Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 226

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 226 Finally

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Two years have passed ever since Sora had first ever visited the Abyss Prison Realm. Everyone he taught in class all grew older and more powerful as well, and so did he.

Each and every single one of them were a Gold Rank Fighter/Demon Spiritualist. They even had their own demon beast pets that were in Black-Gold rank. Luckily, the students' pets had the collars that were passed out by Sora or else their pets would have returned to their wild instincts.

Sora's cultivation soared up to the peak of Emperor Rank, the level after Deity Rank.

His Taichi Sutra even went up in level. His Bulwark Umbrella destroyed itself and turned itself into liquid. It melted into every cell of Sora's body, making every single inch of him stronger and better, although he was weakened for a couple of seconds. Which wasn't a problem for his Vampire bloodline and his Titan bloodline to bring him back to his peak.

With the leave of his Geno Core, Sora was in the realm between Geno Core and Geno Armor. Where he only had to keep on cultivating, letting his body slowly change and let his cells become even stronger.

Now all Sora had to do was to wait until his Taichi Sutra showed any movement.

Over the two years, Sora's experience in handling artifacts, reshaping them, and removing their abilities had allowed him to finally envision what he would want to create for his own artifact.

The only thing he had trouble with, was finding out what type of shape it would befit it.

So, with that in mind, Sora searched through other subsidiary realms in search for an answer of some kind. He searched and searched yet no artifact caught his eyes nor made him catch the minimalist of interest. With only two places left to search for, Abyss Realm and Nether Realm, Sora was wondering whether to return to the Draconic Ruins Realm or not.

One of the places he visited was at Glory City, where he found a sword artifact which he used the Void Law on to devour it's killing intent and make it his own. He also found an old man in there, who was a wandering soul, which allowed Sora to test out a new interesting function of his Void Law, which can also be replicated with Dream Energy.

He created a body from nothingness using the Void Law, using the old man's soul as the basis. In the end, it all turned out good.

The old man will never know he was a lab rat in Sora's eyes during the whole process.

Sora was told that the old man was Ye Yan, one of the founders of Glory City. Which he didn't care much about.

Sora was going to go visit them, until he found a horde of demon beasts heading over to them.

'Hmm they must have come from the Abyss Realm,' thought Sora as he lazily looked at the demon beasts far away in the distance.

Ye Yan, Ye Zong and Ye Ziyun, who grew up to be a stunning beauty, were both standing right next to Sora, looking at the demon beast horde in the distance with horror. They were up on top of the wall that faced the demon beasts horde.

In the demon beast horde, the average strength was Black-Gold and they all numbered up to the thousands. There were only 4 Legend Rank demon beasts, but against Glory City, that is already overkill.

"No need to worry you two. My companion can easily deal with this," smiled Sora as he leaned over the wall. He rested his cheek on his right hand and smiled as he released a flaming bird from his Heavenly Realm.

The flaming bird was Sora's Fiery Bird.

It had changed after Sora made it a Demon Beast Pill, which could increase the strength and abilities of a demon beast by 25% and even gives a 10% bloodline awakening.

Sora was able to get the Fiery Bird to unlock 12% of it's Phoenix Bloodline. It was slowly turning into a Phoenix, even if it is currently sitting as a White Phoenix. It's flaming feathers were a white color and so were it's flames, with the smallest of red tints. It's fire was pure and unblemished.

The White Phoenix's rank even increased along with it's increase of power of it's abilities and bloodline purity.

It's soul rank stood at Heavenly Axis rank, it's body at Earth Profound, and it's essence at Sky Profound Realm.

It's strength was staggering.

If Sora didn't have his powerful bloodlines and his laws, he would have now way of defending himself against such a strong opponent.

As soon as the White Phoenix was released, the whole area was covered in a white light as the beautiful screech of the White Phoenix resounded in the ears of every living being within 2 kilometers.

Once the White Phoenix was released, Sora chuckled at the funny display of the once bloodthirsty demon beasts all running away in fear.

It was a shame they were all charred to coal the instant the White Phoenix flew over them.

Sora chuckled and turned to look at the stupefied faces of all people in the surroundings. Ye Ziyun's expression was different however.

She looked at Sora with admiration as she yelled, "Will my demon beast be as powerful as yours?"

"If you train it down the correct path," smiled Sora.

He turned back to look over to the charred statue-like corpses of the demon beasts before shaking his head in disappointment.

'I guess that marks the Abyss Realm out of my list. It doesn't seem like they will have any artifacts at all. I guess I will have to go to the Nether Realm now.'

Sora smiled and walked away with Ye Ziyun right behind him.

Over the two years, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, and even Xiao Xue, had all gotten awfully chummy with Sora after they got the pendants from him.

Sora didn't mind it, so he let them follow him around most of the time.

