Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 213

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 213 Whats My Name?

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'I should quickly retrieve the item,' thought Sora as he disappeared from his location and appeared inside a dark room.

With his eyes already adapted to the dark, Sora looked around the room before laying his eyes on the tomb before him. He walked over to the tomb and slid open the tomb before laying eyes on the only two things inside it.

An old paper filled with inscription patterns, and a pendant that can speed up a woman's cultivation by three times and lessen damage taken.

Sora didn't even spare a look at the pendant as he grabbed the paper filled with Inscription Patterns and closed up the tomb.

He wouldn't want to spark jealousy within his 1000+ harem due to just one pendant. He can easily make something like it and give one to each and every single one of his wives.

Sora had the paper in his hands and looked at it with curiosity.

Other than knowing about the Temporal Soul Vine, Sora didn't know anything about the papers that were related to it.

So with a confused look, Sora tried various methods as to how to get the paper to react with the Temporal Soul Vine, and vice versa. Yet every method of his ended with no reactions whatsoever.

So he just tossed the paper into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for some other time, most likely after he can use Heavenly Energy.

Sora looked around and didn't find anything of interest before remembering that there is a nearby place that hold a rare demon beast inside an even more rare method of containing them, a Spirit Lamp.

Using his Space-Time Eyes, Sora easily located the Spirit Lamp and grabbed it before leaving the place.

Sora appeared right outside of his next target, the Heavenly Marks place. He stood outside the gate to their territory and knocked on the huge gate.

He waited for a moment until he remembered that he is a beast at the moment, so with his quick acting, Sora used his Emperor Eyes to put everyone that looks at him under the illusion that he's an old man supporting himself on a cane.

With his white hair down to below his knees and his eyes covered by his long eyebrow hair, hiding his sharp and intelligent eyes. Sora used the chance to see how much he has gone in understanding intents as he surrounded himself with a 'Weak' and 'Fragile' intent around his body.


The gate slowly opened and revealed a muscular man opened the door and looked at Sora's feeble appearance with squinted eyes.

"Who are you?"

Sora smacked his lips for a while before grooming his long white beard, "My name is my name is it's. It is do you know my name?"

"It's one of those nutcases, isn't it?" mumbled the muscular man as he began to close the door. Yet Sora stepped forward and held the door open with one pinky.

"You can't kick me out this soon," crankily reprimanded Sora as he looked at the man turn beat red at trying to close the door.

'This old man.. How strong is he??' asked the man with a tired look as he stopped struggling.

Instead, the muscular man stepped over to Sora and bowed, "I'm sorry for not recognizing someone as powerful as you!"

The man bowed and cupped his hands as he expressed sincerely. He was a man in 1-Star Gold Rank Fighter, and although he's not a Demon Spiritualist, his strength is already enough to easily contend against other Gold Ranks on his level.

Which told him a lot about the old man that was able to stop the door easily with just a pinky despit having a weak and feeble body.

'Seems like my intents are better than expected,' thought Sora as he looked at the man bowing.

"Who's your patriarch?" asked Sora shakily.

"Right over here Senior,' said the muscular man before heading over to an area where the patriarch was currently at.

Sora limped over with the cane in hand. When he saw the patriarch, he was honestly surprised that the person he was looking for was the patriarch himself.

He looked at the patriach with interest for a second until he noticed his eyes, 'Why does he have no trace of wisdom behind those eyes of his. There's not much intelligence as well.'

Sora was about to speak up as he noticed the patriach look at him. Until he was interrupted.

"Who is this trash? Kick him out!" yelled a man near the Patriarch.

The Patriarch turned to look at the man next to him with a frown before lifting his hand and said, "Everyone go back to where you were."

The guards that came inside for Sora left at the Patriarch's words and Sora couldn't help but nod a bit in appreciation.

"I have come here to trade a powerful weapon for any item you may want to trade for," said Sora with a shakily hand as he showed a sword in his left hand.

"This sword can easily cut through bricks and cement," said Sora as he lightly waved the sword and it cut easily through a stone pillar.

'Amazing,' noted the Patriarch as he looked at the sliced pillar.

"Should I try on something else?" asked Sora.

"N-No! It's alright, I am convinced," said the patriarch with a quick wave .

Sora made this sword just a couple of seconds ago in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was quite easy since he had gotten very used to creating things manually.

The sword was made from normal iron and a Soul Stone that had been reinforced with a bit of steel. Coated in mythril to give a nice blue sheen, a sturdy body, and a degree of effectiveness against energies.

For a final touch, Sora put one drop of Gold Essence on the sword to make it sharp.

Once he completed that, the sword gave a small glow that marked its completion.

[Unnamed Sword]

[Can cut through anything besides stuff stronger than diamond and the bodies of beings that have trained them on the same level of diamonds or higher.

