Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 234

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 234 Goodbye And Hello

Sora handed all his new wives a pass to his Wooden Palace, which is big enough to accommodate a million people in it. Maybe in some distant future, each of his wives will have their own separate little space where they have a space big enough for themselves, if they so choose to live alone.

With everything ready, Sora wasn't going to leave like he usually did.

Instead of breaking space and exiting the world this time, Sora found that he was on the verge of breaking through into the next realm, Supreme.

With the breakthrough into that realm and Sora's massive amount of soul strength, he was calling upon a tribulation which shouldn't be possible in the TODAG world.

Sora made sure to travel all the way to a realm where no being existed, this ensured that no one would get hurt from the oncoming tribulation.

With a calm demeanor, Sora gathered many spiritual stone essences and spread them around himself in the form of an array.

Nodding at the successful creation of the array, Sora sat down in the middle and relaxed his entire body before cultivating Myriad God Emperor.



Despite the clear skies, a lightning bolt struck right next to Sora, leaving a charred area.

Sora didn't halt his cultivation at the sound of the tribulation starting, instead, he cultivated even faster.

All the spiritual stone essences in the array quickly began to shrink at a visible rate as it turned into formless energy that all gathered towards Sora.

Dark clouds began to quickly form out of nowhere as space itself began to crack under the powerful force of the tribulation itself as it gathered power to attack Sora.


Sora quickly broke through the Peak of the Emperor realm and was just one step away from the Supreme realm. With a smile, Sora lifted one hand as he continued his cultivation,



Another tribulation lightning descended down onto Sora, but contrary to the thoughts of the Tribulation, the tribulation was instantly sucked into Sora's cultivation and it became stronger in response.

As if angered by Sora's actions, the tribulation sent down many more tribulation lightning down to Sora.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many tribulation lightning bolts landed with furiousness down on Sora, yet thanks to his practice in Magic of Yin and Yang, Sora was able to turn that raw power and energy of the tribulation lightning into energy for his cultivation.

Along with the help of his Heaven's Void Technique as well, he was able to not only turn the tribulation lightning into energy for his cultivation, but he made the process faster and easier by eating the tribulation lightning.

"Tribulation! Send some more down, I'm hungry!"

Sora looked up at the black cloud looming overhead as it stopped shooting down tribulation lightning. It didn't seem like the Tribulation was going to send down any more tribulation lightning down soon, but when that thought came to Sora's mind, he felt the change in temperature and the winds going crazy.

'More energy coming in...' thought Sora as he looked up at the tribulation lightning being condensed in the black cloud above as it continued to grow stronger each passing second.

Sora even began to grow slightly worried, 'Oh no I forgot to eat today with the family...'

Sora cared not for the incoming energy, he was ready to receive it all to send it into his Soul Realm so that it may increase in size and send him straight into the Supreme Realm, even the previous energy he absorbed was still on wait inside Sora's body.

Soon, in the domain Sora was in, there was not a single light in there. All but the glowing black cloud filled with turbulent tribulation lightning that could decimate anyone.


With a quick flash, the lightning bolt struck with great speed and strength and it broke the fabric of space and time, pulling Sora right into it.

Along with being pulled into it, Sora managed to absorb the energy and directed it all the way to his Soul Realm.


As soon as Sora guided the energy directly into his Soul Realm, Sora felt every single inch of his body radiate a white light as he went into the next realm.

With ease, Sora broke into the Supreme realm, yet it didn't stop there.

Along with the increase in realm, Sora felt that his realm was still increasing. He had a lot of tribulation energy still within himself which was leftover from his breakthrough into Supreme.

With a cold sweat dripping down his brow, Sora maintained a calm look.

His body continued to radiate light and he decided to do something within the ripped fabric of space and time.

Despite feeling amazing from all the amount of power within his soul, Sora also felt a looming danger from all the power he held from the unrefined energy within himself.

Quickly, Sora extended his hand and stabbed right through the already torn fabric of space and time. With a look of pain, Sora ripped apart the space before being sucked into it once more and being taken into the area where he chooses the next world to go to.

[Exiting [Tales of Demons and Gods]...]

[Currently lost in space...]

[Beginning Search!]

[Rewards given!]

With the turbulent energy still assaulting his soul realm, Sora found the completion reward screen appear before him. He read through the rewards with a calm look, yet his eyes jumped with happiness as he looked at every single reward on the completion reward list.

[Primal Chaos Bead!]

With this bead, Sora could officially start cultivating his essence!

Sora had been wanting to do this ever since he had started his new life. Now he finally has the chance to do so, all he would be needing now is the right cultivation technique for himself.

[Enchanting and Anything similar to Arrays, Talismans, and Inscriptions Knowledge!]

Sora had always been wondering why he never got Enchanting Knowledge, now he got it and much more other knowledge that might end up being useless to him due to arrays, inscriptions, and now enchanting.

[2,000 Top-of-the-line Essence (Qi) Cultivation Techniques and Body Cultivation Techniques Knowledge!]