The three girls even managed to reach the 3-4 Star Legend Rank.



"Where has Xiao Ning'er been these last few days?" asked Sora.

"She's been dealing with her family and another family," said Ye Ziyun.

"Is it that problem about her breaking off the engagement two years ago? I'm surprised how the young man can't take no for an answer," said Sora with a chuckle. "If he doesn't stop soon, I'm afraid that Ning'er will blow a fuse."

Ye Ziyun giggled at Sora's words.

"Go keep her company," said Sora.

"Okay, goodbye Instructor!"

Sora waved goodbye to Ye Ziyun before leaving to meet Yang Xin, Shen Xiu, and Sikong Hongyue at his manor that was given to him by the City Lord due to his strength.

After the whole ordeal that happened in the Abyss Prison Realm, Sikong Hongyue wanted to explore the world now that the Inscription pattern seal was off her, allowing her to breathe more freely.

And what better way of exploring the world than leaving with Sora and sticking by his side.

"Are you three willing to leave with me to another realm?" asked Sora as he entered the manor and laid eyes on the three skimpily dressed women.

Shen Xiu had her hair loosely tied together in a bun and she wore a robe that barely covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts as the robe sagged down.

Yang Xin was also the same as the law on the couch with her jade white legs revealed for the n.a.k.e.d eyes to behold. Her succulent thighs that led up to her bouncy butt, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

SIkong Hongyue may as well be n.a.k.e.d as she wore nothing and had her wings cover her body, with only her n.a.k.e.d ass being shown to the world.

"I will be leaving with you," said Sikong Hongyue as she walked over to Sora and opened her wings before bringing Sora into a loving embrace.

"Great. How about you two?" Sora turned to look at Shen Xiu and Yang Xin with curiosity as she also walked over to him.

"I will stay here, I have an alchemy association to run," said Yang Xin with a light smile before kissing Sora lovingly.

"And I still have students to teach," smiled Shen Xiu after kissing Sora as well.

"Very well then, I guess it's just me and you then," said Sora as he turned to face Sikong Hongyue.

"And me!"

"Me too!"

"Don't forget about me."

"I say, you always try to leave when I am not around."

"Haha," chuckled Sora as he turned to face the four women that just entered his house.

Yu Yan, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, and Xiao Xue, all appeared at Sora's home.

"Let us go then," smiled Sora as he sent them to get ready before leaving the next day.

Standing in the Nether Realm with five women behind him, Sora walked around with a smile and a calm aura.

"I haven't seen anything interesting at all," said Sora as he walked through many areas with the women.

"Go to the battlefield of where Spiritual Gods and demon beasts fought," suggested Yu Yan as she walked next to Sora with her arm linked with his.

"There might even be some treasures lying around," pitched in Xiao Ning'er.

"Maybe Alright, let us head on over to that area," said Sora after a moment of thought.

They walked for a couple of days before appearing before appearing in the place called Nine-Layered Deathlands. The place was filled with a powerful miasma that came from the dead bodies of the spiritual gods and other living beings.

"Wow..." said Xiao Xue with awe.

"Wow indeed," agreed Sora as he led them forward.

He slowly explored with the women through many areas of the First Layer.

He found no more interest in artifacts, but what he did find interest in, was the Spiritual Origin Fruits which were filled with energy.

He gathered each and every Spiritual Origin Fruit and saved them for his future plans.

Just like this, Sora slowly passed through every layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands like this, only stopping before the entrance of the 7th layer.


Sora looked at the front area with a smile as he found that the upcoming layers were all under the control of a Spiritual God.

He only took a couple of seconds to appreciate such ingenuity before continuing on further with his group.

In the seventh layer, Sora found nothing at all. Not even any Spiritual Origin Fruit, disappointing him slightly.

He headed on forward to the next floor and found something that caught his eyes.


Sora looked at a black tower in the distance with shining eyes as he finally found what he wants his artifact to look like.

He quickly brought the women with him over to the Black Infernal Tower, as it was called, and entered it.

With many black flames, Sora felt them sooth and pressured his soul, although they were very weak as he easily walked on to the consecutive floors of the Black Inferal Tower.

The black flames seemed to have the properties of refining the soul.

Sora walked through all the seven floors with a smile as he finally found what he wants his artifact to look like.

As well as to what other functions it should hold.

Sora walked out of the Black Infernal Tower and went up to the five women that came with him.

"You all may use this tower to cultivate. It will help you refine your soul and make it stronger, it might even help you in your breakthrough if you're stuck," said Sora as he gestured for them to enter the tower.

"But what about you?" asked Ye Ziyun as she stood by the entrance of the tower.

"This tower has no effect on me, I'm already too strong for it. So hurry up and use it," smiled Sora. "Make sure to cultivate carefully as you all may damage your souls and it's a very painful thing."