Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 208

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 208 Crippledstatue

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A couple days have passed since Shen Yue had crippled Nie Li's leg and humiliated him at the training grounds.

That day was a big blow to Nie Li.

It had only been his first day back from the future and everything had already gone wrong. He humiliated himself in class, he lost every bit of knowledge he had, and now he has a crippled leg that will hinder his cultivation.

After that day, Nie Li was ostracized for being a cripple. With all the students in class looking down on him, besides his two friends, Du Ze and Lu Piao.

It was lucky for them two that Nie Li had remembered another cultivation technique that was suited for Du Ze.

Lightning Wolf's Fire Technique

A great technique for those who love going into battle.

Nie Li imparted the respective techniques to both Du Ze and Lu Piao and watched happily as they both began to rise in power.

He himself also started cultivating and all three of them began feeling obvious improvements in their cultivation.

'I need to get into Legend Rank, only then can I heal my leg,' thought Nie Li as he limped over to his classes.

"Nie Li! You're finally here," smiled Lu Piao as he put a hand around Nie Li.

"Haha, I was held up by some people trying to talk to me," smiled Nie Li as they headed on over to their class.

Lu Piao looked around before whispering to Nie Li, "The cultivation techniques you gave both me and Du Ze work great. We are both a step closer to becoming 1-Star Bronze ranks."

"That's good to hear," said Nie Li with a smile.

Nie Li and Lu Piao made it to class. They ignored the weird looks everyone was giving them as they headed on over to their desks.

Seeing Du Ze there waiting for them, Nie Li and Lu Piao greeted him like always.

"Nie Li," said Lu Piao after he and Nie Li sat down.


"I don't think you can go to the expedition," began Lu Piao with a lowered head. "That's why Du Ze agreed to go with me to the expedition and help find the stuff that you wanted."

"Mhm I expected it to happen," said Nie Li with a small smile as he lowered his head and placed his hands on the table. "I will draw you guys a map of where to head over to. I will also draw the items and books you will need to be on the lookout for."

Both Lu Piao and Du Ze looked at Nie Li draw the map and the items with curiosity.

A couple of minutes passed and Nie Li finally finished the map and the other drawings before he heard his name being called out from the front of the class.

"Nie Li!"

"?" Raising his head, Nie Li looked at Shen Xiu who stood at the front of the class with her arms under her b.r.e.a.s.ts as she looked at him with a cold look.

"Yes teacher?" responded Nie Li.

"You are hereby removed from this institute until further notice as the council visits the Heavenly Marks household and makes a thorough search through everything." informed Shen Xiu as she looked right at Nie Li. "Please step out of the classroom."

"!!!" Nie Li looked at Shen Xiu with wide eyes, but not long after, he slowly calmed down and left the room limping with a smirk.

'Nie Li...'

Du Ze and Lu Piao looked at Nie Li's lonely back as they watched him leave.

Suddenly, both Du Ze and Lu Piao stood up before following Nie Li out of the room.

"Where do you two think you are going?" asked Shen Xiu as she looked at them both.

"We're leaving the school!" yelled Lu Piao as he ran after Nie Li.

"Same here!" yelled Du Ze before closing the door to the classroom and running after Nie Li and Lu Piao. "Ay! Don't leave me behind!"

A couple of more days had passed.

It was night and there was a lot of noise coming from the training hunting grounds.

A quick shadow fought against a horned sheep that was fighting back wildly. However, the shadow proved to still be too slow for it as it hit the shadow hard and sent it flying 5 meters.

"Ugh.." groaned the shadow in pain as it stood up and quickly tried to dash away from the Horned Sheep.


The Horned Sheep groaned in annoyance as it chased behind the shadow that had just tried to take it on in a fight.

"Stupid sheep!" yelled the shadow as it continued running deeper into the forest.

As the shadow ran deeper into the forest, it noticed the Horned Sheep stop and 'meh'd' and 'bah'd' at the shadow in anger.

The shadow noticed the Horned Sheep stop and began walking further into the forest to keep distance from the Horned Sheep.

"Seems like I was too fast for it," panted the shadow.

Walking deeper into the forest, the shadow walked as the moonlight shines upon her small figure.

With long ginger hair that is done up in a ponytail and two strands of hair on the side of her face, the girl revealed her two beautiful light brown eyes that shined beautifully under the light of the moon. Her slim figure matching her cold beauty and fair white skin.

Looking back to where she had ditched the Horned Sheep, the girl continued walking forwards whilst asking herself, "Why did the Horned Sheep stop?"

Seeing the statue in the distance, the girl ran up to it and looked at it with awe.

"When did they add a statue to the hunting grounds, and why is the soul force so dense here?" asked the girl as she felt the soul force in the vicinity.

