Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 214

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 214 Nightmare Demon Pot

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Looking at Shen Xiu like if she told the worst joke, Yang Xin didn't know who to look at.

She lowered her head and rubbed her temples whilst thinking of her future.

'Will I ever become a great alchemist? If I follow a demon beast, what will happen to me? Or my status, my reputation, my job, my my love life,' thought Yang Xin with a depressed look.

She grit her teeth and looked at Sora, "Fine, I will go with you, but I may not be gone for longer than five years."

Sora looked at Yang Xin for a moment as he thought, 'Well it really all just boils down to your talent for alchemy but as long as she can remember everything, it should be fine.'

"Sure, why not. Just make sure to teach people the knowledge I will impart to you."

Not bothering to put the knowledge in her directly since she won't really master any of the knowledge just like that. So he will slowly help her out with the knowledge as he imparts bit by bit.

"I'll make sure of that," nodded Yang Xin with a serious look.

Sora, Yang Xin and Shen Xiu talked for a bit more before finally they decided to part ways. Although one of them didn't really want to.

Sora left Yang Xin to a remote area in Glory City and said, "I will be meditating for a little less than five minutes. I need to check everything that Shen Xiu has gotten me."

"Okay," said Yang Xin as she looked at Sora with curiosity. 'Although I don't understand why he will meditate for that.'

Sora sat down and looked at everything Yang Xin had given him. With many demon spirit crystals in hand, he didn't have to worry about an upcoming project to help everyone grow stronger. Mostly those who live in Tales of Demons and Gods for the moment.

He set those aside and looked at the pot Shen Xiu had gotten for him.

Nightmare Demon Pot.

According to the characters on the side of the old and black pot, that was it's name.

With a look of curiosity, Sora put his hand on it and felt all the inscriptions and Inscription Patterns on it.

He smiled as he felt some of the Inscriptions and Inscription patterns needed conditions to be met before being unlocked.

So with a smile, Sora quickly made work of the Nightmare Demon Pot. He fixed the inscriptions and inscription patterns and removed the flaws before removing the conditions as well and letting the Nightmare Demon Pot work in it's fullest.

[Nightmare Demon Pot]

[A pot made by Hong Xue of the Void Tribe back in the Snow Wing Empire Era.

Refining Demon Spirits (Strength/Growth Rate)- By putting in ten demon spirits of the same attribute, or using Soul Force/Law Energy/Heavenly Energy, there is a chance of a more powerful demon spirit forming. If one is lucky, there is a 25% chance for a rare demon spirit. Has a 100% refining Success Rate.

Fusing- Can fuse Demon Spirits together, making the demon spirits become one. The strongest demon spirit will become the main body as it gains skills and body parts from the other demon spirits. 95% Success Rate.

Has a 5% chance of the demon spirit gaining a dragon bloodline and making it stronger.

Demon spirits have a 50% chance to mutate and become stronger than similar demon spirits in the same level.

Contains Heavenly Energy within that can be used to cultivate or Refining/Fusing Demon spirits.

It takes some energy from the Demon Spirits during fusion and refinement to increase the amount of Heavenly Energy. Can also be given Heavenly Energy to keep for later uses.]

With the Nightmare Demon Pot in hand, Sora looked over to all the demon spirit crystals he got from Shen Xiu.

'If I can make full use of this and give my wives demon spirits that are rare, mutant, and have a dragon bloodline, how strong would they become?' he thought with a wide smile.

He didn't even bother thinking about using it for his own growth. His 'demon' spirits are already stronger than any demon spirits on the same level 1,000s of times over.

Patting the Nightmare Demon Pot, Sora placed it within his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He can only leave it in there for it to absorb all the Heavenly Energy that is being produced in there.

He might level up really quick thanks to the Deity Lakes he left in there two years ago. With so many Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Stone Essences waiting for him to use for his cultivation, Sora wanted to get to the peak of Legend and move on to the Heavenly Fate Realm.

"Okay, let's go," said Sora with a smile as he looked at Yang Xin who was looking at him from afar.

Grabbing Yang Xin and placing her on top of his head, Sora began on his journey back to Heavenly Fate Plateau, where the small tribe of humans lived.

Traveling through the forest that leads to the Heavenly Fate Plateau would usually take Sora 2 months, due to sightseeing, but this time it took 6 months. With having to teach Yang Xin how to identify herbs and how to properly get them, Sora still had to teach her how to refine them and how to make elixirs, potions, and pills.

'I need to return to Glory city in a year,' thought Sora as he led a tired Yang Xin to the Heavenly Fate Plateau tribe.

"Is that it?" asked Yang Xin as she pointed to the mountain in the distance.

"Yes, that's it. Before we go in there, I will need you to start cultivating since there is a technique I will need to pass down to you," said Sora as they neared the tribe.

"What type of cultivation technique will you give me?" asked Yang Xin.

"What's your soul attribute and soul form?" asked Sora.

"My attribute is wind and my soul form is a snake," said Yang Xin with a thoughtful look.

"Hmm..." Sora thought for a second as he made a good cultivation technique for Yang Xin. One with Wind, a Snake, and more oriented towards alchemy. "Your cultivation technique is called Snake's Potion. It specializes in increasing your soul force reserve, allowing you to carry more energy than the average demon spiritualist. I also allow you to make very quick movements and make the wind not affect you."

