Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 231

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 231 Soon

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"So whether you like it or not, you are marrying into my family," said Sora as he looked straight into her eyes.

"Okay.." nodded Long Shuyun with a shy look.

"YOU have to join our family. Otherwise this foolish daughter of mine won't marry you in any way," said a cold and arrogant woman as she descended from the sky to land right next to Long Shuyun.


Long Shuyun looked surprised upon the arrival of the woman standing right next to her. She took a step back and cautiously looked over to Sora who had his head down.

'Hmph serves him right. Now he will marry my daughter with our family name tied to him,' smirked Long Shuyun's mother as she took a long look at Sora before shifting her cold gaze on to Long Shuyun.

"Quickly grab him and bring him along so that he may-"


Long Shuyun and her mother turned to look at Sora with surprise.

'Has he gone crazy from being scared by my mother?'

Long Shuyun looked at Sora worrily as she turned her gaze to her mother who looked at Sora with a fierce gaze.

"Why are you laughing!" yelled Hierarch Linglong, Long Shuyun's mother, at Sora.

"-Haha.. I'm laughing because the only way I will ever marry someone is if it's under my name," said Sora as his figure seemed to grow.

He grew to be more imposing as his aura slowly leaked out a miniature amount of his Emperor Realm out from his body.

"Even then, a beauty like Shuyun does not need to be married to me so we can indulge ourselves in our nightly pleasures. As long as we keep our hearts in it and we save face, we can ride the train of pleasure for countless nights," muttered Sora as he slowly walked over to Long Shuyun who stood there looking at Sora with a small blush.

Hierarch Linglong was sweating beads as she looked at Sora with horror.

'A peerless master!'

She lowered her head as her face paled, 'Who has my daughter fancied this time?!'

"This I hope Senior can forgive me for this matter," nervously spoke Hierarch Linglong as she cupped her hands and apologized by bowing to Sora.

"This is a trivial matter. Raise your head," said Sora calmly as he let go of Long Shuyun and stood in front of Hierarch Linglong.

"Y-yes," muttered Hierarch Linglong as she stood up straight nervously.

"Good," smiled Sora as he looked at Hierarch Linglong.


Hierarch Linglong felt an electric current go down her spine as she looked at Sora's beautiful smile that seemed to hold so much beauty. Her eyes sparkled as her heart rekindled onto long lost love that she once had when she was but a young woman.

Quickly realizing her thoughts, Hierarch Linglong silently shook her head as she reprimanded herself, 'What am I thinking! This is my daughter's future husband. I can't go thinking about this!

But he was handsome and his smile! His sparkly night sky eyes!'

"Shuyun, I will see you later. I have some other business to attend to," said Sora calmly as he gave Long Shuyun a small kiss.

"O-okay," muttered shyly Long Shuyun as she looked at Sora leave calmly with his hands behind his back.

"I hope your mother joins us later to 'talk' for a long while," smiled Sora as he sent Hierarch Linglong a small look.


Sora walked away from the two women before heading on over to someone who he wanted to visit in the Divine Feathers Sect after arriving here.

He walked around for a while before finally finding who he wanted to see.

"I see you travel quite nicely," said Sora as he looked at a woman.

"!! That's no way to talk to a woman especially my sister!" yelled a young man behind the woman as he placed his hand on the sword at his waist. The man let out his sword intent fiercely out to Sora as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

Sora squinted his eyes at the young man before slowly bringing out his Myriad Blade Intent and having it slowly push back the young man's sword intent.

Sora had already gotten his three Myriad Intents a year ago.

Myriad Blade Intent.

Myriad Blunt Intent.

Myriad Physique Intent. (A/N: Physique Intent sounded better than body intent.)

The only other intent that can be brought out by itself that Sora could use freely was his murderous/killing intent, which can only be cultivated by killing other beings. To which Sora had the greatest achievements in due to destroying an entire universe filled with billions upon billions of beings.

"Calm down brother," said the woman with a calm and gentle tone seeing her brother lose the intent battle.

"I can fix that problem of yours easily," said Sora with an enchanting smile as he reeled back in his intent. He looked at the woman with an interested look.

The woman looked at Sora with a gentle look before softly giggling. She opened her little pretty mouth and said, "If you can cure me, be my guest."

"But sis-!"

"It's okay Gu Bei. I have nothing to lose," smiled the woman. She looked at her brother for a short second before turning to face Sora with a face of respect and slight adoration. "May I know this young master's name?"

"Call me Sora," he said as he took a knee and looked at the woman in the wheelchair.

"This little one is called Gu Lan," said the young woman with a small blush.

She lifted her frail and skinny hand slowly before placing it on Sora's cheek and giving a small smile that could melt any cold hearted man's heart.

"Well Gu Lan, all you need to do is relax," said Sora as he grabbed her hand and checked it's pulse.

