Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 223

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 223 Bb: Bald Bear

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After taking a quick walk around the area, Sora headed on over to other areas.

Sora was walking until he felt a very diluted dragon bloodline nearby.

'A dragon bloodline' thought Sora as he looked off into the direction where it's coming from.

'There's actually people with dragon bloodlines in this world?'

Sora smiled and walked over into the direction where he is feeling the bloodline.

Up above a huge tree, Sora found himself looking at many constructs and buildings on top of many other trees.

He looked around where he sensed the weak dragon bloodline and found no one nearby.

He walked over until he found himself in front of a man chained to a pillar. The man had many lashes on his body and his boy was skinny and frail despite being a fighter of 3-Star gold rank.

Looking at the man's body with interest, Sora noticed the man's body having an inner war. His two bloodlines fighting for survival.

"I'm surprised you've survived for two years with that inner war you're having," commented Sora as he looked at the man before him.

The man lifted up his head slightly with a very dark and emotionless expression. His gloomy eyes staring right at Sora before dropping his gaze and resuming his rest.

"Don't worry kid, I'll help you with your two bloodlines," smiled Sora before placing a hand on the man before him.

As soon as his hand landed upon the man, the two bloodlines stopped fighting and instead began to merge.

The two pairs of black wings on the back of the man began to tremble as their feathers were being shed and the bones in the wings reconstructed themselves.

The man's body instead remained the same, the only difference was it growing more durable and tough.

His fighter rank increased to Black-Gold and his Soul realm did as well.

"Now you're all better," smiled Sora.

"Hey! Who are you?" yelled a voice from behind Sora as they let out a murderous aura.

Oh, Ms. Guard, what a nice time to meet you," smiled Sora as he turned to look at the familiar woman from before.

"Why are you here! And what did you do to the trash?" The woman vigilantly looked at Sora as she brought out her sword and aimed it at Sora.

"Sora," he said.

"Huh?" The woman put on a confused face as she heard what Sora said.

"That's my name, and I'd like to buy this man behind me," Sora smiled calmly as he looked at the woman.

If he's right, he should be able to take the man from behind him with ease. It was only up to find out what the one before him might want for the young man behind him.


The woman looked at Sora with a stern look as she put away her sword. She walked up to Sora with a cold face before turning to look at the man chained up.

"What can you offer?" she asked as she looked at the man with disdain.

"Depends on what you may want," said Sora as he looked at the woman with interest. 'She's inherently a woman with a gentle nature, but it seems like she's forced to change. There's also that useless thing on her'

"First I want to know how you entered here," said the woman with a glare.

"I climbed the trees," said Sora with a smile.


"If I want a hundred people dead would you do it?" seriously asked the woman.

"Depends, I'm not the god of death after all," chuckled Sora.

Although he can be considered one who controls both Life and Death with his Taichi Emperor's Mystic Eyes. He can easily bring back someone from death and to existence, to sending someone to death and erasing them from existence.

If he killed someone, he also had free reign over their soul and body thanks to his abilities as a Soul King and various techniques.

The woman squinted her eyes before turning to the man and cutting off the chains. "I will hope you keep your word of giving me something for the man. That something being a favor."

"A favor?" Sora looked at the woman with a calm look before nodding with a smile, "Something I can easily do for someone as beautiful as you."


The woman blushed before turning her head to leave, "I recommend you leave this place, my father isn't prone to having unknown guests in his home."

Sora smiled and said, "If you need me, just say my name."

Turning to the man on the ground, Sora lifted him up and turned to walk away.

"My name's Sikong Hongyue."

Turning to the woman with a smile, Sora said, "I'll see you another time Hongyue."

Finding himself in an unknown cave, Duan Jian lifted himself up.

He looked around with great vigilance and was shocked at feeling the difference in his body.

'I'm stronger,' he thought as he looked at his palms.

"Oh? You're finally awake kid," said a mysterious voice from behind.


Duan Jian turned around and saw a young man leisurely laying down looking at him with interest. In his hand he had multiple pills and at his feet he had many demon spirit crystals.

"Who are you?" coldly asked Duan Jian.

"Someone you shouldn't seek to fight against," coldly spoke the man with a playful look in his eyes.

"Hnggh," groaned Duan Jian as he felt a heavy pressure fall upon him.

"Now, you should be nicer to your savior," smiled Sora as he lifted off the pressure from Duan Jian.

"You saved me?" asked Duan Jian as he looked at Sora with a serious look.

"Indeed," solemnly nodded Sora. "I'm sure you have a revenge planned in mind, seeing as how you had been tortured and looked down upon your whole life."


"I'll be glad to allow you that chance, but once it's over, you have to let that anger go. You also have a condition, you can't kill anyone," smiled Sora. "Cripple them instead and rid them of their strength, make them lower than insects."


Duan Jian kept his eyes on Sora before closing them. He thought about Sora's preposition seriously before lifting his head, "What does Master require?"

"Hm good. For now, I will need you to learn how to fight." Sora stood up and passed over Duan Jian a set of martial arts. Along with the martial arts, Sora gave Duan Jian a storage ring filled with food and change of clothes.

