Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 211

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 211 Finally Out

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Sora and Shen Xiu smiled as they watched Shen Yue leave with a drawn mustache on his face, half his hair dyed, one black eye, as well as a flower coming right out of his head.

"Have a nice trip!" chuckled Sora as he looked at Shen Yue leave.

"Pfft.." Shen Xiu couldn't hold it anymore and let out a small laugh after seeing Shen Yue leave. "Why'd you do that?"

"It will teach him a lesson to be complacent, although for now, he will only get made and attack those near him from the humiliation he will suffer," said Sora as he looked off to where Shen Yue had gone off to.

Shen Xiu doesn't know what Shen Yue might go through in the next few hours, but she doesn't want to meddle in something Sora had decided. She had already named him master in her mind and she wouldn't like to go against anything he says any time soon.

"What brings you around here, Master?" asked Shen Xiu with shining eyes.

"I need you to run some errands for me," said Sora.

"What type? If you want me to buy something, I can easily do it," affirmed Shen Xiu, boasting about not lacking money.

"It's exactly that," said Sora with a small smile. "I need you to buy me a special pot."

Sora would have easily taken it, but it was out in the open and he couldn't cause unrest. If every person knew that it just blankly disappeared, trust would be broken and no one would want to trust the place where the special pot will be auctioned at.

Although Sora doesn't really care about the auction place or anything like that, he will be spending a couple years in this world which will be annoying to deal with.

"What's this special pot called?" asked curiously Shen Xiu.

"Nightmare Demon Pot," said Sora.

"Where do I look for it?"

"In an auction that will happen sometime this week," Sora said with a thoughtful look.

"I can find it and get it easily!" said Shen Xiu with a smile.

"Find me the best alchemist too, I need to take someone with me to a remote place," said Sora as he thought about the underdeveloped Heavenly Fate Plateau.

"Did you find a place with more humans Master?!" yelled in shock Shen Xiu as she looked at Sora with stars in her eyes.

"Yes, I will take you there after you're done with your year of teaching," Sora said nonchalantly before looking at Shen Xiu with a disappointed gaze.

"I will have to teach for another 3-4 years," she said with a blush as she refused to look Sora in the eyes.

"Ahh, well I will wait for you. Either way, there isn't much to do," waved off Sora. 'After all, I still have to find this Sage Emperor dude. Even with the knowledge from the orange haired man, Nie Li, I won't be able to find the Sage Emperor that easily.'

With all the different Realms and Domains, finding a single person within those wide and tiny worlds will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

"Okay, I will go now," said Shen Xiu.

"Don't forget to buy me a lot of demon spirit stones, I need a lot of those. Try to buy all the demon spirit stones in the city and try to accomplish it in one day. If not, the prices will rise to an astronomical level when they realized that someone is buying all the demon spirit stones," said Sora as he waved goodbye to Shen Xiu.

"Okay! Bye Master," waved Shen Xiu.

'Now that I have dealt with all that, I can now meet two old friends,' thought Sora with a small smile before appearing on top of a mountain that is only 40 meters tall and has a cliff.

Sora stood on the cliff before bringing out the last two people in his House skill; Frisk and Yamamoto.



Sora looked at the two people before him and smiled.

Genryusai didn't do anything besides glare at Sora who is currently a beast and look warily at the big bear with clothes one, Frisk.

Frisk on the other hand looked at Sora with fear and the old man with even more fear. Since Sora was too strong to feel his Ki, he couldn't gauge his power correctly, but the old man right next to him had a suppressing aura around himself that made him want to keep quiet.

"Why are you both so rigid," spoke Sora in a teasing voice as he looked at both Frisk and Yamamoto.

"Who are you," asked Yamamoto as he pointed his cane at Sora.

"Now why would I tell you that old man," said Sora rather annoyed at the fact that Yamamoto pointed a metal stick encased in wood right at him.

"... and you?" Yamamoto gave a small smile after hearing Sora and turned to Frisk instead as he pointed his cane right at him.

"F-frisk sir!" said Frisk formally as he tensed up. As an animal, Frisk had very sensitive senses that can easily sense death. So having a wooden stick pointed right at him confused him but the great deathly aura behind it doused him like a bucket of ice cold water.

"Hm is this that circus bear you talked highly about," asked in sarcasm Yamamoto.

"Sadly, yes," sighed Sora as he looked at Frisk act so scared.

It's been four thousand years since Sora had last seen Frisk, yet the memories were as fresh as if he recently lived them. So seeing a timid Frisk the next second was a very weird thing when he had known him to be ruthless and arrogant.

Although he is a very big nature lover and hug lover.

"Huh?" Frisk noticed Yamamoto's aura disappear and turned to look at Sora with a weird look as he smelled something in the air. "Who are you?!" he growled.

"Frisk! How could you have fallen so low!" said Sora with a sigh.

