Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 209

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 209 Legend In Two Years

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"Mhh..." m.o.a.ned the ginger haired girl as she rubbed her eyes.

She looked around for a moment with tired eyes before opening them wide in realization.

"I'm going to be late!" she yelled as she quickly jumped off the statue and ran over to her class' direction.

As she ran from the place where she was and over to her classroom, the ginger haired girl realized something.

She stopped running and felt her body in the places where it always aches no matter what. She did that for a solid minute before coming to a wonderful realization.

'It doesn't hurt as much as before!' she thought happily.

With her aching mellowing down, she thought of all the reasons as to why it could possibly be before thinking back to the statue.

'It sure was warm maybe that helped me? No, it can't. No matter how good arrays are, it can't possibly heal me just like that,' giggled happily the ginger haired girl.

She ran over to class happily before running into a purple haired girl who saw her running happily.

The purple haired girl looked at the ginger haired girl with a hint of happiness as she looked at her back, 'I'm glad Ning'er is happy.'

"Come on Ziyun or we will be late too," said an annoying voice as it approached Ye Ziyun.

"Let's go then," smiled Ye Ziyun as Ning'er's happiness wore off on her.

"What are we going to do today Nie Li??" asked Lu Piao as he looked at the orange haired kid sitting in front of them with an ecstatic face.

"We are going to collect Purple Haze Grass until we drop dead!" said Nie Li with a wide smile.

Du Ze and Lu Piao looked at each other before turning to look at Nie LI simultaneously.

"What's got you so happy?" asked Lu Piao as he looked at Nie Li with a weird look.

"Yeah, what is it?" asked Du Ze.

"Hmhm.." chuckled Nie Li before looking at them with brilliant eyes. "I will be able to heal my leg as soon as I reach 1-Star Silver rank! I won't have to wait to get too Legend Rank."

"What! How come?" asked Du Ze with wide eyes.

"Because my cultivation technique focuses on speed and I can cultivate faster under the sun." Nie Li stood up from where he was and walked for a bit, clearly still limping, but less than the day before.

"Really?!" Both Du Ze and Lu Piao yelled at the same time before looking at Nie Li with shock.

"Yuup," said Nie Li with a smug smile as he showed off his less limping leg.

"Amazing!" said Du Ze with a smile.

"It also seems like my Soul Force has some healing properties now, as well as light properties. If I enhance my body with my changed Soul Force, I can move faster than normal enhanced bodies and heal at a visible rate," said Nie Li happily as he sat back down. "So you guys don't have to worry about me."

Du Ze and Lu Piao smiled together and laughed along with Nie Li.

"Now let's get down to business!" said Nie Li.

"Where are we going to gather Purple Haze Grass?" asked Lu Piao as he looked at the wide grassy field.

"Here," said Nie Li.


"Yup, here."

Du Ze and Lu Piao both turned to look at the huge wide field before turning to look at Nie Li with defeated looks.

"Come on! Let's start," smiled Nie Li as he jumped ahead to pick Purple Haze Grass.

At Holy Orchid Institute, Shen Xiu was teaching to the whole class as she thought about what happened the previous night.

'I made it to 2-Star Black Gold, it won't be long until I reach Legend Rank. By then, I will have reached the top!' thought Shen Xiu with a smile.

"- which is why you shouldn't run away from Fox Bears. Any questions?" asked Shen Xiu after she finished giving her speech.

"How strong are Fox Bears?" asked a student far in the back.

"They are generally Silver Ranked. They can be taken down by someone in the Silver Rank with some efforts, but never attempt it. They travel in packs of 5-10 and they can even overwhelm and kill a Gold Ranked expert," explained Shen Xiu.

"Is there any way to survive that?" asked Xiao Ning'er.

"Yes, but you would need to have very good combat abilities, There isn't really anything else you can do to survive them. They will attack until their target is dead, they might even chase you for many kilometers," said Shen Xiu with a wry smile as she remembered her time fighting them under Sora's guidance.

"Can the combat training teacher survive them?" asked Shen Yue with a rather intrigued look.

"Sadly, no. His combat abilities are too low to survive the attack of 5-10 Silver ranked Fox Bears." Shen Xiu shook her head as remembered how tough it was for her to defeat a pack of 7 Fox Bears.

By then, she had already mastered one intermediate move, yet even then, she found it difficult to cope against the 7 Fox Bears.

And that's when she was a Gold rank.

Once she was finally able to fight against 10 Fox Bears as a Gold rank, Sora had placed a seal on her to bring her down to a Silver Rank and had her fight with Fox Bears all over again. She was even put up against flying type demon beasts, some fish, and a demon beast with insane defense.

"Can you survive it teacher Shen Xiu?" curiously asked Ye Ziyun.

"Me?" asked Shen Xiu as she looked over to Ye Ziyun.

"Yes teacher. You seem to have experience fighting, so I was wondering whether you have any chance of survival against the Fox Bears," said Ye Ziyun, showing off her attention to details.

