angel bloodlines all vastly increase his lifespan and lifeforce. His body is basically immortal in terms of age and regenerative properties, as long as he doesn't get one shotted, he can survive almost anything.

With the technique also changing his body to help it hold Primal Chaos Qi, it will also start to increase his cultivation speed. Eventually, if he were to have the max amount of Primal Chaos Qi in his body, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he can become a Legend Rank expert in just one day.

The Primal Chaos Qi even tempered the meridians that form within his body, slowly making them more powerful and changing them into the Primal Chaos Meridians.

Even the strength of the cultivation base is abnormal thanks to the Myriad God Emperor Technique.

If he were to be a 5-Star Bronze rank, his strength would sit around at Gold rank. Silver would be the strength of a Black-Gold and Gold would be Legend.

By the time he becomes a Black-Gold rank cultivator, his strength will be peak 5-Star Legend until he understands Heavenly Energy and has the strength of a Heavenly Fate expert. Since the strength only increases with each rank, by the time Sora becomes a Legend, he has the strength of someone at a 10 Heavenly Fate rank experts.

After he reaches Heavenly Fate, he's not sure how much strength he will hold, but he is sure to hold the strength of at least 15 to 20 Heavenly Star realm experts.

He's even shocked at the amount of strength this technique can give him. He's just happy at the fact that he can completely hide his aura or he would be hurting those who don't even have a soul cultivation base.

Shaking his head, Sora decided to quickly draw something on the tree right behind him. After a second, the drawing was complete and the soul force of the surrounding was immediately starting to condense and be attracted to the small array Sora made.

Without wasting a second, Sora grabbed a rock and quickly put an inscription and gave it a drop of blood essence, making it an artifact. After the artifact was complete, he placed it on top of his head and felt the increase of speed in his cultivation.

Relaxing his whole body, Sora sat in front of the tree and had his back against the array, hiding it from view.

'The rock will only last for a few days since the inscription and my drop of blood essence is too strong for it That will signify for me to stop and make my way to Shen Xiu, to have her do a bit of stuff for me,' thought Sora as he calmed his mind.

'I should probably look for that orange haired man, return him his knowledge. I was in a rush when I found him, so I took everything he had,' thought Sora as remembered back to the morning when he found the man's body being ejected from the fabric of Space and Time.

He couldn't even use his Time Law then and freeze time since the man's ejection caused the Space-Time fabric to be very unstable for a couple of seconds.

'He's probably fine, he won't need the knowledge, right?' chuckled Sora as he got to cultivating.

Unbeknownst to Sora, as soon as he started cultivating, a layer of stone instantly formed around him. It was something the Myriad God Emperor Technique does whenever the practitioner practices. It does it so that it can freely change the cells of the body and make the meridians without being disturbed by other beings.

The stone that had formed around him wasn't normal either. Whilst cultivating, the stone hardens to the point where one might think that it is indestructible. And when he stops cultivating, the stone becomes nothing but a bunch of feeble stone he can break with just a flick of the wrist and a soft blow.

The stone even had an aura that deters off other beasts to keep them from trying to bother Sora. He's like a natural beast repellent whenever he cultivates.

"Lu Piao, since we won't have much time, we will have to train ourselves," said Nie Li as he and Lu Piao stood in front of each other at the training grounds of the institute.

"Are you sure you should be doing this Nie Li?" asked Lu Piao as he looked at Nie Li with a reproachful look.

"Huh? What do you mean? This is for the good of both of us!" thumped Nie Li as he lifted his head high and puffed up his chest.

Lu Piao looked at Nie Li worriedly and sighed.

He looked around before whispering, "But you really need to cultivate. You haven't reached 1-Star Bronze rank yet."

"Hehe, no need to be so worried," giggled Nie Li as he looked at Lu Piao with a small smile. 'Although I lost my knowledge, I still have my memories. Since the memories and knowledge are all connected, as long as I can connect some pieces, I can remember some techniques and alchemy knowledge. After all, with my hundreds of years learning and studying every book inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, some of it is more like memories than knowledge..'

Nie Li smirked as he already knew something from his past life which can help him and Lu Pioa immensely. He knew two cultivation techniques, although it is rather a shock that both techniques perfectly fit him and Lu Piao, he thought nothing of it. He even remembered a couple of uses that the herb Purple Haze Grass has.

If he can gather some and possibly make an elixir, he can most likely be able to speed up his cultivation.

Luckily with the techniques he has for himself and Lu Piao, they will be able to make better use of the elixir and be able to have a more stable foundation.

'I should get to remember morer cultivation techniques for Du Ze and the others as well,' Nie Li thought as he thought about the two cultivation techniques he has for himself and Lu Piao.

