Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 215

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 215 Heavenly Fate

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"Ahh What am I thinking" thought Yun Ling as she cowered off to the side.

'Haha, silly girl,' chuckled Sora as he looked at Yun Ling's actions.

"Come on, let us head inside," said Sora with a smile.

As soon as they entered the tribe, Sora sent away Yu Yam and Yun Ling as he went towards the Alchemy Building he had built before he had left for the Space-Time disturbance.

Luckily he already had everything prepared besides the herbs and other various ingredients.

Even more luckily, he got Yang Xin to pick them during their trip through the forest. All which were in various conditions due to her terrible skills to gather them up.

Her skills gradually improved on the other hand as she gathered the herbs she will be needing.

The only thing Sora had to get her was many ingredients that came from demon beasts.

Something which he didn't have to do in the future since he can just use his blood as a substitute, which is also a better material than anything else.

Sora led Yang Xin into the building and placed her in front of an alchemy cauldron made of mythril, which was very resistant to heat. He had his Primal Flames to thank for melting it.

His Primal Flames can melt anything in existence, as long as he has the energy to maintain them. Which is why Sora is glad about his new cultivation technique that allows him to carry more Primal Chaos Qi in his body without using a dantian.

He could maintain the flame for a long time now.

He was planning on teaching Yang Xin a technique that allows her to create a fire with her soul force, as well as giving her some more low leveled one's for her future students. The one he will be teaching her will be stronger than the ones for her students, and she can pass it down to only one successor.

Since he had the Fire Scripture, he knows every single type of fire and how to create them with set techniques.

There's even an attacking technique which can combine many flames into a single lotus to attack with.

Buddha's Lotus Flame.

A flame that is born from the merging of two powerful flames into something even more powerful and destructive.

Sora was thinking of teaching Yang Xin how to make a Red Crane Flame, a fairly powerful flame.

It is a very powerful flame and carries a calm aura, allowing for a very easy control over it.

But before he can teach her how to make a flame, he needs her to pass a few tests with the effects of every herb she had collected.

After a couple of days of tests and studying for Yang Xin, she had finally passed and Sora gave her the technique directly into her mind.

"Whoa," Yang Xin looked at Sora with amazement as she felt the new technique within her mind. It was a rather freaky ability to have, to just all of a sudden have a complete memory stored in your head you never had before. Something which you can remember easily like if you are constantly seeing it, quite an awesome yet scary skill.

"This Red Crane Flame is what you will be cultivating for the next few months," said Sora as he looked carefully at Yang Xin.

Hearing the time it will take her, Yang Xin looked at Sora with curiosity, "Why so long?"

"Because you have to create the Red Crane Flame. Once created, it will be like it is a part of you, especially your soul realm since you will be using your soul force to maintain it," explained Sora. "Not only that, once it is created, you will need to strengthen it and stabilize it. It will be easy though, the fire is a very calm type of fire."

"How strong does the flame have to be?" asked Yang Xin curiously.

"Enough to melt a soul crystal, one of the materials that have a very high melting point in the Divine Continent/Tiny World," said Sora as he brought out a Soul Crystal and passed it over to Yang Xin.

"There's no way that's true!" yelled Yang Xin with a shocked look.

"It's very true. This is a very weird crystal that can easily be broken by someone in the Silver rank and yet can't be melted that easily," said Sora as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Try your best at melting this crystal," said Sora as he placed the crystal right in front of her.

"Okay," sighed Yang Xin as she got to practicing the Red Crane Flame technique.

A couple more days had passed since Yang Xin had been practicing the Red Crane Flame, and judging by the size of the 10 cm tall flame ember, it will take her two - three months to get the technique refined.

Looking at the red flame in Yang Xin's hand made Sora remember someone.

'Yu Yan...' thought Sora as he stood up from his spot. He walked over to Yang Xin who was eagerly trading before heading off to Yu Yan's place.

The place where the Black Springs is at.

Sora appeared within the cave and noticed the lack of sound inside the cave.

'I'm glad Yu Yan got her body back, not only does she have a wonderful figure that I can easily notice now with her bigger body, but she left her bath water that is filled with Law Energy,' thought funnily Sora as he looked at the Black Spring filled with Law Energy.

'Although it's pretty weird to consider the Black Spring Yu Yan's bath water, it is still technically the truth since she was in it for thousands of years,' thought Sora as he walked around the Black Spring.

After a bit of walking, Sora started to lay out an array around the Black Spring so that it can gather more law energy and purify it.

"This will barely be enough to let me reach the peak of Legend Rank," thought Sora as he finished up laying out the array.

"It will also end up taking me a couple of months which will easily be solved by my Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal," thought Sora as he went to the middle of the Black Spring and began using it as his cultivation material.

