Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 217

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 217 3 Decades

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Sora was right in the open space that Yun Ling had found for him.

After he met up with Yu Yan and recommended to stabilize her realm, he went ahead to return the orange haired man's knowledge while he slept. Although it strikes him weird that he had managed to cultivate a broken technique that slowly transforms him into a female.

Since Nie Li cultivates a broken technique, it will only end up making him look more feminine and he will gradually turn girly.

'I wonder what he experienced in the future,' thought Sora, thinking that Nie Li must have done it on purpose.

Sora had come to the middle of the field to make another artifact, but more better than before.

Last time, he built everything manually with actual foundations and stuff. This time however, he will create it as a small item and then increase its size like an actual artifact.

He brought out a bit of Mythril and Gold Essence before melting them down and fusing them together. After having that down, Sora put inscription patterns, arrays, and even some minor inscriptions to make sure the thing he will create will work to the best of its abilities.

Slowly, he began to throw demon spirit crystals into the mix as well, as well as adding a newly created array into the artifact solely for the demon spirit crystals.

After finishing up every, Sora smiled happily before using a bit of his Space, Void, and Primal Chaos Laws on it.

After mixing well everything with a set goal in mind, a small ancient looking door formed in his hands.

On the face of the doors, there were many demon beasts fighting against each other.

"Great!" smiled Sora as he stepped back and enlarged the door and placed it right in the middle of the empty land.

With a happy smile, he checked it information with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

[Ancient Dungeon Gateway (Portable)]

[Artifact- Growth-type

A dungeon created with the set purpose of gathering demon spirits, cultivation resources, and even increasing the cultivation of those who eliminate demon spirits.

A separate space that creates many labyrinths and settings where cultivators can grow and gain experience in defeating demon beasts.

The strongest demon beast is of Legend Rank.

Those who die inside the dungeon lose a cultivation level and can't return for half a year.

Must provide the dungeon enough energy to allow entrance inside.

Grows with the energy being given to it and the energy expended from within it, as well as the remains of demon beasts...]

Sora smiled happily as he looked at the information given by the Ancient Dungeon Gateway.

He's pretty happy in his ability in being able to create an alternate space where others can grow. He can't really enter the dungeon since the experience of a Legend Rank demon beast is like a drop in a lake for him.

After leaving the Door there, Sora left once he placed down a sign that will give people an explanation of the door.

'Now I can form some Fate Souls,' said Sora with a small smile.

He went into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting after setting up everything.

One option he had that he could do with his Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting had obtained when connected to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was to be able to change the time ratio of the space.

Although it can't go higher than the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

If Sora wished to stay inside the painting infinitely, he would need to set the ratio inside the painting to 20 times faster than the actual world.

Any more than that and he would be kicked out of the painting. Although Sora has a feeling that it will change in the future.

In fact, Sora can even bring people into the painting, but for them, the fastest the flow of time can be is 10 times. Sora didn't know why it was like that, but it made him happy since his wives won't spend too much time without him.

Since he will only let them and his children enter his painting, as well as a select few friends, like Frisk and Yamamoto.

He had gemstone for faster cultivation and many spiritual stone essences in hand to absorb at the same time as the Heavenly Energy in the air that is dense, pure, and near infinite in the painting.

'Is it possible to make an array or an inscription that can create energies like Qi and Soul Force? Like a plant that takes in carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen' thought Sora as he entered the painting after setting it to 20 times speed.

And just like that, Sora worked on cultivating his 8 Fate Souls for 30 years, which was only a year and a half in the actual world.

Somewhere in between cultivating, Sora had stopped to check up on everyone after he completed his eight Fate Souls. He even stopped many times just so he can do it with his beautiful neko women.

The only one that 'suffered' from Sora's pause in cultivation was Yang Xin who received more tasks to do after getting the potion recipes and the needed ingredients.

It even struck him as odd that his Fate Souls, besides the first Crystal Fate Soul, all resembled the auras of his 8 laws.

Primal Chaos.








It was a very weird thing, but he thought nothing of it since his Myriad God Emperor technique is something never seen before.

What he did notice however, was the Temporal Soul Vine growing at a fast and steady rate as it absorbed his Heavenly Energy. Buds were starting to grow in and finally-


A bright star was illuminated in the middle of his Fate Souls.

Within his soul realm, the fate star at the center of his nine different fate souls began shining with a dazzling light.

Sora felt as if his body was being nourished, slowly fixing the imperfections of his body and mind. It made his mind work at a faster rate than normal naturally, making him perceive the world even more different than before.

