Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 212

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 212 A Female Dog

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Walking around Glory City, Shen Yue was on his way to join the group heading to the ruins, but something didn't feel right after he stepped out of the courtyard.

Everyone in the street would occasionally point at him or even cover their mouths as they giggled behind the cover of their hands. The mockery in their eyes... their actions the moving lips Shen Yue could see it all and it drove him nuts as he wondered why they were looking at him weirdly.

At first he thought that they finally realized that he is superior to them and they are idolizing him, but when he saw the crescent eyes and the raised corners of their lips, he realised that they were making fun of him.

He walked faster wanting to get away from the prying eyes of everyone in Glory City.

He ran over to an empty area in Glory City that was filled with trees and bushes, where no one would look for anyone. A place where he could just rest and wonder why they were looking at him weirdly.

Shen Yue stayed there for a long while before finally deciding to leave. 'I can't go to the expedition like this...'

"Haha, this is great!"

Just as Shen Yue was about to leave and go look for a mirror back home, he heard an all too familiar yell.

'Nie Li..' evilly smirked Shen Yue as he realized that Nie Li was the one who made that noise.

He peaked through a bush to look at Nie Li who walked around with little to no limp.

'Impossible! The Patriarch told me that he won't be able to walk for all his life,' thought with shock Shen Yue.

'Seems like I'm very close to making the breakthrough! The only thing I needed was to run a couple of times to strengthen my legs a bit,' thought happily Nie Li as he felt the wall that's preventing him from entering Silver slowly crumble the more he exercised.


"Who's there?" asked Nie Li with his guard up, but when he noticed Shen Yue, he let down his guard after sensing his cultivation rank.

'Hmm?? Why's he look like that?'

Nie Li didn't laugh as he looked at Shen Yue, instead he thought to himself as to why Shen Yue looked different and weird.

"Hehe Nie Li, today, your doom has come upon you," smiled Shen Yue with a look of disdain.

'Ahhh~ Again..' sighed Nie Li tiredly. He even held a bit of anger from the time he was humiliated from being pissed on. He didn't care much about the leg as it made him remember every single martial art and fighting experience he ever had. Although he wasn't willing to forgive him that easily.

But seeing him all weird and knowing that he must have fled here after being humiliated by everyone that laid eyes upon him, made Nie Li feel satisfied. Even if he didn't play a part in it.

"Must have been tough," mumbled Nie Li as he smiled and scratched the back of his head.

"What?" asked Shen Yue as he stopped in his tracks. He looked at Nie Li with a confused look as he wondered what he said.

"I said it must have been nerve wracking walking around like that. I bet many looked at you with mocking faces," said Nie Li in a louder voice. "I know how that feels."

Shen Yue looked at Nie Li with a dumbfounded look before touching his face and looking back at Nie Li with a weird look.

"Do you have a mirror?" he asked.

Nie Li shook his head, but pointed to the left as he said, "No, but there is some water over there that you can use to see yourself. Maybe you can use it to clean yourself."

Shen Yue didn't say a word as he ran over to the pond that was there, but he stopped in his tracks once more before turning his head and looking at Nie Li who looked at him curiously. With a look of struggle, Shen Yue sighed and thanked Nie Li.

"Hey carrot head... mh thanks..."

He turned his head and looked at his reflection with a dumbfounded look. He looked at the dyed hair and then to the scribbles all over his face. With a quick scoop in the water, Shen Yue began washing his face as fast as he could.

Off to the side, Nie Li hasn't left yet.

Instead, he stayed to the side away from sight to see what Shen Yue would do. Since, from what he can recall in his memories, he already saw that everything had changed and even Shen Xiu had changed for 'the better', maybe even Shen Yue changed the 'better'.

So he decided to follow him for the time being and see what he may do.

"Ugh it must have been that monkey demon beast" said out loud Shen Yue with a frustrated look. "He must have been the one who took aunt Shen Xiu two years ago. I need to find out what he is trying to do."

Shen Yue continued scrubbing his face with an annoyed look and began cleaning his hair too. He wanted to remove the color from his hair, but he found it really difficult to do. Not a single bit of the color wanted to come out.

'Monkey demon beast is it a Snow Wind Great Ape?' thought Nie Li after hearing Shen Yue's words. 'I need to check this out, I never heard of anything like this in my past life. Is there perhaps someone else like me that went through a rebirth?'

Nie Li kept looking at Shen Yue as he yelled at not being able to remove the color from his hair.

'If it's someone from the Demon Beast Tribes' side or a minion under the Sage Emperor, then this will be bad.' Nie Li grit his teeth and jumped over to Shen Yue.

"--- motherf.u.c.ker!!" cursed Shen Yue as he held his hair angrily.

"Ahem-" coughed Nie Li as he looked at Shen Yue pulling on his hair.

"What is it?!" yelled Shen Yue in irritation.

"Who is this monkey demon beast you mentioned?" asked Nie Li with squinted eyes.

"A bitch!" yelled Lu Piao.

"Lu Piao, you can't call your fiance that," sighed Du Ze.

"But she won't leave me alone. I'm really thinking of breaking off the engagement."

