Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 227

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 227 Pagoda Of Sins

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Sora looked at the women entering the tower before he closed the doors and sat in a lotus position right outside it.

He had spent much time with all nine women.

With Yun Ling, he had helped her with her father and their shop. Guiding her to find the best ingredients for food and even giving some recipes to her.

He had a lot of fun teaching Yun Ling many things about food and guiding her. Especially when he would tease her whenever she called him master.

Yang Xin had learnt many things under him and they spent many months together as he taught her many things needed to become a successful alchemist.

Her views were broadened and she was exposed to more types of alchemy.

Their relationship developed from master and student to something more l.u.s.tful in nature whenever Sora 'guided' her in alchemy.

Sora and Yu Yan had been together for most of the time.

Yu Yan had been alone for millions of years, and through that lonesome journey, she found Sora in the end.

She had grown very attached to him and she had surprised Sora with a whole month of s.e.x. Although he knew it was mostly because she had a pent up s.e.x.u.a.l drive.

It could have gone much longer if Sora hadn't gone all out as well. After all, it was his first time meeting someone who could take on some percent of himself.

The three girls, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, and Xiao Xue, were all students of his for two years.

Xiao Ning'er, who was saved by him, had an inkling that it was Sora who saved her. Deep down within her heart, she knew that it was him.

So although she had already thanked him, she yearned for his attention. For him to see how well she was now doing thanks to him. Yet somewhere, somewhere in between those thoughts, she wished for his love as well as he gives to Yang Xin and the other women.

Ye Ziyun Xiao Xue had both been wrapped around Sora's fingers.

Both of them had fallen for him because of his handsome looks.

They wished for him and thirsted for him many times, in a good way.

Eventually, they also fell in love with his strength and his brilliant mind. Even his wisdom was loved by them.

They didn't mind that Sora had wives already, they just wished for Sora's touch and his love.

They loved him and they loved his fun and calm personality.

Sikong Hongyue had only met Sora twice, and in the first time, she already had a slight desire for him.

With his help in freeing herself and her emotions from the clutches of her evil father and igniting her desire to live, she threw herself into Sora's embrace.

Her love grew vastly when she heard that he kept her father alive. Although she didn't love her father anymore and even loathed him, she couldn't think of him dead no matter how hard she thought.

So with her relief and her new desire to explore the world along Sora, she had grown to love Sora's lax personality.

Shen Xiu.

The woman that had been with Sora the longest for many years. They lengthy relationship and their countless experiences together.

Even whilst being in his beast form, Sora was receiving love from Shen Xiu.

It was like deep down within her soul, she felt Sora was human because of his manner of speech. She didn't know if she loved him or not, but she did know that she would love to remain right by his side.

The feeling of being yearned for and being together with someone was burnt deep within her heart when Sora turned back into human and showed her the pleasure of his touch.

Sora smiled as he thought of all the experiences he had the past couple of years.

In the two years that had passed, Sora had further unlocked more levels to his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He had it all maxed out, and with all Nine levels of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal unlocked...

He could only spend 6 hours within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, yet the time ratio was 1:800. It was a very staggering time difference that he will be needing to get used to.

He received many more plants and herbs, new demon beasts, more amazing trees, a spring of life, and two amazing and powerful materials. His Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal grew to an even larger size by many folds! The energy and Qi within the space was more pure and more dense, making it the best spot for cultivating.

Especially when they are so good for artifact making, defense, conductivity etc. All he needs now is a material that is extremely strong and sturdy, to which he has the perfect metal for.

Those two new metals are Star Steel and Violet Jade.

After turning all the materials into their essence forms, Star Steel Essence and Violet Jade Essence, Sora set them aside with the Gold Essence.

Inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora turned his attention over to a huge pile of metals that were either scraps or artifacts.

With a smile Sora brought out his Primal Yin-Yang Flame before melting down the metals and refining them. He condensed their essences and condensed them even further.

Until he was left with a huge boulder of high grade Tempered Metallic Essence.

Tempered Metallic Essence was known for it's frightening resilience, sturdiness, defence, sharpness (though not much like the Gold Essence), and durability.

If used correctly, it can be the most frightening metal to be used.

Especially for what Sora was about to do.

With a smile, Sora removed a drop of Tempered Metallic Essence, Gold Essence, Star Steel Essence, Violet Jade Essence, and his own blood essence before mixing them up so well that it became a new material.

With a small blob of white liquid that had a golden glow around it in front of himself, Sora immersed himself in his thoughts as he added everything he wanted into the blob.

Slowly forming it into another shape and putting everything he wants into the new artifact he was creating.