The ability that he had growing since the time he was in the Dragon Ball World seemed to grow once again. His time seemed to flow even faster than how it showed when he was in the Dragon Ball world.

His mind shown with starlight and that same starlight exploded out through his eyes as it illuminated everything in front of himself

Every part of his body glowed with that starlight, as if it was ready to detonate. Every single cell flowed under that starlight as they nourished it.

Each person's body contains millions upon millions of units, each of which harbors boundless energy.

Under the shine of that starlight, the energies within those units began showing signs of breaking out.

The brightness of a person's Fate Star always determines the strength of someone for the next rank. Yet Sora's Fate Star Can already shine even more than someone who has been nourishing theirs for a hundred years.

This was the effect of someone meditating in the annata mental state, affinity, and talent.

As a cultivator, Sora would have to break out of his norms as he grows stronger and so do his abilities.

Slowly break from his family which is why he will also help them grow along with him so that they all stick together.

Since his Temporal Perception grew even stronger by many folds since his time in Dragon Ball, he Can very well protect anyone. As well as make them stronger by many folds since he can now few every inch of their body in less than a millisecond and point out their mistakes.

As his body adapted right away to his new senses and power, Sora felt everything ingrained into his body, soul and mind.


A ring of energy exploded outwards as Sora broke into the next few Fate Stars before stopping at the 7th Fate Star.

Each Fate Star shining brightly and powerful as they shone with untold power.


The space around Sora hummed as he stood up and stretched around.

Sora got more and more satisfied with his cultivation technique, as he felt his soul slowly create its own Soul Force/Law Energy/Heavenly Energy. He can even use that Heavenly Energy to cultivate.

It was a mysterious function he received from the cultivation technique of his. If he lived in a world with no Soul Force, Law Energy, and even Heavenly Energy, just being within that world, slowly it will start to build up and create more.

It's even believable that there is a technique out somewhere in the cosmos that dedicates itself to just that, creating energy for the world, people, animals, and beasts to benefit from.

Sora smiled as he thought of such things. He thought about his technique and felt very happy about it's creation.

"I guess it's time to see Xiao Ning'er," said Sora as he remembered the space-time point on her body.

'I should be able to extract the paper out from her body now'

Sora rubbed his face as he stepped out of the painting and walked around ready to meet anyone.

Ever since he arrived on Tales of Demons and Gods, Sora had been in his beast form for many years. Now he's getting closer to being able to turn back into a human.

'Only a couple more years,' thought Sora as he patted his body's flaming fur.

"Sora!!" yelled a beautiful blonde woman as he ran to Sora and stopped right in front of him.

Sora looked at the woman before him with a smile, "You have grown Yun Ling. In just a year, you have gotten slightly taller and more mature."

"And you seem to be stronger than before" blushed Yun Ling as she remembered Yu Yan's words a year and a half ago.

"Where's Yang Xin and Yu Yan?" asked Sora with a smile.

"Yu Yan seems to have gone on a mission to get rid of the demon beasts that had driven her into a corner," said Yun Ling with a finger on her supple pink lips.

Nodding, Sora remembered the 'sorry' state she was in when he first found her. Even her vigilance towards him as he just stood in front of her.

'I wonder when she'll be back'

"Yang Xin is only finishing up making the last batch cultivation potions you had her make," said Yun Ling with a smile.

"That's good Those cultivation potions will be distributed amongst many people," nodded Sora.

"Really?" asked Yun Ling with a wide smile.

"Yes, since the cultivation potions are of a high grade, we will distribute them according to their rank. So those being in the White(No Cultivation) Rank will only get half a drop per week, since their soul will be badly damaged if they intake too much. Bronze Rank two drops every week. Silver Rank..."

Sora explained the rest and Yun Ling smiled widely.

"That's amazing! Yang Xin made such an awesome potion," she said with starry eyes.

"Yes she did," nodded Sora.

He walked over to the alchemy building with Yun Ling and looked over Yang Xin's work.

"Amazing, they are all of good quality," nodded Sora with a small smile.

Hearing someone talk about the potions she made, Yang Xin stood up with a frown and was about to lash out at the person until she saw who it was.

"Master Sora! It's been a while," said Yang Xin with a smile.

"It has," nodded Sora since he hasn't seen Yang Xin in over a decade, the time he gave her the task. "I'm amazed at the grades of these potions. You really have talent for alchemy Yang Xin. The potion recipe I gave you should only be a good quality at the Heavenly Fate Realm, but you're in the Legend rank and managed to show your talent and dedication."

"It's not much," said Yang Xin with a shy look as she moved aside her hair with a smile.