Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 210

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 210 Yang Dao Body

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Couple more days have passed and todays the expedition where Du Ze and Lu Piao will be going to. With their cultivation right at 3-Star Silver, which has begun to slow down, they will be going with the group whilst hiding their cultivation.

Nie Li would have gone, but he is currently suffering a bottleneck and won't be becoming a Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist any time soon.

With his preoccupations on the bottleneck, Nie Li has begun to try and remember any other knowledge that can possibly help him.

Du Ze and Lu Piao left early in the morning to go join the group that will be heading off to its expedition.

In the Hunting Grounds of the Holy Orchid Institute, Xiao Ning'er was sleeping on the demon beast statue.


A low sound resounded as Xiao Ning'er continued her sleep without a care in the world.


Her body slightly moved with the sound of a thump as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around before lazily lifting up her body.


"!!" Xiao Ning'er quickly jumped off the demon beast statue as she felt it thump.



Slowly, the thumping sound got faster and faster as Xiao Ning'er looked at the demon beast statue with awe. She didn't know what was currently going on, but she felt no desire to run away in fear or nervousness.

Instead, she felt calm in the presence of the demon beast statue as the thumping grew louder and louder until-!!


A loud thunder-like sound broke through the midst of the thumping and the statue seemed to have a crack down the middle.

Xiao Ning'er stood there looking at the statue with curiosity as she wondered if anything would emerge from it.

She kept her eyes peeled and eventually saw the stone turn to dust, revealing the figure underneath.

"Ah~ I feel so relaxed," sighed the figure amidst the cloud of dust that arose from the broken stone.

The figure being Sora.

'Seems like I regained my voice,' thought Sora as he stepped away from the tree.

Through the days of cultivating day and night, Sora felt his speed in cultivating go up. Now he stands at 4-Star Legend Rank after just a couple of days of cultivating, and that was through using the time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

So instead of taking just 14 days to cultivate, he took 247's days to cultivate to that level, nonstop.

He's almost very surprised at how quickly he was able to cultivate so much. He even had the ability to cultivate other stuff at the same time, which he took advantage of.

He cultivated his Yang essence, Taichi Sutra, Primal Yin-Yang Flame, Magic of Yin and Yang, Faceless Sky Devil, Buddha's True Eyes.

With his Yang essence changing his body and going through many phases; Pure Yang Body, Nine Yang Body, Nine Yang Golden Body, Nine Yang Golden Saint Body, Ancient Nine Yang Spirit Body, until it eventually made it to the Yang Dao Body.

Anything within his presence is filled with Yang, unless he wills it to not. The energy around him is naturally vibrant, happy, and burning with passion.

His Taichi Sutra, which used to be Dongxuan Sutra, had the Bulwark Umbrella go up in level. Standing at Super, it would have been the last level of the Geno Core, but after Sora had improved his Sutra to it's pinnacle, there seemed to be one more level to reach.

A level proving too high to reach at the moment.

Practicing the Primal Yin-Yang Flame in his mind, Sora was able to bring that technique up to Mastered. Now he can efficiently do anything with it and have perfect control over the temperature and be able to control both fires, Yin Flame and Yang Flame.

Magic of Yin and Yang was even brought up to Grand Perfection/Mastered. Now he can punch the earth and not damage it yet hit his enemy who is on the other side of the earth.

Faceless Sky Devil can now materialize behind himself, increasing his spiritual energy reserves by a lot.

His Buddha's True Eyes have only made it to the Small Success stage, needing more time on it.

Finally lifting up his head and seeing a ginger haired girl looking right at him, Sora bent his knees to get on the same height as the girl and said hi to her.

"Hey, who may you be?" asked Sora as he lightly waved to Xiao Ning'er.

"I'm I'm Xiao Ning'er..." she said as she looked at Sora's appearance in awe.

"Nice to meet you Ning'er, I'm Sora," Sora said with a light smile.

"P-pleasure is all mine," she said with a small stutter.

Sora looked at Xiao Ning'er for a minute with a scrutinizing gaze before asking, "What cultivation technique are you practicing?"

Looking at Sora unexpectedly, Ning'er was rather surprised by Sora's question.

"W-why?" she asked, not giving the cultivation technique right away.

Sora smiled and nodded internally seeing her actions. He lifted up a finger of his and pointed straight at her.

"Your body is filled with Yin energy and is being blocked in some points of your body. I'm sure you experience pains and there are some marks on your body that appear like bruising. That's the acc.u.mulation of the Yin energy in your body," explained Sora as he pointed to several points in her body.

He can practically feel the Yin energy leaking out her body because of the Yin Law he has a grasp over.

"How do you know?!" asked shocked Xiao Ning'er.

"I'm a physician, it's what I do," chuckled Sora as he sat there looking at her.

"Can you really help me?" she asked with a hopeful face.


"Okay..." Xiao Ning'er decided to trust Sora in this matter and told him her cultivation technique.

