Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 224

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 224 3rd Mysterious Page

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Ye Ziyun looked at her father weirdly as she thought to herself, 'Instructor Sora wouldn't be weak if he carries a Legend Rank demon beast around right?'

"Head on off to Holy Orchid Institute, I will make an appearance over there soon. And make sure not to tell the instructor on anyone about my trip over there and my purpose for going," spoke Ye Zong as he left his daughter's courtyard and headed over to his own.

'Is my father really this dumb?' randomly thought Ye Ziyun as she pet her cub.

After teaching the class, Sora had Xiao Ning'er stay after class to talk with her about the mysterious page in her body.

That was until he was approached by the City Lord.

"To what do I the pleasure of meeting the City Lord," spoke Sora as he looked at Ye Zong standing before him seriously.

"I am here due to the reason that you took my daughter to the Toxic Forest without my permission," said Ye Zong with a tone of gravitas.

"Hm? Say City Lord, you have a very bad Information Network. Either that or you spend no time with your daughter to know that she was going on a trip. Especially when I had them go home and tell their parents about the trip," said Sora as he sent a glance to Ye Ziyun who was behind Ye Zong.

Ye Zong froze and slowly turned to look at his daughter who slowly nodded and affirmed Sora's words.

"I tried telling you every day, but you always told me you were doing something important," nodded Ye Ziyun.

"There's that." Sora smiled and continued, "There's also my Legend Rank demon beast and me standing at legend rank that you don't need to worry about."

Sora gestured to outside the class, making Ye Zong, and everyone else, to look outside and see Sora's Fiery Bird flying around happily in the sky.

"Guh," Ye Zong groaned as he remembered Ye Ziyun's words yesterday saying that Sora has a legend rank demon beast.

"Now, City Lord, if you excuse me, I have to talk with my student now. I'm going to need you to leave the room," smiled Sora as he gestured for Ye Zong to leave.

Ye Zong gave Sora a deep look before sighing and walking away with his daughter.

"Now, student Ning'er," said Sora as he focused on Xiao Ning'er.

"Y-Yes!" said Xiao Ning'er as she perked up.

"I need to discuss something with you," said Sora as he scratched the back of his head.

After all, it's not an easy or a good thing to just tell a girl that she has a mysterious paper sealed within her. Even more so when he needs her to show her n.a.k.e.d back to him.

'Ugh, why do cultivation worlds need to be complicated now,' sighed Sora as he looked at Xiao Ning'er awkwardly.

"You, Xiao Ning'er, have a mysterious paper sealed within your body that I need," said Sora with a serious look.

Only way to get things done is to always be serious about the matter.


Xiao Ning'er looked at Sora shocked.

"I have a paper sealed within me?" she asked with a surprised face.

"I don't mind if you don't believe me or not, but that paper within you is something I really need," spoke Sora.

Xiao Ning'er opened her mouth before closing it. She thought about the matter slowly before asking, "Who sealed it within me?"

"It was most likely your family. Although I don't see the purpose of having the paper sealed within you. It would have made more sense to pass it down as an item," said Sora with a genuinely curious face.

"Maybe to have you carry it for the rest of your life unknowingly. Although I have to say it's a very dangerous thing, there's one very powerful man looking for the same papers," explained Sora as he thought about the Sage Emperor. 'Though he's completely weak compared to me,' chuckled Sora.

"Mgh," groaned Xiao Ning'er as she thought about it.

"I'll give you some time to think about-" Sora was about to tell Xiao Ning'er to think about it until she interrupted him.

"I can do it!" she said loudly. "I can give you the thing sealed within me."

"Student Ning'er, this will require you to show me your n.a.k.e.d back," said Sora seriously as he looked into Xiao Ning'er's eyes.

"I I will still do it."

Xiao Ning'er remained brave as she looked at Sora with a determined look and a bit of blush.

"Very well then," coughed Sora as he turned around. "Go ahead and show me your back so that I can remove the sealed item. This will end up making your soul realm go up in grade, increasing your talent for cultivation."

"Un," nodded Xiao Ning'er as she blushed.

She looked at Sora turn around and with a mad blush, she slowly took off her upper clothing. With her clothes covering her front, Xiao Ning'er showed her back to Sora with a blush.

"T-there" mumbled Xiao Ning'er.

"Good," said Sora as he turned around.

With a calm and serious look, Sora placed his hand on Xiao Ning'er's back.


Xiao Ning'er took in a deep breath as she felt Sora's touch on her back.

"Relax kid, this will be quick," smiled Sora as he looked at the inscription pattern appear on her back.

With a quick few swipes, Sora removed the seal and brought out the mysterious paper.

As soon as the paper was unsealed from Xiao Ning'er's body, she felt her soul realm grow in size quickly as she broke through to Gold Rank.

"Hurry and dress up kid," said Sora as he moved off to the side to absorb the mysterious page.

As soon as the page was absorbed into his Temporal Soul Vine, Sora felt his soul instantly become many times stronger.

In just a couple seconds, Sora felt himself enter Lower Deity Rank.

'Amazing,' sighed Sora happily as he felt himself grow even stronger.

Sora stood up happily as he turned to look at the flushed Xiao Ning'er.

"Go on home Student Ning'er. Take these two beast pills for your companion pet. It will grow stronger alongside you," said Sora as he passed over two small brown pills.

