Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 228

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 228 Lord Of Nether's Disciple Selection

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More months had passed and Sora was lazily lying down in the air as he surveyed Glory City and Heavenly Fate Plateau.

In the passing of time, both places had established a trade route and even set up a midpoint in the Toxic Forest for resting and sleep. Both of them began to grow with the help of each other.

Sora smiled as he looked at many children playing together and many people doing their daily business.

'Standing' up and landing on the ground, Sora was approached by Yun Ling.

"How do I break through from Legend Rank on to the next rank?" she asked.

"You need to sense Heavenly Energy," said Sora as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Heavenly Energy is plainly nonexistent in this world. So I guess it is time I gather everyone and take you all to another world where Heavenly Energy is existent."

Sora took Yun Ling to his manners and got the other women there.

Huyan Lanruo, Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Xue, Yang Xin, Sikong Hongyue, Shen Xiu, Yun Ling, and Yu Yan were all present.

They were all at the peak of Legend Rank, no longer being able to continue their growth anymore. Even Yu Yan who was just a spiritual god.

Looking at all of them, Sora nodded and said, "I assume that you all know why you were gathered here."

"To breakthrough Legend Rank?"

"Yes." Sora nodded and continued, "In order for all of you to breakthrough to the next level, I have scattered my information gatherers and had them get information for the best way for all of you to breakthrough. Through this method, I have also found an interesting thing I will try to do during our stay in the other realm.

You will all enter sects in the other realm. Sects are..."

Sora gave the women a run through about sects and getting them up to speed before telling them to not needlessly provoke figures.

"Yes, I know I can easily deal with them, but you all need to learn not to be arrogant with your powers," Sora shifted his line of sight to both Huyan Lanruo and Sikong Hongyue as he said this.

"Gasp! Why are you looking at me?!" said Huyan Lanruo with a blush.

"Anyways, you will all join sects through a method of selection. The five that went with me to the Nether Realm, do you remember the Black Infernal Tower?"


"Part of the test will be focused on that, so explain it to the others on our way to the Nether Realm. The Nine Layered Deathlands will be the site of the test where you will all try to qualify to join sects," said Sora with a serious look. "If any one of you fails to enter, you may never break through to the next rank."


The women opened their eyes wide before putting on serious expressions.

"You may all go get ready now, I will wait for you all at the entrance of Glory City," said Sora as he walked away and headed off to the gate.

Sora only waited for a couple of minutes before all nine women appeared and he left with them to the Nether Realm.

In a couple of days, rhey arrived and they were taken into the testing.

As they went into the testing, Sora appeared in another area where five people were at.


Sora looked at one of the figures with interest as one of the corners of his lips slightly raised as he looked at the woman that dressed like a man.

'A mysterious page is on her...' remarked Sora before approaching the group of five.

"Why hello there," playfully greeted Sora as he calmly walked towards them with his hands behind his back.


Quickly, all five of them turned to look at Sora with vigilance as they squinted their eyes at him, although both females in the area looked at Sora like if he was candy to the eyes.

"Who are you?" asked the darkly robed man, the Lord of the Nether.

"I'm Sora!"


The five figures turned to look at each other for a moment without letting down their guard.

"How did you get here?" asked the Lord of the Nether.

'We couldn't sense him at all, even while he's standing in front of us, it's hard to believe he is actually there...'

"I opened the door?" Sora tilted his head before heading over to the side and sitting down. "So how's the selection process going so far? Any interesting candidates?"

Seeing how nonchalant Sora was being, the five people all gathered back around the place where they were looking at the test.

Seeing as how no one was going to answer Sora, the woman who was as beautiful as a flower, answered Sora, "There are many interesting candidates, unlike the last time we came here. Are you by any chance looking to be accepted into one of the sects here today?"

"Oh, no. I didn't come here to be accepted," said Sora as he shook his head with a helpless smile. "Rather than that, I came here to see if any of you catch interest in one of the ones I brought here."

"You brought people here? Who?"asked the Lord of the Nether.

"You don't need to know them," said Sora as he shook his head.

All of the people in the area quieted down before they all just focused on the selection process, especially the woman who talked with Sora.

While that was happening. Sora was keeping his eyes on the girl dressed up like a boy. Sora quickly found out her sizes and the best clothes, make-up, hair do, and look that fits her best.

Feeling someone staring at her, the woman turned around and noticed Sora's gaze lingering on her body. She blushed and turned her head back forward as she thought to herself, "Does he find me appealing because I look like a guy? Or did he find out I am actually a girl?!"

She turned back around and found him still staring at her, but this time in the eyes and with a calm smile as he mouthed some words.

She froze after reading his lips and turned around with a blush on her face, no longer daring to look back, the girl focused on the decisions the other two would be taking.

