Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 222

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 222 Martial Ancestor

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After leaving the Hunting Grounds, Sora was struck with boredom.

'I have nothing to do for the next two days,' he thought.

After teaching the students for 5 days and a successful demon beast taming trip, Sora was given a two day break.

Having nothing to do, Sora decided to go to a sub realm that's nearby. One filled with mystery from the missing pieces of knowledge regarding the sub realm.

'Abyss Prison Realm, it's nearby and in Glory City..'

Sora smiled and walked over to an ancient construct, near the City Lord's Mansion.

Standing before the ancient construct, Sora quickly activated the array there and stepped into the sub realm.

With the shift in space, Sora appeared within a forest and near some mountains.

"Now I'm drawing a blank," smiled Sora as he now knew nothing about the sub realm. Besides the location, nothing else was known about the Abyss Prison Realm.

He walked calmly and began his journey to the place where a lot of life force was at.

Within a couple of minutes, Sora appeared in front of many demon beasts, all in a frenzy.

'Scarlet Ghosts?'

Sora looked at the little goblin like creatures standing there all together, ready to attack anything nearby.

'This will be a good time to try out my mastery over all the intents I know thanks to the Ten Thousand Heavenly Book of True Intent.'

The book contained words written by a supreme expert. These words can be written without dao intent as their very structure contains that expert's boundless intent.

It is a very powerful book which will help Sora in understanding his laws even further and even understand intents better. It might even help him in his pursuit of his Myriad Intent.

So, using all his intents together, Sora tried interlacing each and every intent together before using it as a blade. With a wave of a finger, Sora had cut off the heads of all the Scarlet Ghosts.

With their heads removed, their bodies burst in flames before leaving behind countless red rocks.

'Blood Crystals?'

Gathering the Blood Crystals that could help with the cultivation of his children, and other alchemy purposes, Sora calmly got rid of any Scarlet Ghost he laid eyes on.



Looking at the tentacle like tongue stick itself into the ground, Sora looked at the Netherlamp Behemoth with a smile. With another wave of his hand, Sora sliced the demon beast in half before refining its corpse and demon spirit into a Nether Pill.

A pill that could aid in cultivation, allowing a person to breakthrough to Black-Gold Rank.



'Another demon beast that's rare'

Sora looked up with a wry smile as the beast above him was one in the Heavenly Star Realm.

A beast 2 km wide, flying in the sky with its black grey hands reaching out for any demon beast it sees.

'This realm is dangerous for those in the outside'

Sora looked at the demon beast nonchalantly while condensing his Myriad Intent on his palm.

Making use of his Wave Essence technique with his Myriad Intent filled palm, Sora sent a powerful attack to the demon beast. With the Wave Essence technique, it quickly turned into five attacks, each following attack stronger than the attack in front of it.

Sora looked at the demon beast from down below.

His attack traveled through the air as it headed straight for the demon beast in a flash.

As soon as the attacks hit the Demon Beast with full force, the demon beast was launched further into the air as the attacks tore through it and blew it to pieces as the intense Myriad Intent ravaged the beast and the turbulent energy tore it.

Before it's many pieces landed on the ground, Sora refined all of it and turned it into a pill before consuming it.

Along with the demon beasts cultivation base, Sora's cultivation jumped straight to the 8th fate star, on the verge of breakthrough.

'This is good,' thought Sora as he felt his strength.

He continued walking forward and eventually ran into a Steele, planted onto the ground. Many words were written upon it and even more on the bottom, only to be found scratched out.

'Is this'

Sora got closer to the Steele, feeling an expert's intent lingering in the scratched part. With a look of curiosity, Sora approached the steele and read the words upon the steele.

"Six forms of ancient script

Those who obey me, will receive honor. Those who oppose me, will face destruction"

Reading all of the words on the steele, Sora focused his attention to the words that were scr.a.p.ed off.

'Looks like someone wanted to get rid of the words but failed to notice the intent left on it.'

Sora lightly traced the scr.a.p.e marks before feeling up the intent.

Various scenes flashed through his mind as memories stuck to the intent flashed into his mind.

In front of him stood an old man in a white robe, looking down from high up in the sky.

"Who am I?..."

Looking at the surroundings, Sora was rather awed about the fact that an intent could bring him to the inside of his mind.

Sora ignored the old man, until he caught some words that greatly intrigued him.

"What is the Dao?"

Those words had completely taken Sora.


What is it?

'Heh Dao? Dao is whatever I believe it to be. Dao is formless and boundless. It takes on multiple forms yet also none. Dao is always found in the heart. The path one wants to cultivate for themselves is their own Dao!'

Along with Sora's own understanding, Sora felt something be unlocked from within himself. His soul realm churned, his energy and bloodline spirits grew stronger.


Sora entered straight into 9th Heavenly Fate Star Realm.

His energy continued surging and right when he was about to enter the next cultivation rank, Sora felt his energy get sucked in by the vine.