"Th-thank you," stuttered Xiao Ning'er as she took the two pills. With one last look at Sora, she left the room happily.

"Hais~," sighed Sora as he looked at Xiao Ning'er leave.


Days passed and passed until a month had finally gone by.

Sora received his two day break for the 5th time.

He walked into the Abyss Prison Realm with high spirits, waiting to see the new changes around the new place.

With a happy attitude, Sora first visited the mine, where all the slaves had trained in Karate.

Once Sora got to the mines, he noticed all the tone bodies of the slaves, especially the woman. He nodded with appreciation as he noticed that they all practiced Karate at a steady level.

"They did good," mumbled Sora under his breath as he stood up and went to visit Duan Jian next.

Looking from afar, Sora watched as Duan Jian beat a black-gold rank demon beast in just 10 moves.

'Not bad for training for one month,' remarked Sora as he approached Duan Jian.

Whilst dragging the pig-like demon beast, Duan Jian failed to notice the figure behind him.

"You seem to be doing good Duan Jian," said Sora as he walked next to the shocked Duan Jian.

'I couldn't feel his presence at all!'

"Yes," nodded Duan Jian. "Thanks to you master."

"Good," Sora smiled before slapping Duan Jian's shoulder and removing the seal on him, letting him cultivate now.


The air around Duan Jian instantly moved as he quickly soared into Legend Rank both as a fighter and a soul practitioner. He couldn't be called a demon spiritualist since he had no demon spirit yet.

"Amazing..." muttered Duan Jian. With wide eyes, Duan Jian quickly kowtowed to Sora as he banged his head on the ground three times. "Thank you!"

"Get up." Sora continued walking as he ignored Duan Jian's head banging. Stopping for a second, Sora turned and looked far into the distance, reminiscing about the past. "It was from your own hard work, you would have risen to this amount of power should you have been given the chance."

Sighing, Sora shook his head as he tried to forget about his past.

"You will do big things in the future kid, focus on maintaining a cool head all the time. Once you forget to cool your head, all is going to hell," smiled Sora as he told Duan Jian.

"Yes, master!"

"I will give you the chance to attack the Silverwing Family when I give you the signal. No need to worry about what it will be, you will know when it is time."

After leaving behind Duan Jian so that he can cultivate to stabilize and to continue practicing, Sora headed on over to the Silverwing Family Village, where he met Sikong Hongyue for the second time.

He walked around for a bit before finding himself being stared at by the beautiful woman's green eyes filled with an ardent flame being cloaked by a thin sheet of ice.

"Hongyue, so nice to see you once more," smiled Sora as he looked at the green-eyes beauty.

"You! What are you doing here?" asked Sikong Hongyue with a cold look.

"Oh? I can't be here to meet a beauty like you?" asked Sora with a smirk as he walked up to Sikong Hongyue.


Blushing, Sikong Hongyue took a step back and turned her head.

"Oh come on, don't shy out on me now," teased Sora as he put his finger under her chin and made her face him.

"Why are you here..?" asked Sikong Hongyue with a melting look.

"I came here to see you, see if you wanted to cash in that favor yet," smiled Sora. His finger trailed up from her chin over to her beautiful pink lips as he slowly rubbed them.

"I'm I won't cash it in yet..." reluctantly spoke Sikong Hongyue as she bit her lip seductively.

"What is going on here!"

Sora maintained his smile as he turned to the man that interrupted his time with Sikong Hongyue, and although he seemed happy, Sora was anything but that on the inside.

"Father!" yelled out in surprise Sikong Hongyue as she separated herself from Sora.

"... Who is this man?" asked the big fat man with his squinted eyes staring right at Sora.

"This is Sora..." said Sikong Hongyue with a mild blush as she lifted her hand to present Sora.

"Why is this fool in my house? Quickly get rid of him," coldly spoke the man.


Sikong Hongyue froze for a second before turning to look at Sora for a second. She grit her teeth and was about to say something before being stopped by Sora.

"I see you're on the brink of death. You might only have just a couple days left to live," said Sora as he looked at the man with a mocking smile. "It's a shame you won't be seeing me marry your daughter."

Sora quickly grabbed onto Sikong Hongyue's hand before pulling her towards himself, making her fall perfectly into his embrace. Sikong Hongyue had no time to react before she realized that her lips were seized and something was touching and wrapping itself around her tongue.

"GUARDS!" yelled the fat man with a red face as he watched his daughter be kissed right in front of him. He couldn't believe that it really just happened and especially right in front of himself.

"Stupid daughter of mine! What if he's another family's spy!" the fat man yelled angrily as he witnessed his daughter do nothing to stop Sora's advances.

"Argh!" The fat man released his Legend Rank aura and jumped straight at Sora with an enraged face. With his quick about to land on Sora, the fat man's face froze with fear as Sora let out a nasty killing intent, along with his Gravity Law, Sora multiplied the gravity on the man as he fell to the ground with a 'BAM!'.

The ground broke into a web of cracks as the center of it laid a fat man struggling to stay on all fours.

"I'm surprised to see someone like you able to reach Legend Rank," said Sora with a surprised look. "Seeing as how your personality is so bad and you even put a terrible inscription pattern on your daughter that allows you to control her."