'Did principal do this? Is this why the Horned Sheep didn't come over here?' she thought.

She looked at the demon beast stature with interest as she thought that it looked oppressive and it's facial characteristics seemed oddly artistic and beautiful. Even the horns on it's head seemed to hold such might that can possibly pierce through anything and resist anything.

With a look of amazement, the girl ran her hands along the surface of the statue and thought, 'An amazing sculptor must have made this masterpiece that can give off such a feeling.'

The girl looked at the demon beast stature with a smile and sat down on the statues laps as she felt the soul force be more denser there. In a lotus position, she cultivated under the night sky and on the demon beast statue.

"Hrngh," groaned the girl as she felt several points of her body ache. Not because of the hit she received from the Horned Sheep, but because of another reason that she herself doesn't know too well.

She stopped cultivating from the pain of those several points and decided to just rest on the demon beast statue.

Through her fatigue and her sleepiness, the girl was falling asleep as she strangely felt warmth from the statue instead of a cold feeling. She slowly shut her eyes close as she drowned in the warmth and fell asleep.

At the Sacred Family Household.

"How could you Shen Yue!" yelled Shen Xiu as she looked at the boy right in front of her.

"I had to!" yelled back Shen Yue.

"No! You didn't have to cripple him," said Shen Xiu with a sad look as she gazed at her nephew.

"I did have to cripple him, or else he would never know his place," smirked Shen Yue.

Shen Xiu looked at Shen Yue with a sad look as she realized that the nephew she knew two years ago had disappeared and was replaced with a devil.

"Your father where is your father!" asked Shen Xiu with anger as she thought, 'It was his fault. If he hadn't influenced Shen Yue, he would have grown to be a fine young man like his mother wanted. Now he's evil, just like his father and the stupid Dark Guild!'

Back when Shen Xiu was younger, she was just like Shen Yue, overfilled with arrogance and evil. She had now good bone in her body as she helped her brother Shen Hong terrorize many others in their time of youth.

Yet one day, she met a woman, a woman who will give birth to Shen Yue.

When Shen Xiu had first met the woman, she had treated her just like any other commoner. Yet unlike the other commoners, the woman was very kind and tolerant of anything that she did.

Shen Xiu had noticed this and she didn't know what to do other than ask why she was like that.

Her response was rather simple, but it struck Shen Xiu hard as she finally started to change from a dumb sentence that had come out the girl's mouth.

"I'm all alone in this world, so I'm happy to have some contact with others."

Ever since that day, Shen Xiu had started to hang out with the woman more and more and eventually they grew up to be best friends. Shen Xiu had changed for the best, even if she maintained her arrogance.

With the thought of changing her brother like she did, she thought of introducing her brother to her best friend.

And just like that, her brother changed too, or so she thought.

Her brother was acting the whole time, and Shen Xiu's best friend knew about it the whole time. She never said anything however, as she was able to talk to more people and be able to hang out with them.

Years passed and Shen Xiu's friend died happy and peacefully as she gave birth to Shen Yue.

Her last words for Shen Xiu was a Thank you before she closed her eyes for eternity.

Shen Xiu promised herself that day to raise Shen Yue to be a great person just like his mother. Yet she would have never expected that Shen Hong would try to influence Shen Yue so much as to be the next head of the Sacred Family.

And to be the next head, he would need to be just like Shen Hong; evil and with a stone heart.

"You don't need to know where he is," said Shen Yue as he turned his head to the side.

"Tell me right now where that stupid older brother of mine is!" demanded Shen Xiu as she looked at him with a serious look.

Shen Yue looked away from Shen Xiu before responding, "I don't know where he is..."

Shen Xiu looked at Shen Yue for a moment before leaving the room and heading into her own.

"I need to find Sora and take Shen Yue with me. Run away from this hell of a family," said Shen Xiu as she rested on her bed and held her head with one hand.

'I should instead start cultivating and deal with the Dark Guild and my brother myself. Even if I make Shen Yue hate me, it is better to do this myself. I can't bring Sora into my problems, no matter how strong he is,' thought Shen Xiu as she sat up on her bed and began cultivating.

Not long after finding her determination and goal, she made a breakthrough and entered 1-Star Black Gold. She didn't stop there however, she stabilized her foundation before going and continuing cultivating.

The next day.

"In order to make my way straight to Legend Rank, I need to have a lot of Purple Haze Grass," said Nie Li as he limped over to a grassy field filled with normal grass and some herbs hidden in there.

Nie Li looked at his own hand before raising his head up to the sky, 'I need to quickly build up my power to bring over Ye Ziyun and defeat the Sage Emperor.'