Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 219

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 219 Teaching Something

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Dusk had arrived at a certain dessert where two 15 year olds were holding onto a feminine boy.

"We've done the deed there's no turning back now..." muttered one of them.

"We will take responsibility..."

"You will be ours forever..."

"Never leave our side..."

The effeminate 15 year old had a lost look on his face as he received kisses from the two boys.

Nie Li had lost his cultivation.

After all his channels were blocked and he tried to forcefully try to use his soul force, his Soul Realm collapsed and he lost his cultivation base. Now he has returned to just being a normal boy slightly stronger than the rest.

He couldn't do anything now.

Du Ze and Lu Piao seemed to be still under the influence of the aphrodisiac and it didn't seem like it would be ever wearing off as they held him tight and kissed him.

Giving up, Nie Li knew that he would no longer be able to do anything. With his channels destroyed and his Soul Realm collapsed, there is not a single thing he can do now. His friends being two Legend Ranks and under the influence of an aphrodisiac that may be permanent, he may never be let go of.

Some time in the future, Du Ze and Lu Piao might even-



Nie Li snapped out of his daze as he felt a cold feeling around his neck. He lifted up his hands with a fearful look and outlined the thing around his neck with a pale face.

'A neck shackle!!'

Nie Li held on tight on to the shackle on his neck and pulled on it, hoping to rip it off.

"You better not be doing that, oh dear of mine," said Lu Piao with hearts as pupils.

Hearing the familiar voice right beside his ear filled with affection, Nie Li couldn't help but shiver in fear as he recollected what had happened the night before.

He let go of the collar and dropped them to his sides in utter defeat as he had nothing else that he could ever do now. All he can do is follow orders and hope they may let him go one day.

That or his friends finally regain consciousness from the aphrodisiac.

It's a terrible thing that the aphrodisiac long wore off and it was just Du Ze and Lu Piao finally admitting their guilty pleasures as they now held Nie Li.

'Hehe he's all ours now,' smiled Lu Piao as he sent a nod to the equally smiling Du Ze.

"NO! Not again! Please!!"

Back in the Heavenly Fate Plateau, Sora was leaving with Yu Yan, Yun Ling, and Yang Xin.

Sora saw no reason to take the Universal Tower and the Ancient Dungeon yet, so he left them at Heavenly Fate Plateau as he set up a Heavenly World Rune point where he can freely travel to and from.

It was even available for his wives.

After his steamy and lengthy session with his wives, Sora had placed a cultivation technique within their minds. Each suited to themselves.

Sora even gave Frisk and Yamamoto the green light for entering the Universal Tower and the Ancient Dungeon.

And with the creation of both those artifacts, Sora felt like he was closer to creating his own personalized treasure that can help him reach the peak of existence.

All he needed was to create one more artifact that will allow him to reach great lengths in some lengthy future.

Even just retouching an artifact and making it better would workout fine.

"So this other place is big?" asked Yun Ling with curiosity.

"Indeed, many live there. Almost 10 times the amount of people in the Heavenly Fate Plateau Tribe," said Sora with a nod.


Sora smiled at Yun Ling's childish actions before turning to face Yang Xin who was looking at him with a blush.

After noticing that Sora was looking back at her, Yang Xin turned her head quickly before hearing Sora's question.

"Did you appoint someone to hand out the cultivation potions?"

"Yes!" nodded Yang Xin as she put her hair behind her ear.

"Then I guess we have nothing to worry about," smiled Sora as he looked at Yang Xin.

"Nothing to worry about"

Sora smiled and led everyone to Glory City with Yu Yan occasionally sneaking some peaks at him with an intrigued look.

3 weeks later, due to taking a shortcut and avoiding sightseeing, Sora and the rest had arrived at Glory City earlier than expected.

Sora and the three beautiful women made a beeline for the Sacred Family.

Luckily, Sora ran into Shen Xiu before getting to the Sacred Family.

"It has been two years since I have last seen you, Shen Xiu."

Sora smiled as he walked up to the fl.u.s.tered red-headed woman as she looked at Sora with a confused look.

"Huh? Who *sniff*... are you?" Shen Xiu took pauses as she sniffed in that awfully familiar scent in the air. The scent of life which she had smelt so many times in the past when she was with


Shen Xiu's eyes widened in pleasant surprise as she jumped at Sora and wrapped her arms around him.

"When did you turn human?" she asked shocked.

"Just a month ago," said Sora with a small smile.

"A month ago?" asked Shen Xiu with furrowed eyebrows. She was about to say something before noticing the three women behind him. "Oh."

She let go of Sora's shoulders as she looked at him rather reservedly.

"Say, Shen Xiu, I'm a very good teacher and I have knowledge I wish others can make us of. Do you know ANYWHERE I can put this knowledge to use," said Sora as he looked at Shen Xiu.

Shen Xiu looked at Sora for a second before smiling brightly and nodding.

"Indeed there is! You can come over with me and work at the institute along with me." Shen Xiu had a wide smile over her face as she thought of how much time she can possibly spend with Sora, especially now that he was human.