(A/N: This includes Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians, Asura Heavenly Book, Vast Universe Supernatural Art, Heretical God Art, Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, Undying Live Forever Technique, Ancient Five Elements Art, Asura Tactics Cultivation Technique, Three Birth Chant, Heavenly Creation Skill, Lost Immortal Sutra, Void Body Refining Arts, Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, Immortal Mortal Technique, Ancient Strengthening Technique, True Martial Devil Body Tempering Technique, Sevenstar Body Art, Ancient Refining Method, Dragon Body and Dragon Transformation Method, Life Door, Blood Pulse Sutra, Heresy Mantra, Jade-Sun Force, Hidden Blood, Asura Sutra, Dragon Blood Tempering Body Technique, Micro Crystal, Xuan Yellow Sutra, Son of Heaven's Consecration...)


With this, Sora doesn't have to worry about looking for a cultivation technique at all for his essence. He could easily either find one suitable for him or make an even better one with no flaws for himself.

[One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques Technique!]


Sora looked at the reward with shock.

Having something like this is truly powerful for himself. If he could get to cultivating every single physique, he could become the strongest being in his own realm and three-four realms above himself.

[Gate of Babylon - Whatever and whenever, the owner of Gate of Babylon deems as valuable/wealth/treasure, will appear within the Babylon, whether it be books, grass, spiritual stones, etc. as long as he is in that world and the so called valuable/wealth/treasure exists!]

Sora was satisfied with this reward, so he didn't have to search for anything himself now. At most, he would now just travel around for fun as to enjoy the scenery and possibly have some fun in future worlds.

What Sora was most happy about, was the next reward he got.

[Shinto (World Defying Dan God) Knowledge!]

Quickly accepting everything from the system's reward list, Sora quickly began guiding the excess energy through specific pathways within his soul as he his soul realm continued to increase in power.

Seeing as how he will be wasting a lot of time if he stays like this, Sora entered the space under the Temporal Soul Vine after giving the remaining mysterious pages to the Temporal Soul Vine, allowing it to grow stronger.


With Sora under the Temporal Soul Vine and him passing hundreds of years under there, Sora's soul quickly reached it's peak.

[Soul Cultivation (MAX): Saint World Defying Soul]

Sora stopped cultivating his soul and felt the space under the Temporal Soul Vine slowly wane. Yet before it could disappear, Sora quickly to the Primal Chaos Bead and refined it before leaving it within his body as his dantian.

With a quick use of all the essence cultivation techniques, Sora grabbed a few he liked and meshed them together before removing their flaws and only making it stronger. With a few more add-ons, Sora looked at the complete product with happiness.

[True Undying Immortal Art]

Sora quickly began to cultivate the technique, and as he cultivated the technique, Sora felt many things growing within himself. So as he continued cultivating, Sora checked with his inner vision before widening his eyes in shock.

He found something growing to complement his meridians, something which he knows thanks to the Cultivation Knowledge he had obtained long ago.

Profound Veins!

Sora gained a set of profound veins, and these profound veins weren't ordinary either as they were wider than normals ones, they were indestructible, and they seemed to have the innate ability of passively refining and considensing Profound Strength.

He even found that out of 54 profound entrances, he had all of them unlocked already.

However, Sora wasn't paying attention to that currently, what he was paying attention to was the two dantians growing right above the Primal Chaos Bead and the strengthening of the meridians he got thanks to the Myriad God Emperor Technique.

The meridians even had functions like the profound veins, as well as being connected to each other.

Now, Sora had four dantians.

One was a True Dantian, another was an Upper Dantian, the other was the Primal Chaos Bead, and the last one were the Profound Veins.

Now that the Profound veins and the meridians were connected, the Profound Veins not only served as another set of meridians, they also served as a dantian since they hold energy.

With the harmony of all four dantians, none rejecting each other, Sora's essence cultivation strength could be easily said to be 5-7 times stronger than those of the similar realm.

He was even glad at the fact that his body was being nourished, fixing all the flaws he incurred from his flawed body cultivation technique. Slowly, his body's strength raised as it caught up to the strength it should have from a flawless and powerful cultivation technique.

Sora continued cultivating, and soon, he used up all the energy he got from the Tribulation and he reached a tipping point at the Profound Ascension Realm. He didn't stop cultivating however, in just a few seconds, his essence and body popped straight into the Nine Mortal Realms.


Elementary Profound Realm Level 1!

Standing in the realm where his body is only enhanced even further and nourished to hold Profound Strength. Sora smiled before he was ejected from the Temporal Soul Vine.

Curiously, Sora looked at the Temporal Soul Vine as it turned into a lump of space and time energy within his Soul Realm. Since the Temporal Soul Vine had served its purpose of helping its host to reach the apex of soul cultivation, it was now supposed to wither and die.

Instead, Sora's Yin Yang Symbol in his Sea of Consciousness began to spin madly as it sucked in the Space and Time energy lump.


The red diamond shaped scar on Sora's forehead, which signified his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, gave off a small golden glow.

With amazement, Sora instantly felt the time ratio of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal change.

From the 1:1000 time ratio that he was able to accomplish before, Sora quickly felt that time ratio jump to 1:1500.

"Amazing..." muttered Sora as he looked at that change of time.