Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 216

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 216 Is He Human?

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"Okay I can do this"



It's so hard!"


"Oh my! So much!"

Yang Xin waved her hand fiercely in front of herself as she swiped away the smoke in the air.

"Another failed potion," sighed Yang Xin as she looked at the black and smelly goop inside the Mythril Cauldron.

She lifted the goop out of the cauldron and burnt it away with her Red Crane Flame.

She brought out more ingredients and started working once more on the potions.

After many minutes, a medicinal scent wafted out of the Cauldron.

"Finally, another successful potion," sighed Yang Xin as she gave a small smile.

Yang Xin poured the potion into a small vial and placed it aside before returning to working in the next potion.


"Yang Xin!"

Yelled Yun Ling as she entered the Alchemy building and looked right at Yang Xin in the distance.

"Yun Ling, what are you doing here?" asked Yang Xin as she looked at Yun Ling.

In the time that Sora was away, Yang Xin and Yun Ling had gotten to know each other and became friends.

Yu Yan on the other hand focused on cultivating when she noticed Sora was cultivating. She did make short talk with Yang Xin and it was a very pleasurable conversation.

"I was bored with cultivating! I just reached Legend Rank yesterday," said nonchalantly Yun Ling.

'Already Legend Rank?' thought Yang Xin with a wry smile.

"You want to accompany me while I continue practicing my alchemy," asked Yang Xin.

"Yeah!" nodded Yun Ling.

"Just sit a meter away from me, when the potion fails, the potion explodes and makes a lot of smoke," said Yang Xin.

"Yu Yan might join us today," said Yun Ling with a light smile.

"Really? How nice," mumbled Yang Xin with a smile as she put the ingredients in the cauldrons.

"Yeah, Master Sora just visited her and suggested to her to take a break from cultivating," said Yun Ling with a small smile. "Something about stabilizing her realm."

"It helps you grow stronger in the end, and makes it easier to not go into cultivation deviation." Yang Xin said.

Hearing her words, Yun Ling shuddered a bit at the sound of cultivation deviation, or in this Tales of Demons and Gods world case, soul deviation.

Soul deviation tended to occur to those who don't care for their soul realm, never stabilize, recklessly gathering soul force/law energy/heavenly energy. It also happens when one cultivates incorrectly, either the cultivation technique is very bad or the cultivator accidentally goes the wrong way in their cultivation.

When someone goes through soul deviation, one might explode, experience deficiencies, poison their soul, harm their body, gain inhuman features, change in personality, multiple personalities, and/or even experiencing a change in gender both physically and spiritually.

Or just simply being crippled or turning one's brain into mush.

Yun Ling shook a bit as she said, It's not true is it?"

"Oh, it's true. It happened once at the alchemy association a couple years back. One of the workers there experience deficiencies. Their bones turned brittle and their skin easily tested a very sad and disgusting thing to witness," said Yang Xin with a horrified expression. "Luckily we were able to fix that by giving her some elixirs that strengthened her bones and skin, she only lost one arm in the end and many tearing scars over her body. Now she's in dept to the alchemy association."

Yun Ling's face turned green as she looked at Yang Xin with a sad look, "It's.. its.. it's good that she's alright"

"It is," said a voice from the entrance.

Yu Yan had a green face as well from the entrance of the alchemy building.

"I see you were listening to us," said Yang Xin with a small smile.

"I got here when you were telling your story," said Yu Yan with a face of regret as she moved over to Yang Xin and Yun Ling.

"Hahaha," laughed both Yun Ling and Yang Xin as they looked at the white haired beauty come near them.

After a while of laughter and jokes, Yang Xin asked a question that made Yun Ling and Yu Yan go quiet.

"Do you both really like Master Sora on an intimate level? I remember the way you both acted with him the first time I got here."

Yun Ling squirmed in her place with a blush.

Yu Yan had a small smile as she looked at her Jade white feet.

"I do," sweetly answered Yu Yan with her small smile.

"I don't" muttered Yun Ling with a small sad smile.

"!!!" Yang Xin and Yun Ling both looked at Yu Yan with shocked looks as they could not believe that she likes a demon beast.

"But but he's a demon beast," muttered Yun Ling.

"He's originally a human and I'm sure he will turn back into a human one day," said Yu Yan with compassion.

"Wait he used to be human?" asked Yang Xin shocked as she looked straight into Yu Yan's eyes.

"Human before?!" asked Yun Ling as well with a lot of words missing in her speech.

"Yes," nodded Yu Yan with a smile. "I know for sure"

"What did he look like?!" asked Yun Ling with wide eyes.

"Did he have any defining features? Did you know him in the past when he was human??"

Both Yun Ling and Yang Xin looked at Yu Yan with intrigued looks.

"No, I didn't know him when he was a human. Only knew him for a couple days longer than Yun Ling I just knew he was a human because he told me," whispered Yu Yan with a meek smile.




"It's that you're a manipulative woman!" yelled Lu Piao.

"*Sniff*.. why are you being so mean!" teared up a red haired girl.

