Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 4 Chapter 235

Volume 4: Todag: From Soul King To Soul Of Supremacy Chapter 235 Reviewing Items

Sora didn't try out the new time difference yet.

Instead, he went ahead to check on the stuff he had received from the system.

[Primal Chaos Bead]

Sora had found this little thing very interesting.

It had a space inside it, which was dubbed "Primal Chaos Space". He took a look in it, and with his Heavenly Vision Eyes, he made sure to inspect everything, to which it was only two types of soil.

A yellow one and a black one.

The yellow soil is extremely fertile and has a vast amount of life energy. Any vegetation planted in it will experience years worth of growth in just a few breaths of time. If any vegetation has even a slight trace of vitality in it, the soil can help it recover.

Sora was very surprised by this, he smiled as he considered a few ideas already. With a smile, he shifted his gaze onto the black soil.

It has devouring powers and no life-form can survive in it. It can decompose any type of thing thrown into it by consuming it, which will provide life force to the yellow soil, bolstering the growth of plants in it.

Those were the only two things within the Primal Chaos Space.

With a smile, Sora exited the space and dove into his Sea of Consciousness. With a small and knowing smile, Sora summoned an illusory figure of the Primal Chaos Bead before holding it in his right and looking up above him, where the Yin Yang Symbol hung above.

The Yin Yang Symbol gave off a beautiful glow as it slowly spun, giving spiritual energy to Sora's body and nourishing it.

Sora focused back onto the Primal Chaos Bead, and with a single hand, he brought out all the soil within the Primal Chaos Space. He threw all the soil into the Yin Yang Symbol, directly throwing it into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal seemed to go through another upgrade as it took in the two types of soil. The yellow soil covered all the ground in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and under the vegetation still in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The black soil itself was left in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal off in the far off corner where no beast or animal may fall in. He even transferred over the ability to pull lifeforce from the soil or even the vegetation to heal himself into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and the painting.

With a smile still hanging on his face, Sora looked back at the Primal Chaos space before chuckling.

"Now this function of the Primal Chaos Space is really useful To be able to grow alongside the cultivation of its host. Very useful indeed," said Sora as he took the space and broke it into two separate pieces.

"Since the space of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal is already about to reach its maximum due to my array that expanded it's space, I can only add a small portion of the growing ability to fix that, but it will also prevent me from adding more space functions," said Sora as he took a 1/20th piece from the broken space and let it be absorbed by the Yin Yang Symbol.

With that new addition, the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal can now continue to grow alongside Sora's cultivation rank.

He shifted his gaze back to the 19/20 piece left and smiled before making the illusory version of his Heavenly World appear on his other hand.

"With this, after I cultivate the 12th Ancient Sun, the Heavenly World can continue to grow."

Sora fused the two together and revealed a small smile as he now made everything much better and of a better quality.

With that out of the way, Sora called over his Pagoda of Sins to his right hand and the Gate of Babylon to his left hand.

'Now it's time to fuse these two as well,' thought Sora before he put the two items next to each other, having them come close before the Pagoda enlarged a bit and it's front door opened.

In just a second, the Gate of Babylon was forcibly sucked into the Pagoda of Sins and established as the second floor.

'... That was unexpected,' thought Sora as he looked at his Pagoda of Sins with a weird look.

He exited his Sea of Consciousness and looked at the Primal Chaos Bead below his two dantians.

"Now this Primal Chaos Bead is just a Dantian Bead that serves as just another dantian," said Sora with a light chuckle. "Needless to say, I left it's other ability alone. Should anyone try to attack any of my four Dantians, they will be absolutely annihilated with Karma.

Even if they were to try that, my dantians, meridians, and Profound Veins are all indestructible. They double my strength and they condense the Qi/Profound Strength they gather. And all together, they strengthen each other.

Against someone of the same realm no, against someone an entire realm above me, I could easily go toe to toe against them."

Sora smiled as he mentioned his strength.

With all his different cultivations, his bloodlines, his skills, experience, mentality, spiritual energy, and mind he's far above for many realms ahead. It's unknown to Sora the amount of strength he has.

Sora gave a wry smile and didn't bother thinking about it. Eventually, there will be a point where his strength matches at least his realm of the next one.

'I should focus on the other reward,' thought Sora as he looked at the One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques Technique.

The technique can create multiple inner physiques, allowing to cultivate many Physiques. These physiques themselves are separated into twelve Physiques.

There were six types of Physiques.







Each type held two physiques.

Sora looked at each physique with interest and smiled.

However, the next second he began to frown.

'Seems like the system forgot to give me these Merit Laws that will allow me to cultivate these physiques. As well as information on them...'