'Hehe This girl isn't fooling me, someone who's slept with over 1,000+ women. I know a woman when I see, hear, smell, sense, and even feel one. It's just so easy to just tell that it became second nature.'

Sora kept his smile as he looked at the two women with a light drink in his hand.

Time went on and soon the tests were over, the four figures finally had to choose who their recruits would be. They chose who they wanted and Sora looked at their choices with interest.

Few more minutes passed and Sora noticed that Yun Ling wasn't chosen by any of them.

He didn't mind it however, he kept on looking as if nothing had happened as he maintained his smile and stood up.

"I guess this is my cue to leave," said Sora after seeing them choose.

"Ah, yes" faintly spoke the Lord of the Nether as he nodded to Sora.

Sora just nodded back and turned to look at the only two women in the room, "You two shall expect a visit from me soon."

"Huh?" blushed both women at the same time.

"No need to put your minds in the gutters, my visit will be pure 'business'," smiled Sora as he left with a wink.

"Xiao Yu! Do you already know this man? And did you tell him you're a female?!" asked the Lord of the Nether with a rather shocked voice.

"N-no! He just knew even I was caught off guard," said Xiao Yu, the woman who dresses up as a man as a way to hide her true gender.

"And I see Ling Yun has gotten an admirer," chuckled a bearded fellow as he lightly chuckled.

"It shows that someone has taste unlike some old fogeys," rebutted Ling Yun as she lightly smiled towards the two old men.


"So he just knew you were a woman?" asked Lord of the Nether.

"Yes! He mouthed it to me. Saying that my disguise can't fool his eyes and that i would look very stunning without my chest wrapped in bandages and my hair tied up," muttered Xiao Yu with a blush as she looked down at her own chest.

"I'd say that man is very peculiar. Able to tell that you are a woman entering this highly guarded and protected area and even proclaiming that he will visit both you and Ling Yun, the ambassador of Heavenly Notes Sect. She can't even get into a relationship!"

Lord of the Nether seemed so confused about what just happened that he couldn't even bother to think more of it. He just waved his hand a bit before saying, "Let us resume. We need to grab our choices and get them their information so that they may say their farewell."

"Very well," coughed Ling Yun with a mild blush as she thought of Sora's wink.

"Yun Ling," called out Sora as he walked to the front of the first layer of the Nine Layer Deathlands.

"I..." Yun Ling paused as she turned sad. She lifted her head and looked at Sora with sad eyes.

"It's okay Yun Ling," said Sora as he looked right at her.

Yun Ling ran to Sora and wrapped her arms around him before crying on his shoulder, "I won't be able to break through Legend Rank no more! I won't be able to extend my lifespan and be with you longer."

"Yun Ling..." said Sora softly as he caressed her hair lightly.

"Sniff! Hm?" She lifted her pretty little eyes and looked at Sora straight in the eyes.

"This was a test for all nine of you. I only said 'you will never break through if you don't pass the test' to have you all try hard in the tests," Sora gave Yun Ling a small kiss before letting her go.

"Now you get the chance of moving around with me while I personally teach you things about the next levels of cultivation," smiled Sora as he pinched Yun Ling's perky butt.

"Study and cultivate? Under you?" Yun Ling quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged Sora extra tight as she squealed in delight.

"Yes. You will need to keep your head up. In three months, I will begin your training and I will lead you all the way," smiled Sora.

"What will I learn first?" asked Yun Ling.

"You won't learn anything yet until you breakthrough Legend Rank first, and you can't sense Heavenly Energy until three months pass So you have to wait quite a while," chuckled Sora as he looked at Yun Ling pout.

"I'll teach you some very low level Arrays," conceded Sora as he looked at Yun Ling's desperate face.

"Yes!" proudly said Yun Ling.

"Haha, you can't easily take something without giving me something in return I will be giving you some 'private' tutoring Ms. Yun Ling," smirked Sora as he looked at Yun Ling from the corner of his eyes.


Sora entered his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and looked around rather satisfied.

The realm was practically empty aside from the trees, two pools, one spring of life, and a couple of beasts and animals.

All the herbs and other vegetation was in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, so it saved Sora a lot of space.

Looking around, Sora felt like something was still missing. He made a round trip around the whole realm before finally knowing what was missing.

Sora slowly walked to the middle of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before setting up to powerful arrays.


All of a sudden, everything seemed to change in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The beasts and animals went wild as they moved around quickly in their spots and the leaves of the trees shook.

Sora's Yin-Yang Symbol in his Sea of Consciousness also shook violently before a gush of spiritual energy erupted from it. Pure, dense, and refined spiritual energy flooded hsi Sea of Consciousness and nourished his body in an even better way than just a couple seconds ago.

If he were to fight and use the spiritual energy being provided for a boost in strength, he would almost double his entire power in every aspect.