"It's because I am getting tired of you! It's not me, it's definitely you!" yelled Lu Piao as he left the red haired girl, Xiao Xue, all alone.

"Wahh I even became nice just for you!" cried Xiao Xue as he wiped away her tears.

"Wuuu~" cried Xiao Xue.

She couldn't believe that Lu Piao had just left her like that. Even after tolerating him after he slowly started changing into a different person, she chose to stay by his side.

However, today was the last straw after he beat her and yelled at her. He even left with just saying that he got tired of her. SHE's now tired of him, she can't go on with something like this. It broke her heart to see Lu Piao change, but now she doesn't want to know anything about the man ever in her life.

"I should visit Xiao Ning'er or Ye Ziyun warn them about terrible men like stinky Lu Piao," sniffled Xiao Xue as she wiped away her tears and stood up.

"He left me, there's no reason to want him no more..." said Xiao Xue as more tears threatened to come out.

"Damn I'm no longer ever going to fall in love with women," said Lu Piao with a serious face.

"That's a bad life you will start living," said Du Ze as he appeared next to Lu Piao in a flash.

"We have many years to live after reaching the peak of Legend," waved off Lu Piao.

"You have a point there," shrugged Du Ze since he knew that Lu Piao is a very weird individual.

They both walked for quite a while before arriving in front of Nie Li's Heavenly Marks Family home.

"Nie Li, we're here!" yelled Lu Piao as they knocked on the door.


With shocked looks, Lu Piao and Du Ze turned to look at each other before rushing into Nie Li's courtyard, only to find him half n.a.k.e.d and with a wide smile across his face.

Over the months, as Nie Li's cultivation got higher, the more his face became feminine. However, with an increase in the feminine charms, his speed exponentially increased. He was about to reach the peak of Legend and he was already stronger than Du Ze and Lu Piao together.

"What happened? We thought you were in danger," asked Du Ze as he reeled back in his power into his body.

"NO! I'll explain later!" said Nie Li with a wide smile.

He turned around and quickly put on his trademark clothes before thinking to himself, 'I remembered everything now! Every single technique, inscription pattern, martial arts, alchemy...'

Nie Li had finally regained his knowledge and he was really happy about it. After passing 6 months in the past, he finally got his knowledge which he really missed.

However, before he could become any more happy, his face turned pale.

'You mean the technique I cultivated isn't the strongest neutral technique?!' asked Nie Li with shock as he headed out with Du Ze and Lu Piao.

"On to pick up our 4th member," said Nie Li with a smile.

"Fourth member?" asked both Du Ze and Lu Piao with questioning looks on their faces.

"Yes, he and I have been talking for over many months already and we decided it was time to add him into it," Nie Li coughed suspiciously.

"Do we know this new addition?" asked Lu Piao.

"Yes," nodded Nie Li. "Look! He's over there!"

Both Du Ze and Lu Piao looked over to where Nie Li was pointing to and noticed a lone figure standing amidst many people.


"Why him...?"

"Shen Yue!" yelled Nie Li with a wide smile as he attracted Shen Yue's attention.

Hearing someone call out his name, Shen Yue turned and faced Nie Li with a smile, "Nie Li!"

Du Ze and Lu Piao looked at Nie Li and Shen Yue with shocked gazes as they noticed Shen Yue get closer.

"Is it really him who turned into our teammate?" asked both Du Ze and Lu Piao.

"He's a very good teammate," said Nie Li with a light chuckle.

"Why'd you choose him? Even after the humiliation he made you go through!" yelled Lu Piao.

"Because he has changed, his aunt is also under the order of a mysterious demon beast I have never seen, and our small group of 3 no longer have enough demon spirit coins to get high class food, even if we are Legend Rank," said Nie Li with a sigh.

"So we accepted him because we're poor and his aunt is mysterious at the moment..." mumbled Du Ze.

"Can't we just go after his aunt straight away?" asked Lu Piao with a weird look.

"No, she is also in Legend Rank like us, but her cultivation is stronger than all three of us put together. Even her martial arts is better than all of ours," sighed Nie Li as he flexed his hand.

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Shen Yue curiously as he looked at the faces of Nie Li, Lu Piao and Du Ze.

"Nothing," coldly spoke Lu Piao before leaving their little group. His mind took him back to a couple of months ago when he was pushed around by Shen Yue because he was from a low level noble family. He was called commoner since compared to Shen Yue, he might as well be one.

"Why is he leaving?" asked Shen Yue, unaware of the trouble he caused for many years.

Nie Li looked at Lu Piao's back and said, "That's also what I want to say. He's a very weird person these past few weeks."

Shen Yue looked at Lu Piao with squinted eyes as he left slowly, seemingly awaiting for something.

'Such a weird man,' thought Shen Yue.

Lu Piao on the other hand was raging in his mind about everything Shen Yue had ever done. 'How could Nie Li just accept him into the group! He's a bully! And a bully is always a bully, no matter where one might go and how much they may change!

There is just some stuff that may never disappear.'