With a light twitch of his eyebrow, Sora sent a bit of his Heavenly Energy, Spiritual Energy, Primal Chaos Qi and Primal Chaos Law energy into the artifact that is being built.

Minutes passed and the blob had finally completed it's transformation with everything he wanted for future stuff.


With a blast of energy, Sora quickly threw the artifact he made deep into his Sea of Consciousness as it began to complete it's final stages of creation.


Sora exhaled a cold breath as he looked within his Sea of Consciousness with a smile.

[Pagoda of Sins]

In just a few seconds, the Pagoda of Sins was completed, with nine floors, each with a different purpose in mind.

So far, only two floors have no purpose, those being the first two floors.

The main function of the pagoda was to protect and seal. Sometime in the future, it will also be used to attack.

Sora summoned the Pagoda of Sins and enlarged it before setting it right next to the Black Infernal Tower.

'This is pretty amazing I have to admit,' commented Sora as he walked into the pagoda.

Since the pagoda was made from his blood and energy, it will forever be bound to him no matter where he goes. There is no way anyone could ever take his artifact away from him, even if they were to kill him.

Sora walked past the two first floors since they were empty and walking into the third floor.

The third floor was empty, but it had a specific purpose in mind, to enhance pills, food, talismans, and anything consumable. He had the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, but it only nourished and enhanced items and artifacts.

Sora had tried leaving a high grade and a low grade pill in the painting, and after many months, none had gone up a grade.

As he was thinking about the failed small project of his, he had already thrown out innumerable pills and talismans into the 3rd Floor.

With a look of interest, Sora watched as the consumables were maintained in the air and they were being covered by small strings of energy.

'This will come very in handy in the future,' thought Sora with a smile.

'Maybe I should try out consumables like the blood crystals'

Sora tossed out a small blood Crystal and smiled as he saw the third floor nourish it as well.

He moved on to the fourth floor, where a powerful weapon was being created.

To the average person, inside the fourth floor, they would see nothing besides the stairs that lead on to the next floor.

But to a being who is sensitive to energy and has very exceptional perception abilities, they would see the smallest of energy being gathered to one place.

Various types of different colored strands of energy were being collected in one place, slowly building itself up.

With a small nod, Sora headed on to the rest of the floors.

After a small review, Sora smiled and put away the pagoda into his Sea of Consciousness and waited for the girls.

Many days later, the doors finally opened and out came all five women stronger than before.

'This was a good hall,' smiled Sora as he led them back home.

In those few days, he had grown more familiar with his Pagoda of Sins. Thanks to his 1:800 time ratio of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

In a forest far away from Glory City, in a makeshift house, stood a young female with orange hair and a smile on her face.

She looked off into the distance where she looked at three young men doing work.

"Lu Piao! Du Ze! Shen Yue!" Called out the young female.

The three young men lifted their heads in unison and smiled at the orange haired person.

"Yo! Nie Li! What are you making for food today?" asked Lu Piao as he set aside the hoe in his hand.

"Steak and potatoes!" Smiled the female looking Nie Li as she turned and twisted his waist, showing his behind to the three young men.

"Damn, he's teasing us," blushed Shen Yue.

The two other young men nodded and turned to look at Shen Yue.

"By the way," said Du Ze as he looked at Shen Yue with a curious look.

"How did you lose an arm?"

Shen Yue stopped doing what he was doing and stood up abruptly, "I"

He looked at his hand and flexed it.

Two years ago, when he had poisoned the drinks of Nie Li and his two friends, he was planning on leaving and returning to Glory City. However, he was met by a gruesome fate at the hands of a peak Black-Gold Demon beast.

The demon beast rubbed off his arm when it attempted to swipe him into its mouth. Shen Yue thought quickly and sprayed his blood into the eyes of the demon beast and ran away.

He managed to survive and he wandered around aimlessly for many months before finding Nie Li and his friends doing the deed.

Unlike before when he would feel disgusted at seeing Nie Li's female looks, this time around he felt hot.

So after he stripped and joined them

He gained back his arm after entering Legend Rank.

Shen Yue shook his head and turned to look at Lu Piao and Du Ze, "I fought an assassin that was sent after me and I was caught up in a fight for many nights."

"I see" mumbled Du Ze.


Lu Piao slapped Shen Yue's back and said, "Well let's hurry up and enter to eat!"

Over the two years, Nie Li had grown fond of the touch of men. He no longer despised it nor was he afraid of it anymore.

Instead, he sought it out from Du Ze, Lu Piao, and Shen Yue whenever he can by making various poses.

In fact, Ye Ziyun no longer crossed his mind and thought of it as a one time thing that he won't want to do ever again.