Lu Piao and his fiance, Xiao Xue, had both been engaged due to them being childhood friends. As well as the fact that Lu Piao had risen in strength lately, catching the attention of Xiao Xue's family and them approving of their relationship.

However Lu Piao had begun to regret it, his relationship with Xiao Xue wasn't the greatest since she bossed him around and yelled at him when they were alone. But in front of others, Xiao Xue turns meek, shy, and very supportive of Lu Piao's actions.

"She still loves you either way," sighed Du Ze. He didn't care much about relationsh.i.p.s at the moment since he placed cultivation first, followed by family, education, and finally love.

"You don't understand," complained Lu Piao.

"Shh, tell me later, we arrived," said Du Ze as they followed the group they were into the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

They listened to the leader before they split off when they found the chance.

Waiting for a couple of seconds, they listened to hear if they had noticed them missing. Luckily they didn't catch any attention when they first joined the group, leading to people not paying attention to them.

Lu Piao and Du Ze sighed in relief as they followed the map given by Nie Li point by point.

With no mishaps, they got very far into the ruins.

"What now? The map ends here," said Lu Piao with a frown.

"Maybe it's right under us??" suggested Du Ze.

"Or maybe Nie Li could only lead us so far before telling us to look for it ourselves..." said Lu Piao as he looked at the map in many ways.

"Well there aren't any hidden messages," joked Lu Piao.

"Let's just get to looking. You go to the statue over there and I will head over there," said Du Ze as he pointed to where each person will head towards.

"Alright," nodded Lu Piao without complaint.

Minutes passed and both didn't find anything until Lu Piao leaned against the statue he was searching earlier.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Du Ze as he pointed to something behind Lu Piao.

"A statue," blankly replied Lu Piao.

"..." Du Ze pushed Lu Piao out of the way and read the text under it before finally understanding what Nie Li meant by ending the route there.

"This text shows that there is something right underneath us!" said happily Du Ze as he looked over to the annoyed Lu Piao who tossed aside earlier.

Lu Piao stared at Du Ze for a second before saying, "Let's break the ground, then!"

Sora exited his Heavenly World and felt the world all around him.

With his Cultivation rank at 4-Star Legend Rank, Sora felt the laws grow slightly stronger in correspondence to his strength. From Bronze to Legend, all Sora had used to rank up was Law Energy, the purest form of Soul Force.

With the increase in strength of his laws, Sora was more sensitive to them in the Tiny World since it was made up of Inscription Patterns. Although it is also true that the Inscription Patterns hold some type of thing deep within them like the words in the Ten Thousand Heavenly Book of True Intent.

After trying to sense stuff with his new found strength in the laws, Sora found that his Time and Space Laws found many different points in Tiny World. With three points being awfully familiar with the seed within his soul.

The seed that had grown into a Temporal Soul Vine.

A vine which grows with the use of the hosts soul strength and helps the growth of the host as well.

The Temporal Soul Vine had slightly slowed Sora's cultivation speed, but it was all negated by the acc.u.mulating Primal Chaos Qi in Sora's body. However the slowing down wasn't a con, it was supposed to be a pro which would help in distributing the absorbed Soul Force/Law Energy/Heavenly Energy into the different Demon Spirits, or in this case, Sora's Bloodline Beast Spirits.

Allowing them to grow along with Sora's strength, increasing his strength tremendously since he uses the Emperor, Phoenix, and Dragon together a lot.

'It seems that it also has a space which stagnates time by a lot like my Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal,' remarked Sora as he brought up its information from his bountiful knowledge.

However the time stagnated inside for the Temporal Soul Vine was even stronger than his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, but it only worked with Heavenly Energy and when his Cultivation Rank is at a certain level since his soul needs to be strong enough to withstand the use of the stagnating time ability.

Sora shook his head and decided to leave this for the future as he looked for the point easiest to retrieve.

With his Space-Time Eyes, Sora was able to see the points where he wanted without alerting anyone. He can even easily look into the past with this ability of his, which he might even use some day.

When he looked at the closest target, he saw someone which he didn't expect to see so soon, Xiao Ning'er.

'It will be a hassle to check her soul or her body for the thing related to the Temporal Soul Vine, so I will check up on the other two things,' thought Sora as he shifted his sight from the happily cultivating Xiao Ning'er.

With his attention elsewhere, Sora looked at an old man walking around his manor, but Sora's attention was drawn to the old man's storage ring.

'It seems like he had it hidden in there, whatever is related to the Temporal Soul Vine,' thought Sora. He could easily nab it from the old man right now, but it would leave a sour taste in his mouth. Instead he could just scam it out of his hands or just actually give him something of value that he doesn't need.

Like a powerful sword coated in mythril and a drop of Gold Essence.

'Hmm.. I'll check the next and see which to get.'

Shifting his sight once more, Sora found himself looking into a really dark place. So he zoomed out and saw a tomb right before his eyes, until he zoomed out more and saw that it was a ruin currently being explored by a group of humans.

'I should go to this one there is also a very rare Demon Spirit that is hard to come by..' thought Sora as he looked at everyone there, especially two boys who are very close to finding the thing related to the Temporal Soul Vine.


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