This sword is a Soul Weapon of Heavenly Star level. However, if the user is weak, the Soul Weapon will lower itself to the level of its user.

A growing item with its cap at Martial Ancestor Realm.

Made by Sora, a Heavenly Crafter.]

Sora stabbed the sword in the ground and said, "I'm willing to trade this sword for an item I deem worthy of taking."

'I can always make better swords then this, especially if it's for my family. I made this sword without really trying to make it powerful,' smiled Sora.


Everyone that had seen the sword and heard Sora's words stood up in alarm, including the Patriarch.

Some had started to run off in the hopes of finding an item and some could only stand there as they realized that they held no item of value to trade.

The patriarch was standing and thinking of what he can possibly give the old man for the sword. Many things had crossed his mind yet none seemed to have any worth in his eyes.

But through gritted teeth, he went up to Sora and presented many things, only to be rejected by Sora.

The others had even returned already and showed their items to him, yet Sora rejected them as well.

Sora was waiting for the Patriarch to take out the item that had brought him here, yet it seemed like he wasn't very willing to.

"This sword can help carry your family into higher levels, bringing in wealth and power. You can even keep it as a safekeeping, using it only when your family is being threatened," mentioned Sora as he caressed the hilt of the sword.

The patriarch's eyes sparkled as he thought of the future where his family can hold untold wealth and power. With a quick move, he walked over to Sora and pulled out a box from his Storage Ring.

'He finally moves into the main event,' thought Sora as he looks at the box that carries the Space-Time signature that the Temporal Soul Vine had.

"This thing has been passed down in my family for many generations. We have no other special items other than this last piece of paper that was passed down. I hope that this Senior may take this item even if it is not enough for the sword," sincerely spoke the Patriarch.

"Hoho, what an interesting item you have their lad," spoke Sora as he looked at the open box revealing a piece of paper similar to the one he just took earlier from the tomb.

The patriarch opened his eyes widely as he thought of getting the sword from the Mysterious Senior.

Sora grabbed the piece of paper and put it in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal along with the other paper.

"I will be taking this item, in return, you may have the sword. It is an Unnamed Sword, so you will have to give it an appropriate name," said Sora as he picked up the sword and passed it over to the patriarch.

"Th-thank you Senior!"

The patriarch bowed as he received the sword in his hands.

"I will now take my leave," said Sora with a light smile as he stroked his white beard.

He walked away with a slight limp as he supported himself on the cane.

"I shall accompany you on your way out Senior," said the Patriarch as he walked next to Sora.

After being accompanied out, Sora left after saying goodbye.

'This Heavenly Marks Family reminds me of that Nie Li man,' thought Sora as he looked back at the closed gate.

He stopped using his Emperor Eyes and stopped the illusion.

'It's very likely that they are related'

Sora looked back at the gate before leaving and appearing back at the Sacred Family's courtyard.

When he got there, he saw Shen Xiu already waiting for him with a ton of demon spirit crystals, an ancient pot, and a beautiful woman by her side.

"You got the stuff," said Sora, attracting the attention of the two women.


The woman who came with Shen Xiu jumped in fright and looked at Sora with wide eyes before turning to look at Shen Xiu.

"Yes. Yang Xin, this is your contractor. He will be the one who will take you to a remote place for reasons I can't say," said Shen Xiu as she looked at Yang Xin, the alchemy expert Sora requested for.

"He-he's a demon beast??" asked Shen Xiu as she looked at Sora. "It's not a demon spiritualist transformation?"

"Not at all," said Shen Xiu as she looked at Sora.

"It doesn't seem like she's an alchemy expert, I don't smell any medicinal scent on her," said Sora.

Since he had been with a ton of agriculture, he has their smell stuck on him, although their smell is drowned by his scent of life.

Which lets him assume that alchemists tend to carry a herbal or medicinal scent around themselves.

"I study alchemy a lot and practice it whenever I have the time," said Yang Xin with a frown as she looked right at Sora.

"Hmm we will have to see about that. Well it's not like it will matter anyways, I will teach you some things and I will have you teach others what I teach you. Since the Alchemy is very poor in this world," said Sora as he looked at Yang Xin with interest.

With a feisty attitude like that and a burning fire of passion in her eyes when he said something about alchemy, he knew she had to be a good person to teach alchemy to. Even if her talent for it ended up being bad.

"Teach me alchemy?" Yang Xin looked at Sora with a skeptical gaze before turning to look at Shen Xiu. "I know you hired me and I accepted because of your strength, but do you trust in his knowledge and abilities? He's a demon beast," she whispered.

Sora gave a wry smile since he has supernatural sense. He could easily hear her even if she tried whispering 10 Km away from him.

"He's the one that helped me reach this type of level of strength, as well as the one who taught me martial arts. He's my master," said Shen Xiu with a smile as she looked at Yang Xin's surprised face.