[Wind Dragon Style]

"Learn this set of techniques and cultivate a stable mind first before I unseal your ability to cultivate. In that storage ring, you have access to food and clothes. I will see you in a month Duan Jian," said Sora before turning to the entrance of the cave and leaving.

Once more, Sora was back to being a wanderer in the Abyss Prison Realm. With nowhere to go, Sora walked on straight once more before finding himself at a mining site.

"Useless slave!"


Looking at the mining sight, Sora found that all the miners were slaves. He looked at the people forcing the slaves to work and noticed how they all had wings like Sikong Hongyue.

'So it seems she comes from a family like this. It explains why she is cold and disdains others, although she seems to still be holding a bit of gentle nature deep within herself.'

Sora masked himself from the view of the guards and armed men as he casually approached a mining man.

"Say young man, you wouldn't want to break free from those shackles and be free?" asked Sora with a smile. "Worry not, those idiots can't see me at all, just nod or shake your head."

The man, with shaggy hair and ragged clothes, looked at Sora with wide eyes before noticing the guards not noticing Sora.

He turned to Sora and looked at him for a hot second before nodding.

"Great. Take this martial art and spread it amongst the others. You will know when it's the time to strike," said Sora before placing a finger on the man's forehead and giving him a Karate manual.

Sora nodded to the man before leaving.

'It should be interesting to see how things play out in the future,' he thought. 'I will have to remove the thing that is removing their cultivation however.'

Sora spent his last day traveling, collecting Blood Crystals and killing many demon beasts before refining them into pills.

With all the pills and blood crystals, Sora wasn't planning on using it for himself. The blood crystals were for his students and his family, whilst the pills were for the demon beasts, Ying, Fiery Bird, and Sparky.

Although he doesn't really need the blood crystals since he has the spiritual stones for his family as well.

After everything, Sora was finally ready to leave.

"I should probably finally approach Xiao Ning'er and take the mysterious page from her," said Sora as he exited the Abyss Prison Realm.

'And the other powerful old man in there carries a lot of murderous intent. I should kill him and make his cultivation base mine seeing as how he's a Martial Ancestor as well. Maybe even make that murderous intent mine,' greedily thought Sora as he walked away with a cold smile.

If Sora manages to kill the old man, he might be able to step onto the next realm of strength Heavenly Dao Realm, aka. Deity Rank.

Sora smiled and decided to do it the next time he goes back to the Abyss Prison Realm or gets called by Sikong Hongyue.

In the Heavenly World.

"Aahhhhh!!!! Whyyyyyy!!!"

A grizzly yell came a cave surrounded by many trees.

A big bald man, being both tall and fat with muscle, walked out of the cave with a sad face as he touched his body.

"Why am I bald!!! Where's all my fur go and why was it replaced with a suit!!"


The poor bear that never got the hug he wanted, had gained power, had learnt martial arts, could cultivate, had finally become human

Was now a bald man, tall and fat with muscle.

Wearing a suit that only matched those businessmen.

He pounded the ground with his immense strength and immense sadness as he realized that he turned human at the cost of his fur.

With no hair at all, his future wasn't looking so bright for our furless friend.


Hearing a ruckus behind him, a middle aged man turned around and noticed Frisk pounding the ground with sadness.

"Silence," said the old man as he dropped his aura on Frisk.

"Ugh you're lucky you have talent in soul cultivation Yamamoto," groaned Frisk at the middle aged man.

"Hmph," smirked Yamamoto before turning around and cultivating once more in front of a pond.

Frisk just groaned as he got up and walked away. A sad aura covered him as he walked away sulking.

'Why did I completely lose my fur...' cried Frisk as he left the woods.

"Ziyun, I heard that the new Instructor had taken you to the Toxic Forest," seriously spoke the City Lord, Ye Zong.

"Yes father," nodded Ye Ziyun.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going. You know how dangerous it is over there. Not only have we not personally explored it, the information was given to us by the Sacred Family. In the past year, they had been growing more and more mysterious," spoke Ye Zong with a hint of anger as he looked down at his daughter.

"The teacher is strong, he can protect everyone in the class easily," confidently spoke Ye Ziyun as she carried her Horned Frost Lion cub.

"Hm? How strong is he then?" asked Ye Zong with a frown as he started to slowly let out his Legend Rank aura.

"I I don't know," mumbled Ye Ziyun as she held tight her companion pet cub.

"So you don't actually know his strength and you decided to trust him with your life?!" furiously asked Ye Zong with anger as his aura jumped out of his body. "Do you know what would have happened if there was a strong demon beast in the Toxic Forest?!"

"I trust him with my life father! I trust his strength and his ability to take care of the other students. He wouldn't have led us there otherwise with confidence," spoke Ye Ziyun with a confident look. "He also has his own Demon Spirit Companion Pet which is at Legend Rank!"


Ye Zong stumbled back a bit at his daughter's unexpected ferociousness. He stood straight and said begrudgingly, "Either way, I will be meeting this Instructor to know what his strength is. If his strength isn't at least Black-Gold rank, I will be kicking him from Holy Orchid Institute."