Sora nodded as he listened to every single part of her technique. Mentally, Sora quickly fixed all the flaws of it and made it complete too as he saw some parts missing in the cultivation technique.

In just a second, Sora had already finished and even made a paper with the new cultivation written out on it.

Passing over the cultivation technique to Xiao Ning'er, Sora said, "Next I will have to check your body and perform acupuncture on you."

"Okay." she answered after looking at the cultivation technique and already feeling like she will be all good with her cultivation technique all fixed up.

She didn't see any problem with the technique, so she decided to trust Sora and stood there looking at him, waiting for his instructions.

"I will need you to reveal every part of your body that is hurting you," said Sora seriously as he brought out his Golden Essence Needles.

"Okay," she answered as she removed a bit of clothing before stopping and blushing instead.

"What's wrong?" asked Sora as he saw her stop.

"Can can you cover this area so no one can see me?" asked Xiao Ning'er with a blush as she looked around.

"Sure thing kid," said Sora with a light smile before throwing an 'Obscure' rune off to the side.

"Thank you," she softly whispered before removing the last bit of clothing she had that covered her area of pain.

Quickly and expertly, Sora was able to remove the clogged up Yin energy in the girls body. He even went ahead as to unclog every other point so as to not have her get the same problem in the future, saving her from pain and him from work.

"Thank you!" yelled Xia Ning'er happily after she put on back her clothes.

She walked for a bit and even did some stretches before doing a bit of shadow fighting to see if she triggers any pain that way and has it fixed.

Xiao Ning'er stood up straight and looked at Sora with a happy smile before bowing to him in gratitude to him.

Seeing her actions, Sora chuckled a bit and said, "No need to be so formal."

"Ah.." Xiao Ning'er stood up and ran right at Sora before hugging his arm tight.

"Thank you so much!" said Xiao Ning'er as she let a single tear out.

"Don't worry about it kid, I'm sure someone would've fixed it even if I didn't appear," said Sora as he thought of the knowledge he accidentally took from the man with orange hair.

"Really?" asked curiously Xiao Ning'er.

"Yeah. I have to go now and do something. I'll see you around kid," said Sora before patting her head with a finger and disappearing.

"What a nice demon beast," said Xiao Ning'er with a smile.

Had she been with another human, she would have remained polite the entire time and would maintain her distance. Especially if it was someone around her age, she would've been wary and even a bit arrogant.

With demon beasts, Xiao Ning'er would have ran without a single thought of staying. Yet for some odd reason, she didn't want to leave the side of the demon beast.

It was an odd feeling.

Appearing in the Sacred Family household, Sora looked around and decided to wait for Shen Xiu.

"What should I do today to that orange haired idiot Nie Li," thought out loud Shen Yue as he walked out into his courtyard to rest.

'Orange haired idiot?' Thought Sora as he looked at Shen Xiu's nephew appear before him.

'Did this guy that came from the future try to act without his knowledge??' thought Sora with a weird look, 'Someone like him who comes from the future should act more carefully instead of brazenly going around.'

Shen Yue was about to say something until he saw a big and menacing demon beast appear in his family's courtyard.

"!!!!" Shen Yue froze with fear as he looked at the demon beast before him.

"Hey kid," called out Sora.

"Ye-yes?!" responded Shen Yue.

"This Nie Li is he the only orange haired kid at your Institute?" asked Sora with a curious look.

"A-as far as I know, yes" said Shen Yue with a small whimper.

"Hmm.." Sora looked at Shen Yue with a discerning look before giving off a small smirk. "Let me guess, he did something to piss you off and you got back at him by humiliating him and hurting him in some way, shape, or form."

Shen Yue froze, but not with fear, with shock.

He looked at Sora with an incredulous look before yelling, "How! How do you know?"

"Well from the few words you said before and the mannerisms you had just earlier." Sora looked at Shen Yue with a playful look.

He might even have to start training all of his children if there is one that's exactly like Shen Xiu's nephew.


Shen Yue looked at Sora with shock as he took a step back and fell on the ground.

"It's child's play to notice small things like this," said Sora with a look of disdain as he stood up.

"..." Shen Yue gave a wry look as he looked at Sora.

"Where's your aunt?" asked Sora as squinted his eyes.

"Out running errands," said Shen Yue. "Why are you looking for her?"

"Because I have some unfinished business with her," smiled Sora as he looked away.

However in the eyes of Shen Yue who was currently in fear, that smile was the most evil smile he had ever seen.

'Aunt Xiu what did you do?'

Sora looked at Shen Yue for a second before quickly doing something. He nodded with a smirk and just sat down before deciding to wait for Shen Xiu. Shen Yue remained right by Sora in fear of what he might do if he left.

After what seemed like hours, Shen Xiu finally arrived and when she stepped onto the courtyard, she looked at Sora surprised and at Shen Yue with a weird look.

"What in the-"

Sora looked at Shen Xiu with a smile and had her stay quiet about Shen Yue's new look.

said Sora with a smile and meaningful smile.