With a dumbfounded face, Yang Xin took the cultivation technique from Sora and quickly began to read through it. Once she was done and read it again, she began to cultivate in it. Right as soon as she began, she began to feel her energy reserve expand quickly, allowing her to take in more soul force than the average demon spiritualist.

'This should be enough. It didn't matter when I gave her the cultivation technique, since she won't learn how to refine potions until a year or two has passed,' thought Sora as he looked at Yang Xin cultivate.

A day later, Yang Xin was already a 4-Star Gold Rank demon spiritualist. She was a 2-Star Gold Rank demon spiritualist when Sora first met her and she hasn't made a breakthrough until today when she used her new cultivation technique.

"Amazing," she said out loud as she felt her increased strength and her new speed. But what she was actually more happy about was her soul force reserve.

"Looks like you are done, we can head over to the tribe now," said Sora as he picked her up and placed her on his head before heading to the Heavenly Fate Plateau tribe.

"Tribe?" asked Yang Xin with shock.

"Yes, tribe. I brought you over so you can teach this tribe what you know about alchemy while I teach you even more about alchemy."

Sora didn't even get to step on the pathway leading to the tribe before Yu Yan and Yun Ling ran over to him.

Yu Yan had seemed to have recovered her body as she used her flames to maintain her clothes and she floated over to Sora. Her strength reached back to the peak of Legend and returned to her the Spiritual God status. She was even stronger than before thanks to the cultivation technique Sora had given her.

Yun Ling on the other hand, had finally reached 5-Star Black-Gold Rank. She carried a very calm and mesmerizing aura thanks to her personality and cultivation technique.

"Master/Sora," said Yun Ling and Yu Yan at the same time as they appeared in front of Sora.

Yu Yan sat on one of his horns like always while Yun Ling stood in front of him with a smile and a calm expression on her face.

"I'm back you two," said Sora with a smile before continuing to walk further.

As they walked to the tribe, Sora asked some questions.

"Any new updates Yun Ling?" he asked.

"There are now 50% Black-Gold rank experts. The rest begin at Gold rank and below." said Yun Ling quickly.

"I see," nodded Sora.

"They are all also happy with the Universal Tower you had created," said Yun Ling with a happy smile. "A new level even appeared yesterday."

"That's good to hear," nodded Sora. 'The level appeared rather quickly thought it's a good thing nonetheless.'

"But they all seem to be down as most don't have the chance to be able to fight demon beasts. Although many are sent to look for demon beasts and hunt them, not many are actually able to find any in the wild. Ever since the time they went on a rampage, all the demon beasts nearby seem to be keeping their distances," said Yun Ling as she put on a skeptical face. "They aren't complaining about not being able to capture or kill a demon beast. What they are complaining about is not being able to rack up experience on fighting demon beasts."

"I can fix that problem easily tomorrow. Just find me an empty area in the tribe where I can work," said Sora with a quick thought.

"Anything else, other than that?" asked Sora as he looked at Yun Ling curiously.

"None at all!" smiled Yun Ling.

"I see..." said Sora absent minded before looking at Yu Yan. "I see you gained back your body."

"Yes! It happened a month ago," she said before continuing. "I even managed to completely create my demon spirit. A cute tiny fox with fairy wings on its back."

"That's nice," nodded Sora.

Once they got to the tribe, Sora placed down Yang Xin before receiving weird looks from both Yu Yan and Yun Ling.

"What? Don't look at me like that," said Sora as he looked at both Yu Yan and Yun Ling weirdly.

"You didn't kidnap her right?" asked Yu Yan teasingly as she laid eyes on the sleeping Yang Xin.

"Is she the alchemy teacher you said you were going to bring?" asked curiously Yun Ling.

"Yes. It took longer on bringing her here since I had to teach her a couple of things before dropping her off at this place," said Sora with a sigh.

"Why can't we go to the other place, Glory City?" curiously asked Yun Ling as she put a finger on her lips thoughtfully.

"Because before making a dangerous trip like that, over to another place like that, you have to make sure you are strong enough to survive," said Sora as he looked right into Yun Ling's eyes. "If you aren't strong enough, you might be eaten by the demon beast or made into red paste in the forest. You can't underestimate demon beasts Yun Ling."

Yun Ling looked at Sora with a serious and determined look before nodding, "I will grow strong and make sure I can easily survive going over to Glory City. Strong enough to be able to go to any place in the world I wish to go to, and to do this, I will need your help with growing stronger."

"The most I can do is teach you how to fight," suggested Sora. He turned to look at Yu Yan and continued, "I can also teach you how to make better use of your fire and teach you some martial arts that fits your style of fighting."

Yu Yan and Yun Ling both looked at each other with wide eyes as they listened to Sora speak.

'Now I am more sure that he really was a human in the past,' thought Yu Yan as she looked at Sora. 'I don't even care if he turns out to be an ugly man or not, I have fallen in love with this man...'

'Master Sora really is the best! If only he were human, I would've had him become my fiance

( )' thought Yun Ling with a deep red blush. 'What am I saying! I just turned 17 two days ago!!'