Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 232

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 232 You Want Lemons?

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"You both need to really pay attention to your surroundings," said Sora as he entered Ling Yun's room, where Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin were in.

'How does he keep dodging our senses and the arrays that have been upgraded multiple times!'

Both the women cursed as they looked at Sora with frowns and blushes.

Nangong Xianyin had a redder blush as she remembered what happened with Sora the first time he had appeared before her. His lips falling upon hers and their tongues fighting it out for territory

"You should know better than us that we have considerably increased the strength of the arrays surrounding this sect," said Ling Yun with a slight frown as she looked at Sora like eye candy.

"It matters not if the arrays are increased in strength. What use could a strong immorbile shield do if it can't perfectly protect you. You need to increase your own strength first or just make an even better array," said Sora as he walked up to Ling Yun and pulled her in for a kiss.


Nangong Xianyin looked at Ling Yun with jealousy as she looked at them kiss each other passionately.

Crossing her arms under her ample chest, Nangong Xianyin felt the heat of her body rise as Sora's actions upon Ling Yun became more wild. Ling Yun's voice of pleasure raised in level through the smooshed lips of Sora's and Ling Yun's.


Ling Yun's loud gasp for breath made Nangong Xianyin feel constricted in her robe as she looked at Sora's face with longing.

Her sweet body twisted slowly in her robe as she looked at him approach her with that seductive smirk of his that pulled at her heart strings.

"Now it's your turn Xianyin. You've been a bad girl today," whispered Sora as he grabbed Nangong Xianyin by the ass and pulled her straight into his embrace as their lips locked onto each other's.

Ling Yun stood off to the side with the heat of her body raising. Her pretty slit in between of her legs oozed with juice after the ardent kiss between her and Sora.

Her body felt like it was on fire, so without a second thought, she removed her robe and stripped down n.a.k.e.d after removing the loin cloths that covered her privates.

She moved over to her bed with slow and seductive movements before laying upon the bed with her legs spread open and her ass in the air.

Her hand slowly slid from her chest down to her wet snatch. With the use of her fingers, she opened her p.u.s.s.y and showed the dripping wet pink off to Sora who looked over at her from the corner of his eyes as he kissed Nangong Xianyin.

Sora smiled whilst kissing Nangong Xianyin before slowly massaging Nangong Xianyin's butt expertly, eliciting more m.o.a.ns from the well-endowed beauty in his arms. With a handful of Nangong Xianyin's ass in his hand, Sora gave her one last kiss before saying, "Let us take this action over to the bed, shall we?"

"Mm yes," m.o.a.ned Nangong Xianyin whilst giving Sora kisses on the neck happily.

Sora picked Nangong Xianyin up with one hand after removing her robe and her loin cloths as well. He had her over his shoulder with her lower half next to his face, which he kindly slapped.



Okay, not so kindly.


Sora tossed Nangon Xianyin on the bed right next to Ling Yun.

He looked over them with a smile as he dropped his robe and revealed himself to the two women before him.

"Oh my! Is this how men look down there?"

"It's so big and it's dripping some type of liquid..."

Nangong Xianyin and Ling Yun looked at Sora's raging member with curiosity as they inched closer and looked at the member with wide eyes.

"It just twitched!"


Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin looked at Sora's member like two little girls looking at animals at a zoo with great interest.

Yet, the longer they stared at it, the more they felt their bodies become hotter and their minds becoming muddled as she thought about sliding Sora's c.o.c.k down their throats.

With salivating mouths, both women slowly brought their heads closer to Sora's member with a longing and ardent expression.

Ling Yun was the first to be right next to the bulging member, her tongue slowly slid out of her mouth as she licked the head of the c.o.c.k happily. Her tongue slid over all the dripping liquid greedily and when she licked it all up, she swallowed and looked at Sora with a smile.

"That was tasty."

Nangong Xianyin was next after Ling Yun moved over to the side, who began to kiss and lick Sora's body.

Nangong Xianyin extended her jade white hand and placed it on Sora's member with a smile. Slowly, she began to stroke Sora's hard member as she brought her mouth over to the dangling sack.

She moved her tongue from the sack over the underside of the c.o.c.k before she went over to the tip and sucked hard.

"Mh!" m.o.a.ned Nangong Xianyin as she felt a massive amount of liquid fall upon her tongue.


Despite trying her best to gulp down the liquid she thought was the tastiest thing she ever tasted, Nangong Xianyin let the meaty rod pop right out of her mouth as white liquid sprayed over her and Ling Yun who was on her knees behind her.


"What is this!"

Sora's liquid perfectly fell upon the beautiful and slender bodies of both women. White liquid painted their faces and marked the mounds on their chest perfectly.

Sora's Demon bloodline seemed to be at work as it brought out the pent up l.u.s.t within the bodies of both Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin.



Ling Yun's shy side came out with her l.u.s.t and Nangong Xianyin's submissive side came out with her l.u.s.t.

"Now, let us get to the main course," said Sora before pushing Ling Yun down on the bed and spreading her legs wide open, revealing the sweet nectar that he loves so much.

"Ah!" Ling Yun let out a very loud scream yelled with pleasure as she felt Sora's tongue move inside her. It gave her so much pleasure that her fingers could never give her.

Her toes were clenched hard and her legs wrapped around Sora's head. She gripped the sheets of the bed and held on for dear life as she orgasmed like never before.

"It is very tasty seems like your cultivation technique gave it a very cold, yet sweet, taste," said Sora as he licked his lips and rubbed the lips of her p.u.s.s.y with his hand.

