Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 233

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 233 You Are Now Unborn

With his tired gaze, Sora looked at two women sleeping on the bed whilst another n.a.k.e.d woman was on her knees.

He turned his gaze over to the woman.

"Why did you try to break into the sect?" asked Sora as he gave Mu Ya a deep look.

"Because Heavenly Note Sect and Demon God Sect, my sect, had crossed paths three years ago in a hunting expedition. In that hunting expedition, many of our disciples have lost their lives in the hands to the vixens of this sect and-!"

Sora lifted his hand and had Mu Ya stop talking. He stood up and had his golden silk dragon robe appear on him.

He turned to look at Mu Ya and said, "From now on, you and the Heavenly Note Sect will now be on good terms."

Mu Ya looked at Sora dumbfoundedly before her face contorted into one of anger.

"Why would I ever do something like that?!"


Sora brought out his Emperor realm aura and had it fall upon Mu Ya, pressing her down into the floor.

"Because I gratefully spared your life," muttered Sora with a cold voice.

Mu Ya trembled under Sora's aura and his cold voice. Her pupils shrank as she remembered that her cultivation was sealed by the person in front of her with ease. Her life hung in the hands of the man before her.

With a clenched fist, Mu Ya muttered, "I understand."

"Good. Get dressed, I don't want you to embarrass yourself in front of your people," Sora said as he looked at Mu Ya's perky b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Mu Ya blushed with an angry look as she tried to cover herself with her hands. She looked at Sora with a hateful look whilst her eyes contained a hint of adoration.

The s.e.x she had was one of the best she ever had in hundreds of years. If she could experience something like that ever again, she would take the chance to do so.

"You will regret this," threatened Mu Ya as she dressed herself and kept her eyes on Sora.

Not long after, she left after Sora unsealed her cultivation.

"Sect Master! Where were you? You disappeared so suddenly!"

A worried disciple appeared before Mu Ya with a fl.u.s.tered look.

Earlier when Mu Ya had disappeared, it caught many of the disciples off guard when they noticed their Sect Master disappear from thin air. Shortly after her disappearance, their bodies seemed to be locked in place as they couldn't move for many hours.

They even found themselves invisible to the disciples of Heavenly Note Sect.


Mu Ya appeared with a frown before all her disciples and one elder she had brought alongside her, Blaze Void Warring Hierarch, a Grand Elder at her Demon God Sect.

She looked at all the disciples around and let her gaze linger a bit more on the Blaze Void Warring Hierarch.

"Retreat. We are now allies with the Heavenly Note Sect, we will be compensated for the lost lives of the disciples of the Demon God Sect," said Mu Ya with a cold look.

"But Sect Master-"

Mu Ya turned to look at the disciple who tried to speak up with a murderous look.

"We will be heading back to the sect," said Mu Ya after a while.

Back in the room with Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin, Sora laid in between both women.

"It should be about time for me to head to Sage Emperor," he said. 'I have successfully gained control over the Heavenly Note Sect along with the help of my two new wives.'

Sora caressed the faces of both Nangong Xianyin and Ling Yun before standing up. He gave both of them a kiss before leaving a blue crystal on each of their robes to help with their cultivation.

He even left a note on their clothes explaining the use of the Heavenly World Rune he left at a corner of the room. He also explained his other wives in the note.

"That should be it," said Sora before leaving Heavenly Note Sect and heading straight to where the three mysterious pages were located.

After days of travel, Sora appeared in a place outside of Draconic Ruins Realm. He covered himself with his Taichi Aura, masking his presence.

Although he didn't really need to hide his presence, Sora had found it a habit after sneaking around a lot in the past.

He walked around until he eventually found himself in front of an old yellow skinned old man.

'Sage Emperor...' thought Sora as he looked at the yellow skinned man.

Approaching the old man, Sora brought out his Zanpakuto from the void with a smile as he used his free hand to remove the three mysterious pages from his person. His Yin Law Energy condensed in his eyes, activating his Mystic Eyes of death Perception.

'The only way to get rid of this man effectively, is to erase him from existence...'

Sage Emperor.

A demon beast who had gained a human form and rose through many cultivation realms before hitting a bottleneck at the Emperor Realm. He continued to cultivate for many millions of years and failed to go even further.

Refusing to give up then and there, Sage Emperor found three mysterious papers, Temporal Demon Spirit Book's pages.

From those three papers, he studied and read everything on the papers for many more years.

After much study, he made an array that will refine many domains and subsidiary realms and finally let him break into the next realm.

Other cultivators had tried many times to kill him and save the domains and subsidiary worlds. Yet every time he died, his array would save him.

It would bring him back to life, stronger than before.

It was because of the seal that the Sage Emperor remained strong and alive.

However, under the hands of existence, he would be permanently erased under it's hands.

Sora drew back his blade as he maintained his eyes on a black dot that was on the Sage Emperor. Many black dots were in the surroundings and many more were on the Sage Emperor, yet Sora focused on one sole black dot on the Sage Emperor's forehead. With a deep breath, Sora clenched his muscles before launching a strike at the black dot.


Sage Emperor felt his existence wane in an instant.

With his high cultivation base and strength, he felt Sora's blade break through his existence and erase him. He didn't even have time to yell out in anger as his body completely vanished from the face of the world.

Not a single thing about the Sage Emperor remained.

[Quest: 100 Years (Complete!)

Quest Description: An evil figure is working hard to refine many Greater Realms for his use in becoming stronger. Twisting time and space to his own will to remain alive, to grow stronger, and to kill those weaker than him.