"What are you talking about? I was just put into the house skill but was quickly taken out. Everything changed and I don't see Sora any..wher.e..." Frisk started to trail off as he realized who the hulking beast in front of him is.


"The one and only," smirked Sora.

"But but you look so different," said Frisk in awe at Sora's current form. "Are you a beast now?"

"I will be stuck in this form for quite some time, but yes, I will turn back," sighed Sora as he looked at Frisk.

Sora, Yamamoto, and Frisk talked for quite a while until they finally understood how much time had passed since they were put in the house skill. Yamamoto wasn't as surprised considering his age, however Frisk couldn't understand how such time had passed in the blink of an eye for him.

"Are are Goku and the rest dead?" asked Frisk nervously as a sad look started to emerge on his face.

"No, they are in another world where time is currently stopped until we step in it," said Sora with a slight smile understanding Frisk's worries.

"I I see," smiled Frisk with some relief.

"Hmm when will I be able to see Unohana and the others. I need to see how much they have grown in just 2,000 years." seriously spoke Yamamoto.

"You will see them in a bit, but I need to give you something before I let you go," informed Sora as he sat down right in front of them.

"Like what?" asked Yamamoto.

"Like methods to keep you alive for a longer time and possibly gain immortality. As well as growing stronger," said Sora with a smile. "Also, I should tell you that I have around 1,000+ wives now. And 200+ children."

'Although the amount of women are all Nekomata,' thought Sora with a wry smile. 'Sooner or later, the nekomata will make up most of my wives, and my other wives will only number in the hundreds.'

"!!" Frisk and Yamamoto went wide eyed at Sora's words, both for different reasons.

"Can I regain my youthful look?" asked Yamamoto with a sharp look.

"So so many..." muttered Frisk with a lost look.

"Yes, even that," smirked Sora. "Here you both go."

Sora took out three cultivation techniques and handed one of them to Yamamoto. All three cultivation techniques were top of the line and with no flaws. The only difference between theirs' and Sora's, was that theirs' were weaker, allowing them to cultivate it faster.

Although they remained stronger than most that are in the Draconic Ruins Realm and the Void God, War God, and Heavenly God techniques.

After giving Yamamoto his, Sora turned to Frisk and asked, "Do you want to turn into a humanoid?" He brought out one technique and showed it on his left hand before taking out the other, "Or do you want to remain in your current form?"

"..." Frisk looked at the two options with a long hard look.

Sora didn't ask whether Yamamoto wanted a body or not, since even if he got a normal soul cultivation technique it would eventually build him a body.

There were also a lot of benefits with having a body, allowing him to have two new cultivation systems, Essence and Body.

It will bring benefits to Yamamoto, which will only let him live even longer.

"I'll I'll take the human cultivation technique," said Frisk with a reluctant look.

"Here you go," said Sora as he tossed the cultivation technique while burning the other one.

After passing the cultivation techniques, Sora brought out two peaches that let out a wonderful scent out in the air. Just breathing in such scent made one feel more young and energetic in its presence.

Seeing the peaches, Frisk and Yamamoto didn't feel anything special besides the smell. So they grabbed the peaches and ate them like nothing before feeling the potent energy within them explode.


A gold ring exploded out of their bodies, coating them in a very beautiful scent which is always around Sora.

The scent of life.

Frisk and Yamamoto felt revitalized and full of energy after taking in the peach.

Frisk's fur looked more sleek and soft after eating the peach and his eyes burned with passion. His heart beat quicker than ever before.

Genryusai on the other hand, had less wrinkles than before and he had some black hairs once more in his beard. His already sharp and energetic eyes only became sharper and more energetic. His back straightened out slightly as he felt his strength come back to him.

Both Genryusai and Frisk had eaten a Peach of Immortality, giving them many years to their lifespan. Along with the cultivation technique that they will be practicing, both Genryusai and Frisk will live on for a long time.

The Peach of Immortality even granted a certain amount of strength from all the life force entering their bodies.

Although it doesn't have much effect on them since Genryusai naturally has a long lifespan and Frisk has a high abundance of Ki.

"It feels nice," mumbled Yamamoto as he flexed his hand at the strength he once had come back and even greater. His old age had taken most of his strength, but his high abundance of soul energy had proven powerful enough to let him keep most of his power.

Frisk on the other stood there shocked. Since he came from a world that worked with Ki, a form of life force, he understood just how much he had obtained. His Ki sense was as strong as ever as he looked at Sora shocked.

He couldn't sense it when it was in the peach, but once he bit into it, he was taken into a new world filled with amazing vitality.

"Now, take your time and grow stronger. Yamamoto you know where to find them," said Sora, knowing that Genryusai will be looking for the people from Bleach.

"Should also tell you that Unohana, Yoruichi and the rest have given birth to wonderful children," chuckled Sora as he left Genryusai and Frisk near the Wooden Palace/World Tree.