Shifting his gaze over to the Sect Master of Heavenly Note Sect, Sora saw the vulgar Nangong Xianyin raise her ass in the air as she shook it left and right to bait Sora, to which he bit onto


"Ahh! So rough!" m.o.a.ned Nangong Xiayin as she rested her head on the bed and maintained her ass in the air.

"This will now be mine," said Sora as he left some bite marks on her left butt cheek. He smiled and slapped her ass leaving a red mark.

Sora smiled softly before digging into her p.u.s.s.y that was being shown from behind as she kept her head down low.

With his tongue making its way into her lower side and traveling all over her bottom half, Sora treated himself to some nectar offered by Nangong Xianyin's flower.

"More!" m.o.a.ned Nangong Xianyin as she let her juices flow out after Sora hit her sweet spot.

With a smile, Sora licked his lips and positioned his d.i.c.k right above Nangong Xianyin.

However, before he could do anything with Nangong Xianyin and Ling Yun, Sora felt some tremors right outside the Heavenly Note Sect.

Turning his head, Sora laid eyes on a beautiful, slender, and red haired woman standing with a smile at the gate of the sect. Many more people were standing behind her with proud looks as they looked at the cowering disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect.

She punched one more time at the shield the array had manifested to keep the woman out.


With a smile widening more, the woman was about to punch once more before suddenly feeling her surroundings shift and her cultivation be sealed.


With a look of caution and fear, the red haired woman looked around the room with wide eyes.

She looked at the scattered clothes around the room and slowly heard gasps and m.o.a.ns of pleasure coming from a bed right in front of her.

With wide eyes, the woman laid eyes upon the most stunning man Heaven and Earth gave birth to. She looked at him with awe for a couple of seconds before realizing that he was completely n.a.k.e.d and had two n.a.k.e.d women by his side.

The women gave him kisses and they stroke the mighty member in between his legs that was proudly pointing to the sky.

With a horrified expression, the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch, Mu Ya, had backen off, yet maintained an interested look in her eyes as she looked at the raging member. Her eyes never left the member as she slowly began to speak, "Who may this master be?"

"I brought you here to have you stop bothering the sect while I am with my two women. Now I will have you wait there until I am done with stuff here since I don't like being stopped when I am in the mood.

Your people will also not be moving from the places where they are at," said Sora as he took one deep look at the woman before resuming his fun time with his women.

"Now where were we," said Sora to the two women as he turned Ling Yun over and impaled her with his c.o.c.k deep in her snatch.

"Ah! Be gentle please" pleaded Ling Yun as blood dripped from her tight p.u.s.s.y.

"Easy," said Sora as he slowly grinded on her and plunged his c.o.c.k deeper within the lovable Ling Yun.

Sora grabbed her whole body and turned her to Mu Ya, the red haired woman.

"Ah! Stop please! Don't do this!"

Ling Yun blushed hard as she tried covering her face with one hand and her p.u.s.s.y with her other hand. With a red face, her p.u.s.s.y tightening even more, and her buckling, Sora smiled as he exploited Ling Yun's exhibitionism.

Mu Ya looked at the three people up on the bed with an aggrieved look as she felt her body slowly heat up in the face of the women being f.u.c.k.i.e.d in front of her. Her hand unconsciously massaged her b.r.e.a.s.t as she looked at Sora having s.e.x with his two women with a hungry look.


Ling Yun orgasmed as she felt Mu Ya's stare become so intense and Sora's thrusts hitting all the correct spots in her body.

Her body tensed and her h.i.p.s buckled as her juices escaped her hole and fell upon Mu Ya along with Sora's liquid.

After doing it with Ling Yun, Sora set her aside to let her rest before grabbing Nangong Xianyin with a smiled pushing her down to bed as he grabbed her by the neck and slowly slid his c.o.c.k in her p.u.s.s.y.

"Ugh yes. More!"

Nangong Xianyin muttered through Sora's chokehold as he plowed deep into her, also making her drip red liquid. Slowly, Sora slid out of her.

"Ah!" m.o.a.ned Nangong Xianyin.

Mu Ya looked at Sora, as he had Nangong Xianyin in a chokehold and pressed her down into the bed as he put his rock hard c.o.c.k deep within her.

After Sora and Ling Yun's juices fell on her and she 'accidentally' licked them, Mu Ya slowly slid down her rob as she played with her erect red Her soft white mound of flesh complimented her red as she slowly pinched and twisted them to get the most pleasure she could from them from seeing Sora plow Nangong Xianyin.




The sound of Nangong Xianyin's ass clapping against Sora's skin resounded within the room, allowing the sound to reach the ears of everyone in the room.

"AAHHH!! Yes! Harder!! HARDER!" m.o.a.ned Nangong Xianyin as she orgasmed at Sora's last thrust within her.

C.u.m.m.i.n.g inside Nangong Xianyin, Sora went for a couple more rounds against Nangong Xianyin and Ling Yun before finally stopping after filling both women up to the brim of c.u.m.

He turned to look at Mu Ya and found her completely n.a.k.e.d.

So, with a shady smile, Sora slowly walked over to Mu Ya whilst striding with her proud member pointing right at her.

"Oh." Mu Ya blushed as she looked at Sora approach with his hard on. Her expectations were rising as she slowly laid on her back and opened her legs wide to invite Sora in.

"Don't mind if I do," muttered Sora as he jumped on her and thrusted deep within her.

"So big!!"

Mu Ya locked her legs around Sora's h.i.p.s as she came form just the insertion.

Seeing as how Sora stopped, Mu Ya felt displeasure as she yelled at him, "More! F.u.c.k me!"

"No need to tell me twice," smiled Sora darkly as he released a single tentacle of the kraken.