Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 221

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 221 After School

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Sora had taught all of his students the four days that he had promised them.

Now most of the class was ready to go out into the wild to tame demon beasts.

Sora had fun teaching the class in just the four days.

A pink haired girl tried flirting with him many times and even went as far as to use her demon spirit against him, only to fail. That was all in the span of four days, yet she continued to flirt and try to charm Sora.

Not minding it, Sora only teased her back as he held back chuckles at seeing the poor girl's reactions.

Leading everyone to the Toxic Forest, the forest that leads to the Heavenly Fate Plateau, Sora was planning to have his students get demon beasts there.

In the Toxic Forest, there was a wide variety of demon beasts there. Poisonous demon beasts being the most common there in the Toxic Forest.

There are many other demon beasts as well, flying types, speed types, small, big

The only type of demon beast not there are those with fire and lightning attributes.

Everyone in the class was slightly scared as they entered the dark Forest that held untold truths for them.

Even if they released the records of the forest two years ago, the students had never left Glory City to experience it themselves.

They read upon the records that Gold rank demon beasts and black-gold ranks are very common in the forest, and it scared them.

What they didn't know was that Sora had already prepared the area for them. An area where there are only bronze and silver demon beasts.

"Okay everyone, this is the area we will be covering today. Use whatever methods you think are correct for getting a companion pet," said Sora as he gestured the students to the side of the dark forest.


The students bit their lips and hesitated as they stared ahead into the dark forest.

The first to step up was Xiao Ning'er, as she kept a serious face. She walked into the dark side of the forest, but not before sending a look at Sora.

After Xiao Ning'er's actions, many students went on ahead to follow behind her and head into the dark forest.

thought Sora as he looked to a side, where far ahead stood a white haired beauty.

Nodding, that white haired beauty disappeared into the dark forest.

"Hmhm you will be my first target," smiled Huyan Lanruo flirtatiously as she walked up to an elegant white panther with a daisy on its forehead.

Xiao Ning'er walked deep into the woods, with darkness all around her, ominously looming towards her.

"I have to find the best demon beast" thought out loud Xiao Ning'er as she made her way through the forest.


Listening to the whimper that doesn't seem to be too far away from her, Xiao Ning'er quickly dashed to the sound of the whimper.

Once she got to where she heard the whimper, Xiao Ning'er found a small white dog injured.

"Oh no" cried out Xiao Ning'er as she ran up to the dog and lifted it up.

She held it in her embrace as she let her warmth seep into the poor injured dog.

"I need to take this beast to the instructor!"

Xiao Ning'er quickly ran back to where she came from and went to look for Sora.

Ye Ziyun was standing in front of a blue lion that had a spiral horn on its forehead.

'This must be the Horned Frost Lion,' Ye Ziyun thought as she looked at the blue lion.

Horned Frost Lion, rumored to be the product of a unicorn and a ferocious Lion. Although unknown in the specifics of its mating, the product is a powerful demon beast that is calm and peaceful by nature.

Is what was told in the records, yet the Horned Frost Lion in front of her was feisty and seemed to attack anything that approached it, not matter the intentions.

'This will be difficult'

Uu Uu Uhahaha!

"Damn Three Eyed Monk-y," cursed Xiao Xue as she ran from a laughing monkey that was bald and had orange fur from the neck below.

Like the name said, it was a monkey with three eyes and the appearance of a monk. It's attacks even included palm attacks.

It was a monkey with a playful nature, something which was very common among Three Eyed Monk-ies.

"Leave me alone" yelled Xiao Xue as she was followed by the laughing monk-y.

Standing at the exit of the Toxic Forest, Sora saw many students leave right away. Some with demon beasts and others with nothing.

Sora waited for a while and saw Xiao Ning'er approach him with a worried look on her face.

In her hands was a white dog that was injured.

"Instructor Sora! I found this wounded white dog! Please help it," pleaded Xiao Ning'er.

Sora looked at the dog with a smile before turning to Xiao Ning'er, "If I save this animal, you will have to keep it as a companion pet."

"That's fine!" Xiao Ning'er quickly pushed the dog into Sora's embrace before it was placed back in her embrace.

"There, all fine," smiled Sora as he gave Xiao Ning'er the white dog all healed back to her.

"See, you're all fine," Xiao Ning'er told the white dog in her embrace.

Sora smiled seeing the interaction between Xiao Ning'er and the white dog before seeing Huyan Lanruo walk out of the forest with a white panther that had a daisy on its forehead.


Huyan Lanruo waved her hand over to Sora as she gestured to her panther.

"I caught a white panther!! Do I get any reward~" seductively spoke Huyan Lanruo as she suggestingly squished her b.r.e.a.s.ts together.

Sora smiled at her actions and said, "Of course you get a reward. Stay in class after school"

Huyan Lanruo's eyes lit up happily but in the next second her eyes dimmed.

"... for your white panther's beast collar."

Sora chuckled as Huyan Lanruo left depressed, yet he maintained his eyesight on the panther.