The Black Spring slowly started to whirl around Sora's body before it was all absorbed through the naval area of his body.

Slowly, the water in the Black Spring was going down.

All the energy contained within it slowly disappeared into Sora's body as he made sure to take all the Black Spring law energy.

A couple of days had passed and Sora finally depleted all of the energy inside the Black Spring and made it empty, leaving not a single drop left.

However, instead of stopping there and going back to whence he came from, Sora continued cultivating as he already felt the Heavenly Energy within the air and cultivated and purified it to the extreme.

With unbridled power slowly growing within himself, Sora forgot about time as he lost himself in cultivation.

What he failed to notice was the growth of the Laws he had comprehended.

Each law; Primal Chaos, Void, Yin, Yang, Time, Space, Gravity, and Sound, all grew stronger and started to take on a different form other than just Inscription Patterns. Almost on the level of touching reality and messing with it with just his whims.

Sora instead focused on trying to absorb the Heavenly Energy in the air, yet he found that it was extremely thin. With a click of his tongue in annoyance, Sora brought out the Nightmare Demon Pot and began stealing the Heavenly Energy from it as he began to form his first Fate Soul.

He swirled his Heavenly Energy into tens of millions of threads and that constantly reinforced his Fate Soul. All working hard to form the finest and most flawless Fate Soul that the world has ever seen.

With a 'psh' sound, a see-through crystal-like Fate Soul formed.

Sora looked on with surprise as he looked at the overbearing Chinese characters on it's chest.

'Myriad God Emperor'

Sora watched on in surprise as he slowly moved the crystal Fate Soul in curiosity and noticed it changed into many colors, dark and white, bright and dim.

He wondered as to why his Fate Soul is so different compared to other Fate Souls. Other Fate Souls are always colorless, so it really makes him think, 'Is the Myriad God Emperor' technique so powerful that it can even change a Fate Soul and make it even stronger than they are supposed to be?

Sora already knew that his Fate Soul is hundreds of times stronger than other Fate Souls.

He even found that it slowly refined the Soul Force/Law Energy/Heavenly Energy within him and grew slightly stronger. Although it isn't much right now, in the future it would be a god-sent ability.

'Will my future Fate Souls also be as peculiar as this one??' Sora asked himself.

Continuing to stabilize his realm and strengthening it, Sora spent the next few days doing that as his Fate Soul grew to be 5 times bigger than before. After getting it there, he stopped cultivating and put away the Nightmare Demon Pot.

'Now that I've made it to this 1-Fate Realm, I should start cultivating with the spiritual stone essences,' thought Sora as he remembered about the Deity Lakes he chucked inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

The painting which is connected to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, which benefited both places. The energy growing denser, the time dilation being the same for both places, a huge space, the paintings nourishing and restoring energy that it bestows on everything and especially artifacts, and a bigger agriculture field.

With the time dilation and many Deity Lakes inside the painting, Sora must have around millions of spiritual stone essences which will help him max out his cultivation in no time. If there are no unexpected outcomes from his cultivation technique.

At least he didn't need to worry about his Zanpakuto and his Zanpakuto spirit as they grew alongside him.

'Yeah that's right,' yelled the skeleton.

Sora shook his head with a smile and decided to pay Yang XIn a visit before continuing to cultivate.

He walked into the Alchemy building and looked at Yang Xin who had melted the Soul Crystal halfway through.

"Oh, Master Sora," said Yang Xin as she turned to look at Sora with a smile.

'Master Sora? Was it Yun Ling?' Sora asked himself as he listened to Yang Xin call him Master. "Master Sora?"

Yes, 'Master Sora', it's what I ought to call you since you will be teaching me alchemy. It should be expected," nodded Yang Xin with a smile.

"??" Sora looked at Yang Xin with a confused face before sighed and moved on. "How many days has it been since I left you here?"

"2 months," answered Yang Xin as she continued melting the Soul Crystal.

'2 months, huh?'

Sora rubbed his chin for a bit as he turned to look at Yang Xin for a bit.

"Yang Xin, come over here. Since I will be once again gone for a bit, I will leave this small task for you to complete," said Sora.

"What task will it be?" she asked.

"It will be a task which you will be happy about," smiled Sora as he moved over to the Mythril Cauldron.

"Hm~ What will it be," inquired Yang Xin with a small smile.

"You will finally be making potions," said Sora with his hands over the cauldron. "You will be making three types of potions. A health position that helps someone heal their wounds and regain some of their vitality. A strengthening potion which will make someone 5-15% stronger after ingested. And a toughening potion which hardens the body so that it doesn't get damage immediately."

"I can do this easily!" said Yang Xin with her chest pronounced.

"Good luck then, here's the list of ingredients, all separated for each potion," said Sora with a small smile before waving off.