"Of course I can beat them, I had the best martial arts Master," said Shen Xiu arrogantly.

"Martial arts master?" questioned the whole class.

"Yes. Those combat masters and martial arts masters are all but a bunch of phonies in front of my Master," said Shen Xiu.

"Woww!" exclaimed the whole class.

"Even if he was in a lower rank than those fighting against him, he would easily be able to defeat them with just one hand," Shen Xiu bragged about Sora.

"Can we meet your master teacher?" asked a student near her.

"I'm not sure where he is right now," truthfully said Shen Xiu as she thought of where Sora could possibly be right now.

If she knew that Sora was just a few 100 meters away from her, she would facepalm for thinking that he might be on the other side of the world.

"What's his cultivation rank?" asked another student.

"Legend rank!" said Shen Xiu with full certainty.

In Glory City, any record of anything higher than Legend Rank had been lost in the annals of time. So they all believe that the peak of cultivation is Legend Rank.


"That's amazing!"

"So Teacher Shen Xiu was taught by a Legend rank?!"

The hours passed by and it was finally night once again.

By this time, Nie Li, Du Ze, and Lu Piao had finally gathered over 10 stacks of Purple Haze Grass in just one day.

"This is more than enough," mentioned Nie Li as he looked at the 10 stacks.

"Enough?" asked Du Ze.

"Yes, this will last us for 2-3 years. If I am correct, in two years, the three of us will be Legend ranks already," said Nie Li. 'Maybe we will be in a higher cultivation too if I manage to find good artifacts and some necessary arrays.'

"What?!" yelled both Du Ze and Lu Piao with shock after hearing Nie Li's words.

"That's amazing!" yelled Lu Piao with happiness.

"I'll be there to lead you guys through the process," said Nie Li with a smile.

"We can make this last for 2-3 years? And it will be enough to lead us into Legend Rank?!" asked Du Ze with shock.

Nie Li looked at the 10 stacks of Purple Haze Grass that they collected in one day and gave a wry smile.

'If I hadn't found that weird hole in the ground and the large amount of Purple Haze Grass in there, we would have spent months gathering this much Purple Haze Grass,' thought Nie Li.

The three of them moved the ten stacks over to a hidden place where they are sure only they can find and stashed the stacks in there. Nie Li grabbed only a few stalks and left the place to refine the Purple Haze Grass and make an elixir.

"Do we wait for you now?" asked Du Ze as he looked at Nie Li leave.

Nie Li turned back and looked at the two of them and nodded, "Yes, give me a few minutes and I will have an elixir ready for use to use."


Nie Li left for a few minutes to gather the necessary equipment to make the elixir. After making the elixir successfully, he handed over the two elixirs to Du Ze and Lu Piao before telling them, "Remember to only take in one sip per day until the whole bottle is emptied. Make sure to make full use of the sips and absorb in its essence into your soul realm to nourish it and increase your strength."

"Sounds simple," said both Du Ze and Lu Piao.

"I will be cultivating in the day, so if you two need me, I recommend you find me in the nights," said Nie Li as he looked up to the moon.

"Can't you absorb the light of the moon?" thought Du Ze.

"I've already tried it before. Either there's too much darkness, or I need bright lights to cultivate because the moonlight didn't work," said Nie Li.

"I see. Well then, see you later Nie LI!" waved Lu Piao as he ran to his home.

Du Ze followed behind Lu Piao after saying goodbye to Nie Li as well.

Nie Li watched them leave before leaving himself and going to sleep so that he can wake up earlier to begin his all day cultivation routine.

In the training grounds, Ning'er was training with the Horned Sheep like always.

However, after hearing Shen Xiu's story of how she went against many Fox Bears, she felt daring as she continued to fight the Horned Sheep despite feeling tired.

"Meh!!" roared the Horned Sheep as its horns began to glow red.

Ning'er saw that and instantly knew that trouble was coming as she ran away as fast her legs could carry her in a short time.

She remembered the demon beast statue's location and instantly ran that way so she could shake off the Horned Sheep.

After getting really close to the demon beast statue, the Horned Sheep roared in anger as it watched Ning'er run away from it successfully.

"Bleh~" Ning'er looked at the Horned Sheep and ridiculed it before running over to the statue all tired and hurt.

By the time she got to the demon beast statue, Ning'er sat on its laps like the night before and tried regaining her breath. She calmed her breathing and looked at the demon beast statue to calm down her mind.

After a couple of minutes, Ning'er had relaxed and she could finally start cultivating.

Yet after she started cultivating, she began to feel the aching and pain grow worse as she tried cultivating after feeling better. However, after cultivating once more, she seemed to have made the pain and aches return.

Ning'er sighed and stopped cultivating.

She laid down and began to relax before feeling the statue's warmth flow into her body once more. She closed her eyes as she felt the bliss from having her body bathed in a warm blanket and slowly feeling her body improve.

After a few seconds of drowning herself in the warmth of the statue, Ning'er began to feel sleepy before finally falling asleep under the glow of the moon's light.