The cultivation technique he has for Lu Piao is the Demonic Chaos Technique, he couldn't remember something specific about the technique, which slightly told him that it's very important and that he should know, but everytime he tried remembering the important thing, he would instantly forget what it was.

So he just conceded and wished Lu Piao luck in training in it. If he trained in it, he would be stronger than those in the same rank.

Nie Li himself has a technique that he can practice, especially since it is a Neutral attribute technique. One called Light Warrior Technique.

It's a cultivation technique that focuses on both the body and the soul. If cultivated correctly, he can bring out the full potential of the body and be able to easily make use of a demon spirit.

There was also a catch to the technique which he doesn't currently remember, but it's all he can do now. Especially if he wants to be able to defeat the Sage Emperor in the future with his bad talent for cultivation.

"Well, alright then," sighed Lu Piao.

"Let's get to sparring then," said Nie Li as he crouched down and looked at Lu Piao who also got into a stance.

"Ready.." began Lu Piao as he looked at Nie Li seriously.



Both Nie Li and Lu Piao launched themselves at each other and through a punch.

With Nie Li's vast memories and experience fighting, he was thinking that he would have no problem fighting against Lu Piao who has zero experiences.

The only reason he had asked Lu Piao for a sparring to train each other, was more for training Lu Piao then himself.


Nie Li stumbled back as he looked at the outstretched fist in front of him with shock.

"What?" he said shocked as he touched his nose that was hurt.

"Don't tell me that's it Nie Li!" said Lu Piao with a smile as he launched himself at Nie Li.

Nie Li quickly moved out the way of Lu Piao's next punch but failed to see the kick coming from the side.



Nie Li was pushed back 2 meters. He looked at Lu Piao from between his aching arms that he had raised in front of himself.

'Seems like I will have to remember my fighting experiences too!' thought Nie Li with a groan as he ran to Lu Piao.

Lu Piao saw Nie Li running at him and he ran to Nie Li too before both their fists crossed each other and landed a fair hit on each other.

With both their fists on each others' face, they stood there motionlessly before one of them collapsed on the floor with a bleeding nose.



"Wow that was intense," said Lu Piao as he picked up the unconscious Nie Li. He rubbed his nose with his other free hand as he dragged Nie Li over to the outside of the sparring ring.

He set Nie Li down and sat right before him while sighing.

Just as he was about to rest, he heard an annoying voice approaching him. He turned his head and quickly frowned before turning away from the approaching menace.

".. I'm telling you. I am so close to bagging Ye Ziyun. Hehe, soon I will be able to have her as my concubine," said the annoying voice coming closer to where Lu Piao and the unconscious Nie Li were.

With a worried look, Lu Piao quickly stood up and grabbed Nie Li, intending to head out of the training grounds. However it was too late as he felt a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from leaving.

"Yo-, if it isn't Lu Piao the trash commoner and Nie Li the dog, ah wait, that's an insult to dogs. Nie Li the insignificant thing that is too low to even be called a pile of shit or trash," said mockingly the voice.

Lu Piao stopped and turned to look at the origin of the voice with a scared face, "H-hey Shen Yue..."

"Who gave you such balls to call me by my name," said Shen Yue with a dark look before backhanding Lu Piao and knocking him to the ground unconscious.

Nie Li, who was in Lu Piao's hands fell onto the floor for the second time, regaining a bit of consciousness.

Shen Yue smirked and lifted up Nie Li by the collar and said in an annoyed tone, "I know what you tried to do today in class. Trying to defame my aunt won't be a nice outcome for you. Even if she changed for the better, I haven't.

You also sent looks to Ziyun to which I am all too familiar with. You better not make a move on her at all you useless red soul realm loser."

Tossing Nie Li on to the ground for the third time, Shen Yue gave a cold smirk and walked up to Nie Li. Without a single shred of embarrassment, Shen Yue pissed on Nie Li's head before standing over his body with a wide smile.

Just as he was about to leave, he stopped in his tracks and returned to the half-conscious Nie Li.

"Just to make sure you don't get any funny ideas, I will make sure you stay down," coldly spoke Shen Yue before stomping on Nie Li's legs hard and breaking it.

"ARRGGGHHHH!" screamed out in pain Nie Li.

After Shen Xiu had left the Sacred Family household for two years, Shen Hong had been much stricter in showing Shen Yue the dark path. Even getting him to get into contact with the Dark Guild, the group that has been antagonizing Glory City for years.

Since Shen Xiu wasn't there to prevent it from happening, Shen Hong already got Shen Yue to kill someone before Shen Xiu returned. Although Shen Yue still maintained his love for his aunt, his innocence and sanity was slowly deteriorating thanks to his father.