Tiredly, Sora rubbed his face before heading over to the many different orbs containing many different worlds. The higher leveled worlds were all connected in some way, some leading straight into another worlds, and others being the next world in level.

It was almost like the Tales of Demons and Gods world, but in these worlds, one simply doesn't choose to go to another world. They would have to cultivate to the pinnacle of the world before finally heading into the next world.

Once that is done, they also can't head back unless they do something 'heaven defying'.

Sora didn't pay attention to the higher leveled worlds however. He looked down at the smaller and lower leveled worlds before seeing two worlds.

Smiling, Sora slapped a Heavenly World Rune into the two worlds in designated spots with his soul strength. Since he had already been in them before, it was easy to leave the Heavenly World Runes in the spots he wanted to.

After all, those two worlds were Dragon Ball and Bleach.

The wives that had come from those worlds could now go back to visit them and their family and friends that they had their. Luckily, Sora had checked personally and only 4 years had passed in those two worlds.

Sora shook his head with a smile before focusing on one of the upper worlds now.

He outstretched his hand to one of the worlds and made contact with one of them.

With his body being sucked into the world orb, Sora saw the last messages and rewards of The System.

[It pains me to say, but this is where we must part ways.

My one and only goal was to help you survive and grant you better and stronger chances to survive in the Heavens and Earths. Now that you have severed your ties with Destiny, Fate, Karma, etc. I no longer have to worry about you ever dying.

With this, I have successfully helped you survive in these past few millenniums that we spent together. I enjoyed every single passing moment. Farewell, I will keep close watch on your adventures.

Ps. I left you some stuff I was supposed to give you and one final gift.]

[The Strongest System's Data Panel- To help you keep track of your progress.]

[Physique Knowledge]

[12 Physique Merit Laws- all coming straight from the Physique Scripture and in their strongest and best form.]

Sora looked at the stuff with a small smile before accepting everything.

'I will miss you too System,' said Sora.


(End of the Arc Confusing Chapter begins!)

"Sniff brother..." a young woman silently cried as she stood before a grave that was marked 'Shin Che'.

"Shin Li..." called out a young man standing before the young woman with a slight sad tone.

"Sniff I'm okay Smith. Lets head back now," muttered the young woman.

Smith didn't say anything more as he pulled Shin Li into his embrace before taking her back home.

"Brother, Shin Che had finally died. After you had crippled him when he fought against you, he lived a very harsh life. Which also brought him to understand all his mistakes he has committed," said Joseph.

Joseph was shocked many years ago when he saw his brother Jack facing off against Shin Che. Especially at the deciding moment where his brother had to deal the finishing blow.

His brother not only NOT kill Shin Che, he only crippled his cultivation and threw him out.

Joseph and even Shin Li, were both shocked at the outcome of the fight between Shin Che and Jack. Seeing as how they both have deep hate for each other, especially Jack since his son smith was heavily hurt.

"I heard.

That little bastard finally kicked the bucket. Remind me to visit his grave in a couple of days to pay my respects," said Jack as he looked at the stack of papers before him.

Joseph looked at Jack for a moment before smiling, "That man I kept a look on finally moved onto his next world as well brother."

"Huh? Oh Go and send someone to get the remains of foes he has defeated once more. We have to use everything in our grasp to put an end to the Isekai Protagonist Sect. After Shin Che, their Sect Leader, fell at my hands, they had only gotten more cunning and more annoying to deal with. It must be because of that new leader of theirs, Tatsuya Dragneel," complained Jack as he rubbed his forehead in pain.

"Will do brother," nodded Joseph before turning and leaving the room.

Jack looked up from the stack of papers and watched as his brother left the room.

"I need to toughen him up for future problems..." sighed Jack as he focused back on the paperwork. "I also need to get help from the Shameless Sect and the Outrageous Clan to help me against the Isekai Protagonist Sect."

"Indeed problems keep appearing," said Smith as he entered the room.

"How'd everything go? Is Shin Li okay?"

Jack asked in concern as he kept his face calm and continued checking over all the papers.

"Yeah everything's okay. I will try my best to comfort her," muttered Smith.

"Good luck," said Jack as he waved his hand, making his son leave his room.

'Problems keep on rising in the Dao Realm. I need stronger forces to be able to deal with the other forces like the Isekai Protagonist Sect. I can't keep on relying on the Shameless Sect and the Outrageous Clan.

It's reasons like these that the members of my Adam's Family have grown weird and weak. I need to remain firm and finally get everyone else's gears running.'

Jack stood up and left the stack of papers off to the side as he walked to the window that showed Shin Li and Smith outside conversating.

'As well as to keep my family safe...'