'Greedy' thought Sora with a shake of his head as he looked at the Temporal Soul Vine grow strong and drop flowers.

While watching the Temporal Soul Vine grow stronger, Sora listened in on to a couple of words that the old man before him spoke.

"Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no ending."



Sora groaned as he held his head as the sound of a bell being rung inside his head bounced from within his skull.

'Damn I could have understood this long ago why am I being affected by it now'

Sora quickly sat down as he felt an enormous amount of energy being concentrated on him.

'Law of Infinity?'

Sora smiled with his eyes closed as he cultivated his understanding over Infinity.

'Infinity has always existed even when no one knew it it has always been there. Infinity has many concepts infinity is many concepts, being the basis of many things then if that's the case then it exists in everything every form it's boundless'








Boundless energy closed in on Sora, most of it being absorbed by the Temporal Soul Vine.

His cultivation technique broke itself and remolded itself to a higher quality and stronger than ever before.

Unknowingly, Sora was sucked into the bottom of the Temporal Soul Vine and the mysterious pages were sucked into it, making it stronger and more powerful.


Slowly, the years passed as Sora's cultivation grew and expanded at a very quick speed.

His body filled itself with Primal Chaos Qi, tempering his every single bone, skin, muscle, organs, and blood.

His every law slowly mixed into his blood and his soul realm, slowly becoming completely under his control. His understanding over every law deepening the strength of his bond with the Laws becoming ever so stronger.

Breaking through into the Heavenly Axis Realm.











Dao of Dragon!

Every single one of his fate souls slowly merged to become one. All the stars within each fate soul and their axis merged into the single fate soul, strengthening each other to a high degree.

And more years came by as Sora broke through more ranks with the boundless heavenly energy that the Law of Infinity and his other laws began to feed him from becoming stronger and having his understanding on them deepen.





Martial Ancestor!

Upon reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, the physical body rots away and unites with the soul. This means that a Martial Ancestor Realm expert's soul and body are one and the same. If their soul burns, they cease to exist.

Yet Sora's technique was so powerful and different that this rule didn't work on him whatsoever.

Instead, his soul became even stronger and it formed a powerful bond with his body, spirit, and Sea of Consciousness.

Each one interlinked with each other, complementing each other ever so infinitely.

And just like that, Sora arrived at the peak of Martial Ancestor within a couple more years.

100 years had passed like that.

'Ughh last time I'm doing something like this,' groaned Sora as he stood up.

He looked at the steele in front of himself before looking around with a shocked face.

'Seems like only a single second passed was it the Temporal Soul Vine? Wait! Then'

Sora quickly checked his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and noticed that he was missing the two mysterious papers.

'Looks like the Temporal Soul Vine is very greedy for anything containing or being made up of Heavenly Energy.. as well as being related to Time and Space'

Sora sighed as he really wished to slap the Temporal Soul Vine.

'No point now they had no use either way,' sighed Sora as he touched the steele one last time before noticing that the intent had disappeared.

He shook his head and disappeared from his location.

'So this is the entirety of the Abyss Prison Realm,' thought Sora as he looked at the entire Sub Realm from above before appearing in one of the largely populated areas.

'They have many interesting things here,' he thought as he looked at the items the people in the Abyss Prison Realm sold and traded.

Although none of the items are for any use Sora needs, it gives him plenty of ideas for his personal supreme artifact.

His own artifact made specifically for himself and can greatly increase his strength and chances of survival in the future.

With a calm look, Sora continued to wander from vendor to vendor. Eventually drawing the attention of someone in the surrounding.

"Hey you!" called out a brunette.

The woman had a pair of white wings behind her, two gold plates on her shoulders, a white sleeveless suit, and a dress made from plates that showed her white legs.

With her cold green eyes looking straight at him, they seemed to twinkle a bit as she looked right at Sora.

Sora smiled and turned to look at the woman. His eyes slightly squinted as he caught on to something rather interesting with one look on the woman.

"All you've been doing is snooping around! Are you not planning to buy anything?" The woman stomped her feet over to Sora as she gripped the sword at her waist.

Sora looked back at the items in front of him. They were all low grade items, stuff he could find anywhere.

He shook his head and turned to look at the woman, "It's not a crime to just go looking at all the items, is it? If I had the desire to have any of these items, I would have bought or traded something for it.

Would you buy anything that he's selling?"

Sora pointed at the man selling stuff as he kept his eyes on the woman.


The woman quietly looked at the stuff the man was selling before letting go of her sword. She turned back to look at Sora before walking away briskly.

However she stopped two meters from Sora before turning around and saying, "I'll keep my eyes on you."

Sikong Hongyue, a woman from the Silver Winged Family has laid her eyes on Sora. Before focusing on how handsome she thought he is, she focused on making sure he isn't anyone suspicious and a danger to her family.

'This woman What family is she from? To have that dumb inscription pattern on her, was it willingly or forced?'

Sora looked at the woman with interest as he looked at her proud yet lonely back.