Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 230

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or not.


"Sister? What are you looking at?" asked a young man as he looked at a frail and pale woman sitting on the wheelchair he was pushing.

Following the line of sight of his older sister, the young man looked up and laid his eyes upon a man with pitch black hair and mesmerizing galaxy-like eyes.

"The handsome man?"

The brother smiled wryly as he turned to look at his sick sister and couldn't help but feel sad.

'I'm sorry sister. You might never experience love with people that handsome But I will make sure it happens in the future!'

The brother yelled loudly in his heart as he placed his hand on his sister's shoulder.

"Hm Let us go little brother. I only found someone really interesting," the frail woman smiled.

'I'm sure he and I will meet in the future,' the woman thought as she looked at the young man one more time, but with shock as she saw the young man looking right at her with a smile.

'Hou? Interesting...' thought Sora as he looked at a frail woman being led away.

'Despite being so sick and weak, her mind is strong, her soul realm is stable and of high purity, and she has strong martial skills,' thought Sora as he smiled at the woman who was shocked for a moment before she herself began smiling.

'I should meet her later.'

Sora focused back on to the matters at hand.

He was standing right outside Xiao Yu's housing with Long Yushun in his shadow like when he first found her.

"You know you don't have to hide in my shadow," whispered Sora.

"I'm most comfortable like this," said Long Shuyun with a haughty voice.

"Suit yourself."

"This daughter of mine has found a very interesting person..." muttered a person from afar in a peak.

"To dare be forceful with her. If it wasn't for the fact that he was able to discover her from her traveling in his shadow and letting her go the next moment, I would have appeared to make his regret landing a hand on my precious daughter!"

The person closely resembled Long Shuyun, but the white strands in her hair said otherwise. A beauty just like her daughter, Long Shuyun, the woman smiled as she placed her arms under her moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"I should keep a close watch on him," said the woman rather interested in Sora and the way he treated her daughter..



Sora was standing right in front of a surprised Xiao Yu. After waiting for a couple of seconds right outside of her door, Xiao Yu had just appeared.

Xiao Yu had only done some light training in her martial arts and decided to call it a day.

"How? How did you find me?" asked Xiao Yu shocked.

"It's easy to find someone who is under the same sky as you," said Sora as he smiled at her.


Xiao Yu paused and sighed before blushing a bit as she thought of the fact that the man before her had found her. She was hoping that he would look for her sooner, and after 2 months had passed, she had given up on seeing whether he would appear or not.

She was surprised that he did appear however.

Her eyes shifted around a lot before looking back at Sora with a serious face that had a tint of pink on it.

"Please, let us speak further over a cup of tea," offered Xiao Yu.

"It would be my pleasure," said Sora as he followed right behind her into her room.

"Why have you come looking for me?" asked Xiao Yu with a serious face as she tried to focus on other matters.

"I have come looking for you because, frankly, you interest me a lot," said Sora with a serious look as well.


Xiao Yu instantly stood up from her seat and looked away as she had a blush over her face.

"A and what about me interests you?" asked shyly Xiao Yu.

Sora stood up from where he was and walked over to the currently shy Xiao Yu. He smiled and grabbed her hand before holding it up to his face.

With a madly thumping heart, Xiao Yu bit her lips as she felt her hands being held by Sora's. Yet in just a few seconds, her hopes are drowned.

"This ring!"

Xiao Yu, with a saddened face and anger surfacing, she yanked her hand back and said, "So am I not what you want?"

"Oh?" Sora smiled and finished his cup of tea before setting it to the side. With a slow pace, Sora walked to Xiao Yu and looked at her right into her eyes.

With a quick move, Sora removed the thing tying her hair together and looked at her with a smile.

"I never said that I do not want you. Was it not me who said that I believe you are very beautiful," said Sora as he ran his hands through her hair.

"Y-yes," blushed Xiao Yu.

"You have a very beautiful pair of eyes... Your beautiful and soft skin long black hair a wonderful figure sharp yet immature eyes..." Sora smiled as he put his face closer to Xiao Yu and their lips were so close to touching.


Hearing a cough from his shadow, Sora simply smiled and shook his head before letting Xiao Yu go.

"I would only like to look at your ring for a few seconds."

Sora looked at the awestruck Xiao Yu.


Xiao Yu quickly snapped out of it and nodded before passing her ring over to Sora.

Once the ring touched Sora's fingers, he knew instantly that the mysterious page was in it. He held the ring for a few seconds before looking at the ring with a bit of shock after his Temporal Soul Vine ate up the mysterious page.