Without saying another word, Sora took out a set of Gold Essence Needles from his storage and poked four into the woman's body. All infused with his Heavenly Energy as he slowly cleansed and healed her damaged body and unblocked her clogged veins.

After just a couple of seconds, Gu Lan's body seemed to be looking better already. Her slightly pale skin already began to regain it's color and Heavenly Energy began to gather itself at her Soul Realm.


Gu Lan broke into the 6th rank of the Dao of the Dragon Realm. She had been stuck at a lower realm the entire time, but now, thanks to Sora's rich Heavenly Energy and him removing the poison from within her body, she instantly rose many levels before stopping at the 6th Rank of the Dao of the Dragon Realm.

"All better now," said Sora with a small smile as he looked at Gu Lan appearing better already. He collected his Golden Needles and put them away before bringing out a pill and passing it over to Gu Lan.

"This is?"

Gu Lan looked at the pill within her hands with curiosity.

"It's a Revitalizing Pill. It will replenish all your blood and energy. It will also bring you back to full health and to your prime in just 10 minutes," said Sora.

"I can't accept this, young master," said Gu Lan with a shocked look as she tried to hand back the Revitalizing Pill.

"Just take it Gu Lan, you will need it. It matters not to return it to me now since I already healed you," chuckled Sora before turning serious. "Be cautious."

"Why?" asked Gu Lan as she pocketed the Revitalizing Pill for later to refine.

"You were poisoned, so try to keep a low profile for the next few days and be careful. Make sure your brother keeps an eye out on things as well," mentioned Sora as he spoke with Gu Lan with a serious tone.

"!!!" Gu Lan's eyes widened after hearing that she was poisoned. She closed her eyes and thought about it for a bit before turning serious.

'I should have known. After it was mentioned to the Gu Clan that I was the best choice to be the clan's successor, I had lost my ability to cultivate and grew sick and terrible in just a couple of days,' thought Gu Lan with a frown.

"I thank the young master for shining light upon my problem," said Gu Lan as she cupped her hands and thanked Sora.

"No problem. Keep yourself safe, if you need my help, break this wooden bracelet and I will appear right by your side ready," said Sora as he passed on to Gu Lan an exquisite black wooden bracelet with a simple rune on it.

"Thank you," said Gu Lan full of gratitude.

Sora smiled and stood up.

He put his hands behind his back and turned to leave. After taking a couple of steps, he turned his head to look at Gu Lan and said, "You're a natural with swords, keep training in them and your growth will be near limitless. You're very talented with them."

Gu Lan's face flushed red as she smiled at Sora's words.

Sora traveled for a couple of weeks.

During those weeks, Sora had visited all his nine women, including Ling Yun, Long Shuyun, Hierarch Linglong, Gu Lan, Xiao Yu, and even Nangong Xianyin whom he kissed without warning.

During these weeks, Sora spent his time getting chummy with all the women whilst also getting the fifth mysterious page which was locked within a palace. Sora had a lengthy talk with the intent of the man who had the paper before finally getting a hold of it and leaving.

Sora had helped Gu Lan and Xia Yu grow stronger and even sparred with them to help with their growth in power and skills. He spent some time more with Gu Lan than with Xiao Yu to help Gu Lan adapt to her newfound strength.

Long Shuyun and Hierarch Xianyin all spent most of their time talking with Sora that they did it in showers and even in bed. Both of the women would always wake up tired the next day on the same bed with Sora all tired, needing to take an Energizing Pill to feel all better.

With Nangon Xianyin and Ling Yun, Sora helped both women to run their sect as he slowly got himself integrated into the system. Sooner or later, he will find himself in the seat of sect master with Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin at his sides.

Having a sect full of women be his was a very appealing idea to Sora. So he made it his goal to have the Heavenly Note Sect become his before his leaves for the next world.

With only three mysterious papers left to get, all which are in the hand of the Sage Emperor, Sora is thinking about looking for him soon after taking over Heavenly Note Sect. Which he has put into motion currently as he stood in front of the Heavenly Note Sect with a wide smile.

It won't be too long before he takes over the sect.

If it all goes well, he will be able to instantly go to Sage Emperor and kill him before breaking through on to the next realm of Soul Cultivation, as well as POSSIBLY the last realm.

With a smile, Sora didn't have to worry much about the next world should it be a cultivation world based on essence since he now has meridians. Although he might run into the problem of not having a dantian which will be a real pain in the ass for him in the future.

Which he can fix by either making his body the dantian itself through cultivation, making his own dantian, or even just making a dantian from external materials.

Sora had many ways he could go about it, so he could take his time with no need to rush through to get stronger. If hes not wrong, he's strong enough to survive for countless worlds to come. It will be some time before he begins to struggle in other worlds, so he will take his time to grow as strong as possible before heading on to the next worlds.