She already liked him before when he was a demon beast, so much so that she was willing to give herself up to him while he was a demon beast. Makes her glad that Sora had turned back human before she wholly gave herself to his beast form which she might regret halfway through.

If she can get closer to Sora while he's teaching with her at the institute, she might be able to spend a night with him, if not, even more in the future should everything go well.

"Since I am Legend Rank, I hold a small amount of power that I can use well to give you a teacher status at school. Can I know what you will be teaching first?" asked Shen Xiu with a small smile.

"I will be teaching how to tame Demon Beasts."

"You know how to tame demon beasts?" asked Shen Xiu rather shocked.

"I do, it's fairly easy." Nodded Sora with a calm smile.

"Amazing..." muttered Yun Ling.

Shen Xiu looked at Sora with shock.

Never would she have thought that Sora would teach taming. She thought that he would've chosen to teach martial arts, that way she could ask for private sessions and maybe she could spark something between herself and Sora.

"When could you start teaching?" asked Shen Xiu.

"Anytime," said Sora.

"Great, I will see you at Holy Orchid Institute tomorrow outside the gates," smiled Shen Xiu. "You receive your own small manor for teaching at the Institute. I will lead you there, so follow right behind me."

"Let us go, then," said Sora as he gestured for Shen Xiu to continue walking and lead him to his new small manor where he will live for the next 2-3 years.

The time it will take for Shen Xiu to finish teaching at the institute would last over 2-3 years, which Sora had plenty to waste doing something entertaining.

After Shen Xiu led Sora and the girls to his new manor, which he got for earning the job to lecture at the institute Shen Xiu was working at, Shen Xiu left after bidding farewell to Sora.

Once Shen Xiu left, Sora turned to look at the only one who remained by his side, Yu Yan.

Since Yang Xin went to the Alchemy Association and Yun Ling went to explore the manor, Sora decided to talk with Yu Yan as he waited for the next day to come over.

"So how did it go when dealing with the demon beast tribes that fought with you in the past?" asked Sora as he looked at Yu Yan with interest.

"I dealt with their leader who was close to becoming the Spiritual God of Ice. He was a very annoying beast who wouldn't leave me alone, no matter to which end of the world I went to," sighed Yu Yan.

"Interesting did you deal with any other demon beast?" asked Sora as he looked deep into Yu Yan's eyes.

"Yes I fought against those who launched attacks towards me first," meekly nodded Yu Yan as she looked at Sora.

"Never show the enemy a back he can bully and hurt easily, unless it's what you plan to do to draw attention," said Sora as he smiled.

"... Sora?" asked Yu Yan as she looked right at Sora.

Sora turned to look at Yu Yan with a smile and asked, "Yeah?"

"Do you really know how to tame beasts?" asked Yu Yan curiously as she had a finger over her pink-red lips.

Sora nodded with a smile as he listened to Yu Yan.

"Can you prove it?" she asked curiously.


Sora didn't say a single word more as he let out the Fiery Bird from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to breathe in the fresh air of the world.

Yu Yan looked on with amazement as the Fiery Bird flew around in the sky energetically. With flames burning bright as it happily flew around in circles above Sora before flying off into the distance after receiving mental command from Sora to relax.

"Wow! I've never laid eyes upon a Phoenix until now," said Yu Yan with great awe as she looked at the fiery bird fly off into the distance.

"That's no Phoenix, that's just a common Fiery Bird," laughed Sora after hearing Yu Yan's words.

"A Fiery Bird?" asked confused Yu Yan as she looked at the Fiery Bird.

"Yes, it's a descendant of a phoenix. Once it gets powerful enough, the phoenix lineage will slowly grow stronger before finally being reborn as a phoenix," said Sora with a proud smile.

"Amazing..." said Yu Yan. "Do you have any other demon beast?"

"No. I have found none that could meet such requirements right now," smiled Sora as he thought about possible beasts he can get.

"Do you think you can help me get a demon beast?" sincerely asked Yu Yan. The thought of having a demon beast as her companion pet sparked her interest. If she could have a demon beast by her side, she wouldn't be so sad in the future when she is alone.

The thought of having a demon beast by her side really tickled her fancy as she thought about different types of demon beasts that could be her companion pet.

"It's an easy task I can help you with," said Sora, agreeing to help her in her endeavor to get a demon beast of her own.

"When shall we go and look for a demon beast for myself?" asked Yu Yan happily.

"I will help you when I have a free day from teaching the students here, or you can join us when I take them on an expedition to get their own demon beasts," smiled Sora.

"That would be fantastic!" yelled Yu Yan happily as fire danced around her.

Sora shook his head as he remembered when he first found Yu Yan. She was all alone, scared, cold, and serious.

Now that her worries had vanished and she was more relaxed, Yu Yan seemed to resemble a child as she happily roamed around Sora with a beautiful smile hung on her face. Her fate had changed once Sora had stepped on Tales of Demons and Gods.

It is unknown how many fates Sora must have changed when he arrived. Now that he was disconnected from Fate, Karma, Destiny, Heaven's Will, and everything like that, Sora could perfectly carve his own path towards supremacy.