'Does she know that her companion pet isn't the panther but the daisy parasite?' thought Sora as he looked at the daisy on the white panther's forehead.

"Wuu ~," cried Xiao Xue as she walked past by Sora with a Three Eyed Monk-y perched upon her shoulder.

'Interesting' thought Sora as he looked at the demon beast with interest.

Turning his head, Sora saw Ye Ziyun leading a baby Horned Frost Lion.

'Seems like today's demon beast taming went well'

Sora smiled and left with everyone back to Holy Orchid Institute.

At the entrance of Glory City, many people were standing there, looking at every student with admiration, envy, and jealousy as they looked at most having a demon beast companion.

Back in the classroom, Sora stood in front of all his students. All the demon beasts were with the students, next to them, or on them.

"Today was a successful day. For those that didn't have luck in attaining a demon beast, we will do this once more next month.

All the food for your demon beasts will be provided by me, so don't worry about food. Make sure to take great care of your demon beasts, should there be any complaint from the public, your demon beasts will be taken from you," warned Sora as he sternly looked at all his students with a serious face.

"All of you may leave now," said Sora as he let his students leave after passing each and every one of them their beast collar for their companion pets.

"Thanks Instructor!"

"See you later!"

After all the students left, Sora was left all alone inside the classroom.

'I need to remove the Soul Gathering Array from 2 years ago or else the demon beasts will take advantage of that spot,' thought Sora lazily as he stood up from where he was.

With a wave of his hand, Sora's surroundings shifted and he appeared in front of the tree he had placed an array on.

He placed his hand on the tree and with his Primal Chaos Qi, he stimulated the properties of Life and Nature as he removed the carved array by making the tree heal and grow.

'This should do.'

Sora looked around as he felt the gathered energy disperse into the surroundings.

'It seems like people have been making use of this area,' smiled Sora as he noticed everything in the surroundings.

He touched the ground for a bit and smiled.

"I should make one of these Gathering Arrays in the Wooden Palace, but on a more efficient and powerful scale," mumbled Sora as he made his way out of the Hunting Grounds.

"Instructor Sora?"

Hearing three small voices, Sora turned around and looked at the three girls behind him with a knowing smile.

Xiao Ning'er.

Xiao Xue.

Ye Ziyun.

All three had come here ever since day one since Sora taught, hoping to find Xiao Ning'er's savior. In the four days, not a single person or demon beast had appeared near the area with condensed energy.

And now, the only person they run into is Sora, their instructor, someone they didn't expect to see, besides Xiao Ning'er.

"Hey students," waved Sora.

From his earlier inspection, Sora could already deduce that Xiao Ning'er was one of the ones going to the gathered energy spot. And it was easier to find out who were the other two just by seeing who Xiao Ning'er hung out with.

"Why are you three here?"

"Huh oh uhmm"

"We're here to cultivate!" answered Xiao Xue.

"I see. If the three of you are planning on using the area with condensed energy, I suggest you go back home. That area no longer works," said Sora.

"But we were there just this morning," muttered Ye Ziyun.

Sora only smiled and put a hand in his robe before pulling out three necklaces with a Mythril Crystal made in the shape of a small inscription pattern.

"What is this for?" Ye Ziyun took the necklace from Sora with a curious face.

"It's an item that will help you three to cultivate faster and better," smiled Sora before waving to them and leaving.

The pendants he gave them were pendants Sora had made for his wives. In the end, he ended up making double the amount that he needed, just in case. Now he only has over 1,000 left when he gave the other 1,000 to his wives along with their new cultivation techniques.

Since he had so many pendants, he found nothing wrong in just giving some to the three girls.

The pendants, made from flawless inscription patterns, increased their cultivation speed by almost 12 times. It even increased the purity of the energy taken in when cultivating. One of its passives was to stabilize the cultivation base and even strengthen the other foundations set before.


The girls looked at the pendants for a while before lifting their heads and looking at Sora's back.

Biting her lip, Xiao Ning'er mustered up her courage and yelled, "Thank you!"

She may not know whether Sora is the mysterious demon beast or not, but one thing is for sure, he is as mysterious as the demon beast.

"No problem kiddo," smiled Sora before disappearing from the Hunting Grounds.

"Do you think it's him?" Ye Ziyun held on tight to the pendant before turning to look at Xiao Ning'er with a curious face.

"He might be he knew about the gathered energy," said Xiao Xue as she put on the necklace with a smile.

"Maybe but I will stick close to the Instructor and keep a close eye on him," said Xiao Ning'er with a determined face.

"Me too!"

"I will as well!"

Both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Xue decided to join Xiao Ning'er. They had been together for many years, it wouldn't make sense if they just separated now.

"But Ning'er, you're getting married soon"


Xiao Ning'er turned to look at her best friends with a nervous smile as she rubbed her own shoulders. With a couple of seconds of thinking, Xiao Ning'er took in a determined personality, "I will cultivate as much as I can before the marriage ceremony. If I can become a Black-Gold demon spiritualist, I will be able to choose my own partner!"