'Damn greedy vine!'

Cursed Sora as he quickly set up an inscription pattern on the ring to make it keep its previous features.

With a nod, Sora passed on back the ring to Xiao Yu who was nervously looking from the side. The ring was something her parents had imparted off to her before they died and she was sent off to another place.

By the time she knew it, she was all along and the Lord of Nether had taken her up as his child.

The ring was the only thing left of her parents and it had a nice teleportation ability.

"Thank you for letting me look at the ring."

Putting it back on her finger, Xiao Yu looked at Sora with a curious look, "Why did you need to look at the ring?"

Sora looked at Xiao Yu with a smile and said, "I have been making artifacts and I had hit a wall as I couldn't think of new ideas for artifacts. Seeing your ring made me very curious and I wished to study it. Now that I have, I can make some more artifacts now."

"You're welcome," said Xiao Yu kind of plainly.

"I would like to stay and chat with you for a while longer, but I have some business to attend to," said Sora with a slight bow to Xiao Yu. "I will come to visit you as often as I can."


Xiao Yu blushed and looked at Sora with a nervous look, and after seeing him head out to the door, she acted quickly and grabbed something from her drawer.

She tugged at Sora's robe lightly and made him stop in his place.

"I I got this for you," muttered Xiao Yu as she presented to Sora a jade necklace.

Sora looked at the jade necklace for a second before smiling and accepting it.

"Thank you."

Sora wore the Jade Necklace and looked at Xiao Yu for a second before kissing her cheek.

"I'll see you on another day," whispered Sora before walking out and leaving Xiao Yu in her house.

'I will have to straighten him out if I will make him marry into my family,' thought Long Shuyun as she bit her lips from within Sora's shadow.

'I can't have him running around with his d.i.c.k out...'

Long Shuyun blushed at the mere thought of her own words and looked at Sora's groin with a curious and interested face.

"If you stare so much, it might pop out," teased Sora as he felt Long Shuyun's stare.

"If it does, I might chop it by accident," said Long Shuyun with seriousness in her voice.

"We will have to see first whether you can do that or not," said Sora with a smirk.

Long Shuyun bit her lip and kept quiet after Sora's words.

'There's no way I can't cut it Right?'


Sora had a serious look on his face as he thought about the Temporal Soul Vine.

'It seems like I will need four more pages before it is fully matured,' he thought as he looked right at the Temporal Soul Vine as it continued to strengthen his bloodline spirits.

His bloodlines will forever be with him, yet his True form will forever now be human. The beast forms of his bloodlines have only turned into 'Demon' Spirits, growing stronger the more he cultivates his soul.

Sora raised his head as he squinted his eyes.

He looked up straight into the sky as he thought, 'There are now only four pages left to get, and I seem to have found them too. Three of them are in the same location, with the Sage Emperor, and the other one isn't too far from me.'

Sora smirked as he thought about getting rid of the Sage Emperor already so that he may already get the two knowledge he wanted.

The Immortal Arts and the Martial Techniques.

'Maybe once I have my hands on those, I will only cultivate to the highest level and leave this world,' thought Sora as he looked at his surroundings.

'Maybe conquer the Heavenly Note Sect first,' smiled Sora as he remembered about the kiss with the Sect Master and his small talks with Ling Yun.

"How long will you stay in my shadow, Long Shuyun?"

"Until I feel like leaving," said Long Shuyun.

"Want me to force you out?" asked Sora with a smile.

"If you force me out, you will have to marry me!" said Long Shuyun with a smirk.

"Really?" asked Sora with a smile.


Sora smiled and looked around for a few seconds before pulling Long Shuyun out of his shadows.

"Now you're marrying me," smiled Sora as he looked into Long Shuyun's shocked eyes.

"I thought.. You wouldn't do it..." said Long Shuyun with a shocked look.

She did want to marry Sora, yet she didn't expect for it to happen so soon. She also thought that he would be unwilling to marry her because of the past few times they were talking with each other.

It was completely out of her expectations for him to want to marry her as well.

"You you have to marry into my family now," blushed Long Shuyun.

"Haha You're marrying into mine," said Sora as he gave Long Shuyun a smile before settling her down on the floor.

"And there's nothing you can say about it," muttered Sora as he squinted his eyes at her.

"Huh?" Long Shuyun looked at Sora with a dumbfounded look with a small blush.

'He's so hot when he's serious like that...'