Objective: The system feels an itch when Space and Time is used for purposes like this, take down the perpetrator known as Sage Emperor.

Reward: Martial Arts Scripture

Extra Rewards: Martial Techniques Scripture, Immortal Arts Scripture

Penalty: System gives host an itch that can never be removed.]

As soon as the Sage Emperor was erased from existence, Sora felt his Memory Palace expand even more under the influence of the three new sculptures that he had obtained.

With bright eyes, Sora felt very amazed at all the powerful techniques within his mind. He was even amazed with some of the weak ones.

He understood how the techniques and arts are supposed to work and how to make one. With all this knowledge, Sora could easily come up with one in just two seconds. It would be one second, but Sora would take the other second to look for ways to strengthen it.

"With this I can leave this world now" thought Sora as he looked at the surroundings with a calm look. 'I know that I will return in some future, but it always saddens me to leave a place I visit.'

Sora scratched the back of his head with a helpless look, 'But I love traveling, growing stronger and more knowledgeable, and meeting new people.'

Sora was about to head over to talk with Long Shuyun and her mother until he felt a pair of eyes on himself.

He stopped in his path and instantly disappeared from his location.

At Skysoul Institute, inside Divine Feathers Sect, a young woman was pacing back and forth in her room with a confused and panicked expression.

"Why couldn't I divine that man's destiny?" asked the woman.

She was the pair of eyes that had looked at Sora just a minute ago.

When she failed to divine his life, Ying Yueru stood up instantly and walked around as she asked herself questions left and right about who was Sora and why she couldn't divine him.

"It's rude to peek into others personal life."

"Huh! Who's there?"

Ying Yueru jumped and brought out a dagger as she put up a defensive form. She cautiously looked around her small room with a wary look.

She lived in a peak, far away from other people so that she could cultivate with no worries. She was also the disciple of an Elder so no one would dare to visit her.

"Who are you?" vigilantly asked Ying Yueru.

"Hm? So you practice in the Heaven's Divination Technique?" asked the voice rather interestingly.


Ying Yueru's eyes widened as she heard the voice point out the technique she was cultivating in.

She looked around with more vigilance as she yelled out, "Are you the man I saw just now?"

"Indeed," said Sora as he looked at Ying Yueru still looking around.

With a light smile, Sora stopped masking his presence and showed himself to the young woman before him.

"I assume you are following the same path as the other practitioners of Heaven's Divination. If you are, there is no need to do that anymore, Sage Emperor has been erased from existence," said Sora as he smiled widely at the demise of Sage Emperor.


"Now if you will excuse me, I will see you and your master around in the future," said Sora after remembering about the beauty the other practitioner of Heaven's Divination is.

He smiled and left, leaving an inexplicably happy Ying Yueru.

She had just been hit with the happiest news ever.

Ages of wars against the Sage Emperor finally brought to a stop! No more hiding! No more keeping the other humans left in other subsidiary realms hidden!

Everything is now changing after the death of the Sage Emperor.

If the Demon Beast Tribes heard of this news, they too would be happy.

The Sage Emperor, despite also being a Demon Beast and coming from the Demon Beast Tribes, was very hated by the Demon Beast Tribe. When the Sage Emperor hit Emperor Realm, he disregarded his heritage as Demon Beast and began to pursue his own goals by killing everyone in many domains and subsidiary realms, even if they were family.

The Demon Beast Tribe only listened to his orders due to fear of being wiped from the world and being killed off.


Days passed by as Sora enjoyed his time with all his women.

He resumed teaching Yun Ling how to cultivate Heavenly Energy and even taught her a rather 'weak' skill aligned to her soul form and attribute.

Sora even took the chance to visit the other women and managed to get closer to Long Shuyun and Hierarch Linglong thanks to their marriage.

He even met his step-daughter, Long Yuyin.

With a series of mishaps and "Step-dad~ what are you doing?", Sora got to bang his step-daughter as well. He fixed her Fate Souls, he fixed her cultivation technique, and he even taught her how to fight well.

To relax and spend time together, Sora took the chance to make food and take her on a trip to other subsidiary realms that held amazing sceneries.

Yun Ling was also brought along, to let her relax after seriously cultivating for many weeks and months.

Long Shuyun and Hierarch Linglong both didn't care much about Sora having some time with Long Yuyin because what they wanted was to strengthen their Long Family, or Sora's family now in this case.

Sora charmed and wooed Venerable Witchfeather, the master of Ying Yueru, the other practitioner of Heaven's Divination.

He taught Venerable Witchfeather different ways to divine and how to get the most information from simple actions and simple speeches.

A week after Sora's lemon time with Ling Yun and Nangong Xianyin, Sora was appointed as the Patriarch of the Heavenly Note Sect whilst Nangong Xianyin became the Matriarch, this let both become the sect masters as well as technically being married.

A week after that, Sora had visited the Demon God Sect and presented some artifacts that he stole from many ruins and dungeons after he fixed them and even improved them.

Safe to say, the sect was more than happy to take all 100 top-grade artifacts that had been fixed up.

With the presentation of all 100 artifacts and even the lemon time Sora had with Mu Ya, her l.u.s.t had been reignited as her body wanted to give itself to Sora. It was her demon beast instinct within her to be with a strong, capable, and amazing man as it willed her to be with the man before her.

Just like this, 3 years had easily passed. In those three years, Sora even took the liberty to teach his wives personally everything about Soul Cultivation in TODAG. As well as leaving various Heavenly World Runes scattered in many domains and subsidiary realms.